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  3. 1) This game has been designed from the very beginning with the idea of eliminating the Uncle Bob scenario, which happens when a team wins, gets stronger as a result, and therefore is more likely the win the next time. Eventually they become so strong that they can't be beaten and everyone else quits. This is a lesson Todd learned from Shadowbane. Don't expect to see any significant advantages afforded to winning teams in new campaigns. At one time they mentioned the possibility of special campaigns (tournaments) that would pit winning guilds against each other. 2) This is a terrible, terrible idea. You'll have people begging for gold so they can rez and when they can't, they'll quit. 3) It's funny that you say it doesn't encourage gameplay, given your prior suggestion. There are some changes coming to the skills, and catch up mechanics. It isn't the problem some people make it out to be. 4) At some point, populations should be a lot larger across all servers. Hopefully we'll see much larger numbers for 5.110 and we can more accurately evaluate the imbalances then. Todd has talked about this in the past and is reluctant to add things that would buff the smaller group. I can't remember exactly what he said about it, but you can go back through the Q&As if you want. 5) Campaigns can have different rules. Some may drop nothing, like the Infected, just inventory like the current campaigns, or everything. If campaigns where players drop everything are popular enough, then there will be plenty of campaigns available with that ruleset. 6) Same as #4. Let's wait until the population is higher to see what sort of changes are needed. 7) Same as #4 and #6. 5.110 is going to change a lot. We need to see how that plays out before they make too many balance changes.
  4. Just some short toughts i had when i read your text. -I think when you play a game and you are on top and get rewarded is nice. But when you are able to craft (significant) better items or hit harder, just because you won before, the one guild will stay on top and nobody wants to fight them. For factions it will be that everybody will just join the strongest faction. I have seen this before and this is not really working.(The "honor" systems is something they already announced and are working on) -The risk of loosing items that i wear...... You are not a crafter i assume, but just imagine you are the guildcrafter, and you are in a good guild, and i mean your guys are running around in topnotch EQ. thats nice, but everybody can die when the opponents are just more. So you have to recraft all the items all the time or to be really lucky to kill this guys while he has your EQ. When you have bluegear, thats easy and fast to recraft, but epic or even Legendary, the time and effort you invest to get such items would be a too hugh loss. -No really important thoughts on the other points mentioned
  5. A.K.A "PRE-ALPHA" *insert random funny meme* ❤️
  6. Welp, I finally gave into my selfish desire to complain about this game (online).. so here it is. I don't have the time to go into some long winded explanation for each. If you play with me in game send me a message in discord or by all means pick up a phone and call if you wanna talk. The phone is that small white rectangle thing you keep with you all the time and and can call your mother with at any given time but you DON'T. To begin, all suggestions are to make the game more fun. What is fun might you ask? Well, something that is fun can be many things, but it's always entertaining. What is entertaining? Well, that varies from person to person and even more so if your a psychopath. What I'm about to suggest applies to a good portion of people who play games and not those 'gents on the fringe. -People like to win significant prizes that matter. Think winning a car vs a toothpick. -People like to progress with their ability to play. You should become better by playing, and rewarded more for doing so well. -People want to feel like they matter in the game. -People are more rewarded with victories when losses can result in pursuit of said victories. (Think risk vs reward.) -The game can't be unwinnable So lets knock these babies down one by one shall we? Okie dokie. -When you win a campaign, you gain a strength advantage for the next campaign. I know you like to think of each campaign as a war. Please don't. Think of each as a long battle. Each battle makes the victor harvest better. Hit harder. Chop quicker. Smell faster. Whatever. Make it strategic and not set. (i.e. different scores or captures enable different bonuses at the end. Spice it up. Whatever you want.) People appreciate cosmetic items. They don't desire them. What everybody wants in a war simulator is to not die, and more importantly, kill whoever is trying to kill you. No fancy hat can replicate that. Make the consequences of losing a campaign matter. Give people a prize gem that makes craftables stronger or a super powerful hat... whatever the marketing department wants. -While we are on consequences, you need to remove endless respawn. If you die, it should cost gold to resurrect. Each time you die the cost gets higher. When you run