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  2. Powers in those games were built with that aoe strat from the ground up. I don’t have faith that this dev team could reverse engineer combat to accomplish that. If they just flipped the switch tomorrow and went through every ability and just made the cap 100 I don’t think it would work. Their entire power set is based off stacking. They would have to redo and in some cases entirely rethink powers and class themes. I don’t trust ace to accomplish that with a reduced team in a timely manner and be able to afford it. Do you?
  3. Ok, I'll take the troll bait..... Are you surprised that when you critique others and are hyper actively posting in the Crowfall discord and forums that you attracted attention and a response ? |You seem like an ok guy but after reading a handful of your posts I understand that we have different views of fun and luckily the Crowfall's design aligns more closely with my version than yours. Hopefully some day a game will be designed that fits your play style and the hardcore cutthroat PvPers can flood the discord and forums about how lame the game is and how it needs to be more open and competitive.
  4. If 3 groups of 5 players are on one team and they make a triangle surrounding an enemy team in a ball of 30 players--- With aoe cap = each group cannot damage all 30 balled, but gets melted as each entire group of 5 gets hit by aoes with 5head limitations. Without aoe cap = each group can damage all 30 balled (forcing them to spread out and use strategy), but still gets melted as each entire group of 5 gets hit by aoes with 5head limitations. Remove the aoe cap. This is a known effective zerg busting mechanic from the history of pvp mmos. Bring on the zergs that are better than us. 😘 (Also shrink gear stats disparity gap so better = more skill/talent rather than better = more hours/members of an alliance grinded for gear)
  5. Activate it together with the Holy damage buff? DL can pull some crazy damage.
  6. Today
  7. In my opinion there is what players are doing with the game and what the devs are building. Even if "some" are ruining the game (wants no challenge, just ezpz fight zerg whatever @see other topits) the developers are mainly responsible, they have all the power and they just don't care anymore to me. They only about their backers because somehow so invested they will continue to buy stuff VIP, EK stuff etc. Let's pause a sec, in which "no pay to win game" there is some rewards where you can do 2% dps? And this not the only item we've got us backer. Some argue this is a very minor boost to me it is again something keep $$ players.
  8. If nothing else....this Remove Zoom and have the ability to move crosshair cause I can't see anything on Mino Archer. Edited September
  9. We were sold a game that would have 'Epic battles with 100+ on each side'. That is the game we came to play. Sorry that only 1 other group also came to play that game. I'm willing, if not forced to give up on that game though. I'll put my money where my mouth is. Drop the alliance cap to something like 50-150, what ever the right number is to let the majority of players at least participate in end game. Then if we still win I look forward to seeing the next round of posts about GRR Winterblades and if we don't, I'll say gg.
  10. This is all really good feedback. Try not to dismiss it because it came from Mandalore.
  11. God damn that looks like me with my shirt off.. ngl. Dont age kids.. don't age.
  12. "never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers" - zergs guilds
  13. 1. I love watching all these dps players bitching about how they want aoe caps removed so their small elite guild can combat the bad players in zergs but what happens if the zerg is also better than you? They just become an insurmountable force? Darkfall was designed for uncapped so it worked, CF isn't. It's an odd issue you have created for yourself ACE. 2. Alliance caps are still too big. I see lots of people advocating for 50 but obviously these are people who don't craft, harvest or farm. The devs have created a massive gear grind that requires alt accounts, chars and all sorts of crap just to survive in. I'd try 100, maybe 150 and see what works. Lower gear req, raise harvesting amounts and lower caps become more viable but with the hoops to jump through as is 50 isn't enough. 3. Class balance has been an issue for years. Some of your weaker classes need to be reworked so the difference in the top and bottom isn't as wide as Zybaks vanishing hair line. It matters more in small scale bc only a handful of specs really shine. Start a design review for all 33 specs. One for each one. Give us some engagement: outline the class and what your intent was so we can tell you where you hit the mark, where you didn't, what we like, what we don't like and plans for the future. 3b. Why does Arbiter have dps caps we can't possible meet with perfect min max gear as a mandatory talent? Why doesn't the cleric strength in number talent scale with support power like it used to but was changed with not a word. 4. There's so many disc that are garbage compared to the good ones, some of the might as well not exist. Domains were a good 1st attempt but you never came back to them. This is what the devs do with almost every system: no follow up. Give us a design review for the domains the same as classes above. 5. A leader board that has heals flagged as assist would just be peachy for your healers. A meaningful leader board for your dps players would also be nice. A bounty system maybe? IDK about that one though. 6. There's no scarcity of resources to fight over. The map is always too big. You can wander this map for a while before you come across another player. What's the point in a map so vast we can hide and farm or roam and never find another person? Whats the value in resources being every where. We don't fight for resources. We make hamster stealth farmers that run away and try to hide the whole time and try to devise clever ways to not get caught harvesting. 7. There's little sense of ownership in the assets you want us to fight over. There's no territory control. there's not a lot of depth to the castles,keeps, forts (which we don't even build up bc there's no point). 