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  3. Shoutout to Support

    Yep. I've had two problems that I needed support help with, and both times I was getting help within minutes. Late on Saturday or early Sunday morning didn't matter. Fantastic support team here, very refreshing, thank you.
  4. For some reason i have to re-download the 6 patches i have as an update time and time again. This is the third time this has happened. Also, i can log into my account on the website but not into the actual game -- just says "Cannot resolve destination host". This to me would indicate that the server is down but it says 24/7 play test on the schedule so not sure what is wrong?
  5. quite true. hope it doesn't count as spamming =) keep it up guys,eventually our euphoria will be heard and answered in kind :3
  6. Pick up the banner !

    When the cold came around again, I remembered. All those hidden rooms in my mind, where my memories ended up.... - Not forgotten,but certainly not remembered - Doors opening, that I don't even remember ever closing. All these moments started to come to the forefront of my mind again. Picture after Picture entering my awareness. So many Feelings coming with it. So many sensations. So many faces. All of it covered in dust - imaginary maybe, but still . Slowly the pictures become more clear, as I start to open up to the sensation. It might be cold here, but I still feel warm. Warmed up by the certainty, knowing where I came from, knowing where I am, knowing where I will go to. Gratitude filling me up. Gratitude for the times that made me. Gratitude for the gift of remembering again. Gratitude for the people that were in my life. Gratitude for the wake up call - a wake up call that I certainly needed . There might have been a lot of pain. There might have been a lot of frustration and I might have created part of the mess as well. But now - now that I remember more clearly then before - I can see more of it than ever before. I start to understand. Even with the cold around me, I finally can begin to see. These times needed to come to an end. A lesson, that I had to go through. A time that had to end, the same as this world. The same as this vessel. Even if it hurts. Even if it becomes colder, so cold that it feels unbearable. As it tries to take hold of my being, I let the memories fill me up. Not remembering all the pain, but instead focusing on the good in all of that mess. Focusing on all that made me, who I am - grateful, that I came closer, to who I wanted to be . Remembering my dreams, from a time long gone, remembering the feelings, I had forgotten so long ago. As the sensations fill me up and the cold tries to get a stronger grip on me, I let go. I let go of all the pain. Of all the beliefs I held for so long. Of all the situations that came after that decision. Of all the uncomfortable times that I endured. Of all the grudges. Of all the self talk I used to do. I understood. I really understood and I began to feel lighter - might have something to do, with my vessel disintegrating, but w/e . I guess, I should let the sensations be themselves, sometimes. As I began to separate as a crow, rising up - towards wheresoever - I finally felt better, compared to other times. I still felt warm - strangely enough. Seems like this is, what they meant with feeling peaceful. The dying world under me, began to fade and everything became brighter, losing color. So, I seem to drift around, I not knowing for how long. I only know, that I hold a picture in my mind. A picture of my past, not tainted, but still a nice picture. And I still hold that feeling inside of me. Not one of dread, nor pain, but hope. Startling enough. Suddenly I start to wake up from my trot. Unsure of what woke me. As I look around myself, I notice another crow. Haven't seen many , when I traveled to the last few worlds. Another crow flies up to us, joining us, as we travel through this in-between . More and more crows gathering with us, seemingly traveling the same way we do. This might become interesting. Usually just a few crows enter a world. Fighting for whatever cause. Leading on one side, or fighting as mercenaries, enjoying whatever they enjoy. So many crows in one place, this might be a very different world, then the ones I had visited before. Maybe there is even more hope, then I imagined. Maybe it is time, time to let that feeling of hope grow. Time to start a change, a change that will last. A change that holds peace in itself. A change that I enacted. As the wise say, the world is in urself, so start with urself. I guess, I will try. I will try once more. I will try, to make this something I can be proud of. Something, that will honor the memories I have. Something that will last, for as long as it can, for as long as we can make it last. Maybe even beyond this world. As I think about the future, or rather, about my vision our surroundings start changing again. Colors manifest themselves. Crows begin to form groups and depart into different directions. A world manifesting itself in front of us. And we slowly descend up on this new place. A place I want to create something up on. A place I want to help design. A picture , I want to make real. I think, this will be it. What ever the gods hold in store for us. I will face it. I will prevail. I will make my vision real. And I will enact the change I imagined. The time of the lone ranger has passed. It is time, to do, what is needed. For my vision can not be made true by a lone figure. Even tho every hero counts. Some things, just have to be done by a group, a group of like minded people. A group, that understands. A group, that is willing, to take it a step further. A group, that is willing to risk something. A group, that will let me use my freedom, so that I can create, what I desire. I think, I will help them as much as I can and they will eventually help me. I have to remember, for my past guides me, but shall never make me. I will let go of my old chains. I will build something new. And I need help, so that I can have the tools, that I need. I need help, from others, so that we can create something magnificent together. Something beautiful. Magical. It is time ! Where are u? Where are u? My comrades, my fellow fighters, crows of this world, crows of the same mind, let's gather. Let's place the first stone, let's take the first step, on our journey, the first creation in this world, let's create it together, the guild we want, the guild we need, the guild we envision. The place we can call home, the place we can be free, the place we can thrive, the place we want to protect, the place that we imagine. Come, gather around, gather with me, let me carry the banner, the banner of our cause, the banner of our group, the banner we hold dear. I will pick up the banner, I will hold it high, I will carry it , for as long as I can and beyond this world. Let me hold the banner, for it is the symbol of our beliefs. So that more will come, to pick up the banner as well, to fight for the same cause, to live for the same cause, and to belief and to feel and to live. For we are the crows of Corvus Sanctus.
  7. Can we get 5.3 this weekend....

