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  2. Pick up the banner !

    So Incredible, bro! <3
  3. I feel like we're talking past each other with this "cap" discussion. The previous mantra, upon which my position was predicated, was that the cap wasn't reachable. Ever, by anyone. Ergo, there wouldn't ever be more than one way to reach the CAP, but there could potentially be more than one way to reach the closest possible number TO the cap. However, even if every single one of those ways to "the cap" involved a potion, that wouldn't mean there weren't multiple paths to "the cap." That would be like saying that they're removing the concept of multiple paths by requiring the use of or attaching bonuses to crafting tables. Has the idea that no crafter would ever be able to max out all of available experimentation pips on a top-quality crafted item changed since I was active, or am I missing something else?
  4. @PopeUrban Dave made this in a live stream after the 5.3 change
  5. I got soft crash while teleporting from beachhead to campaign via runegates. 2018-07-19T11:04:00.048Z WARNING CLIENT - Material UIBlur2 doesn't have _Stencil property 2018-07-19T11:04:00.789Z WARNING CLIENT - Wwise Code Event triggered but not yet configured with a Wwise Event Id _||_ [Wwise] CodeEventName [LoadScreenEnable] 2018-07-19T11:04:01.376Z INFO CLIENT - Zero bytes received in AsyncIOCompletedReadPayload. Closing connection _||_ Name=[ #4] 2018-07-19T11:04:01.377Z WARNING NETWORK - Client was disconnected _||_ Name=[AsyncCrowfallClient] 2018-07-19T11:04:01.377Z INFO CLIENT - SocketHandler.Close _||_ Connection=[SocketHandler] IPEndPoint=[] 2018-07-19T11:04:01.534Z INFO LOADING SCREEN - IncrementZoneProgress _||_ Step Text=[Super-gluing armor and welding limbs to torsos] Delta Time=[251.4634] 2018-07-19T11:04:01.800Z INFO LOADING SCREEN - IncrementZoneProgress _||_ Step Text=[Arranging plastic numbers above heads] Delta Time=[0.2661133] 2018-07-19T11:04:01.800Z INFO LOADING SCREEN - IncrementZoneProgress _||_ Step Text=[Loading Zone] Delta Time=[0] 2018-07-19T11:04:03.211Z INFO LOADING SCREEN - IncrementZoneProgress _||_ Step Text=[Processing Zone] Delta Time=[1.411621] 2018-07-19T11:04:03.211Z INFO LOADING SCREEN - IncrementZoneProgress _||_ Step Text=[Refreshing Login Token] Delta Time=[0] 2018-07-19T11:04:03.213Z INFO LOADING SCREEN - IncrementZoneProgress _||_ Step Text=[Connecting To Zone] Delta Time=[0.001464844] 2018-07-19T11:04:03.213Z INFO CLIENT - New MessageFactory _||_ CanCreateGenericMessages=[False] 2018-07-19T11:04:03.223Z INFO CLIENT - [ThreadManager] StartThread : OutgingMessageManager Worker 0 (System.Threading.Thread) 2018-07-19T11:04:03.224Z INFO CLIENT - [ThreadManager] StartThread : AsyncCrowfallClient._connectThread (System.Threading.Thread) 2018-07-19T11:04:03.405Z INFO CLIENT - New SocketHandler _||_ Name=[ #5] LargestMessageSize=[262144] DestinationAddressType=[Internet] SendStyle=[Asynchronous] ReceiveStyle=[BlockMessages] MaximumMessagesInFlight=[-1] CanSendNextMessageTimeoutMs=[50] MaximumConsecutiveCanSendNextMessageTimeouts=[-1] MaximumConsecutiveSendAsyncWasBlocked=[-1] TolerateMessagesOutOfOrder=[False] 2018-07-19T11:04:03.408Z INFO LOADING SCREEN - IncrementZoneProgress _||_ Step Text=[Connected To Zone] Delta Time=[0.1948242] 2018-07-19T11:04:14.127Z INFO CLIENT - Zero bytes received in AsyncIOCompletedReadPayload. Closing connection _||_ Name=[ #5] 2018-07-19T11:04:14.127Z WARNING NETWORK - Client was disconnected _||_ Name=[AsyncCrowfallClient] 2018-07-19T11:04:14.127Z INFO CLIENT - SocketHandler.Close _||_ Connection=[SocketHandler] IPEndPoint=[] 2018-07-19T11:04:14.128Z ERROR CLIENT - Connection to physics lost, returning to lobby.
  6. Rendering clouds heavily degrades FPS and sets GPU on fire (tested in EK). Terrain rendering is handled by GPU and outputs amazing FPS. The biggest CPU load was experienced near Campaign Keep while moving and rendering map in distance, I could feel hitching when objects appear in distance. Camera rotation speed is dependant on fps and contributes to that feeling. Could we normalize camera rotation speed based on fps counter for loop? Overall awesome client-side/content patch, nice job! Waiting for win conditions and guilds in 5.8. P.S. Please put one map on live so we can all play together (on US-East). When you login and population is split by 20,20,20 in three different campaigns, third of that number is your faction, half of the rest is afk on beachhead you never find opponents on map. It is quite boring testing.
