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  2. LOL I talked about this earlier in a thread about the Vassalage system. There is a system that can be more than a admin list of rights. Don't get me wrong, homage and vassalage that was used in the Middle Ages. was a list of rights. However, that list of laws was a two way street instead of a top down relationship. The person on top needed those men under him to protect his land and interests. The men under another needed rights and protection from competitors at their level or above. Those lower level lords need to protect their own lands and interests. A successful liege lord expanded his domain and the dominion of his faithful. Just seems to me that if you want to build trust relationships that you would model it after the medieval design. Especially in a game that is emulating Game of Thrones socially and politically. It isn't like the human condition has changed from the Middle Ages. People are still people. The Victorian ideal of knightly virtue and men in shining armor is exactly that, an idealized fantasy. There were always violent and heartless nobles. They rose up the social hierarchy by surplanting their weak and marginalized "betters". The real currency in CF just like in real life is always able bodied men. How many people can you bring to remove those that oppose you? Who is willing to step back up to the line after getting their body wrecked and their face bloodied? I can take away all of your toys and destroy all of your good works if I have enough hardened cutthroats.
  3. Its getting much better with ever patch for 5.5 Issues Others cant uses my camp fire to cook. Corp pile can be hard to interface with till you find the Sweet spot. Would like to see more chest for wall build mats. The 8 for wood chest and 1 for Stone and Iron chest is unbalance unless that is Intended to force fights in the Adventure zones. Needs to be fix before letting 5.5 out to live IMO Do not see battle declared message at the keep. If you die in the keep or Fort buildings your corp pile will move to the highest point which can make it very hard to get your body if not impossible
  4. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    You don't optimize a pre-alpha for a release quality gaming experience. They won't even do that in Alpha either. The only amount of optimization they do is to make sure things are running on the live server well enough that they don't have to constantly check to see if the server imploded on itself (crashes). If they did optimization throughout the development process (like what it seems you're suggesting here) of actually making the product into a full product then the release time frame we'd be looking at would be 2-4 years from now instead of a potential soft launch late this year. It's already been 3 years of development. Making a video game isn't anything as simple as those clap lights. Can't just clap your hands a couple times and code, art assets, sound files, and perfect optimization just weaves together effortlessly. No product of any kind is ever made like that. You're assuming they aren't collecting data on various things, like server stability, already. In some cases the live servers have had 60-80 people on them at once and that's high numbers compared to during other test versions.
  5. it varies but there are a number of twitch streamers
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  7. Overall the build seems to run much better, unsure if this extends to combat as none of scale as to be had. Couple bugs I noticed: -Keep guards were not attacking factions they should be hostile too -Cairns are disappearing or moving up the Y-axis (player dies on the floor inside a structure, cairn moves/appears on the roof etc -Reviving of the downed is not working in all cases, even when the various required conditions are met -Leadership-trained Thorns bonus is - wait for it - not adding 20 additional damage as is listed in the tooptip, but only 2 (how does this decimal issue keep happening?) On the plus side, I crashed a few times (due to my machine, not the game client) and not only was I still in group when I logged back in, but in one case, items I had been crafting where still in the station - that was pretty damn nice.
  8. Basic Race and Skill progression and VIP

    I think your too narrowly defining play style. Combat, harvesting, crafting and class are all play styles. If you think there isn't solid dividing lines along those lines in the training tree, that are literally years in length, are you sure you are talking about the same game? Also, saying 3-4 months here makes me think your not really comprehending just how fast 10X is making training. In the 2-3 months it's been on, we have progressed 20-30 months into training, so of course is feels like the distinction isn't there, but believe me when you have to make a choice that will affect your next 2-3 months of training, you will think it's meaningful. (Note: I personally think the training base line should be 3X what they originally put forward. 1 year to get to your first maxed out branche is plenty long enough time investment)
  9. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    So having recently had about 150% of my free time taken up by Monster Hunter World, I'm gonna go ahead and say that the game isn't boring. In fact, I feel like the game fundamentally has a lot in common with Monster Hunter, at least in theory, but with a not-insignificant number of relevant differences that I'm sure are much easier to isolate than the similarities, so I won't bother pointing them out. For anyone who hasn't played Monster Hunter World or any of the older, less streamlined titles in the series, lemme break down the core game loop for you. In Monster Hunter games, you choose from (currently) 14 different classes of weapons, each with a dramatically different control scheme and general play style, and you go out into a world with a diverse and living ecosystem, use your weapon of choice to murder the local wildlife, cut it into pieces, and use its bones to upgrade your weapon and wear what's left as a hat. Using these upgraded weapons and progressively more colorful hats, you find and murder larger and more dangerous wildlife. Forever. Interspersed among this core functionality, there is harvesting and mining and EVE Online-level spreadsheet management, but ultimately all of it is in service of the central concept of finding and murdering bigger and scarier things so you can turn their corpse into weapons. There are no skills to unlock. There is no leveling system. Everyone is on the exact same playing field, with the only content gates being skill, time, and at the very tip top of endgame, a light smattering of RNG. If anyone tries to tell you that Monster Hunter (World, at least - I never played the other entries) gates anything behind RNG, they are wrong - the only things you need RNG to acquire are entirely optional items used to minmax specific builds. Rare monster drops required to craft certain pieces of gear can actually themselves be crafted using in-game systems that have absolutely no random numbers involved. If any of this is sounding familiar to you, it probably should. There's a running joke in the Monster Hunter community that the real monsters are us, but in Crowfall, that becomes much more literally true, because ultimately, Crowfall is aiming to be a Monster Hunter game where there are way more than 14 different ways to murder monsters, and the scariest monsters are the other players. Monster Hunter World has become Capcom's fastest selling game of all time and their best selling initial release of any game ever - that is to say more copies of it sold on the platforms it first released on that any other game. Street Fighter 2 might have sold more than 10 million more copies in total, but it's had 30 years and half a dozen remasters and re-releases to pad those numbers. So clearly, there are at least a FEW people who think that the core gameplay concept is fun, and this game model might actually be a lot less niche than either the devs or we as a community have assumed. So in my view, the real question isn't whether the game is fun, but whether the developers will be able to capture their vision for the game in a way that resonates with all of the people who might enjoy it, given the chance. It took Monster Hunter 14 years of refinement and iteration to catch on in the mainstream - hopefully Crowfall can get there more quickly.
  10. Is there a particular time the devs will be on tonight, and are there plans to spread them across the factions to 'rally the hordes' so to speak?
  11. The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