    I love this thread
  8. My Crafting Issues

    Harvesting stats and Crit Chance/Amount are exceptions to this, but yes very true - I understand that ACE don't want our gear's quality to carry too much weight (with which I agree), but most of the AP/SP etc. stats you can get here are pitiful... Funnily enough though the gains (for weapons) in the super-important Damage and PCM stats are pretty huge (in terms of their in-combat effects), which seems counter-intuitive to this goal. I think/hope that most of these are just bugged, but IIRC there are a fair few cases where it's just really obscure as to what the math is behind the calculation - either way it ought to be fixed and made more intuitive. This is easily the most painful part of the crafting system... There is nothing for a crafter to actually do in this game except throw mountains of resources at dice rolls. Sure, you get to "choose" which stats to favour and how many experimentation points to use per roll (and to be fair armour has lots of optional layers you can fiddle around with) - but as things currently stand it's very clear-cut as to what is best for each weapons' stats (Damage > PCM > Sheen, healers notwithstanding), and the choice between one-pip or 50/50 is just another dice roll (are you feeling lucky, punk?)... Factories are not going to fix this either - once you've gotten your lucky rolls you'll be able to replicate those and stop interacting with this painful experimentation stage, but it'll still be a part of the crafting process. I can see how the pain of getting bad rolls or failed combines can be lessened by increasing availability of resources and giving us a way to replicate the good results, but it's a bad core design. Having said all this I do have faith in ACE - I think/hope that they recognise that what we have here is a flawed and incomplete system and are looking to improve on it in the future, as they're doing with harvesting... There's only really one BIG problem with this system anyway, and that's that the results you get are all based on RNG. There is no strategy, skill expression or interactivity in a dice roll; it's bland at best, and at worst it breeds resentment. The perception of everything else in the crafting sphere is tainted by this mindless way of procuring results, and it needs to change. If ACE (or one of us) can come up with a way for crafters to have an actual hand in whether the outcome is favourable or not then it'll alleviate a lot of the frustration... The attitude will very quickly go from "There was nothing I could do" and "I'm done bashing my head against this wall" to "Oh I messed that up" and "Welp, let's try that again". Let's make it happen.
  9. Again, the whole point of the nobs and levers approach is to build out various CWs with different rule-sets, specifically to cater to the different preferences without pinning the entire thing on a single audience's very niche preferences. Even EVE, one of if not the biggest hallmark cutthroat game, is scrambling behind the scenes to keep it's audience, fight stagnation, and justify it's expenditures. To that end they've been slowly softening the rougher edges; and honestly they always had relatively safer spaces to get your bearings concerning the game to begin with. Because honestly, those looking for the most punishing PvP MMO are not a big enough audience to justify producing and running one at the production levels we want. We just aren't a big enough audience. Just go look around, how many of that sort of game are doing well? Surviving? Much less actually thriving? They're not. If the money was there someone would be chasing it, but they're not, because it's just not there. Maybe once the audience was big enough to support a few games, but the production costs have steadily increased over time while the audience has either stayed the same size or shrunk. Crowfall's entire CW shtick is built around mitigating the limited audience problem and pulling in as many people as it can (that are interested in the core premise of a PvP MMO) with the hopes that once they're in they can find the level of mechanics they're comfortable with (and maybe explore new ones) and still belong to and have an effect on the game's community.
  10. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    This game is getting softer every day. It really makes me sad. A couple more of these soft adjustments and it is time to start looking elsewhere for what I thought this game would be. Much of the above problem is created by the current phase of testing. It isn't obvious what state Crowfall is in. I thought it was much further in development when I backed over a year ago, and the current state of testing is probably worse then what I endured. The game needs a tutorial and customers need to be more informed of what they are buying. ACE launched the Kickstarter Crowfall with something important "we aren't making a game for everyone." I feel that message has been lost on the way and the new direction is "make sure everyone feels welcome" (except people who want a more hardcore ruleset, eff them). Anyone who successfully sieges a city deserves loot, the above design makes me feel that we won't get it.
  11. My Crafting Issues

