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  2. Great guide, thanks for making it for the community. Two things that might be of note: most importantly, that from green discipline onwards, it isn’t really worth slotting a blue Exploration discipline, since you unlock the Advanced Tools at a purple disc which is almost a prerequisite for harvesting in dregs; new players sometimes miss in the Exploration tab of Details that they can read which attributes (either Str, Dex or INT) effect their harvesting stats, and why they might be doing so little damage/resource drops on their pvp builds. maybe racial harvesting bonuses, too
  3. Hehe, even if they did manage to get a player run utopia, this would only become a draw to players that treat players as content. We cant blame them either since ace treats players as content to be farmed like mobs. Perfect match.
  4. Pure democracies dont work for long either, they end up being mob rule. Luckily america is still a republic.
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  6. having fort cap when you have more people in the circle could help too cause it hard to cap thing that already owned due to all they need is 1 person in the circle to stop a cap or neutralising the fort so if one person lives they can just constantly stream there players back up for eternity alot of the time. A buff for killing player would help too to keep tournament interesting for viewers early on aswell atm people hide to much at start and not much action happens this could add an incentive to fight early on rather than hide til end circle. Stop circle clothing at 30m mark for 5 minu
  7. Welcome to the forums. Regarding your question: That depends on how you mean it. You can place your Parcels in your own or other monarchs EK's. To do so, enter the EK, press ESC and click on the kingdom builder icon. The kingdom builder will show your available parcels (which are those that are currently in the inventory of your character). Within your own EK it doesn't really matter where you place a parcel - from a technical point of view. There are no technical benefits if you place your parcel on this or that field of your EK grid. The rest is a question of your indi
  8. Yes, but the entire guild has to be changed by the Guild leader
  9. Hard disagree. I belong to multiple different groups, two of those being nerd and gamer, others of those being identity subjects I'm not going to go into here, that were marginalized, beat up, picked on, etc back in the day. Societal perception changed and treatment changed. For those that had associated laws passed the laws were one of the last steps in that process. The design was one of the last things to change after acceptance happened and societal behavior had already significantly changed. History does not agree with you. Where do you think all the social rules and laws we have
  10. Aye, once you went out into big boy PVP you were fair game. BUT there was no ganking lowbies, just killing enemies high/mid/low. If you got focused it was because of your class, you being alone (which even solos could easily choose not to be I should know I solo'd for a long time in that game), or because you had grey armor and were squishy. Frontiers and Battlegrounds were one big siege ongoing all the time. If you recall in my original post there is no such thing as ganking when objectives are active you're trying to take. You're playing the objective. In DAOC the objectives were alway
  11. Ganking lowbies and being a cheesy jerk are quite different then playing with KOS of equal foes. Known and had plenty of respect for players/guilds I fought against, even joined their guild/faction/servers over time in different games. Having an overall positive community and some running around zerging noobs in a poorly designed game are different matters. Knowing everyone on a server days are gone unless a game is rather unpopular. Crowfall is still in that state but won't be doing so hot if it continues like that. This game is supposed to have 50k+ playing it, not a couple hu
  12. I have played DAoC since the closed Beta. I still play DAoC almost every day on a private 'classic' server. I can never remember a time in those 20 years were there weren't people ganking lowbies in the frontiers. DAoC was set up so players could avoid the frontiers if they wanted to. Crowfall is designed to funnel newbies into PvP zones within the first few hours of game play. Ganking here is encouraged. Old time DAoC and Crowfall couldn't be more different. This month, with the major focus on HD, I rarely log into CF and my DAoC time has gone way up.
