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  2. Non-Combat Class Fantasy.

    sounds great, im all for immersion etc as long as it does not feel like a chore doing it once a week or whatever
  3. Here is a video showing the Duelist stealth bug where you think you are stealthed but the enemy can see you. Can be easily reproduced. PLS FIX
  4. Test Copy of Lodge Accessory Pack

    Hello, I am noticing I have a few items on my account with the words test copy attached to them. What does this mean, are they temporary items we are given to play around with (to test), or is it stuff I have purchased in the past? Thanks
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  6. Seems Quiet

    Oh well thank you! Hopefully there will be some people around to play and chat with once the last 25% finishes.
  7. Pre alpha cost questions

    I have been following this games development for years, I finally broke down last month and bought access to the alpha because I was going to end up getting it anyways. I want to support Crowfall and I want it to succeed. That's why I paid 69$ Canadian because I believe in them, the founder tag and everything else is just extra goodness. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this game can go.
  8. You Get NOTHING!

    I’m pretty much again critical failures on final combine. Critical failure on components might be alright, but to lose everything is enough to make me throw my keyboard and monitor out the window. Infuriating.
  9. Seems Quiet

    There are a lot more people playing now than there were when this thread was made.
  10. Trying to edit my EK with recently imported Purchases. I lay out some parcels and then hit Submit. I get an error "Submission Failure: Navmesh is still updating. Please wait".
  11. Personally I don't mind if each class gets a little bit of everything, it makes it less frustrating getting locked into a class that can only do one thing. The disciplines are what should really be the major factor in how the classes play differently. I dislike playing as a dps that only has attack skills and maybe some cc here or there. I dislike playing a melee with no ranged options. I dislike playing a mage with no support/shield or heal skills. And I dislike playing a healer/support that can't effectively do any damage outside a skill or two. I enjoy the direction they're headed in and there is quite a lot of time and more work/changes that will happen before the game is fully released. I hope everyone gives the developers the benefit of the doubt that they know what they're doing. After all the disappointments in gaming lately between GW2, EA and many other companies I really want this game and company to be a shining beacon of what online gaming should be. I hope the best for them and the success of this game. We really need a saviour in the gaming community besides Larian Studios.
  12. Error while editing my EK

    Ok, thanks, I'll go check out the bug forum.
  13. Pre alpha cost questions

    As of today, $50 pledge bundle gives you access to the LIVE test server - and the game is buy-to-play so you own it forever. If you are not interested in supporting the games development, or testing early phases, wait until launch to purchase.
  14. Seems Quiet

    Well that's kind of depressing I was downloading the new live client again and was looking forward to playing with some people.
  15. Bestiary: Elk - Official Discussion Thread

    Enjoyed the lore poem, fun to read! Just need some music for it, and a tavern to sing it in
  16. Is the 5.3 branch on LIVE still going to continue to get fixes? Because a lot of poorly made socks is still broke in 5.3
  17. Could be they were working on other things.
  18. Probably all to do with the production pipeline, it's not that he's hard to model, it's that they look at what tech is needed, what the release can be paired with to create hype, what other models have priority for the same reason (Being able to retain consumer attention.)
  19. Ive been waiting since the initial model review to see the dwarf animation. Seems like 2 months have passed and nothing is to be seen. I remember the reactions to the dwarf still model where people complained about it being way too tall and having gorilla-like long arms. Adding the negative comments to the extreme time between the model reveal and now..... I can't think of what the hold up would be unless they were reworking the dwarf at this point. Edit> The stoneborn model was revealed on September 28th, so 2.5 months ago
  20. Well, the problem is not how each tank archetype can defend others, its that they dont have any base abilities in their kit to do it at all. Every archetype has access to as much CC as the tanks do and in the case of Rdps archetypes, theirs is even better.
  21. You Get NOTHING!

    Anotherone bites the dust.
  22. How exactly does a new person get the opportunity to learn what a guild leader is like before their crowns are donated to this guys guild? You dont know what hes like before you join, after you join its too late ...he has your crowns. I do not like this system at all, not remotely.
  23. Class Armor Tiers, yay or nay?

    I am not stating this should be added, the recent dev stream - - is where they said that the armor system will be progressive with Leather - Mail - Plate in that order, so if you can use plate, you can use all, if you can use mail you can use leather, and if you can use leather, you have to use a discipline slot (2 to use plate) or as a mail user (1 to use plate.). My argument is to split the difference and just let people pick what armor type they wish to use and then spend a minor discipline on it - or don't complicate the system at all. So far, the explained system makes it better to be a plate user than a leather user.
  24. Something in the Brookhurst fort is causing massive FPS drop. unique to that fort.
  25. Class Armor Tiers, yay or nay?

    Here's my question: Why should it cost a discipline for a leather wearer to wear plate instead? What are you trying to accomplish? Why does it improve the game? If feels as if you are adding complexity for its own sake. (Yes, this could be a discipline, but why should it and why does this improve class balance) FWIW, back in vanilla WoW there were times in which DPS warrior were running around in leather because the dex and the crit gains outweighed the loss of strength and con. Who knows, we might see some weird DPS knight or DPS cahmpion builds that want to wear leather. From my perspective, if you want to add this type of mechanic you need to balance out the various armor tiers so they all have advantages and disadvantages Classes should each have 1 "free" armor tier. You can slot a discipline to add the ability to wear a given class I personally would prefer a system in which different armor classes impact the mean and standard deviation of different types of attacks Consider the difference between plate armor and no armor If I am wearing full plate, I have really good protection, but I am not quite as nimble as I am running around in a tee shirt and sweats. As such I tend to get hit much more often then I do wear nothing When I get hit, I take relatively small amounts of damage and the chance that I get crit is much much smaller Conversely, if I am running around without any armor Its relative difficult for folks to land a hit If they do land a hit its going to hurt an awful lot (You can actually couple this with different classes of weapons, some of which are optimized to smashing through plate while others are very light and fast) Crowfall is using a system in which you have four different choices with respect to armor No armor Leather Scale / Mail Plate And, we have three different types of damage (physical, elemental, organic) So, we can arrange things as following Plate provides great defense against physical attacks and good protection against elemental / organic Leather provides great defense against organic attacks and decent protection against physical / elemental Mail provides great defense against elemental attacks and decent protection against physical / organic If you wear ANY type of armor, your chance of getting hit increases If you wear zero armor (or rely on rings, bracers, etc), your damage goes up (you're better at targeting and getting crits) I'd probably have a secondary trade off in which the better overall defense that plate provides is balanced out by higher stamina / food consumption when running. In this scheme, we'll probably see folks who want to go full glass cannon eschew armor altogether while tank hunker down in full plate. The choice between leather and mail (probably) depend a lot on whether there is an elemental heavy meta underway or a physical heavy meta.
  26. Error while editing my EK

    I've seen a few posts about this in the bug forum. It seems to be a new issue in this build and it's affecting a lot of people (everyone?). We'll have to wait on a fix for this one.
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