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  3. Is there any trials or demos that can test ?

    When you registered on the website, you automatically got assigned to a beta test group. At some future point, you will get invited to a free closed beta phase (no date announced for the free test yet, might be 2019). To playtest now, you would need to buy the starter package for $50 that gives access to the LIVE test server for all test phases, and includes a copy of the game for launch.
  4. Hello guys!! I started to play and have some contribution: -The items remains in the floor after i catch them. -My dwarf can hit a monster at distance (he is a closer combatent) - I was disconnected after a died. Them i come back to my city and lost my body.
  5. Trials or demos? Do you mean can you play without paying? No. If you buy the game, you can play in test.
  6. Eternal Kingdom questions and clarifications

  7. Eternal Kingdom questions and clarifications

    Send an email to to get your username fixed, it's a bug that has affected a few people. Some answers to other questions: 1. Land parcels and buildings can be crafted in-game using resources from the Campaign Worlds. The recipes are currently in the "Stonemasonry" skill training lines in the Crafting profession. 2. No way to add creatures or advanced resources to your EK at this time. Crowfall world design is about risk vs. reward - EKs owners can turn off pvp, making a risk-free environment so only the lowest level resources are available there. The Campaigns also have faction starter safezones that have only the lowest level resources and some boars to kill. 3. Currently vessels are tied to the world they are created on. Eventually there will be a system for moving between worlds (if the world ruleset allows it). 4. Yes, exactly right on the import/export. It's part of the risk vs reward mechanics for Crowfall. If you want the best resources you will need to go into the riskier Campaigns, or trade with others that do. If your wife is interested in crafting/building in the safety of an EK, she could certainly do that if you are able to supply the resources for her. Helpful new player guide:
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  9. Unity 2018.4

    crowfall used tornado2 engine till sometime around 2016. Perhaps they built their own backend after starting over. Rust used raknet and photon bolt w/unity, but I doubt they went that route since unity removed raknet and it wont support more then a couple hundred clients/server connections. ofc Unet is even worse around 100.
  10. Jewlery Crafting Feedback

    Great feedback @veeshan I’m with you on all of this!
  11. PVP Spam

    I agree with this. What your suggesting could be a great beginning to an actual achievement system which would help the game feel more rewarding overall.
  12. Help Chat Channel

    I agree with this well articulated idea. I would also complement your diplomacy in how you positioned veteran player drama. I personally do not appreciate the sarcastic nonsense that comes out of some of these trolls. On the other hand some of our veteran players have been amazing to play with. Shout out and thanks to @Durenthal @Anthrage @Rhana @Ussiah @Kraahk to name a few... @Nicodeimus @Kortane you guys have been great to team up with as well. thanks, -Zen
  13. Eternal Kingdom questions and clarifications

    I've only been playing for 2 days, so this is my attempt to get more familiarized with what I'm doing in my own EK. I started out by playing campaign, didn't like my person, committed suicide and made another. Got it to level 2, set up some primary / secondary things, spent points. Trying to sell my wife on this game started talking about the EK part and how you can play privately if you don't want to deal with other players, I think? I made my kingdom, put down 3 or 4 deeds, placed a building or 2. Now I'll start with the noob questions, you can also feel free to roast me for stupid questions. 1) How do I get more land deeds? Higher level resources? 2) Can I add monsters somehow? 3) It seems any time I enter a world / kingdom, I have to create a vessel. I assume my vessel is only good in that Kingdom, and for example if I want to go to a 'trading EK' like I've seen discussed, I'd make a vessel to visit, put items I want in my spirit bank and use it to transfer. Is this correct? Anything I'm missing? 4) Imports and Exports in campaign mode are to keep me from hard farming my EK and flooding the campaign with resources I didn't have to face any risk/reward accumulating? 5) Essay for extra credit: Anything else I should know? Also, this game concept is 5 star, keep up the good work. I don't feel like I can creatively contribute because this game is already more thought out than most things I come up with. I'll watch for bugs! PS: This hash display name was somehow created for me I've been trying to figure out how to change it. Something I'm missing?
  14. ¿De donde son?

    Hola, norte de Argentina. =)
  15. Unity 2018.4

    A quick glance at the dependencies shows us they're not using third parties libs such as photon. It's probably all custom made and messages are serialized using protobuf.
  16. Would you mind swapping which side of the screen (right to left) the Essence/Pip meter gets pinned to by default? Where it is on the right side gets hidden by the Inventory UI when you go into mouse mode, which prevents us from moving it like we used to be able to do.
  17. War Option?

