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  2. Experimental 8 day server was always going to not be able to hit the timings right. Over 30 days, the timing windows make more sense. For the new players, it is a good environment for learning and dipping your feet into the content, while the devs can see how their experiment went. Synapse vs Executioners on the AU server is fine for these 8 days. Many Aussies are busy just learning the game.
  3. Hm, if I would have to guess, I would guess that you gave your game copy away. Test access was not just granted by owning the game, but also by having spent a certain amount of money. So it was possible to give the game copy away, while still being able to access the pre-launch test and live servers. Check your account rewards tab in your account management and search for Digital Game Copy. If you don't have one of those, you don't own the game. If you owned it before, you probably gave it away, for example by using the gifting system to transfer you game bundle (which usually contained the Game Copy). Check the "Gifts given" tab to see if that' the case. In case of doubt, support@crowfall.com can help you finding out what the problem is. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. The more I think about it, the dumber the idea of having so many multiple campaigns and rulesets seems to become. They're splitting up their entire playerbase and basically making them play different games. It feels like each ruleset is trying to desperately capture their own specific audience: - Dregs would be something like Shadowbane/Asheron's Call. - GvG would be something like Guild Wars 1. - FvF would be something like DAoC/WAR. This means that not only are they splitting up their playerbase between different rulesets and different servers, it also means that all the balancing just becomes a gigantic nightmare. If you change something that is only really a problem in Dregs for example, it would also affect the GvG and FvF rulesets. I think if Artcraft could go back in time, they would probably have had a much better chance of success if they did away with the whole campaign thing and just went with one ruleset and allowed all the playstyles to be played within that one ruleset.
  5. Different race vessels from what I have seen are relatively the same price, and implementing a race change via vesseling would not enable quickswapping because you would constantly have to pump out new vessels to switch to and a cooldown can just be added to prevent that. You still wouldnt get your old vessel back. The game is way more complicated and no where near understandable hours in. There is a reason why most new players bounce around level 30s testing stuff out.
  6. why is it asking me to buy the game again when i paid it during the alpha and was playing. To my understanding the 50 covered the alph and when it was realesed.
  7. Hey, it seems like you started the framework of biomes (US west, Carden is a forest biome, Benicus seems to be some kinda steppes seems to be incomeplete atm, and buck and aurio seem to be somewhat makeshift atm since your making the parcel still for those to specific biomes. Ive also noticed and alot of people probaly havant noticed yet is the salvage boxes (random small chests you find hidden all over the place) has unique loot tables based on zone, Carden drops logging enchants, Buck drops mining, Auro drops the quarrying and beni drops skinning, maybe this was by chance but ive looted 20 enchants atleast now and it follows this drop table. This is a great start. Now i wanted to offer some feedback and suggestions in regards to moving forward with biomes as well as hotzones. So for my biomes suggestions i would like to see the following - Biomes need to have unequal resource diversity 1 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare and 1 doesnt spawn at all. bionme can be anything just used those 4 as examples forest could be Common wood, uncommon animal, rare stone, doesnt spawn ore Steppes could be Common animals , uncommon ore, rare wood, doesnt spawn Stone mountains can be Common ore, uncommon stone, rare animal, doesnt spawn wood plains can be Common stone, uncommon wood, rare ore, doesnt spawn Animals Doing this makes people have to travel out from there keep zone occasioanly or open trade with out guilds/factions/players, this can also be applied with pack pigs where forest might get 2 wood pig spawns and 1 stone spawn but no ore for example - Biomes should get there unique wartribe aswell so forest satyrs, plains embarri, mountain aatrox,, steeps urgu and underhill should be able to be in anywhere i see them as bandit guinea's if you add another biome u can move them there i spose or u can have a common and rare wartribe in each biome - Forts/keeps/castles should have a different parcel/layout in each biomes so fighting a castle in a mountain biome could be located at the base of mountain parcel where there might only be one way to push in, however a castle in plains might been more open field position however it has 2 layer walls that need to be treb/catapulted down this means castles can be completly different fighting in different biomes. (Also fort in a cave could be amusing random thought) Having a keep located in a mountain pass could be cool too it would grant a shortcut to