  7. Tinnis found the concept rotos you lost guys. You can fix the male wood elf armor now. Its a great day for everyone!
  8. Today
  9. @PopeUrban / @DravoiX hello. i 'member
  10. I disagree with you. I think it looks like they tried to replicate the carefully contoured vine look of the female model over a bog standard chestpiece and ended up with a mess. What makes the female armor work is that it looks like it was built in the woods and held together by plants. The male armor looks like they built it in a human forge, spraypainted it an unnatural green, then tickled a tree until it threw up on perfectly good armor. I'm not OPPOSED to a redesign, but the initial artwork actually looks like it belongs to the same race as the female. More and more as his art goes online the male wood elf doesn't even look like he belongs in the same room. He looks like he's badly cosplaying a wood elf. If they threw out the art book in 5.3, we should have seen a redesign of the female. We didn't. We saw minor revisions to the same visually coherant theme. That theme was "Wood elf armor is made of natural materials, sometimes enchanted for durability, held together by living vines." This armor seems made of treated leather and forged buckles that someone slapped bark on to because they remembered it was for a wood elf at the last second.
  11. that colour contrast of the "red" chat looks very unreadable
  12. I haven't tested all outpost, but the first one i encountered has the stairs bugged. I tried to climbed and instead of getting ported to the upper floor i was ported to the roof. My race was a femael half-elf and outpost coordinates are 2414,18,2095
  13. i have to say i like the Armor plate and mail of cause it not fit to the old DRUID art but yeah still like it also its a little bit late to say it now because the art design is out since 5.3
  14. Goodbye, 5.6!

    lol good job ive been caught in the webs!
  15. So the Stoneborn does not have visible beards to the rest of the world, only the stone-born can view his beard in all its root-filled glory. The leatherworking table in the keep is not letting you do leatherworking, instead, it shows up as blacksmithing. Unless there is some sort of transmutation skill being implemented I do not think this will work :). Also, there is no hair on crafted vassels still.
  16. Ok then. P.S. I still love and cherish everyone at ACE, and I know you're all doing your best for us. I'm not really mad I just have a lot of time on my hands today. <3 P.P.S I'm serious about the male wood elf though. Please review. Please.
  17. First it was the face of a ten year old. Then it was the doofy pompadour. Now you've gone too far. Whoever is in charge of male wood elf art, please go back and check your references. You screwed up. Top: Medium armor chestpiece on a male wood elf (Ranger) in game Bottom: Medium Armor on a male wood elf (Druid) on the front page of this site. How you can nail it so perfectly on the female model and be so far off base on the male model is beyond me. He looks like a human making fun of a wood elf. Like "Hey bill, look what I did to my armor, lol I'm an elf!" and bill is all like "Dangit dave take that crap off we have a war to fight, quit screwing around." Edit: Tinnis was nice enough to post this. Why did you decide to go from super smexy man of the woods to "High Elf's kid brother?"
  18. @Koerpermilch That is ok for me. But If we get 10 people who can come for sure, I would give your ticket away to make sure all spots are used if possible. Is that ok with you? Please send me a PM with your Name, so I can put you on the guest list. @Aruhn Welcome to the party Please send me a PM with your Name, so I can put you on the guest list.
  19. Hi, I will be at gamescom and would love to come to the Community Party.
  20. Feedback Re: Caps and Increasers. You've added a bunch of cap increasers in to the necromancy and jewelry crafting systems, as well as altered caps on a race by race basis. However I can't figure out where you expect us to get attributes to put in these new attribute caps. The base values of an EXTREMELY well rolled vessel still have a rough time reaching cap in one attribute, even after the 87 points from leveling. These cap increasers are a dead stat for all but those with tippy top end legendaries and the ability to routinely replace legendary gear to equip those vessels with. @thomasblairI'm looking at a guinecian cleric here with a modestly rolled Epic vessel. I have 245 dex at level 1. if I invested literally all of my level up att points in to dex (which I won't, because I'm a cleric) I would still only reach 332 of my 350 natural cap. If I rolled a much better LEGENDARY vessel I might reach that cap, but the attributes would be so tight I would scarcely have any use for dex cap increasers, or cap increasers for any of my other attributes. I guess I don't see the point in making these base level additives when nothing less than a legendary (possibly epic) vessel can make use of them, or making them a base stat on jewelry when there is virtually zero demand for a ring with, say, worse base crit damage in exchange for dex cap. Even if a pair of rings could get me +20 dex ap, and I could actually fill it with vessel stats somehow... I'd still be better off just rolling the ring for crit damage in stead. 20 dex isn't worth nerfing my ring. I'd be better off minmaxing every single jewelry stat option that isn't cap increasers, and selling all of the necromancy additives to just buy more legendary parts and roll more vessels with no additives. What is the point of itemizing attribute caps so heavily when it is so difficult to reach the natural caps? Is there some additional source of attribute points yet to be revealed or what? What am I missing here? Does someone else have better data that makes this stuff seem useful?
  21. we have been able to hold down keys on tray combos previously like forever. to very recent versions. was this removed? e.g. druid 2 aurora, 5 wicked winds or 6 grace i was even doing it last patch on cleric master of hamner melee chains (could not test myself as alpha 3 access granted too late for EU compared to inital alpha 1 gating)
  22. Tried out a Rockmonster dwarf as champion. The timing of the dmg numbers with the left-mouse attack animation is not synced up properly.
  23. and ground targetted spells don't show a visual to aim with
  24. it appears the power queueing/buffering isn't working if left clicking and you hit a power it doesn't go off unless you release your left click and then press the power hotkey Minor discipline burning hatred seems buggy for gunieican duelist Crafting stats seems underpowered. Made a legendary pistol and got less than a point of crit chance... Banewood trees weren't present to feed to initiate a siege on the keep World once again feels large and empty. we cant have a giant world to test and no population. We saw ONE enemy player and we played for hours...
  25. Fae no longer do the flappy thing when they're moving fast in Survival Tray
  26. Ground Targeting AoEs still bugged (got a ground reticle at first logging in but then it stopped working). Naiad Fountain still a green Druid orb and still no blue circle showing AoE. Played a Female Centaur Champ and was getting the combo bug on about a third of my Rend combos and whirlwind combos.
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