    Thanks for taking the time to do that. As you might imagine, feel your pain. The problems with crafting are numerous, and include those you mentioned and others. Worse still, there has been no indication in regards to what has been fixed or improved, we have no idea if the RNG issue has been addressed for example, and that's somewhat troubling and off-putting to say the least. I've given this some thought as well and agree with you completely. It is hard to evaluate the system at the moment given that we are playing with now is vastly different from what is expected for release, but the anomalies with the system that you outlined would exist even in the release version of things unless they were specifically addressed. I assume - and this may be wrong - that the extremely low return on investment for focusing in one modifier for example is an artifact of values being artificially restrained for the test, but if not, that is another huge problem with how crafting works - and that harms harvesting as well, via a backwash of reduction in value the of seeking specific material types. THAT negatively impacts gameplay in the PvP area, as it is less of a motivator for harvesting a specific node, which may be in enemy territory for example... My hope is that this 'fake' version of crafting that we see now is the source of most of the issues, and that the actual release version - with full impact from training, no potions, a complete range of material qualities and the factory system, which should elevate final result quality significantly - will address a lot of what we see now as problematic. This hope is not based in fact whatsoever though, as ACE has given us nothing factual to base that on. Maybe when they run out of other systems to feature in news items as they tick off various game content areas, crafting will be visited. Let us hope so.
  12. God I love this gif.
  13. There are big changes incoming for both combat and harvesting...but what about Crafting? I'm not just talking about the ever elusive factory concept here but the system in general. I wish to put my thoughts down and get some feedback and discussion if possible. I've tried to break my thoughts down into various subjects but it is lengthy. TL;DR I. A luck based crafting/harvesting system is a little frustrating. Losing your goods to a fail or bad experiment roll is FAR worse than loss of them due to Death IMO. II. There is Feedback/Information provided INGAME which is incorrect/conflicting leading to a skewed perception of how systems work and what they do. III. The current weight of Sheen/Secondary statistics on Crafts is so low as to be almost insignificant. Currently Material Grade matters far more than Type. There's no reason to focus on a Stat as it basically won't matter. Intro All numbers recorded on video which could be uploaded if need be. If one is not willing to take my word one could do their own experiments. I would not consider myself to be a main crafter by any stretch but I do certainly dabble in all aspects of Crowfall (aside from Confessors, Druids and Duelists) I make about 10 weapons per week at a rate of 5-6 in an hour session (time spent gathering materials is of course additional to this). Not that many of them are good, or even made out of good material. In my time Gathering and Crafting I've noticed a few things that cause me concern. Randomness, Incorrect Feedback and Secondary Statistics/Sheen being a footnote if even that. I. RNG nature of Harvesting/Crafting I have seen it in many games, some worse than others, and it certainly exists in Crowfall. A sense that Crafting is less about proper utilization of materials and more about gambling with them. Some of these systems require a great time investment to acquire the materials and then risk losing them all with the actual craft. In Crowfall you have a chance that you may end up with a poor quality craft made out of rare materials as well which is almost as frustrating as complete failure. This element of Luck infuses the Crowfall Crafting experience; high end crafts feel like hitting lotto numbers I would imagine. As I said in a different thread it is luck that yields high end materials, luck that determines success of crafting and luck that determines the end result of said craft. I would consider myself lucky that I do not seem to run into "Strings of Failures" very often. In general the "%Chance of Success" seems to be accurate for me, if I do notice a repetitive set of fails I will usually stop that session and try another day. The Experimentation system is also somewhat frustrating to me. Not because it exists but because it can often mean higher quality materials are effectively wasted by a poor experimentation roll. I would personally like to see the "Initial Result of Craft" increased more by other factors such as Crafting Skill of the Crafter and/or Quality of Materials used. There is currently a slight increase based on Quality but it is so little a Bad Experiment will yield results as "Good" as lower quality materials with Standard Experiment results. This leads me of course to the next subject II. Incorrect Feedback (Experiments) For whatever reason there is a bug that yields incorrect feedback with regards to Crafting Success, sometimes the System gets "Stuck" on one number and fails happen again and again and again. There are many examples of Incorrect