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  2. Re: 6.100 base-class abilities being moved to Disciplines in 6.200. I like the idea of making things like Duelist Tunnel available to all Guineaceans through Disciplines, should they wish to sacrifice a little power for a little utility, but I still don't think they should've been taken out of the default suite of abilities... They now either feel like must-haves to make the class whole again, or they're not worth the slot but still leave gaps in the heart of what that class or promotion is supposed to be about. I'm not particularly well-informed on all of these classes, and it's n
  3. Please. It is already rare enough for we to come across somebody holding anything valuable. See also: Remove mobile banking; Drop Inventory on Recall.
  4. Well played pit isnt dying to a vindicator. There's a small chance for it to happen but wouldnt bank on it. I was doing some sparring on test with my vindi vs pits and nothing like watching them refill their hp bar 4 times over. Think the biggest issue is the frequency of the ult not so much how much its healing.
  5. Does anyone know why the Templar shout range was buffed to 8 meters? Was the intended purpose to increase the effectiveness of shouts? If so, can this design choice be applied to the knight's two shouting abilities and any other character which shouts?
  6. Atraeus


    Knights, I'm posting this here because I wanted to get the opinion of people who play the class. I currently think resolve is missing a personal damage modifier. This is based on the design of some of the other defensive abilities out there which are triggered passively and have a "cannot trigger more often than X" type of cooldown. The reason this is important is because resolve currently does not scale against damage like other defensive abilities do. This makes the ability worse when people start scaling damage on their vessels and gear. It needs the percent sign somewhere, and I
  7. Today
  8. after a death graphics and sounds dont appear to work for abilities
  9. Kill faster, problem solved. 2 of the abilities rely on being charged. Another on rage. I cant face tank every class and I can't keep up with others when they kite. I have to avoid some fights and trap people in others to win. Your frustration with being unable or unwilling to do either shouldn't be the basis of a nerf.
  10. The issue with (3) and (4) is that both would require dev cycles to implement. (3) would be achievable by having forts spawn pigs instead of chests, but (4) I imagine would take real new code; I'm not sure when the engine rolls for pig materials, but I'd guess it's at hand in, which also makes it harder to have fort spawned pigs give better or guaranteed resources.
  11. Let's be reallistic though, a Pit healing easily 15k hp in a single fight from 5 abilities, that is stupid no matter how you turn it.
  12. Pits should be nerfed so the glass cannons can just stand still and not have to do too much to kill somebody? Is this a joke? There is a whole melee class out there that seems designed to kill pits 1v1. This sounds like the current meta of everyone rolling a brigand and mad cause they cant kill pits. Myrms can kill pits, pits can kill pits, barbs can kill pits, vindicators can kill pits. That's not even discussing the range classes and their ability to kill pits by just kiting. The continued call for nerfs on top of nerfs for melee classes only results in us moving back into a rang
  13. buffs seem to be semi invisible, randomly. sometimes u can see them, most the time u cant see all of them.
  14. Yeah I'm trying to figure out what this ability is designed to do. You claim it is designed to sustain the knight which may be valid. I would argue that any type of sustain ability would need to scale somehow so that it is effective against damage scaling of gear and vessels. The scaling I'm proposing is the personal damage modifier which is consistent with the design of other passive sustain abilities.
  15. 1200 healed, 80 stamina and 100 energy every 60 seconds and trigger on 40%. I think it's quite balanced as is. Yaga has a 5 minute cooldown and heals only 300 more albeit it's an instant heal. This isn't a sustain or heal ability, it's a get out of jail card. Anger Management heals for a lot less than Resolve i believe and is reliant on the attacker proccing it.
  16. Dissentient is still recruiting. Check the discord and info below. https://discord.gg/whg55Fu We offer a competitive environment and are looking for players who are willing to learn, improve, and grow with a casual-hardcore mindset which prioritizes competitive gameplay without requiring a 40 hour game week. For Beta DIS is opening recruitment on a case-by-case basis only. Contact Ruq#6343 and join our Discord.
  17. Server is unplayable for me, combat is all laggy and animations are non existent this has happened since the update. Tried live servers and all is well so its not my end, that last update has defiantly borked something.
  18. I really like the changes to knight. The 4s cooldown for valorous strikes is perfect. However, I am confused by why resolve does not adhere to the design of other triggered healing abilities. What is resolve designed to do? If resolve is supposed to give the knight a second wind in fights, it fails to do so against higher tiered vessels with significant damage scaling. Please consider adding some damage reduction effects which will appropriately mitigate incoming attacks so resolve has the desired effect. This design choice is based on a comparison to other triggered passive abilitie
  19. WE had the same issue with a champ trying to apply bleed via rend a few weeks ago in an EK. It wasnt always procing bleed. It was an alpha using an axe.
  20. I was curious if anyone has been playing with a controller. I tried connecting my ps4 controller through bluetooth, and the game felt pretty natural. However, when I tried to rebind the buttons it seemed like Crowfall was ignoring my changes. Anyone else experience this? I was hesitant to add a bug in the bug forum - I assumed this wasnt apriority
  21. Point 1: There is a lot to break down here. First, there are broader discussions about Keep building balancing and the need for the introduction of variety and choice in building structures. There is 0 strategic thinking to the current keep building construction gameplay loop. So no, I drastically disagree with this point. Point 1a: Have you sieged a keep recently? The current balance of siege versus keep defenses heavily weighs in the favor of the defender, so if your solution to this problem is simply to "go kill that building" then it seems you haven't played in quite a while. Further, w
  22. This has been my soap box lately. Too much farming, not enough fun. Maybe these suggestions don't count as 'low development time', but... Wartribe Shrines - Horde / King-of-the-hill style activity that spawns in wartribe camps. Players hold the objective and fight increasingly powerful waves of NPC mobs while defending from PCs as well. Relic Sacrifice - Items looted from special legendary animals that spawn in forests, canyons, etc. Carried to in-zone god statue and sacrificed. Courier is highlighted by runegate-like beacon. (this basically exists for that one specific victory card
  23. Common and Legendary Runemaking does not add the recipe for intermediate tools. You need to have the corresponding harvesting discipline in order to create the intermediate tool. While you only need the Runemaker discipline in order to make both basic and advanced tools.
  24. Here is the data from 2 days of skinning: *** 04/12 Warden Human with White Skinner Disc*** Skinner in 6 rank 4 Muskhog Berserker Skinner in 1 rank 4 Muskhog Berserker Skinner in 4 rank 4 Muskhog Berserker Nothing in 9 Painted Auroch Nothing in 12 rank 4 muskhog Berserker ***Log out and log back in*** Skinner in 4 rank 4 Muskhog Berserker Skinner in 3 rank 4 Muskhog Berserker Skinner in 3 rank 4 Muskhog Berserker ***Logout because of IRL*** Skinner in 7 rank 4 Muskhog Berserker Skinner in 4 rank 4 Muskhog Berserker Skinner in 1 rank 4 Muskhog B
  25. yes, connoisseur sitll give an active power which increase hunger shard drop but not the plentiful harvest.
  26. Yeah i know that. we were just the two of us testing things. 2 out of 3 times no bleed aplied
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