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  2. rebranding daily quests to missions is kinda cosmetic change ;)... I would rather want to see complete freedom of what activities you do... since thats how you would play the game. And you would get rewarded with XP to that specific field. Then you would not have to worry about making certain activities exactly equal... since it would drive players to stop playing PVP for instance if the reward for PVP could be gained by crafting easier
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  4. Ok ive had a thought in regard for active progression since alot of people seem to have a problem, with the current passive gain. We leave passive gain as is (Well how it works) it does need reweorked with what it offers but that another topic But we also add a new system let call them mission for this example Missions Each week in a campaign you can pic 3 missions from lets a list of say 10 random ones (they only give mission u can complete when it comes to say crafting/harvesting it will only give u those options if u have that crafting or mining in the passive skill tree) The missions will range in difficulty and will provide rewards based on difficulty and what kinda mission they are, these rewards only last during the campaign and reset after the world dies so there temporay progression so people dont get to far ahead Some mission and rewards can be as followed. Craft 30 Ruby rings (if your learnt the jewlery crafting tree, could reward +2 Experimentation for jewlery crafting as a reward that will last till end of campaign Kill 75 zombies gain increase dmg agaist undead Kill 250 of any mobs gain 2% increase drop chance from mobs Harvest 500 iron ore Gain 1.5% drop rate of Sapphire And so on you can do pretty much anything here and since they reset each campaign its a constantly thing for people to try and complete to build characters each campaign and you dsont need to worry bout over doing it overtime as benefits build up like the skill tree.
  5. I know there are changes to come, which none of us know about yet. So might as well be these things have been addressed in the next patch. However I saw it important to raise this topic, as there are people who consider that there is no issue in first place. So the understanding of the issue needs to be there...
  6. You are failing to see one issue. This game will be running on unity 2018 in version 5.8. Due to this we are in an extended time playing 5.7. There have been many changes and modifications to the game over the past months that we as players have not seen. UI changes, skill changes, crafting mechanics changes, bug fixes, game loop, ect have all been made to 5.8 since it would be extremely wasteful to update a dead version(current one we are playing). By next month(5.8 drop) the forums and game will be buzzing with activity and we all can hash out changes then. Enjoy some RDR2 or FO76 or whatever for the next month and come back.
  7. But the point is that you get the progression in something you feel is fun... not a daily quest. The system works following: -you play a game and do the things you like... you get the XP from there. There is max cap so you do not have need to play more than what is considered normal. so nothing would change - just that there would be reward doing activities you like doing - and differentiate your character in the market.
  8. It is not mindless timesink, when it is about getting progression from what you like doing in the game. So just play the game - you are not going to be left behind, since everyone could progress the same max cap. Well why play a game in first place if you feel normal gaming is timesink?
  9. Ciao @Crociato Benvenuto in Crowfall. Ho chiesto al capogilda Volrath di inviarti l'invito alla gilda. Al momento attuale il sistema non gli consente di delegare il compito. Oltre al canale discord di gilda , che utilizzeremo che tenere in evidenza le informazioni di nostro esclusivo interesse, ti invito anche ad iscriverti al canale italiano in cui vorremmo raccogliere e proporre attività comuni a tutti i giocatori che hanno preferenza per la nostra lingua. Un saluto.
  10. Buongiorno giovanotti, Vorrei unirmi e partecipare alla gilda. Il primo passo che ho fatto per il momento è unirmi al canale discord.
  11. I understand that point - but I think a compromise could still be made to satisfy both types of players. I think there should be a middle ground of passive progression and active progression. Enabling a player to gain a few extra skill points for a few hours more of play, in my opinion, would provide an incentive for more people to play the game - which ultimately would lead to a better gaming experience for everyone. To add a little more, I know they have the sacrifice system and player levels - but I personally don't feel any sort of excitement when reaching a new level and adding three attribute points.
