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  2. Minotaur Ranger Build - Theorycraft

    what about elkin ?
  3. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    I personally have no issue with real spies. Ones that play a character on an opposing side to gather information, mislead, etc… This IMHO is part of the game. Having multiple accounts on opposing factions that are obvious spies, is pretty annoying. Basically using them like a map hack. Having them posted in a keeps or at gates is against the spirit of the game. Which fort should we attack? Let me check all my other characters. Well they have x amount of people in this fort, y in this one, etc… Having the spy grief loot bodies/mobs is currently OK. This one could be fixed or limited by having loot rules.
  4. The Archer [Call for Fire] does absolutely nothing.
  5. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    Wintrading actually only requires that player create a char/account specifically to lose on purpose so that another char/player has wins more easily in a PVP game. That is, it is manipulating the result of a match to favor another enemy (which you actually favor for personal reasons or for money), going against the true rules of competition of the PVP game. MMR is worth money and so it is sold in competitive games, but this is no a requirement to wintrading. MMR Is the most common ocorrence. Is WIN trading and not MMR trading. WIN!!! Like I said this is wintrading because you do not have to fool anyone to be a spy infiltrated into the enemy faction. You just need to get into the faction and move your char near the gates and see arround. This is not smart at all, this is not true espionage with betrayal tactic. This is just plain cheating, by the way. There's nothing smart about it.
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  7. Revising Disciplines.

    Tinnis comes through with the quote!
  8. Official Campaign

    They said they'll announce the final date for the first sanctioned campaign at least one week before so probably not in January.
  9. Official Campaign

    I thought it was quite ambitious for them to say that the official "first campaign" was going to start in January. Does anyone know if they still intend to start this month, or are we going to be testing 5.8.1 a bit longer? Thanks
  10. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    You clearly don't understand what I'm talking about. I meant the numbers. So, yes, it very much was an outlier in MMOs for it's sub numbers. No one is trying to silence dissent. Were telling people this game was backed under a specific type of vision and trying to call for sweeping changes outside of what we backed, before game is even released isn't gonna go down well. Some people have been asking for things that would completely change the scope of this game into something else. If you see no issue with that while game is in development to even get to a release status, well I can't help you there. Not like these ideas even have any backing, which is why people keep saying this might not be the game for them.
  11. Revising Disciplines. autotext:
  12. Revising Disciplines.

    Nah, IIRC it's gonna be 2 slots for either combat majors or crafting majors, and 2 slots for gathering discs. @thomasblair there's a lot of Upcoming Stuff that seems to need clarifying for the community if we're still months away from seeing them.
  13. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Capping has in its own right become an artform. From stealing a win with but an apple, to letting others help you cap. So -when- you cap, don't be so certain you're the one doing the capping mates!.
  14. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Funny to read people crying about crafting/grinding and citing old games like DAOC, UO. DAOC (at launch) was a damn PVE grind fest before even thinking about going into pvp. UO was a training dummy grind before even thinking going out the city Even Shadowbane was a PVE afk grinding game before going into pvp. I don't know any MMO games focused on PvP were you wouldn't have a boring experience before enjoying the PVP. If you want pvp right away go into MOBA style or FPS like CS.
  15. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Unless you have a crystal ball, there is no way to know what will bring in players or won't. Even having a great idea doesn't mean devs can magically make it reality. Nothing we suggest will guarantee or prevent anything from happening. Some of those games listed were trying to ride the coattails of other and didn't succeed. Plenty of MMOs have tried to ride the wave and not made it. Believe this is why many of us are looking forward to things like Crowfall and Camelot Unchained. Familiar but not just the same old thing. What I want and what devs can do or what other players would want aren't all aligned. We all have a lot of great ideas, but ACE is doing the real work and they get final say. Ultimately ACE is taking the risk and we are just here for the ride. If they believe their concept will pull in enough players to keep them paid, I'm willing to see it through. I still throw my ideas out there just to get them out of my head, but I don't expect ACE to care. Almost 4 years in, very few new suggestions are being made. What you've suggested has been brought up in some way multiple times. At least you didn't say "It should be like Sword Art Online." Always get a kick out of that one. What fantasy PVP game has achieved balance? I don't know of one. What does balanced even mean? There are always issues and devs are always busy. Just the nature of the genre. If a game is still enjoyable as a whole despite issues here and there, it isn't a failure to me. A MMO by design can't be balanced, especially one like Crowfall where they want layer upon layer of player decision to impact things. It won't be fair and that is intended. Seems like they planned to use Voxel Farm to make structure destruction and siege more pretty, not really a loss of content or features. Don't believe they planned for free form building voxel by voxel. Not really a massive change or at least not one that changed how the game will be played. Not sure if they use Voxel Farm at all at this point, but didn't see anything from the original pitch that compared to Trove or other voxel like games. They also changed to a more traditional race/class split from archetypes, added vessels, and training has gone through a few versions. Still the game should play out pretty much the same as originally presented. Sucks that things changed, especially for those that backed on KS for a lot hoping for exactly what was presented, but that is an unrealistic expectation in game development. Especially when much of it was rather vague.
  16. a Revision to Game Play.

