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  2. well, at least eu have 2 forces close to numbers and quality now 😃 good luck on keep this as long as you can
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  4. If you are emailing support@crowfall.com you should at least get the automated ticket response quickly - if you don't get that there is some issue with the email. For gifted packages, the recipient does need to email support@crowfall.com to have the access set correctly (this is usually a very fast process, like <1 hour).
  5. @Ble I am interested, how much for an epic fae male vessel?
  6. I find it all so tiresome now. I am just waiting for the trainwreck to finish.
  7. It is not hard, just difficult. Time consuming and frustrating sure. But able to be done. Problem is it is all for naught now. The land will be wiped. So most do not bother. Once there are no more wipes the progress will stay and the chore will at least have value. Also not that it helps I know. But yall got it easy now. It was 16 man hours before to get the 3K mats to make a farm parcel before. Just the farm parcel. And that was when potions ruled the land and skill trees did nothing really. Thousands of doobers died for our sins. And we did have to walk uphill both ways.
  8. I use to think it would take forever to get the mins to build that stuff but I have my harvester at a point where the white goods are rolling in so I think once you fully level up a harvester for the stuff needed it won't be so difficult.
  9. Yes. Quite frequently and it has been happening for sometime now. I call it a camera glitch where suddenly your facing a way other than intended though I like your explanation more. I have ruled out my system ( its a high end pc with a strong internet connection)
  10. Yesterday
  11. Kee[ in mind that EKs are supposed to be long term endgame goals. They exist to give you a reason to want to win campaigns. They're also intended for use as social spaces (even though we can't properly se them as social spaces until they fix the onlining permissions being only for the owner) and in a sense yes, you are intended to have multiple people farming to build them. They're not supposed to be quickly or easily assembled. They're a trophy room, and purposely disconnected from being a thing you need to play the game. That's why to monetize them so heavily. They're designed to be the endgame goal that for the most part doesn't impact your success or failure in the main game, but rather take the place of long term ladder rankings or kingdom building to account for the fact that campaign worlds are temporary.
  12. That numbering is a bit off I got hit by 31 people according to the combat log so you had at least that - I can provide the full list of names thanks to Atreus's combat log parser. Who cares about numbers but don't try to look like outnumbered 😛 Otherwise good fights and great performance overall. /salute
  13. Is anyone having hiccups like small half second freezes that makes my char turn away every time it happens? i have been having this issue every build
  14. day 5: we had a nice defence fight vs balance at our keep, on sieging balance we got snacked nice fights guys, thx
  15. and they are usually unusually fast in personal responding
  16. Small scale combat seems fine to me as well, outside of this past weekends shenanigans. My issue is that I cannot tolerate sub 30fps anymore, I could get that on a 128k modem a decade ago. All these game clones out recently have the same bottlenecks around 50 or so players. I don't know why dev's keep marketing large scale combat, sieges and such when they know their software chosen cannot handle it.
  17. Just tooling around over here working on the new UI...
  18. Yes, that is a fairly typical issue with gifted packages. They should email support@crowfall.com If they emailed support, and haven't heard back, that is unusual. There should be a quick automated response to acknowledge the support ticket being created. Check spam folder?
  19. Hello all, So I bought a couple of copies for my friends to play and both of them are getting and Entitlement Missing error, they have not heard back from support yet. Have any of you guys ran into this issue? Thanks! -GilgameshMa
  20. praelian

    The Hoss

    Look forward to seeing you out there. I imagine you'll be going Balance? Cheers!
  21. Guild criteria: Region: NA Faction: Prefer Balance. Atmosphere: Chill, here to have fun Casual/Hardcore?: Whatever is fine as long as it's not like ridiculously HC. Size: At least some active members. Play-Style: Pretty flexible, prefer playing melee or support in combat. Potentially interested in becoming a dedicated gatherer if there's need of it. Commitment: Tentative. I do really want to get in to this game, but in it's current state I'm not sure it will hold my interest. Hoping that finding a good guild will help that somewhat. Experience: Mostly WoW A smattering of other MMO's with large scale faction combat such as Warhammer, GW2.
  22. I started to "sort out" all NPC-Events. That's why those lines with guards are not shown up. I should adjust it that those lines are not relevant for the Pivot Tables as well though.
  23. Good fights from Chaos last night at the final keep in Pleonast. Our forces arrived at the keep around the same time, and there were multiple skirmishes outside the walls, near the breach, and in the tree room/keep. It was nice to see another major force on the battlefield!
  24. Brilliant stuff ! Thanks Atreus: One more for you: I can see these trap events showing un-labelled in the CountA Damage table, but the "Your Actions" Columns are not being populated and so the damage is missing. E.g. These 2 log lines for Faerie Trap. Is it just that Guard is the target? I can see in other logs it works fine against players. 2019-06-16T19:17:28.084Z INFO COMBAT - Combat _||_ Event=[Your Faerie Trap hit Stronghold Guard for 205 damage.] 2019-06-16T19:17:28.085Z INFO COMBAT - Combat _||_ Event=[Your Faerie Trap hit Stronghold Guard for 205 damage.]
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