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  2. League balances urf all the time. Idk why you are basing crowfall off a dead moba.
  3. In Overwatch there is a 6vs6 mode. Where two teams compete over objectives with each side only being able to lock a single hero once etc. There are also multiple arcade modes. Free for alls with randomly assigned heros etc. Some are pretty lame some are incredibly fun. But they don't balance around arcade modes. They balance around that primary 6v6 mode. __________ That's the difference between campaigns where you need to build up in the spring to prepare for all out fighting in the winter, and the possibility of campaigns you will just import all your gear from the last campaign. The mechanics are built around campaigns that offer a meaningful reset. Otherwise their whole seasons thing is useless. Their promises Uncle Bob won't dominate forever empty. Anything else is just a sideshow. It can exist, but the focus on balance probably will be, and should be, on campaigns that reset resources.
  4. ^ This. Last time i checked, no one puts on a short sleeved football shirt and jeans and leaves their house as Tim (with ID, SSN and all the things that identify a person). Then the next day puts on A cowboy hat, some overalls and a T-shirt and is now Billy Bob (with an entirely new ID, SSN, etc). Then the day after puts on a jacket, some hair junk and some tight jeans and is now Fonzie (again with entirely new identity documentation). Last time i checked their are not 60+ iterations of *insert generic anime/video game character here* at a convention. Doesnt matter how many people dress up as *insert generic anime/video game character here*, they are not *insert generic anime/video game character here*, they are still whoever they are before the costume was put on they just changed their look. The Crow is the character, the vessels are the clothing.
  5. in the 'real' game: - minor disciplines will drop from specific monsters directly and whole (e.g. 'zombies have a chance of dropping XYZ etc'). not in visible craft list. - major disciplines will require you to hunt down a Thrall ('ghost') spirit of a specific type (e.g. 'Bard spirit') - presumably involving combat - and for its soul to be captured into a soulstone item (found by another harvester) by a specalised soul harvester (???), then this soul is bound and crafted into a runestone by a crafter (runemaker presumably) using one recipe with a wildcard slot rather than 'a visible craft list of each type'. - you can't remove a discipline when it is attached to a vessel - you will need to invest x4 talent points to a major to get all of its elements assuming the above is still the design plan, yet to really see it presented or implemented yet obviously p.s. you could just have x2 crafter vessels tho 😜
  6. You're not going to be able to swap discs on vessels.. You're not supposed to be self sufficient. You're supposed to be a part of the loop and need other people to do what you can't do. You need a guild.
  7. The always said the ruleset was different for each campaign. Also putting its obvious before a statement does not make it so.
  8. With crafting disciplines taking up the Major Discipline slot, I can see myself wanting to change the discipline I have equipped every time I want to craft some armor or other items. Now its not a big deal, as its only one dust and one ore (even slag); but where it is labeled as test disciplines, I can see the crafting cost go up by a large amount by the time the game goes to live. If this happens, it will make crafting less appealing, especially when learning; I know I have had to change disciplines a few times, when I don't craft enough leather items for my set of plate. While, in the long run, the economy should have people selling most all items, at first, many crafters will want to be able to create advanced items like a full set of plate without having to search for items. So, if you increase the crafting cost of disciplines, please don't make it too much more.
  9. There will be different campaigns with different rulesets. There doesn't need to be one "intended meta" that applies to them all.
  10. Info on the forums and the website can be contradicting, convoluted or simply changed, so its always good to ask.
  11. Explain to me why gathering rules and capture bonuses change throughout the seasons with spring being the most advantageous season to gather and winter being the most advantageous season to fight if the intended meta is to import everything you need for a campaign from previous campaigns. Explain how "Uncle Bob" is prevented by campaign resets if there is never any reset of gear and resources. It is the intended way the game is meant to be played. It's obvious in the way the game is designed, it's obvious in the way this game was marketed.
  12. so anything you can do in a beachhead/temple?
  13. People being more effective while gathering doesn't have to equate to it being less fun (was it fun to begin with? I don't think it is) or extremely more effort. I keep some pretty in-depth logs and data on my kills now (all attacks, dmg output, crits, ttk, etc.) and what it shows me is a lot of people gather in the worst made socks armor, or in classes that only wear leather, and don't use helpful disciplines like escape artist, etc. I think this behavior is either out of laziness or lack of game knowledge, perhaps equally, since the current spirit banking mechanic fosters laziness and the lack of good documentation for the game and constantly changing features makes it difficult to learn.
  14. Another thing that could happen that borrows more of the existing functionality is capturing a keep causes some kind of node cannon to deploy that periodically shoots golden hunger shards around the map in random places. Maybe use lore to say it is god essence that has escaped from the tree of life that must be restored. If the faction controlling the keep manages to get to the node and harvest it, bring it back to the keep and put the materials into a hopper - they get big faction points. The opposing factions can try to disrupt that collection process at multiple points along the way, and it pushes the conflict out into the field all over the map.
  15. je dirais qu'il faudrait qu'on voit mieux les sous parties. Par exemple entre Prenez garde à la Faim et Récompenses pour les Testeurs mettre une petite ligne pour les séparer ou bien qu'on voit un peut mieux que c'est le titre d'une nouvelle sous partie de ton bloc Sinon vraiment super ta news ! Hâte de voir les prochaines.
  16. Today
  17. I have no idea either, if the concepts are similar then happy accident.
  18. The game is designed to have multiple campaign rulesets. Your preferred ruleset is not "the one" the game is designed to function around any more than any of the other planned rulesets. I do look forward to Import restrictions actually being functional, and Spirit Banks being more restricted in how and when they can be used, though.
  19. To anyone saying you can't important anything useful from the EK. What resources are more critical to crafting than dust and embers in the current meta? There are some people out there harvesting several hundred dust an hour in their EKs. Hardly "apples"
  20. no idea. i havent been following this thread much.
  21. Believe me I will once they are made available. But while we're all playing by one rule set probably better to use the one that the game is designed to function around rather than unlimited import Uncle Bob campaigns.
  22. I don't want last names. I want all of my chars to be named Mandalore. I hate to bring some lore into this to attack your idea but the bodies you inhabit and build, Frankenstein style, are not your original body. You are a crow, a spirit blessed with eternal life and the ability to posses vessels (bodies you've made whole). Your crow has an identity but the vessels are just meat for you to inhabit in your holy war for the gods favor. Why would a ghost change their name and identity based off the body they are possessing? @Valandril
  23. I like where you're going with that. Would kind of contribute to that feeling of territory control as well. Gaining control of the keeps opens up big point generators for the siege window or an amount of time after the siege window. You could get the big massive fights for the central tree while also encouraging somewhat smaller group PvP for objectives around the map. Might bring some really cool macro style gameplay for groups/guilds to outplay their opponents as well.
  24. Like, he doesn't even attack lmao. Need to change the name from Retaliate to "Get Back Up"
  25. I like where you're going with that. The fight to control the point doesn't give you points outright, it gives you the opportunity to do some other activity (keyword "active") that you then gain points for. Like, imagine taking control of a nexus area that then allows you to perform some kind of group level ritual, like build up a sacrifice altar, then bring a sacrifice from across the map, then guard the ritual until it completes - then receive huge points for your faction. Getting the chance to even do that necessitates controlling the area in the first place and maintaining that control. It might also be a variety of activity that could have many people in various places contributing in different ways. I dunno, just an example to seque off what you suggest, probably too complex, but eh one can dream.
  26. Lowered chances of a fight. Already gotta look 30min-1hour to find people :c
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