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  3. Oh that is not only just funny once. It just keeps going.
  4. Yesterday
  5. @yianni Can you elaborate what you mean with regards to talents? Were there supposed to be talents to unlock use of craft-only weapons?
  6. I think it's more of a confused stupor.
  7. The irony is not lost!
  8. Don't think many of the Shadowbane people here are happy with the direction the game design has one though. 🙄
  9. why does the 5 pip of the second skill need over 22958 points - and the 5 pip of the 4 skill needs only 10781 points ?
  10. Can we all rate this post as 5 stars? so many things in here need to be focused like 100% ratio.
  11. Hello, noticed a bug regarding apples while chopping down trees. Was in Vanaheimr GR at the time. After getting my first legendary apple drop, I kept getting gold drops from basically all trees after that point which when picked up were just regular apples. I still got regular apple drops, but I'd say at least 50% were replaced with this gold effect.
  12. I just wanna add to this suggestion that the timings as i suggested above i think it will become very small it would make the sieges so much active every day so in addition i have to say it just was an example. After i have seen the Q&A from yesterday i have to say the siege for "home base" (castle/keep) everyday will be so much but the main idea of the suggestion is not as accurated as intended in terms of timing, its more focused on the idea of making those points of interest being connected in some maner and create an inffluence in between which make them change its schedule of siege instead of a weekly pre-programed linear schedule for sieges. Another way to make it could be that the guilds will have the option to establish their own siege schedule since they are the owners until they lost it and every time it changes the owners the new ones are able to change it. So if for example my guild does want to be able to deffend our keep at mid day our keep has this schedule on mid day lets say every 2 days or as its established by the rules of the campaing, but if our guild does want to be able to deffend our keep in the morning we will be able to stablish that timing into the morning frame same happens to the evening or in the night. The most important here is to let players/guilds decide when is their best timing for it. If not make it "randomly" as i said before so no one really knows when will be because it could change few hours back or ahead by interconected points of interest that change those siege schedule.
  13. Not sure taking off Infected was a good idea. I really am not up for getting into Dregs and the Infected was much, muuuuuuch better than GR. I was even planning to offer to carry any new players in my guild fighting some Elders and thinking about putting up a group to kill an Ancient. Now I simply gave up. Instead of closing Infected you guys should have come up with ways to have all the people on GR move there. Now the 5 people that were having fun in the Infected are without a place and there was frankly no gain. I for one simply wont be playing, maybe the other 4 will move to the Dregs and get griefed, but that doesnt seem effective long term. TLDR: Keep infected running. Kick people from GR to it.
  14. The bare minimum they need to implement for now is a bare bones system that declares guilds allied for that campaign without any scoring changes. How scoring gets handled and other related rules and mechanics can be tested and even have different rulesets for how alliances work over time, and the first thing they should probably have are guild victory conditions and alliance victory conditions, probably have an Alliance specific set of Glory Cards. Heck, with rulesets, have it so Shadow is for Alliance victories and Dregs is for Guild victories, but you can still have allies in Dregs for sake of friendly fire.
  15. Loading screens are annoying because I've seen them thousands of times already. Could you, please, upload a few more? It'll be great to see something new and fresh.
  16. whole section for it https://community.crowfall.com/forum/15-shadowbane/
  17. Thank you both! Back in now!
  18. This was a blast. Had a great time the other night. There was hardly any meta pushing and you’d be surprised the outcome of some of the fights when there was. Thanks for throwing it together for our enjoyment. @CrusaderW I used your con stacked conqueror with some small alterations for most of the night and he was able to do some good work. I think you’d be happy with the outcome of that build. The next one will be even better if we can get some more of our European friends to come out if you do another time/day. BUT the ~20 people that did come was a pretty nice turnout to begin with I thought.
  19. Realy have 2 options depending on how they want alliances to function Option 1: Have alliance just function in basicly making them green to each other and alliance chat scoring will still score per guild, this promote alot of tempory alliances Option 2: Have alliances function as a guild when it comes to scoring all alliance members score counts towards an alliance score, if they leave the alliance the alliance keeps the score but that guild score contributes to there guild score from that point onwards if an alliance win all the alliance guilds get the benefite. This promotes long term alliances however to prevent exploiting of people joining last minute to get the win bonuse have it so alliances can only be formed during spring and summer once fall hits your locked in till rest of the campiagn (You can still leave the alliance) but no one can join from that point onwards.
  20. Any of you top quality people here?
  21. I feel like people sometimes take things a little too literally on occasion.
  22. I see some views on this, but just curious if I'm off base with this or everyone don't care 😛
  23. There used to be weapon mastery disciplines back in the day. It was great but they got rid of them because of talents...
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