  12. It will be yet another vertical progression. I did read something about horizontal progression in Crowfall. Why people always ask for more verticality when it is what they hate in the end? System is set in way that you are going to reach end of skill tree upon certain limited amount of time. Imagine, that developers have that time as target and ensure that "grinders" will not get there sooner... Smaller passive tree XP gain? And yes, it does not matter that there is no NPC telling you to cut down 40 trees. If it is activity with daily reset, it is form of Daily Quest. People do those things because they do not want to be behind others. It's not fun to run around and just chopping Trees for XP. It is fun to do it for certain deliverables which you can present to others. It is fun as group activity because certain resource requires more players to be mined. Think about things in Crowfall from Fun and Horizontal progression perspective. It is PvP-Sandbox, and those are real pain-points. OP complained in another topic about being bored and having nothing to do in game while waiting for next Passive tree unlock. So he created substitute problem which would force him to do something in game instead of having fun. Enforcing that on whole community would be ... People should be thinking about methods which would improve their stay than enforcing it via penalization for not being online actively.
  13. I dont think OP had any mention of daily quests. He mentioned "online activities", but that doesn't necessarily equate to "WoW level" of daily quests. I believe he is stating something I agree with, which is that there needs to be an improved form of online progression - through activities such as performing the skill you want to gain proficiency in (instead of the alternative of logging in to spend points that were gained while offline). I believe skill points gained in your specialty - while performing those tasks - is actually a good idea. It would allow them to keep the same skill tree and provide some additional incentive for people to log in and play the game.
  14. Vocal down-vote: "I did not come to do yet another form of daily quest." I want to play/do activity because game/activity is fun, not because I would fall behind if I did not.
  15. Mindless time-sink is mindless time sink. State exactly what is meaningful Tree XP bonus over passive Tree XP for you. Is it 10% ? 20%? And if it is gained through repetitive activity like mining, crafting arrows, will you do that activity because you enjoy making 50000 arrows every day, to because there is that 10% bonus? This is a game, not work. Wanna spend extra time, then it should progress your character, not Tree. It would only damage game in long term. And no, no need for new topic. I think they have seen this enough of times.
  16. I am adding it here, since I am quite sure it would disappear in the other thread I wrote it out. Problem: -with no online progression people get demotivated and do not see point in some activities (offline progression is the most important) -if you grant online progression people see it as a time sink, which will require you to play to be able to compete -people with crafting / farming profession goals get turned off with the idea that you can not ever be the "best", when everyone is progressing the same with offline progression So solving this issue: Make maximum XP cap / day to achieve from online activities. Make different activities to grant points in that specific field. All points could be used to progress what ever mastery you want, but conversion from activity points to another activity points would result in a loss of points (ie. -40%). This would allowe people to specialize with their online activity. -you can get maximum number of XP points / day (that is just point cap)-all activities generate XP (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting): each of which generate XP to that specific mastery pool -the max cap is global - the sum of the different points (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting) is the max cap... -the points that you gather can be used to boost any mastery - however converting PVP xp to boost crafting would result in a loss of points (-40%) -(PVP-> class?, PVE->race?, crafting->, "farming"->exploration...)
  17. My style for going for development is to gather information of users, their goals and anticipation and then try to understand different aspects. That is what we need now as well, since in the end you will enjoy the game more if there is more people playing it. So it comes down to trying to figure out how things could be solved that it takes account different aspects and in respect of the vision of the game. People usually tend to think that there is only one or two solutions. There is so much more of it. The reason why we cant see it is usually that most of it has not been tried before - and the situation is completely different here than other games so we cant just take one thing out of other game and say it will work here the same. So we need to be able to think through goals - what is the goal of the player - why?... how do we balance it out so that its both fun and rewarding? There is different scenarios of the future and it usually helps more if we talk how different participants would play their role in certain scenario.
  18. Board warrior has not yet even begun, but yes I defend the systems that I have used and like... we cannot play real politics until the battle lines are drawn. sure I enjoy that stuff but the point is that I like the direction the game has headed all along and every change made has been better even if I argued against it... I trust the development and how it responds to us as testers. No complaints here but I also have used and understood every interconnected mechanic and system and know what is still missing but planned. It is my role to know it all backwards and forwards before launch just as yours as you stated is to evaluate whether to bring you guild in.
  19. It human nature to work towards things that benefit you. That being said, I think you are being a little unfair towards frykka. While we have disagreed on things, he does seem to honestly want the game to be successful.