8. You made game with so many hidden aspects the NPE will always remain useless. Crafting, harvesting, building your char correct, knowing the meta are all so damn esoteric no NPE is going to help players. There's all these "Complex" systems that have no reason other than so somebody at ACE can pat themselves on the back and go look at this complicated system I made. They don't engage the community, they just punish people not in the groups that know. I don't see how you can uncustard those systems easily. You don't have the time or money to redo them. The launch already chased most of those new players away. Why would they come back? I don't mean that to be hyperbolic. Seriously, why would they come back? 9. The q/a's are brutal. Two devs disconnected from the average gamer by 30+ years with a solid 3-5 charisma score doing the q/a's is not the way to do it. Tyrant is good at what he does but that's clearly not player engagement on twitch. Blair, yea I don't wanna get banned. After 6 years of watching every single one of those I can tell you I never expect legitimate engagement. Why not invite players to the stream to ask questions? Involve the streamers we have left. Let some hard legitimate questions get answered and understand it's OK to say IDK and come back with an answer later. Tiggs you're great btw. 10. You spent years talking about how your systems prevent Uncle Bob (your monster) and almost every system in the game supports Uncle Bob. You want to tame down the larger guilds from snowballing into each campaign? Well the economy you built is what enables it. We don't craft in the campaigns unless its for a divine card. Giving us rewards that carry over is the very definition of Uncle Bob. Fixing this kills the EK econ. You can't have both. Pick one. 11. Cosmetic rewards that people would want would be an excellent reward instead of the Uncle Bob crap we get now. Mounts, titles, pennants, auras, weapon skins, armor skins, transmog systems are all better rewards but if they aren't worth fighting over then whats the point. Don't think this is viable because the art department was let go. 12. Siege schedules as they are are just exhausting. Handshake sieges. Whats the hold up? 13. If we are to keep the crafting with everything being made in EK's why do we have import caps? They don't hinder people like me, they just punish people with alts and new players. I have 10 slots but I can only gear one char with the imports. 14. Devs being moved to secret projects while this game is failing isn't gona work. This isn't 2001. You are accountable to your customers in a way I'm not sure you guys understand. Whats Rhea and Jtodd working on? You want us to believe in you but you treat us like mushrooms (kept in the dark and feed poop). How is the dev team going to get our trust? 15. You over saturated your game with Aoe. We just stand in blobs and spam aoe volleys. People want friendly fire but again you over saturated the game in aoe so we use aoe's abilities as single target dmg bc that's all we got. Friendly fire would be miserable with melee as it is. This is a problem. What would be nice though is a few discs with zerg busting potential but aren't worth a damn in small scale: choices should have consequences but right now its spam all your abilities off cd while u wait for your important ability to come back. 16. Armor is worthless. Please fix this. The devs have been told all of this for years and there was never engagement with the community. The game has launched and all the issues that were shrugged at are now big deals. This isn't alpha anymore. People are using VIP while you guys fix the entire game. We are paying monthly subs to test at this point. How is that ethical? Why would new players want to PAY to test a launched game with as many issues as CF has? Good luck. and for the love of all that is holy give us a break between dregs. Just a few days. End campaigns on a Friday so that theres no dregs that Sat/Sun. Some time to rethink strats, level new specs, see our families and then relaunch on Mondays.
  14. Lot of bitching and moaning over a game that has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.
  15. hey if u guys want some more cash flow should sell increased dregs bank slots for like 10 bucks for 100 extra slots or something 😛 lol. 100 for non vip and 200 for VIp realy isnt enough. I honostly dunno how free account manage since if you harvest 35-50 slots of your banks gets taken up just by 1 harvesting type holding 1 stack of resources each lol
  16. because we have never been the majority of a zone cap situation. Do you have eyes and ears or just a tongue for Jah?
  17. People really need to take a step back from the game and take a breather. It's not worth your mental health focusing so much on these negative emotions.
  18. Please PM me your asking price
  19. My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied
  20. Didn't stop to ask we just constantly heard the highlight reel over and over.. we'd actually be talking about something out of the game at certain points you'd com stomp the channel with "bro bro..this guys so sh**t.. i totally just did this blah blah" over and over. You and couple more of you would just sit in this ego circle jerk session Hey you do you, but don't sit on that high horse preaching about strategic brilliance here all you continue to demonstrate yet again - my instincts are correct. You are a toxic child I don't know what you're even attempting to argue here. Let me know when your ego resolves a point or two? Intense is a polite way to describe what you are displaying here. ... obsessed maaaaybe is probably the right definition here. Overcommittedunhealthy perspective etc.. Yup, I left Executioners after that siege to join you guys as i agreed that was toxic af to be apart of. So when I came back the dude in question on comms wasn't in the guild So... again.. you shadowboxing here or going to arrive at some point?
  21. Why are you putting so much of your energy into broadcasting your traumatic perspective if this is all over something as superficial as someone elses opportunity to 'flex'?
  22. I'm a healer... how do I kill people???? Smacking them with my mace? You weren't even in our comms, you didn't even play with us. How did you even know what was being said? Your imagination is pretty intense. ??????????????????????????????????? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's a fact that people who stream pvp games are stupid and deserve to be stream sniped. You want the views, you bear with the consequences. It's a competitive, throne war game. People do everything in their power to win. Crowfall hasn't even reached the state of other games like Eve where a single person has fked up an entire guild. Is it right? Is it wrong? Subjective. Everyone has their own opinion. Again, we're intense when push comes to shove. But we're very chill when it comes to everything else. Just because you didn't see the chill side of us (you didn't even play with us when you joined the guild) doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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