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      Important news and information about the Crowfall. Only the Crowfall team can start new topics here.

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      Public Test Server which will be opened periodically to test new content, performance enhancements or hardware changes still in development, before they are completed and approved for the live servers. Everything here is subject to change before reaching the live servers.

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    • Possible Hack   Was able to strip my character, leave the campaign, re-dress my character and then re-enter campaign without any import cost. This may also be ok per rules set, IDK.
    • If you understood EarthKeeper, you understood that in most circumstances you were dead before you even got to start essence burning yourself. you sure as heck weren't healing through incoming damage AND essence burn, let alone providing anything meaningful for your team at the same time. If you really want to get stuck up on the fact the EarthKeeper can't just stay in life tray any more, than talk about the fact that the weapon weight changes made it so that it wasn't possible months ago, rather then an essence burn change, which barely impacts how you currently have to play EarthKeeper, or even ArchDruid for that matter. You talk about it being more "skillful" to blindly keep casting while burning to death, when in reality there is more skill in properly managing your cooldowns and tray swapping so you don't end up in that situation in the first place. Anyone who thinks the changes to essence burn affect anything fundamentally about EK or AD, Likely hasn't played either very much up until this point. which is no surprise given dwindling population, combined with the overpowering presence of holy damage and healing potential with a low skill ceiling offered by the cleric.
    • I'm fairly exhausted on this topic as Dakoth and I have had this discussion fairly thoroughly. But I will put my final thoughts here and be entirely done with it. "Essence burn changes are actually nice because now it's ALOT harder to accidentally nuke yourself in the thick of things because you went into essence burn without noticing, which was very easy to do if you weren't constantly staring at your essence meter." I think this is why they made the change. The player base is not smart enough to play an amazing mechanic that had real consequence (this wasnt necessary, pure nacl lol). The players didn't like dying to the mechanic so no one played the class.  But i thought it had real pros and cons. Real decisions. I feel they wanted to make the Essence Burn a forced tray swap mechanic just like many classes are "put every ability on cd". If EK players understood the mechanic, you could stay in Life Tray (maintaining the ability to use Coalesce balls, Healing Rain) during extreme incoming team dps to get an ability or two out without dropping your life try healing bonus; or spam balls knowing you were sacrificing your own health and a ticking time bomb. You knew you only had a little time before you had to make a decision to tray swap to save yourself from Essence Burn (or use a different ability to get out of Essence Burn like IC Cooling Ice or Essence Scram or 3rd Coalesce ball) OR find a way to survive by healing through the burn. Encouraging the players decision to tray swap is a good idea. Forcing them to is a bad idea.  The EK plays like this now:  1. Heal in life tray by smashing all your buttons till you are in Essence Burn. 2. Realize you can't do anything in Life Tray in Essence Burn. 3. Use Essence Scram or be forced to swap to Death Tray (losing Healing Rain, Coalesce Orbs (Life Tray LMB), and Essence Scram (Life Tray Ult)).  4. Spam all your abilities in Death Tray until you have no essence. 5. Realize you cant do anything in Death Tray with no essence. 6. Swap to life.  Lather rinse repeat. No choice. No real consequence. No real ability to outplay. It feels dull. It's bad. Forcing a tray swap might be their intention for the class. But it's not a welcome one for those that actually play the class and it dulls the class. If they really wanted to encourage a tray swap I would recommend turning Essence Burn into a stacking dot. Very low dmg at the beginning but every second it gets stronger and stronger. This will allow some time to notice the burn for those who don't do well with the mechanic AND it will give back choice of action in Essence Burn to the EK. But really just put it back the way it was because it worked well. I now play IC. They actually made it better. And for that, I am thankful. The IC changes have been one of the best changes to healing classes that has been made. They reinforced players making decisions. That is all. Static **some edits for clarity and to remove or correct my saltiness lol
    • What are you even talking about? ArchDruid and EarthKeeper have ALWAYS had to play around tray swapping. Nothing has changed about this. The fact that there were even skills from little used Discs that didn't do what they were supposed to in their respective trays is more of a surprise to me. The mechanic of the tray deciding whether you build or deplete essence, has been like this for a very very long time. Earthkeeper "could" to some level stay purely in the life tray, But this became a lot harder since the weapon weight changes. The 7.9 Patch hasn't changed the fundamentals of AD and EK having to Tray Dance to manage essence. This has always been something you did, even if you were an EK playing with commune with nature. Essence burn changes are actually nice because now it's ALOT harder to accidentally nuke yourself in the thick of things because you went into essence burn without noticing, which was very easy to do if you weren't constantly staring at your essence meter. And my last parting comment, is you aren't Locked out of healing or doing damage when you hit max essence, you simply swap trays and use one of the many skills exclusive to that tray, or that are shared with the life tray. Heck, one of the best healing spells for EK is usable in both trays. It's also worth noting that the mechanic has been explained in the promotion node, quite explicitly, for quite a long time, that you build essence in the life tray, and deplete it in the death tray, so it's really the fault of the user for not reading all the mechanics of their promotion.
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