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  3. by @Belantis Response by @Aurellius
  4. https://twitter.com/Gradishar_/status/1231216607265017857?s=20
  5. Gradishar


    Welcome! There are quite a few of us Shadowbane refugees around to answer your questions. With that in mind, the Winterblades have started posting daily Crowtips on Twitter to help folks learn the ins and outs of harvesting, crafting, combat and sieging... https://twitter.com/Gradishar_
  6. It has been stated they will be tuning down the particle effects.
  7. This is intentional, to force players to cooperate with one another for areas they are weak in. Crowfall is not a good solo MMO. Edit to add that crafters can be valuable without being gatherers and vice versa; once you find a good group for CF, you’ll find your services are always in demand. Often in my experience you can trade your services for the services of someone specialized in something else. You can provide value to your group without “doing it all.”
  8. The only problem I have with the system is that you have two slots and have to pick between Combat/Crafting/Exploration when Crafting and Exploration go hand in hand but then you have to leave out Combat...
  9. Yesterday
  10. While I'd prefer a game that does both, IMO people and gamers put #1 first and #2 second. Will have to check that talk out, looks interesting. Really hope this update adds in multiple means to achieve something for the whole while rewarding the individual as well.
  11. Ya it is a bit surprising that such things haven't been at least gone over a bit more if actual specifics aren't available. Selling items with little to no description of what they are (VIP) seems like they are asking for trouble. I hope they offer refunds/trades when it finally is announced. VIP could be straight pay for advantage and be a one way ticket for me out of here.
  12. Maybe my second post will shed some light on your question. It's about which kind of human behavior you reward through your game mechanics. 1. Dopamine - direct greed - more power, more kills, more everything selfish. 2. Serotonin and Oxytocin - when it's about others and how a result of one or few can be the result of the effort of many. I feel Crowfall has always been doing a good job at implementing mechanics that take the nr 2 into account as well.
  13. What does this even mean? If the gameplay is bad from pre-alpha to launch, then the principles that guided the development were bad.
  14. Let me try to give more details on what I mean. Human motivation can be based on Endorphins or Dopamine OR it can be based Serotonin or Oxytocin. Different ways to mess with the human mind - I prefer the last 2. You can see some details here:
  15. The passive skill system is an alternative to the grind for skills. Would it really be better if you needed to spend 50+ hours grinding to max out your skills? That seems like it would be counterproductive in a game that is supposed to be focused on PvP. Instead of worrying about raising your skills, you can spend more time working toward PvP related objectives. Yes, they could make the progression much faster, but then what's the point of even having a progression? They might as well make it a MOBA at that point. There's more to progression in Crowfall than just passive skill training. If you do nothing but train your skills, while someone else is training their skills AND playing the game, you are going to absolutely be behind. While you aren't playing, you aren't helping your faction/guild win the campaign. You aren't harvesting resources, crafting gear or obtaining the various recipes and tools used by crafters. You aren't leveling any vessels, gaining experience with your chosen class or accumulating wealth. You've already bought the game, so you'll get to start your training on day 1 with everyone else. It will be a completely level playing field. For the people who come after, there will be catchup mechanics. We don't know exactly how that will work, but they have mentioned a couple ideas in the past, one of which includes the ability to gain some skill training by doing in-game activities.
  16. For me it has nothing to do with the state of the game play Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Launch. It has everything to do with the principles that guide the development. That is where I feel there is a very distinct approach and that difference gives me confidence in Crowfall.
  17. That's what I am waiting for. What I really want to see is details of VIP and cash store. That can be a make or break for me no matter how the next update plays out.
  18. Beta 1 was 3 years ago or more, can't remember exactly. While a lot of the core game still persists almost every aspect has grown for the better along with a lot of new features and content. Would be like judging Crowfall for the game state during the first campaign. If Crowfall launches and grows in a similar way I wouldn't be unhappy. If it stays what it is similar to Albions beta, and devs don't improve many areas, I'll be moving on.