  20. yeah... so fighting in forums over how the game should work is not about making the game better, but making it better for your guild... makes sense now But I guess its normal... people in MMO games fight in forums to make their class / race / guild what ever aspect better. Its frustrating though, when you are trying to think the game in bigger picture. People are food for the PVP. They also pay for your fun... since the more theres money - the more there usually is fun.
  21. I am thinking of my entire guild, not even myself... each role in our guild depends on the others doing their part. Harvesters have lots to do at the beginning to set up for later progress; stockpile water, bone, grit, bloodworms and dust, at first... expanding as more skills open up. There are necessary things to do for every profession right off the bat, and most players will PvP a lot too regardless of profession choices. Nobody in the major guilds will be idle and waiting for skills. I have tasks for everyone who doesn't already know what to do.
  22. I feel like you think you are so good in thinking whats best for everyone. But you have proven to be very narrow minded not being able to see other aspects than you own. You need to remember that everyone has different goals - or they weight the goals differently. You need to remember that there are people who are motivated by different things. Winning a campaign is good fun for sure, but it might not be the ultimate goal of all players. Some people have everything bet on it... some people just log in to have fun... others are motivated into progressing in their profession etc. If you forget the motivation reasons why people log into game, then you will lose them to log into the game no more. Crafters, farmers etc. they are PVP content. Without them you will lose tons of fun and "player generated" content.
  23. If victory points are continuously being won while you are sitting out, you've already lost. Players will be fighting for the win from 15 minutes after the campaign starts. We then get our crafters logged into the forts and holding them so that we have both the means and the ends to make our advanced white gear no matter how crappy. Meanwhile we are gaining progress toward victory while you are not. One of the 3 factions will get a winners share, you have a 33% chance of betting on the right horse... by alpha you won't as the next ruleset is not faction based. The point is that saying you will sit out is fine... doing it is probably going to feel silly.
  24. I think you went too narrow minded right there - and you are not trying to see solutions to the problem. They could just as well generate XP caps per day. So after a one or two hour of gaming / day you would no longer progress. Or certain maximum XP cap / day. Actually now that I said that... it would make a lot of sense and a damn good system. So the idea; -you can get maximum number of XP points / day (that is just point cap) -all activities generate XP (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting): each of which generate XP to that specific mastery pool -the points that you gather can be used to boost any mastery - however converting PVP xp to boost crafting would result in a loss of points (-40%) There you have it. Your problem is solved and we created a way for players to specialize themselves with the activities they do. BTW - should I make new topic about this to make sure that the developers have noticed this idea?
  25. Well look - they have content in game and offline leveling system, which are not in sync. I have no reason to go farm low stuff to craft poorly made socks gear if after a while I could do better without even touching the low level nodes. And do I need to remind you that one of the core ideas in this game for PVP is farming resource, PVP DROPS! and crafting. If you lack of motivated farmers, you will lack of "player generated" PVP content.
  26. Performance - Global Illumination

    This is exactly one of the main issues for why we can't bake any lighting at the moment. As it is now, all lighting (and shadows) are fully dynamic, which can be costly. We're still exploring other methods to try and solve this to achieve baked lighting. Rotation is also a big part of this issue. (the ability to rotate a parcel, while super cool, is another big factor preventing this). We have some good idea's on improving the dynamic lighting performance while also exploring other lighting methods.
  27. Enemies and friends need to get made. You do not do that offline. Learning the classes and discs so that you can make an informed choice, does not happen offline. Getting the mats, knowing what is needed to get the mats, knowing people to help get mats, knowing where to go to get said mats, doesn't happen offline. Playing the game doesn't happen offline. In so many other games you level faster by doing more boring things over and over again. You want to level faster than the other guys so you can be more powerful. In a pvp game this is the single most important thing, to be more powerful than the opponents, to let you kill them and take their poorly made socks. After playing another alpha game, where the leveling is once again the most important part of the power curve I can honestly say Crowfall has this part right. No keeping up with the joneses on doing some stupid leveling exploit to get .2 tenth of a percent faster xp so you can be level 80 in 2 weeks of mindless custard grinding. To then get to the good part. Where once folks who actually play the game finally catch up, the speedsters end up quitting because it is not "fun" anymore. custard that. Play the game. Power comes from time, and playing the game. Knowing people, personalities meshing, teamwork, logistical skill, map knowledge from time playing in the world. Play the game.
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