  13. Both can certainly happen. We're not helpless. We all have agency and can choose to exercise it. Collectively as a community we can indeed make a difference in how the game is played both for better and for worse. ACE's intervention with incentives and game design helps alot ofc, but is not actually required. It makes a good excuse though. "I can't help doing x/y/z it's how the game designed. They practically have me at gunpoint here!" If anything the power of social expectations and shunning and shame should be more understandable than ever before in the current state of online, the
  14. I played DAOC for years, there was definite respect between different people on different sides even though we often killed each other. Not everyone ofc, but it certainly happened a good bit with veterans who stuck around and got known. Please do not gaslight, you can say you had a different experience and that is fine, but telling someone else their experience they had never existed is pretty poor behavior. I can't count the amount of times we emoted to folks on different realms rather than kill each other out of respect and got the same back in turn. And sometimes you even chatted outsid
  15. The guild leader can change the Pantheon God selection for the guild on the website. Choose a god for the faction you want: https://crusaderw.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Crowfall_FealtyTree_Pantheopn_ShrineBuffs_Overview-scaled.jpg Sun = Arkon, Cybele, Maeve, Valkyn Earth = Kronos, Gaea, D'Orion, Zaleena Moon = Kane, Malekai, Yaga, Illara
  16. How so? I played Andred until it collapsed and Mordred ran on fumes. Despite DAoC being one of the early and IMO best PVP focused MMOs, the FFA servers were a mess. While the RvR servers with structure did just fine. This game started with the old "Play to Crush!" slogan from Shadowbane. People will do whatever it takes to win and many times that comes with someone not having a great time. Until the forum police came in, even the forum wars were happening long before this was resembling a game. Those people got run off though. It isn't surprising that eSport games with clear cut
  17. I agree with most of what is in this thread. However, there is an important part that is being missed here, IMO. Currently, its a great day to have 50+ players online in Infected. With that number, gold grinding in Skypoint is almost impossible, unless you're ready to fight off guilds to camp a village. We'll just accept the fact that players come to PvP in Skypoint, so even slower gold mining. Then you move to the next closest zone, say Yarog. Even there, its common for most of the villages to be camped by other players who are gold grinding. So the game itself is already capped in how m
  18. where i should place my parcel? is there any cons or prons?
  19. czołem Panowie, też się podpinam pod gildię wspólne granie,
  20. Huh, well glad that I just discovered the qualifications to use factories. It was probably in the patch notes and I just missed it. The game is pushing you into dregs in the current iteration regardless of whether you're guild is ready or not. The foremen disc is a good example of this. With a group of 4 players taking down a rank 2 motherload is a pain without a foremen. Foremen can only be gotten in the dregs campaign right now. Also I'm not talking about crafter progression speed in reference to dregs, I'm explicitly talking about gatherers and the necessity of advanced runetool
  21. That's because you're ALWAYS in sprint mode when not in combat.
  22. My guess is that you have entered and exited a campaign several times and thus used up the 50 import tokens. The amount of tokens an ACCOUNT has don't reset until the next campaign. And, yes, it is account wide so if you took several characters from the same account into the same campaign all with items equipped, that can eat up your total imports.
  23. Back in the day of early UO, I was one of the folks in an Anti-PK guild. Of course it didn't solve any issues. And, of course. Anti-PKers were ALSO killing players, players whose playstyle we disagreed with. So I stopped. Stopped caring if another player was a Glorious Lord, a Dred Lord, or anything in between. Let the devs decide which types of behaviors to encourage or discourage.
  24. i disagree with this part, chaos embers are not supposed to be a faster route, they drop way too slow for this. This is more of a change for smaller groups who can't afford the time away from gathering/grinding discs to farm the necessary gold, It may save them a handful of hours of war-tribe farming per upgrade, but not much more. New guilds barrier to entry into dregs isn't the speed their crafters are progressing, its their ignorance of the game and biting off more than they can chew. Don't forget that once someone has an Epic craft disc, they can use the factory table and buy a non c
  25. I very much agree that the chaos dust method should be the sub optimal way compared to just gold farming, but the added influx of lower end mats to help bolster a raw economy would be a great tradeoff. I would need to compare notes with more gatherers as I suggested 5 earlier but that is with the intent of getting up to epic for gathering as quickly as possible. Put advanced rune tools equip on Rare gathering discs instead of epic and the 10-15 range becomes much more reasonable. A big part of this suggestion is to get newer guilds dregs capable a little faster. Even if Shado
  26. Currently, NPCs have similar skills to player and let the player believe that they can do similar things as NPCs. NPCs can see through stealth at what feels like all times while players have to use an ability to do so no matter their perception. Either let players do so at all times with those skills providing a buff or remove that from the NPCs to prevent confusion. People have been getting to 30 thinking that they too can see through stealth without a skill.
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