    Out of curiosity what classes/disciplines/gear were you using? Were you all full health? In combat? Harvesting? You could of all been 5% health and a sneeze could of killed you. What's the full picture? Not to say that X can't do a lot due to balance issues, but I also don't believe it is just as easy as pick X class and profit. An assassin shouldn't be "1 shotting" plate players in high end gear for example. There are ways to keep stealthers out of stealth even after they get the jump where they then become very vulnerable. Higher tier weapons are being toned down which could be a factor as well. You are pointing out common sense issues that have and will continue to be addressed as devs have time. Balance is an issue, but they have bigger objectives (or should) at this time. I'd much rather they add mounts, thralls, more npcs types, frostweaver, optimization, etc then worry about 3 random players being killed by another random player because of XYZ. Other classes/builds have been OP over the years and they've addressed them, just for something else to pop up. It is what it is for now. The older passive training was more like this and wasn't good IMO. It could of been, but they didn't have the resources or plan/vision to really make it good. Unfortunately they don't have unlimited resources. The current version could use more work and I hope over time it gets more attention. Trying to make passive and active character progression work together is tricky and why it isn't seen much. I like that they went back to more of the original plan of Promo Classes while still allowing players to passively train to build upon those choices. Like a "Tank" player can train into a Tank or CC Promo and then Armor passively. However, more is on the character/active side so players can play more than one role or type or character. Overtime they can add more and more, but I don't see them ever going in the direction of making it very open as you seem to suggest. Simply not that game and they have no reason to change that. This comes in countless forms though. There is a huge difference between different game designs. They should not balance around 1v1 in a team based game, simply makes no sense. Except in the same category like heal druid vs heal cleric. They should both provide similar heal output and or support where neither is absolutely the best by default. From there it goes into too much to make it apples to apples. Certain builds benefit more from disciplines currently. Champions are just silly. Confessors being able to wear plate and not lose range (not intended) is silly. High DPS builds should not have high defense or high escape. There should be pros/cons to everything and currently somethings have more pros then cons but time will deal with it if the devs do a good job. Hopefully Crowfall has a Meta that changes over time and keeps things fresh. If anything is overly powerful and not intended, hopefully devs address it. No doubt players will make it known. Issue I see with your stealth concern is that it isn't universal. For 1 player to take out 3 there has to be a lot of factors going in the victors way. Simply being X class or having stealth doesn't guarantee the same result just because. This is the period in the sentence. It will come overtime or it won't, depending on the devs ability to figure it out. Pretty sure they are aware of the current issues but again, they shouldn't focus too much attention on it right this second. If something is overly broken where it makes testing/playing impossible, sure, but I don't see that currently. Unfortunately some builds are better developed at this point and counters less so because of multiple factors.
  17. January 23, 2019 Minotaur Racial Bloodthirst uses Ranger Energy (haven't tested other Minotaur classes) Elken have the Minotaur's race icon at the character select screen DoT flytext appears fixed. The ones causing trouble before are not anymore Splitting Distance no longer removes itself on relog. The heal from Condemnation sucks. Not worth traiting for it Wood Grubs and Pine Nuts have terrible drop rates. I supposedly have a 15% chance for either to drop, but it feels closer to 1%. Bloodworms drop more frequently then them Attacking in Stealth properly removes stealth now Brigand bombs and One-Handed Slash remove you from stealth, even if nothing is hit. The latter is especially annoying Outposts properly decap at the 25% mark Got a toast message saying I got the +# capture bonus. Wasn't paying attention if it actually applied Guards are tougher now. Near impossible for me to solo capture a fort as a Blackguard Assassin. Dunno about Pitfighters or Myrmidons tho. They can tank damage better than an Assassin can Anti-Aliasing has an ugly motion blur effect on Basic graphics Dirge passive is not showing with the other passives/buffs Guinecean charging up a bow shot looks funky if you unequip your bow and arrows, you can prevent Arcane Archer (and other bow discs) from breaking the discipline slot. Reviving consistently fails if you try to revive yourself if you jumped off the edge of the world. You have to jump down the cliff as a crow to successfully respawn Death Shroud doesn't get removed when you zone. Still does if you relog Food buffs (and I imaging potions too) do get removed when you zone When joining a campaign, I would reach "Loading Terrain" before kicking me back to the Lobby Happens when switching zones within a campaign too. Would randomly get kicked back to Lobby in the (Chaos) beachhead. No idea what was causing it
  18. a Revision to Game Play.