  19. if performance is ever bad just look at the sky, your fps will double
  20. Game name: Aikoiko Discord: Aikoiko#3554 Guild criteria: Region: NA, PST Atmosphere: Laid back, helpful Casual/Hardcore?: Casual but goal oriented Size: Medium to large Play-Style: Starting out with PVE and harvesting/crafting. May venture into PvP at some point as I become more familiar with game Commitment: Evenings and weekends are pretty free for me. Miscellaneous: Just started playing, so just getting familiar with game. I'm an old gamer, so be patient. Experience: Been playing RPGs and online MMO's for 20+ years. Started playing Everquest around Luclin release on the Karana server (Grey Hawke), EverQuest II (Beta), WoW, Guild Wars, Rift, Shadowbane, Vanguard, among others. Voice-Chat services: Any
  21. Harvesting Pips Because of lag or whatever, sometimes you get more points than you want and won't be able to get the correct buff. Could II suggest that you accumulate buffs. Buff 1 gives X, buff 2 gives X and Y, buff 3 gives X, Y and Z etc.?
  22. I know Albion is no longer what it was - and many systems have improved - however the fact that those devs have made so many bad choices - Ending at launch with ' Carleon - one city to lag them all' - has only shown their lack of <insert word form the many that would fit> . I have not touched that game since beta 1 and never will. You may feel it's similar Albion to Crowfall - I feel it's vastly different and Crowfall has an actual chance to be an MMO.
  23. I don't really see a huge difference from my experience. Despite the effectiveness of of small number in Albion, guilds and alliances are still made up of hundreds if not thousands of players. Bit different as it is one game world vs multiple campaigns, but it isn't like 280/300 players are useless and not contributing/progressing in Albion. Both have limited mobs to fight, resources to gather, people to fight, POI to capture, etc. Crowfall won't function the same for various reasons, but we'll most likely see A-B-C team squads with the good players being fed gear by others (this already happens). With new/less skilled players being meat shields, padding the numbers, and providing the resources needed for victory. Guilds aren't going to be filled with hundreds of players all rocking legendary gear, being the shot callers, all making THE plays that matter, etc. Grunts will be grunts. This is how most group based MMOs work. I actually like that a small guild with good dedicated players can actually control territory and make a name for themselves in Albion. I don't really see a 20-40 player guild achieving much in Crowfall unless the campaign continues to have ~200 players active and or the mechanics play out that small guilds are just as effective as 200-500+ ones. Crowfall rewards the super complex strategy of zerging everything... The high value of Crowfall alt accounts and passive training remove the importance of specializing and roles in some ways. Unlike Albion where you have to really focus in and actually put in the time training whatever. Despite wanting to focus on PVP, I have multiple accounts that can be used to craft that require almost zero time/effort. To me that isn't helping build social systems. Harvesting/Combat aren't far behind but you do have to actually go out and do those things in the world though. Have you played Albion recently? Much has changed for the better from beta/launch. Still not my ideal game (don't like point n click) but I still log in once in a while to mess around. Never was A squad player doing 5v5 but never felt like I wasn't useful to my guild either. Neither system is perfect, but I like a lot about Albion from my time with it. Will be interesting to see how the Dregs and other systems work in the next update.
  24. No reason to pay over $50 for the game. Yet to see any value in the extra items you pay more for. Currently it is pretty dead population and development wise but as others have mentioned an update, wipe, and hopefully influx of more players will be happening relatively soon. If you've watched streams/videos and like what you see, can give it a try but might as well wait a bit and see how the update works out and if it actually delivers a more well rounded product and people start showing up to play. Also, your website/forum account name is your in-game name for all characters. If you didn't know, you can ask them to change it.
  25. @APELet me try to point out the difference between Albion and Crowfall: - Albion gathering progression - is bound to High End Resources - that you don;t want touched but by your highest skilled Gatherer so he can become better. If anyone else is gathering it - then you loose progression speed. - Albion Crafting - identical to gathering. - Albion PvP progression is bound to PvE farming - making the Amount/Minute of Stats progression limited and - thus you can only have your highest skilled players - keep getting better - if you allow that exp to be spent horizontally in the guild you loose progression speed. - Albion territorial COntrol over Gathering and PvE EXP - was bound to 5 people or 10 people - so you need to keep growing your 5 or 10. - All above activities can be covered more then well by a small group of 20-40 very active people. DF was pretty much the same. Those three major pillars in an mmo make any non power player - an actual drag on guild progression. That mechanic makes small 20-40 man guilds extremely effective while the game is meant to be an MMO - the two don't go well together. Crowfall - up to this point - has, for me, the best social building systems to date - except crafting - that needs fixing in that regard.
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