Feedback in Crowfall right now such as Tooltips (I'm not too concerned, all good things in good time) but I wish to focus on Experimentation. This is of course Frustrating because as a player of a game IF there is visible Information and Feedback from the game itself I would very much expect and like it to be correct information. With the current experimentation systems in place you get to see the effect of the Experiment roll on your craft...but the problem is that it's usually inaccurate. Using experiment Pips yields consistent numbers depending on success rolled depending on Crafter level. And guess what? It is BETTER to Craft Grey/White/Green with a low trained Crafter because they get better results per pip on Experimentation!!! WHAT? Easier to get that 50% Risk bonus I guess... A Metal Bar made by a Blacksmith Skill 100 with a 2 pip "Good Success" gets +8.10%... Metal Bars made with COMPLETELY untrained Crafter (using Potions) yield the following results on 2 pips. (Blacksmith Skill 50) Success 3.16 Moderate 6.16 Good 9.16 Great 15.16 Amazing 24.16 It's a little sad to me how much getting a Great or Amazing matters, a gap which only continues to widen with more Experimentation Pips as Quality/Color increases. If you're looking for something "Good" you'll basically shelve anything less than a "Great Success" Very nice! However these numbers are not reflected in your actual craft. With PCM for example a White PCM component has a Base PCM of -.105 which is followed by a 2 Pip Success which should yield 3.16% increase...I mean it says it does. But the result is now it's actually less than 1%? 3 pips Moderate says 9.24% which is in line with the above...but it's actually 8% from -.105 to -.113 3 pips Success says 4.74%... On a Crossguard it goes -.105 to -.107... only 2%... BUT on a Bow Sight it goes -.105 to -.109? Same Feedback given in Experiment window of 4.74% Durability is similar and infuriating in it's own way. A Metal Bar 1 pip at a time...Great/Great/Good is +13.15% and Durability goes 50 to 57 1 pip at a time... Amz/Great/Great is +18.15% and Durability goes 50 to 59 1 pip at a time... Sux/Sux/Sux is +4.74% and Durability goes 50 to 52 Ok... seems close to right, obviously some rounding going on but how it functions I don't know. Great/Great/Great gets +22.74% and gets 50 to 62? A little odd Mod/Mod/Mod is +9.24% yet gets 50 to 55... I am confused. Single Pip Great is 5.05% yet 50 goes 52 Some numbers are off and there are times the system rounds DOWN and other times UP depending on quality of success... with the same item!? Both Stitched Leather and Wood Planks have a Durability Experiment option but do not actually have any Durability... I don't get it but the fact that I saw a feedback of +x.yz% which is at odds with my actual product bothers me. There are many issues with there being incorrect numbers on display for the playtests. It's frustrating. There is a false perception of transparency into how various in game statistics will actually affect in game items and skills. When these numbers are mistaken it is frustrating. I have no problem with the systems however they function, but providing the play testers numerical data that is incorrect/conflicting is annoying. To me at the very least. III. Sheen/Secondary Statistics Secondary Stats in Crafting are a joke right now. In fact it's so bad that for some of them I'd like to see an increase by a factor of 10-20... making them actually matter. The main thing that matters right now is Color/Quality of Materials used. This allows more Experimentation pips for Damage or Protections... and Sheen but you get so little it's not worth it. I was pretty excited about a Crafting system where the materials used to make items could produce different types of results, allowing one to build their character in a multitude of ways besides just Training and Skills available. Gear would matter in such a way as to promote variety of playstyles and builds! Except it doesn't, secondary statistics add so little to the character sheet that they are a footnote at the very best. Perhaps this is not true for ALL Sheens, maybe some are worth it...but the vast majority of Sheen stats are insignificant. Even with higher end materials and more experimentation pips the end result is extremely minor. I don't think about matching the type of Materials...just the Grade/Color/Quality I WANT to think about matching the type of Materials used A White Two Handed Sword made completely with +Attack Power Materials and a "Good" Sux on Sheen yielded a +5.713 (up from 5.5 after experiment) Attack Power...that's ~1/3 of 1% damage increase for an investment of 8 Metal Bars DEVOTED to +Attack Power. A complete item with +10-20 Hit Points added is a JOKE, that's ONLY 10% of a single basic attack on a good day. Sheen Statistics definitely need some fine tuning and added weight if the TYPE of Material used is going to matter more than just the GRADE. And that's my feedback on the current Crafting system and my perception of current weakness detracting from it being enjoyable/mattering.
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  16. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    My condolences to his loved ones. I only knew him from his many posts in the SB forums but he was a great contributor and gamer. So sad to hear the news of his passing.
  17. Soul of the world