    Let's count Can't expect someone who doesn't play to understand. You should stop spreading misinformation. You don't need miner or logger.
  19. a Revision to Game Play.

    not to be rude, but i would also like to see a screenshot of 5 pips during winter....
  20. Strength is not giving confessors any AP currently
  21. Playing well and planned is not an exploit, neither is using an assassin because they are not OP, just good at a specific job, harvesting harvesters. A wipe is not going to help you much as we will still jump ahead from knowledge, teamwork, and planning. We will be wiped though for 5.8.1, at least SBs, and EKs, likely vessels too, just not passive training which means I will get our ganking players out disrupting enemy harvests in purple gear within a day or so... with a wipe of skills, yea... 3 weeks to decent weapons but they won't go there. p.s. They are not griefers as slowing enemy harvests down is a tactic to win. They are special forces.
  22. Random feedback and ideas to consider, but I think this game needs a lot. Hope it comes out better than shadowbane on launch. Good game for what we actually have right now - spotty performance and not fully implemented combat (and classes) and crafting and gathering. -mount food could go 10% move speed. but it depends on what you want with that. no one uses the good food for combat 90% of the time. -having partial spirit bank access anywhere in certain campaigns could be a good idea. much more limited quantity with a timed cooldown to reset. -could modify armor durability for certain campaigns to incentivize farming. -world doesn't feel alive. more art, npc's and atmosphere. --need some type of dueling area in "thracia" with betting. it was hinted at, allow gambling and add more ways to increase atmosphere --shared access banks among groups or let us drop items --clouds and moon in sky would be nice. moonlight in certain areas... the fog is not bad but too much where the world just feels like grey and light blue. When you reach the end of the world its odd, i guess it has to be a mountain with the random deep cave and a hunger shard. And the edge of the world usually is like rank 2 or rank 1 which is fine but no reason to ever go down there unless you are desperate for a gank. Lightning bugs near POI forests and more glow on the top of the tress? cob webs stuck to you in pits with art higher on the wall? dirt and blue hunger from the risen? larger wolf spawns with a small cave? the spider queen we have now is a bit sad. have more strategy enabling parcels such as larger paths in the named forests and alternate layouts for stone and ore. The named POIs all use the same lighting and probably music I think and hope you can find a solution for that. --consider putting the temple resources for gathers closer or easier to see from the temple. the temple areas are pretty rough but i guess it's expected with the temp skins. --allow more vendors to be placed closer in thracia? or add an open area within the vendors and let us have view of all houses. and more -consider making alchemists have more need if the passive skill tree is staying. maybe add more assassin poison rolling potion, runic weapon materials? --I like the passive skill tree for what its worth. --maybe allow skulls to be added to armor for looks. ---formalize the bounties via the game bulletin board like a wow quest (or let vendors take more than just gold)? ---or maybe let them be ground with alchemist or enchanted to craft EK decorations? -Some players don't care about EK and only want pvp. I think the CW is more important than the EK overall. more art in the CW would be nice -Crafted art accessories in the 3 slots? different spirit bank holding art accessories like POE? -i think the best graveyards are going to continue to spawn by keeps. that one is fun. -game needs more players. 2 faction campaigns hasn't been fun for anyone. And the first sanctioned campaign will be which ever faction has the largest force (zerg). we're already hitting zone caps and seeing the server cry with 100 people in one area. consider making accounts sign up in advanced to lock them if you are going to put player caps on factions. you could even make campaigns not have a start date until enough people have signed up. and incentivize low pop faction participation. -and should pack pigs be allowed on vendors? the blue one is. mounts are powerful, make sure new players know about it.
  23. State of the Knight 5.8

    I've always thought that Shield Bash could instead act as a 'limited Suppress' in that it prevents an enemy from using their RMB powers for a limited time. This could help against Blocking type enemies as well. A different way to solve the inherent issues I see with how Dodge Pips work.
  24. Revising Disciplines.

    If I recall correctly that’s word for word Anglemars suggestion.
  25. I hope they wipe everything. The griefers just keep getting more stuff. New players can't grow, let alone compete. Walking into this playtest as a whitehat testing the systems has been completely derailed by the blackhats who found exploits and use them to crush new players over and over. Nobody wants to spend their evening chopping resources at level 6 to make their first set of armor only to get killed over and over by a maxed out player who deletes even your wilted scraps and slag. Everyone making an assassin or pitfighter to jump on the exploit wagon isn't the solution if the goal is to playtest for a better game. No one can catch up to exploiters who have been killing harvesters for 4 campaigns. We have reached the Uncle Bob scenario. Full wipes with updates closing exploits will fix this.
  26. When un-equipping the Arcane Archer disc, my ranger lost the ability to equip bows.
  27. Revising Disciplines.

    yep we are getting an extra major slot for either a crafting or harvesting disc... just not 3 combat...
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