    I also submitted my app, Hello my name is mark in game Gocoo I was hoping this guild had some kind of team chat system like preferably Discord or TeamSpeak.
  12. "Charlatan" - Scoundrel class concept

    todd has talked about wanting to make a pure 'bard' class possibly after launch to even out that scoudrel slot [with the current 'bard' discipline runestone being renamed 'minstrel']
  13. There is no NDA. Welcome and good luck!
  14. Basic Race and Skill progression and VIP

    I think that's the point, too.
  15. Good day, lords and ladies. I just purchased the game and am in the process of installing it. Is there an NDA on this particular title? I stream regularly, but while this game has followers on Twitch, I don't see anyone online with it. I'm a former competitive Paragon player, and I also devote a lot of time to WoW arenas/RBGs, as well as GW2 WvW content. PvP is my bread and butter, so I'm really excited to be a part of this.
  16. Third Ring Death Bug Died with three full durability rings equipped, corpse was looted. Towtrucked my body, and one of the rings has vanished and I have one item (probably the ring) in overflow.
  17. Going through doors at the beach head still doesn't replicate on clients. I wnet through the door and my fiend still sees me on the other side.
  18. Cooking bear Briskets, one failed and came out poor, while most are common. Pretty sure briskets are supposed to always come out poor.
  19. I am not sure if the issue of Duelist being the only class associated with Scoundrel has been brought up before but I wanted to entertain the possibility of another class that might balance the skill training to put Scoundrel more on par with the other class-focused training. Charlatan would offer a different take on support by providing disruption through dramatic flair and speech. Resource - Improvisation (Charlatan's Energy) Weapon - ??? Kit ideas: Disguise - Appear as an opposing faction member complete with fake name - Toggle (requires resource to upkeep) *Disguises are crafted and appear as whichever disguise is equipped while active. Mesmerize - Stuns targets in a cone. Dumbfound(option A: chain of Mesmerize) - Increase resource cost of single target Embarrass(option B: chain of Mesmerize ) - Exposes any targets still under the effects of Mesmerize's stun Chide- Interrupt an ability, if target is exposed increase cooldowns significantly Boast - Increase resolve of allies in the area, but increases damage taken by 5% ("Cocky" debuff, stacks up to 2x) Improvise- Perform an unexpected trick with mixed results, gaining one of three effects per attempt: Amuse-target's damage reduced 10%, Infuriate-target takes and deals 5% increased damage, Confuse-target cooldowns increased. Doublespeak- The next class ability you use can be cast again immediately afterwards. Encore- (Area-of-effect on caster)Incite a rousing encore that bolsters groups resolve , and provide allies with a damage shield for x amount every y seconds for z duration. Grant temporary immunity to the Charlatan. When enemies hit allies affected by Encore, they gain a stacking debuff lowering their resolve (Boos, stack up to 3x)
  20. Looking for a guild

    I reckon it is useful to address you to this Unofficial looking for guild thread. Good luck and welcome.
  21. I had the most strange behaviour. I started my EK and entered the world. Everything looks fine. I had the same inventory I left just before the patch. Then I logged off. Few minutes later I started my EK again, entered the world and found the inventory I lost last week in one of the rollbacks. After several restarts I got a third different version. The good thing is now you can put crafting stations in the throne room.
  22. Still getting EK rollbacks. They are not fixed. Left the EK to pick up some stuff from the snap campaign, returned to the EK to find my inventory empty, both crafted vessels I had leveled up gone from the crypt, and inhabiting the same level 1 vessel I was in when I logged in earlier today.
  23. I play on the test server and i dont encouter any bug. And im really happy whit the progression and improvement apply to the game.
  24. Looking for a guild

    Hey everyone, Looking for a guild in the game. Mainly focused on PvP to be honest. I also stream and hope it is not a problem with your guild for whatever reason: Searched a bit and couldn't really find pvp focused guilds. Hit me up if you got one =)
  25. Basic Race and Skill progression and VIP

    In the current trees there isn't a play style specialization outside of a 3-4 month time period.
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