those who owns it for example aswell. - yes some keeps/castles and thing might be easier to defend than others however but you can always make harder to defend keeps/castles be worth more in other ways to make them a high risk high reward options some options can be harder to defend keeps generate a little more conquest points or have more Plot B or A spots than other for example, a mountain castle might be easier to defend however it might have the penalty of not having enough slots to build everything like the current one for example. - Each biome gets one unique parcel which is currently starting to happen (Beni gets those cool platue type ones, and carden got the waterfall cauldron) this is a good start however you can make these so much better by turning them into a resource hot zone. there hot zone should follow the following The zone should have it desinated resource aka forest only get wood hotzones, Steepes only get animal hotzones and so on these hotzones will be on the unique tile for that biome type (currently the 2 cool unique biome tiles would be super interesting to fight on but currently no reason to even go there) these hotzones should only have one type of that designated resource so the wood one you can get a birch waterfall caldera that consists of alot of birch tree say like 30 birch tree normally and no other types of wood, reaosn for this it allows harvesters the ability to harvest for a specific type of resource there after which will make these parcel valuable even outside of hotzone times. - Resource hotzones should give you a harvesting buff when active should be something like +10% crit chance and +1` crit amount or something along those lines i think that should be enough to make them worth risking and guildies to defend there harvesters to make most of them and tree should have reduced respawn time say 5 minutes instead of 10 to support more players briefly. - Hotzones need a small change too there need to be more active at once and constant htozones being up at once however they shouldnt last as long like 1.5 hrs a hotzone and 2-4 active at any given time depending on map size. idealy u want 5 hotzones for each resource type and each different resources, so thats 20 hotzones there, you want 1 hotzone for each wartribe so there atleast 6 there too, 1-3 for thalls. should always be 2-3 hotzones active at once based on map size Ideal map layout imo much larger atleast 16 zone tiles 4 (3 adventure zones 1 Castle zone) for each zone biome type each zone should consist of 2 resource hotzones (based on biome type) and 2 mob hotzones (can be thralls or wartribes) Bonus biome - Wanted to add this but i would love to see a wasteland/graveyard biome where everything is dead and lifeless this will have a good source of graveyards and salvage treasure chests. This zone will have a dense mist at all times lowering visability and for mobs bring back the zombies add some spiders along with thralls, could even have a spooky castle in there too.
  8. Today
  9. 200 is possible. Though not really relevant for the parcel price discussion. I pointed out the numbers from extensive testing in my posting above. They translate to up to roundabout 180 per hour (30 per 10 minutes) for a naked beginner and up to 900 (~150 per 10 minutes) for a well equipped advanced player. Which can be topped. But it doesn't matter if it can. For if it is topped, there is also different material qualities involved and you would, at least for now, only want to use common material for this stuff. Also since the cost is oriented on a per-supported-player base and it thereby is meant to be a group effort, single (or even some) top tier harvesters will not change the equation significantly, but only mitigate the lesser contribution from those on the lower end of the group harvesting effort (if at all). Also a 10 minutes test is not enough to calculate numbers. You have to include running around in search for new nodes, the time you may need to fight or circumvent monsters, the time that is needed to craft the harvesting tools needed for the according quality-level check, and to substract the resources crafting them cost. Which, all in all and according to my tests - which I am performing since I began with my parcel comparison sheets (which is to say for years), brings us back to a medium number. And it lays currently between roundabout 180 and 900 per hour of dedicated harvesting, depending on the average equipment and expertise level of the players.
  10. Ruthlessness on Vandal increases piercing/crushing/slashing damage bonus +10 and piercing/crushing/slashing damage bonus cap +10. The thing is the promotion class Vandal deals poison damage type with basic attacks. So their damage is not focused. Would it be possible to either add poison to the piercing/crushing/slash damage bonus OR to remove the poison damage type for the basic attacks and make it something that will benefit from the Ruthlessness buffs? I don't think this was intended as a way to reduce basic attack damage or Vandals, but I feel that is what it accomplishes. If anyone sees something I'm missing, I'd love to hear it.
  11. Erm, I’ll happily kill you in about 5 seconds if you want. Bring your naked 29 over. The only things stealth classes have problems with is the same thing everyone does. Wardens and Archers.