out of gold you can't resurrect. I'm not saying your character gets deleted, but If somebody (probably my guild) wants to keep funding your desperate acts of pvp, they can, but it should come at a SIGNIFICANT RESOURCE cost. Every single thing in this game is a resource and finite. Why isn't the most important resource?Your LIFE. -Passive trainings are an unmitigated trainwreck right now. The system simply doesn't encourage gameplay. Bad. Not trained enough and keep getting zOmgWTFpwnEd 1v1 by "Al-vi-ah"? Just turn off the game Joseph, and wait a month....Hey devs, how bout instead of all that jazz, you make the person play your game and enjoy it, and maybe, well, I dunno... spend some money along the way? Nobody spends money on games they don't play. This new mechanic will force people to get out there and do all of the things they should be doing.. like farming mushrooms, silver ore and "heartwood...." Whatever that is. Want to be a blacksmith? Here's a wild idea. Go blacksmith some stuff! You need to incorporate some sort of active training. I'm not saying passive can't be a part of it, but man is it a drag attaching passive time to anything that's suppose to be immediately entertaining. -The zerg is out of control. The reason is population. I'm not talking about "hey you need to coordinate better." That's not this. Strategy is important, but when one server has 90 and the other 20..... no secret chant that will win you that battle ducks. Here's the fix, make a reward based system for kills. Something that really really matters. Like honor or something and it gives you access to better craftables. stats, or whatever. (Once again, see marketing department.) Make that resource you gain from kills directly linked to the server population or how many people are in the zone. If my army of 20 drunken misfits kills another poorly coordinated zerg of 100, I better damn well get a huge reward for it, and a lb or two of glory to boot! -Risk. We need more of it. I know the direction is you drop the contents of your inventory when you die in certain campaigns. Great. I'm thinking you might even drop everything when you die, but then you would drastically rebalance the resource cost of gear. I'm not sure, but right now there's minimal risk for dieing. Minimal risk for farming... and pretty much everything else. Remember. Risk VS Reward. Some serious entertainment can be had through satisfaction, and satisfaction can be had by risking everything for a huge reward. Make it happen! Get creative! Marketing Department!!! -Balance. Not those clowns on the faction. I'm talking about the zerg again folks.The good 'ol swarm. For Aiur! You need to massively incentivize getting kills on low pop factions devs. Make people WANT to switch sides because of the INSANE benefits they will reap for being victorious. You shouldn't force it, just let it occur naturally. Want excrement rewards? Fight 20 guys with 100. Want the megamillion's jackpot payoff? Defeat Hax 30v5 with a single ballista. (I kid.) Do more with less. It's your choice, and reap the rewards as they come. Even if you don't win the campaign, you should get huge "points" for kills. -Win conditions are unacceptable right now. I know you're proposing additional routes to victory like crafting or whoever farms the most spruce trees or whatever, (On a side note, please don't do that. Any of that)and I look forward to those being implemented, but right now you can log 100 people strong on one side and 50 on the other and the smaller force simply can't win. That is not a winnable game and the fun is sucked right out of it like a dyson zerg-vacuum. I've literally logged off pre siege when I saw over triple the numbers on the opposing side and instead picked up the phone and called my mother. To conclude, please do all of these things. Or none of them, I've already bought several copies of the game. Regards, DickBaker'sCat
  7. I started the evening playing my Minotaur Ranger. I pressed F3 to go into Ranged mode, and then when I pressed F2 to go into Melee mode, nothing. F1 did nothing. F3 did toggle me out of Ranged mode, but F2 still would not take me to Melee mode. I kept hitting keys until I finally did get to Melee... before I was killed, thankfully. I tried several toons with the same results. I did finally notice that if I pressed F1, F2, and F3 simultaneously, it would toggle between all of the trays/modes. Did I miss a meeting about this? 😉
  8. They pretty much said they will be working on beta shortly after 5.110. While it could have been a misspeak or something, it surely would follow inline with the teams push to launch of late. I still expect Q4 2020 launch, hell or high water.
  9. Yesterday
  10. The past year or so has seen very uncoordinated testing. Dev interaction on this subject has been poor at best. I wouldn't expect that trend to change.
  11. Mostly new to PvP and looking to learn. Fine with being a resource slave while I figure out the ropes...which may include the best way to gather resources, cuz this "everything is Rank 1" poorly made socks got old quick. I'm not a 12 slots/12 characters player. I'm going ranger. It appears I'll need another vessel to gather resources. That's gonna be about it.