    I would like an option to queue up for a war against someone else EK. You mark a day of the week you can do the war it ques you up to get read for it. When you get matched with someone else who has the same day selected as you, the next day that it happens in the following week will be the day you got to war. Connect the two EK temporarily and last man standing wins or whenever the flag goes down or something like that. Something a little fun with a max time limit of like 5 hours or something along those lines, i'm just spit-balling here. If you win you get their stuff or part of their stuff or whatever from all the chests and what they had on them. So it is kind of a risk reward sort of thing. You take the risk in fighting someone else and building up for it for the possibility of doubling your resources. You could even go like soft set rules where its just for fun and no one loses anything or gains anything just honor and the cloths on their back. Just a little something to get guild rivalry going, have some people make a name for themselves, and add some depth to EKs.
  18. What is the purpose of an EK?

    I appreciate the feedback! It's not that I am uninterested in EKs its just they don't seem to have much of a point, like the points I brought up are still valid. I took some more time to think about it since yesterday and I found a loop for me and my guild that will work to make having a EK work. Ultimately I still think their is a lack of information though on what can and can't be taken into a campaign. I saw other peoples posts about having a similar concern to mine and a fellow insinuated that he took his legendary weapon into a campaign. Just needs to be more information around this topic.
  19. Unity 2018.4

    They could have coded their own backend(doubtful) or they could have gone down the albion online route and did unity w/ photon as backend. Would be nice to know.
  20. Hunger-What positive thing does this add?

    Mechanics like these are absolutely not core to mass PvP, I don't think anyone has said they are. Things getting harder as time progresses is core to games that have win conditions and endings. Every MOBA, every RTS, every board game, and every arcade game ever made will have things that push the difficulty to stay alive bar higher and higher until it's game over and someone (or the game), has won. Sorry if that's not your cup of tea, but it is a tried and true formula many people enjoy.
  21. Unity 2018.4

    Afaik this game does not use UNet the slightest so Unity's own network solution does not impact them.
  22. New player confused about EK/Campaign.

    This game is starting to sound a lot like Darkfall, so much drama. I just started, when I started Darkfall I couldn't get a guild because I was rumored to be a spy. It's game-breaking when people consider you a spy and won't associate with you.
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  24. New player confused about EK/Campaign.

    If you hang out just outside the gate and then tag along behind a group of players obviously moving together you will be considered scouting them. Most of the active guilds have many accounts and will park a scout outside the enemy gate just to get info on numbers and vector of the enemy. It is a valid tactic. We know there are a lot of new players and we are monitoring the names of those possible alt accounts but mostly we call players lurking "spys" because it is funny. This is opposed to "moles" who will attempt to infiltrate another guild for deeper deception. All you need is to have one of your players craft and "intersect" rune that allows you to "flash" on all of the personal info of the player, oh wait, no, that is the plot of "Chuck". <<<<<< SPY
  25. Gear disappeared

    yea... I had the plate proficiency minor disappear on death and that puts your armor into "overflow" where you see a red number above your inventory, 4 specifically as in 4 armor pieces... it is in overflow even if your inventory is empty... I think any relog, recall, etc makes it show up though but you have to remake the minor disc... sucks if you are trying to return to the fight asap.
  26. I'm new and I immediately came here looking for answers about this. This was a giant red flag right off the bat without even having to delve deeper. The punching trees thing gave me Ark flashbacks. That's a red flag too. All the reasons mentioned there arent positives. The second I realized there was hunger I immediately scratched about 20 people from my list of friends who might have otherwise played it. My opinion on the system really isn't important. I just know my gaming friends won't want anything to do with it. Which immediately fizzled any hope I had for this one. Same with the tree punching and forced crafting. Before anyone I know gets to even experience a campaign, they will have to do the tree punch/apple thing and will immediately Uninstall and chastise me for recommending it to them. Aww well. Hopefully devs dont listen to everyone. People defend systems like this but deep down they know they don't sell. Game will suffer for it. Might even want to rethink some of the marketing materials and game descriptions out there. Didnt ever get the impression this was gonna be Ark with magic. It's a survival game with mmo-like combat. Call it what it really is and it sounds terrible. Some people in here are acting like these systems are some integral core pillar to mass pvp. They aren't. The harder you defend bad ideas, the less populated this game will be at launch. The more downtime and maintenance required to actually enjoy the game will result in boredom and guarantee niche status even more than it already is. Jesus what a disappointment. I should have done more research but in all honesty, It hadn't occurred to me that someone would even try the ark with magic theme. Scratch this one off the list.
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