  12. By the time you spent a couple hours leveling to 30 you understand the mechanics. If you spent the thousands of hours required to acquire and level 5 entire vessels from white to legendary you're far past the point where you'd have a reasonable expectation of changing your mind. Go make a new character, move your disciplines over to that character. Vessels require very specific materials from different graves to make specific races, are expensive to produce, and represent investment in a character, not quickswapping to different builds. This is why vessels are deleted when replaced. This is why respeccing is limited to the race and class you created the character with. Race is every bit as important as class in crowfall. If you want a farmable way to quickly establish a new character and you're not on VIP, the answer is to farm up enough gold to buy a quick L25 tome, roll the new race, and move any applicable disciplines over to it. This is far, far cheaper than a legendary vessel.
  13. i just came here to say, Earth, Master Faction. Good day fellas.
  14. What happens when bob meets and befriends jane, they have a great campaign adventure together, and then next campaign they're assigned to different teams? If you allow guilds to exist in factions and pop balance with guilds intact, bob and jane can form a guild to make sure they're playing together in the next campaign, and hey, now they have a guild, and can eventually grow that guild with new friends they meet. If you pop balance factions and force everyone to solo que, now bob and jane only have two options: Stop playing the game together if they get matched on different teams, or go play dregs as a two person guild. Both of these options suck. Again, you don't need to kick guilds out of factions to have a basic level of pop balance to prevent bandwagoning in factions. Modern 30v30 FPS games already use this kind of matchmaking, where players can form parties and join matchmaking and it keeps them together while keeping teams balanced for groups and solo ques. This is just that, only on much bigger teams and bigger "parties" in the form of guilds.
  15. Hello there, I can craft it if you'd like. It gets unlocked at blue stonemasonry belt if you are wondering. Quick edit: I read too fast, you are on test server I'm on live. Anyway, feel free to contact me if you need a stonemasonry craft Perp
  16. Invisible npc mobs attack you, you can't see them, can't select them, npc guards barely interact with them, striking them once, then ignoring them. They will continue to attack the player. I think I've killed one with AoEs before. But it does mean I seem to need to just sit in a zone for 10 minutes before I can actually do anything.
  17. The problem that is arising is that people may like their class choice but once they understand its mechanics they want to change the race they chose. Since there is already of system of changing your Vessel. It would be nice that a perk of being 35 is that you can change your race by equipping a new vessel. It could have an account wide cooldown or some other limiting factor so that it isn't abused for gathering/crafting racials. It would allow the new player to make a more informed decision about their class/race choice without having to lose all the progress they have already made. IDK for the lore nerds out there im pretty sure the crow is the class and that the vessel is the race that we are just currently occupying, so lore wise we should be able to swap them out.
  18. Aracoix Assassin Captain was invisible and attacking in stealth
  19. he not though, one tree should be dropping 10-20 items. Once you get gold disc and some enchanted harvesting armor it kinda rains
  20. I've been playing with Brigand on test servers (Also a Brig main on live), The 10m teleport on Suprise Strike is cool, but it just feels really bad with how close 10m is. I would really like the Devs consider bumping that to 15m-20m. Forest Step is 30M for reference. 15M would feel a bit better than the 10M, but really, 20M is where it should be. Please consider this Devs. The Ranger Sustain ult feels REALLY bad. Im sure its good for bringing warden down in line (Especially since they can just insta heal up with Trap Master + Sustain + Barrage), but I agree that it hurts Archer and Brigand way to much, which are not (to my knowledge) over performing at the moment (I know Brigand is the kinda class that seems to get ignored my most players as it is). The best solution to this would to add to the "Promotion Class: Warden" a "Stat Adjustments: Sustain cost increased to 750" and that way it targets the Warden without hurting the other 2 specs.
  21. Couldn't agree more. That's why stealth ults are broken. It is the ultimate in "just leave and don't fight it." Edit: in general, I understand what you are saying and am just being slightly facetious. I do think perma stealth is not fun in PvP games, but it's not worth rehashing. As is, 750 SP is a good start at rebalancing.
  22. A 200 stack in 10 minutes by one person? You're absolutely exaggerating. We have multiple epic gatherers and that is not even remotely true, even with potions and food.
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