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  3. More population would be more fun, more balancing of everything, improve storage, add additional NPE - yes. If you feel frustrated or bored with testing, it is a good idea to take a break. Have some fun with your guild and check out some other games, come back for beta!
  4. I was in my EK with 3 of the larger buildings in my inventory.. logged out for some reason then later started him in a campaign.. with the buildings still in the inventory.. i put them in a bank so i cant lose them.. and now it wont let me take it out of the campaign.. nor will it let me put it on my character.. campaign is now over and it still wont let me take it out
  5. Does it really matter though? Yumx did a great job at presenting a laundry list of concerns/issues, but none of it is new. I've seen people in this thread excusing these things away because of population, pre-alpha/alpha status, players not trying hard enough, and the assumption that at some point in the future everything will magically be better. Yet after 5 years the pattern has not changed at all. To me it isn't just a "PVE focus" but the general state of the game and all the moving parts. ACE says they plan to optimize, polish, and balance as they push towards beta aka invite free players, but what does that look like? Much like VIP, catch up for passive training, campaign rewards/rules, EKs, etc there is just an empty space where answers should be. Wish the next Q&A was just going down Yumx's list line by line. Instead prob be 30 min explaining the next stage of NPE or something as riveting.
  6. still cant place buildings on my EK due to poorly made RNG terrain lvls. plz fix cant place due to terrain..... terrain is in the way... cant place bc of terrain... awesome game
  7. I have recently have this sort of issue randomly arise on my rig. I am leaning towards CPU/MB glitch (network and sound are on board and possible culprits for me) Unlike you, my freezes are very random and infrequent(can be hours or more). Running an old I-7700 and 1080, so any thought of mainboard/cpu change is a new rig build, hence the lack of troubleshooting on my part. Edit: its almost like my cpu or MB clock pauses.
  8. I can only imagine the time you spent in editing this. Great job. Also - kudos to @Seshn for being a good sport about being wrong about ya boy Zybak
  9. Please don't leave the forums. Without vocal feedback against PvE focus, Crowfall will continue the trend.
  10. Well 3 ppl atm see it like that and as for tears i've never shed over a video game.
  11. If that is how you see it, then don't let me discourage you from from spilling some tears of your own.
  12. Like i said Jah alot of tears back then about night capping then poof 1hr siege windows in n/a prime time
  13. WB whined and whined and whined about night capping and then things changed.
  14. To be fair, there were people with strong feelings on both sides of the debate about night capping.
  15. I cannot attest to WB or HoA being responsible for timers but there were ALOT of tears back then about the night Capping..Which Jah you surely can attest to..
  16. You actually convinced yourself that W and HoA are responsible for timers?
  17. Join us for the ACE Q&A Livestream tomorrow, Tuesday July 7 at 11AM CDT//6PM CEST as J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair share a first look at what's coming next for Crowfall and take your questions from the Livestream chat.
  18. Does this happen while in safe mode?
  19. Siege schedules are a player driven introduction, WB and HOA didn't like that non-US based players were taking forts during their off hours so mounted a concerted forum/partner campaign to get them implemented. All the negatives around it were voiced at the time but were drowned out by the dominant 2 guilds at that time and their clamouring for the implementation. Now ACE has said time and again they don't like investing in tech that they wont use, so we are now stuck with them to the detriment of the game which is rapidly becoming a game of "timers" between sieges and King/chief, caravan and loot boxes spawns. The unfortunate reality atm is there is very little organic PVP to be found outside of these timed events.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Or even something like attackers need to set down camps and actually siege a keep/fort cutting off food or whatever you want to make it, thus the keep/fort owners know we need to go out and break the siege if able. If owners are able to break the siege then its over, if not the attackers get to select the time they want to actually take the keep/fort. Or attackers get to select three times, and the defenders get to pick out of those three times which they want and then you have your handshake and fight when that time comes. The whole 1 hour every however many days for the siege to happen isn't a build up or anything it's just log everyone in and lets go for it. Needs to be more build up to someone getting an actual Keep/fort taken from them.
  22. Generally we split up into 2 groups if enough people show up. Without doing this comms gets pretty messy at times. Previous game our current numbers meant we were punching up against larger forces, so we understand how one sided it can feel at times. I personally will sit on the side lines when there's action out if I know we have too many people. Joys of also being a harvester is you can always smack some nodes instead. Even if our guys are wiping in off raid hours, if I know the numbers are even, they can fend for themselves. Sometimes all it takes is one person to quit derping on a bad group synergy class to turn the tide. Our guys had to be very careful to not call out in discord if there's action or 10 log and that fun disappears 😕 Despite disagreements with various players/guild in how crowfall should be, we want our enemies to bulk up or work out better cross-guild synergies to provide us competition. Kinda like how LoD as 8 worked out as such a great spoiler against W when DIS was still a guild full of nubs in this game. If you are looking for some smaller scale fights, be sure to pop into our discord and ask about it if it's prime time. If we have offensives planned in dregs it may not happen but generally the shot callers are pretty good about it. Even during our defense siege window, W wanted a few rounds so we sent some people out to spar with them.
  23. When you roll this thing into Beta and we get more testers to kick the tires I hope that comes with some kind of rolling siege schedule. Like, I imagine you'll have far more players playing at far more hours of the day and this 1-hour window isn't gonna cut it at all. It doesn't even satisfy the current tiny user base; even the people who campaigned for it! (I mean I'd honestly love for the schedule thing to get nixed and we get that handshake deal people have been clamoring for but I know that whole "sunken cost" thing plays with people's minds and we already have a UI element for it and toast messages and blah, blah, blah.)
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