    Would be epic to see the hunger approaching -kinda like the hunger dome- and everyone fighting it out for the next campaign seed or demi-god vessel or whatever...idealistically speaking. Edit: Realistically, who knows if anyone will be there besides the Victors who may have locked up the campaign weeks before.
  18. Ascendance - A Chapter of Legend Gaming [Age 17+]

    Hopefully we can get a few more people online next weekend. If anyone needs help or a quick catchup course, hit me up!
  19. New Here With Questions!

    Just wanted to update the thread about LGS. (Edit: in case someone read this and disabled LGS) I updated LGS to the newest release (v 8.96.81) and it seems to work fine. No idea why the EK gets hung on "loading terrain" sometimes. It happened to me again w/o LGS running. I haven't had any hangs on Live with Campaign US East. So I can start fiddling with the G13 again, yay!
  20. Can we get 5.3 this weekend....

    If you can't release it this weekend, what about the weekday?
  21. The man that walks his own road, walks alone.

    1. Kyranleskil


      Meaning : .While there is merit in the idea of “being your own man” and living an independent life, completely giving yourself over to your personal whims and desires without respecting social convention or the thoughts of others is a quick way to find yourself alone, and no man is an island. Stand up for your convictions, but don’t be so quick to dismiss traditional values or public opinion; being on the wrong side of either can bring you a lot of trouble.

  22. and reset the skills of my fully trained alchemist but give him a slew of new potion recipes right... lets grind some stone baby, so much more exciting than that "chore" of active harvesting. Your Blairness, you know you cannot drop the harvesting potions without turning off the crafting recipes until properly trained right? Lets get real. For real.
  23. So I get tossed out to a Connection lost when entering any of the 3 campaigns on "live" When I try and spin up my EK I get entered in a Red haze, get connection lost but can move my character around behind the connection loss message?
  24. Chaos Rising

    OK Guild is made if your still going to play send me an IM and I will get you added.
  25. [-W-] Winterblades

    Some recent Winterblades videos: And a handy map of the current campaign: Membership has its privileges:
  26. State of the Knight 5.2.10 (Oct 2017)

    p.s. i'd love it if scimtiar druid got something like templar devotion that heals self/group based on their damage output, rather than the pathetic single target ~250 hp green orb spawns on unknown % and timer....[no where near often enough]
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