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  2. I honestly want to know. What is the reasoning for it? Whats the logic behind it?
  3. Not so sure about that. I was in the party of my guild mates as they figure out how this class worked, one of them went from; Worst class ever, to this is OP in the space of about 45 minutes. There was a time when all classes were trial and error. Sadly, now we have an entire generation of gamers that have lost the will to discover. Most just watch a stream or a youtube vid and be told how they need to do everything. At any rate, it was cool to hear my guild work through it. Played properly, I feel like Frosweaver is a powerful toon, but they are easily interrupted.
  4. Thanks! I'll check it out. I had to dip back into my screenshots to update exact release start (5.80 in Jan 2019).
  5. Knights block power appears to get stuck toggled on thus requiring another right click to toggle it off.
  6. I have been having this issue as well, but maybe for a temp fix, what I have done is went back to the start screen where you make your game selection after nothing launches when selecting your EK. Sometimes instantly or after a few times of doing so the EK launches.
  7. Just started playing the game and the 7-8 hours I spent on test and live, the changes implemented on test much improved the feel of the game as well as QoL changes... So far I like the changes brought in the patch.
  8. Personal EK will not load for the past several days. "Loading" stalls out after exactly 5 minutes with prompting "launch kingdom" over and over again. Other EK's are seen online and crashing with active players. Previous EK issue was kicking people out after certain timer so that they don't stay up all day/night. Not being able to load the EK is my worse server experience since starting back in 5.8. I can't even look at my characters to see what's changed from previous builds. https://imgur.com/a/CGXeNot
  9. Yesterday while I was in the middle of looting, half way through looting the dead mob, it disappeared.
  10. I would love to see guild banks and possibly an in-game guild online/offline player list.
  11. Man, I seriously love you! Finally someone else who seems to want to craft fulltime. Most people, as well as the developers, don't seem to understand that some players find it more fulfilling to create something, not only run around and hack and slash mobs or other players!
  12. The Knight first LMB doesn't trigger an action bar GCD animation for the first swing of the combo. Doesn't effect gameplay but looks odd when that power on the power bar isn't animating.
  13. Today
  14. Introduction of Frostweaver has made other DPS classes obsolete and throws off the entire game balance that was in place at 5.100. FW kills 3x faster than ranged DPS. Attack powers are too weak with Confessor, Druid, and Ranger. FW kills 2x faster than melee DPS. Attack speed are too slow with Assassin, Champion, and Duelist. By grouping up with a FW, a team can level faster and obtain better loot more often. All other classes can sit back and enjoy the "ice show".... 🙄🙄
  15. @pastywhite I suggest tweaking some video settings. Turn off VSYNC, shadows etc. Also play with brightness, supposedly brightness had a huge effect on one person's computers performance FPS wise.
  16. I enjoyed my play time but performance was so bad for me that I really couldn't do much. I was getting 10-14 FPS and there were times it was more like 1-2 but the meter didn't go below 10. I'm on a mediocre system so I don't expect 50 FPS but as it is now it is not really a game I can play. It was definitely playing on the same hardware with the last version. I know this is pre-alpha so there's plenty of time to tweak code.
  17. Basically the class revolves around dropping ice nodes onto the ground and using your abilities to convert those ice nodes into either beneficial ice for your team or harmful ice for your enemies. Frostweavers have an ability called "Free Weave" that allows them to place ice nodes of any kind directly without needing to use an ability to convert them. The free weave path that you choose while casting will specify which type of ice you are dropping, and each ice node that you drop using the "Ice Weave" power with that free weave buff up will reset the free weave buff. Without free weave "Ice Weave" just drops normal ice nodes that need to be converted with an ability. That's the basics of how the ice mechanic works but of course there are 5 different types of ice, 4 if you don't count basic ice nodes that need to be converted, so there is a lot that you can do and a lot going on. The system sounds harder on paper than it is to pick up tho imo.
  18. Thanks Tinnis for attaching the video and linking the powers and talents.
  19. Duchy of Marconia xyz 1697,6,2343 little bit of an enviroment issue when you walk there you will see it.
  20. Another option is to prevent free weaving over and over. to do this all they have to do is allow us to only weave for 3s and not reset the timer. That may even be a bug and it's really only supposed to let you do it for 3s
  21. Thank you for putting together these side-by-side comparisons. This is Chad level alpha testing.
  22. IMO they need to definitely lower the training times for everything. In the feedback thread I had a number of suggestion for crafting but what I would love to see if for general crafting have a 1 for 1 transference and lower the amount in the later skills. That way a "crafter" account will be OK at everything pretty early on but then have to customize.
  23. will infected be brought up tomorrow with GR? i really want to test frostweaver out in organic pvp
  24. Crafters have been forsaken by @thomasblair But on a serious note, this is the FIRST time, since I have been main crafting in this game for 3 years+, we have had a FULL wipe with wartribe gear out and it points to some serious issues for crafting. Early Crafting for lack of better words just sucks. PROS of Current System I am happy with the power level of wartribe gear because I realize it needs to be relatively strong for players joining in later in the game. I am also actually VERY happy my guildmates aren't all piling on me to make them gear early on. CONS of Current System Even if I did want to make white or green harvesting/crafting gear, I will fail terribly for a month. Both on assembly and experimentation even if I choose right race, max right stats, and get all the disciplines I can. No runemaking thralls (at least in GR) and no runemaking races making the ONE thing we can't get from wartribes very difficult to make early. Helper Monkey and Risk Management got nerfed, also making it more difficult to craft. Suggestions VASTLY lowering the difficulty of making and experimenting on white and green crafts. (Blue wartribe will be better than both of these, so why make it hard on us?) Add other minor disciplines specifically geared for helping crafting just starting out. Front load the crafting bonuses more. (Possibly make general crafting have a 1 for 1 effect and lower the nodes of the advanced trees) ARTIFACT Feedback There are multiple versions of every color of artifact bind, I believe 6. Meaning there is at least 18 pieces for each wartribe.(Only saw up to blue, maybe higher and more item bloat). There is absolutely no difference or distinction or seeming reason for having different versions. Artifact binds of the same color/type do not stack. Suggestions for Artifacts Each wartribe should only have ONE version per color. Each bind of the same color and type should stack. This is to not only clear up inventory space but also take pressure off the server. Why should the server need to track all these extra items that have no distinction or effect?
  25. @Harzoo's video (healing) Frostweaver powers & talents in general, bringing the class to testers without even a 'frostweaver power reveal' / class write up article (or patch notes) from ACE is fairly poor communication, which they certainly had the time to fill.
  26. When trying to split a stack when the stack is at bottom of screen the part where you have to click is under the screen so you can't click it. Logging out of game keeps the stack splitting ui in the menu only quitting the game erases the stack splitting screen.
  27. I can see what roles the Frostweaver can fill, but I can't tell from looking at the powers how it is supposed to work. I just don't understand the whole "ice" business. Can someone please give me a short primer on how this class is played?
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