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    • When I watched that stream I laughed at Blair's reasoning. "We don't want to have them in the EK, but new players can get them in the beach head!" Oh man, you're gonna need a WAAAAAY bigger spawn of boars. Putting r1 boars in the EKs seems like a good choice. Putting wells in the EK seems like a bad choice. There's a reason wells aren't in the beach head, and I'd wager that reason is to force people to risk getting killed to gather water so the wells are PvP hotspots. Allowing them to end up in the EK short circuits their reason for existing. They aren't like grit or other such mats because they can't be acquired in the beach head. The rule of thumb should be "If its in the beach head, you can also get it in your EK, if it isn't, you can't" as anything you can gather in your EK becomes without value in the campaigns.
    • Having unlimited mats just makes it easier to see just how unfun it is to have zero/low crafting skill and get failed assembly over and over. Chasing the gear level so that you can make more gear to help get the level to try and get more gear is still not fun when you are slapped in the face of failed assembly over and over. The you reach that magic pinnacle of training and instead of failed assembly over and over you now get an occasional success. So you get to roll with your 3 pips of amazingly waited for skill. And get failure! Critical failure! Or the success! that moves the numbers by 1.05% per pip. Ooooh Ahhh.

      2-3 weeks later when we finally have what is approaching decent skill at 10X training speed. After hundreds to thousands of failures. You finally make something decent. And the server crashes and is wiped.  After making multiple new weapons it is still a crap shoot of completely random rolls.

      White mats get a lift from grey items when combining. It used to have a small but noticeable lift for the following green, blue, purple, and orange base numbers.  This has stopped and been removed I think at the start of 5.2.

      It used to be that for a grey tools starting value , it would start at 4.25 a white at 5, green was 5.5 blue was 6, purple was 6.5 and the mythical orange was a 7 starting value. 

      Now we get the only lift of a pip. Grey and white start at 6 Green 7 Blue 8 purple 9 and orange 10. This is all well and good, but without the starting value lift as well it feels much much more like gambling and not an increase in material quality. 

      On a success it is only a 1.05% to 12.05 increase over the previous tier of mats.  All depending on how much risk you take.

      The risk part needs to have the same type of idea that the assembly success had recently changed. With base grey or white mats the experimentation difficulty should be very easy. With higher color mats it should get harder. We should once again get the lift on the base starting number though for quality of mats. It should be much harder than it is to get a grey that is just flat out better than an orange. 

      I am listing this as a bug because it has to be one. If it is a deliberate choice to removed the scaling from mat quality then I think those fine fellas designing are bugged as well and need to be recompiled. 
    • if you don't back fill, your character will hurt.  From what I see, the basic skill tree is vital for your character to progress. 
    • Sliiightly off topic, but i liked this idea. That's honestly a good way to eventually handle the new player experience. Do an immersive pve tutorial sequence, perhaps with some branching paths to allow players to select and learn about the three pillars of play (combat, gathering, and crafting) in a bit of a single player instance. Don't let them die here, have npc companions rez them so they don't see the crow. End the tutorial with a big siege against tutorial bad guys to train them on basic fort/keep mechanics and any of the more unique features where crowfall isn't like other mmos like the stealth/perception mechanics, ult, etc. Make the player feel heroic in this sequence, have them lead a charge or dive in to a buncha dudes or whatever. After the siege, kill all of both armies with hunger mobs, and blow up the world with the hunger. Tragedy! Your titles and armies! Your life! All is lost! Bing bang boom, intro cinematic where the player is chosen by the gods to serve as a crow. Logo. Theme music. Maybe have them choose one of the 3fac factions and tailor that experience based upon that pantheon, since 3fac is the first real campaign stop for most players and doing 3 sets of voice work is way cheaper than doing 12. Now the player is in character creation for "Tutorialdome" as a member of the selected faction. Explain to the player that greater glory and a place in the Eternal Kingdoms awaits them should they prove themselves. Tutorialdome only has poor resources. Tutorialdome doesn't allow you to train past basic trees (mark this clearly on the skill sheet so players can plan ahead to leave tutorialdome) Tutorialdome always lasts only one week before it resets. Allow players to remain in tutorialdome as long as they wish, but each time it ends give them a choice, remain bound to the service of the pantheon, or claim their reward, an eternal kingdom of their own to build in the absence of the gods, in trust that they will remain on the path of their own free will. This is basically newbie island, leaving is a one way trip, but the EK is dangling there to push you in to it, and the game needs to clearly message that you can not take anything with you so players don't get attached to their poor quality goods. Ilso like the tutorialdome approach because it puts players in conflict and companionship with other new players, creating the potential for friends and enemies that can follow them through their entire crowfall career, form guilds, and generally get a head start on player relationships where nobody is beneath the notice of anybody else. Maybe later make the gods have differing responses during sacrifice based upon this choice just for flavor. If you "betray" your pantheon they'll complain about it. if you stick with them they'll praise you for remaining on the path and tell you you're a good little crow.
    • what does the loot command(F) and the radical over the downed target( Boar's and cats ) have in camion both are always off the mark some time's it takes me 2sec to find the (F) key, thin when I go to harvest  the bonus  radical is never on the target this  discrepancy has been around for as long as I have been playing started in 2015