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  2. If they wanna keep seige timers all forts need to go live at once or atleast the Euro ones and the NA ones instead of being spaced over 3 hr period this means zerg will have to split forces up to take muiltipul and allow smaller guild to sneak in on forts that get left with small defence. Keeps need to be moved to a seige declaration system instead of timers where attacks pay a wager cause atm defencers have all the risk attackers get 0 risk.
  3. Welcome to Crowfall lol. I've been bringing this up forever. The class descriptions should be on character creation, like a normal mmo. BTW I liked you better in Emarosa lol
  4. If its a beta test why is there a separate test server? Testing a test of a test? Yikes..
  5. See this? This is a good animation cancel. It allows the player to get a free melee attack while reloading. It is extremely situational, as the player can only use it when they would want to melee (not that often in Overwatch), and only when they also need to spend time reloading. In most situations, it's best to just keep attacking, but a skilled player may be able to take advantage of the free melee to gain a slight edge on a player that does not know about this cancel. What Crowfall 'cancelling' was previously doing is not even in the same league as this. Crowfall 'cancelling' was
  6. Your looking at it wrong. There a reason skill have windup times and thats found counter play Blocking/dodging for example thats where the skill ceiling sits (Also using ur long and high dmging skill at the right time where they dont have the option to dodge/block it) Take knight for example there kit is designed around blocking all the big dmg wind up attack gaining a dmg bonus cause they block x dmg for 5 seconds and then swapping to attack once u block that heavy hitting skill a skillful knight would know all the heavy hitting skills and block every one of them or block there CC they ca
  7. As long as we log in daily and spend our points we are keeping up with all the players that play many hours a day. We can catch up on gear once we hit the higher branches of the passive trees with ease. Its not about instant gratification its about actually affecting your progress through play. When not playing a game lands you in the same spot as playing the game it just feels bad.
  8. I get you want crafters to be viable, and they always will. But I don't want new gear every other day just because I like pvp. Also do answer both you and @doomstove. I don't think people are going to hide in EK's if they got amazing gear, bank that poorly made dergs...use it in campaign or something. BUt being able to test damage and play with certain levels of stats and gear damage would be nice without the worry of custard it up for testing purpose. I don't think campaign titles should be permanent because then eventually everyone will have it. Think of it like the pvp
  9. I mean sure, idc about the drops in infected. but I struggle to find desire to just...roam infected for no reason
  10. Cancelling skills and getting its full benefits is technically exploiting an unintended mechanic. It's not skill, it's just having the knowledge of which spells you can get benefits without needing the intended time delays the developers put in on purpose. However i see no problems with cancelling out of combos that you do not want to continue with, or cancelling out of skills and NOT getting its benefits. If a passive skill or addon trait to a spell is triggering regardless of the negated spell from cancelling, then it should be reported as a bug, because that is what it is. Calling p
  11. I never bought the animation cancelling as a 'skill' argument since a lot of it tends to be done by macro anyway (at least in other games). From a game play point of view, I think it takes away from the back and forth cadence of a fight. Again, if you're unable to react to what your opponent is doing and how he is attacking you, that takes away from the 'skill' of fighting. Everything just turns into some kind of Mortal Combat button mash. To me there's also the dev side of it. If long, drawn out animations can just be cancelled, then I'd question why we aren't having snappier, quic
  12. Are you sure? I have Sapphire and I don't have a town parcel.
  13. I see a UFO! It's looks like maybe a couple doors together i think maybe there doors to an alternate universe game, IDK kinda hard to see way up there about 100 feet up at xyz 2817,1,2266 over by the E-Ville Fort. I dont know how to set an image so darn. oh in the US west. now that i look at it again maybe its only up 25 feet an they are small like a couple of O rings.
  14. Today
  15. This is the only way animation cancelling should work, would be terrible for this game to go down the ESO route of just skipping animations and you cant even react to what players are doing because its insta canceled plus they get the full effect of the skill off.
  16. Canceling animations so you can do another action is fine. like using block to cancel the third cleric lmb because it has a long animation. I take no qualms with that. Canceling an animation but still getting the full benefit of that power is just stupid. Like using block to animation cancel Illuminate, but still getting the HoT, that’s stupid. You cancelled the animation, so it should cancel the effect of the power.
  17. They could just have reverted the patch. They haven´t, so perhaps this issue isn´t new but noticed for the first time. We will never know, because meaningful communication stopped right after post #1.
  18. 1. Option to continue to craft without having to click for every single item. Like... do the same thing 100 times, instead of having to click 3-400 times to make something of the same type (ie food, bandages, etc. etc.) 2. Make it so right clicking an item that can not be used as a crafting resource, does not try to put it into the crafting window, but instead, equips it like it should... for example, if I open the crafting window to create a skinning knife, and I right click my wood, the wood goes into the slots. Now I create the knife, and it appears in my inventory. I should be able
  19. I get why they weren't rushing dregs but alleast fix the mess up with infected it's been what nearly 4 days since they broke it gaian with the second round of fixes...
  20. Most people seem to agree with you. About 75 player/testers on Live atm.
  21. It always surprises me the NEED players nowadays have for instant gratification. Like, if I dont win anything for logging why should I? Maybe, to play the game? To get some PvP? To farm mats you will need? It is honestly baffling...
  22. I was thinking the same there is no reason to even play at the moment
  23. I'd be more interested in talking about examples of other MMO's where player skill was less dependent on just knowing which aspects of the game animations can be broken through unintended means. Are there any MMO's such as that?
  24. @ACE-TiggsHi Tiggs. Happy Monday 😀 Are we likely to see Infected back on the Live server today? If not, any ETA? Thanks, Mac
  25. Herzlich Willkommen bei Phoenix, ich begrüßen ganz herzlich unsere Neuzugänge. Viel Spaß in unseren Reihen und viel Erfolg.
  26. Hi. I'm not new to PLAYING/TESTING Crowfall. I've been in game since Alpha 2 but I'm new the forums with THIS account.
  27. Get rid of siege timers, they only benefit larger forces; Add gold cost to maintain forts Paid by whatever guild claims it lfg chat add banners ala Warhammer online on map (banner gets bigger based on size of group/ zerg)
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