  12. First you must consult the Oracle to determine your rightful path. Next, you must level a vessel in Joveth. Then you must join the campaign, and choose a faction in doing so. This faction choice is set in stone for the duration of the campaign, but applies only to that specific campaign (Infected server of God's Reach is separate and also requires a faction choice. This choice lasts much, much longer). Fight using the gear drops you get from Wartribes and from player vendors selling good wartribe gear. Good blues and greens are a good enough to start out. Eventually you'll want to get crafted gear. More on that later. Once in the campaign, join up with other people to fight the enemy factions. Get victory points for your faction by taking and holding outposts, forts, and keeps. Killing other players also generates some points for you. There's a scoreboard and siege schedule in the map screen of the UI. Nastiest class? The context matters too much. Don't make an assassin. They're cannon fodder at the moment. Trying to gear up and be competitive in combat fast? Do the following: I would pick the following passive trees to level: Combat. Level armor type before weapon type because it applies to many more classes, in general. Exploration. Get all the stuff relating to Ethereal Dust and wood in the first and second tier (Reaping) exploration trees. With your newfound wood harvesting and dust finding abilities, clear-cut knotwood in any location, preferably God's Reach, and collect a large quantity of Ethereal Dust and Chaos Embers. Save the knotwood and apples, you'll have a lot, but there's uses for these. Use the dust and embers to pay established Crafters for Blue quality crafted armor and Blue or Purple (epic) quality weapons and jewelry. You will need approximately 1000 dust for armor and another 1000 for weapons + Jewellery. Plus additional for tipping your Crafters and/or buying crafting materials. Spam General Chat with any other questions.
  13. I'm hoping we can go back to seeing and stealing enemy resource doobers with the Dregs ruleset. It made sense to remove that for Factions, but not for the Dregs where you can kill people who steal your resources.
  14. The sound effect when you get an epic or legendary nugget of something gets me all "BANGERANG!!!!" Thanks, @BobbyM!
  15. The plans are coming together nicely. On a whim, I went into the game last night and asked people to bring me their donations. I felt a bit like one of those Salvation Army bell ringers you see outside the shops during the holiday season. Not only did we get some incredible stuff for the giveaway, I had a really good time chatting with everyone. So far, we've got lots of great jewelry, crafting mats and lots of maces & axes. Someone generously donated an epic quiver; I'd love to pair it with an epic or legendary bow. Please DM or email me if you would be willing to donate one. Thanks!
  16. Tbh I really enjoy gathering as it is right now. There's something satisfying in breaking down the ore veins and then pick up all the materials at once.
  17. Just wondering what the present game is like. Looking to get into some fights over the holiday break. My primary interests are what is considered "winning" for campaigns. What the nastiest classes to play. What kind of gathering and crafting skills do I need to support my character.
  18. That's what we're told. It'll pretty much insure that no one bothers seriously crafting gear for the 1st month of 5.110 since gear from tribes will be better than anything we can make (barring whatever is being changed). Crafting on test will suffer accordingly.
  19. Mentioned on the last developer livestream: https://youtu.be/IRiJUcGcGbs?t=1604 Vaccum power would be great - we'd still get the fun of seeing the doobers fly out, and would be easier than trying to round them all up.
  20. Really hoping that the Stoneborn racial is better than immune to poison. It sounded to me like what @thomasblair described for Half-elves (CC causes small HoT) should be Stoneborn, or something equally as good.
  21. Last week
  22. They're perfectly fine open field. Anything more and the class would be overpowered.
  23. Zatch

    Templar Suggestions

    Templars are poorly made socks in open field, but gods in sieges/fort fights. The class is well designed for what it's intended to excel at.
  24. The campaign was a little lackluster in 3 faction fights but we still had fun with [-V-]Vanguard! Thank you for the fights, see you next campaign!
  25. I think Templars are in a great position at the moment and if they were given more slows or even gap closers then I would consider them to be a bit on the over powered side but I do play Fury so I have more CC than other promotions and like the other guys said, know your environment, your groups classes and call out your divine light so people come to you instead of you chasing them ^^
  26. Well since you're done with them, would you be willing to contract out your cutting grit gatherers? Can offer much polishing paste.
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