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  3. With proper training and resources the crafted gear is WAY better than drop gear. Unfortunately if just starting out it is hard to make anything worthwhile. I do hope they make early crafting more comparable.
  4. he should make a #warstories out of it 😀
  5. Our Guild icon doesn't show up correctly. In game It looks like it was shifted downward to force the whole emblem into view instead of clipping it off at the top like I wanted.
  6. Could be a matter of perspective. For me - EVERY major principle that has drawn me to Crowfall is very much in place.
  7. Game development is clearly not a democracy. Listening to feedback or rather opening up communication to receive it has nothing to do with democracy. Ultimately devs and studio/company take all the risk and make the final decisions, it is their future and livelihoods on the line. Look at the link I provided. It is simply asking what classes people have enjoyed playing and an assumed asking of why. AoC class system with 64 "classes" leaves a lot of potential to draw from other games and roles people have enjoyed across games. This has nothing to do with satisfying the population, majority/minority, or any of that. I've seen several suggestions here how to make Promos much more interesting then what we have that don't require reinventing the wheel. Might be 1/10000 ideas but they are out there. I personally wouldn't hand money over to any of these projects if devs had zero intention of using our feedback or at least being welcoming to it. I can just as easily wait for the finished product and decide then if it is worth my money. None of these devs individually have proven they can produce a product that I will enjoy or that can last. Sure they might have been the minds or part of the teams that made some good games, but these games aren't made by single individuals. Luckily the studios have at least attempted to take feedback to a point and again, we already seen changes (improvements) made because of it. Hopefully Frostweaver is worth the wait as it might be one of the more original classes. If not, I'm sure we'll provide feedback for the devs to use or not. Blindly creating a game and relying on whatever population that it might attract can work, but pretty sure every MMO I've played has grown with players in mind. Not a tunnel vision dev. Doesn't mean everyone is going to be happy, but I'd rather seem games have a future then have to close the doors because devs believe their dream is the only option.
  8. If only his vision hadn't changed drastically over the years...
  9. Yesterday
  10. Testing Shield fighter major on an Earthkeeper druid, is it intended for the major to not give the user the ability to block? As I can equip the major but do not get any block ability in the DEF slot.
  11. Just set your offhand weapon as a dagger or axe & you can use the skills without losing your bonus. Only problem you'll have is the poison toxin & the poison from the discipline dont stack if i recall correctly. Currently the minor dot is overwriting the toxin.
  12. Spend $0, register an account and wait for Beta Invites
  13. Crowfall needs some Pink. I miss Blas.
  14. Hey there Community, I was thinking while I`m playing with Vandal Assassin. The final bonus of picking the vandal line is the Crushing Damage Bonus, but its a "poison" user line actually because of the talents (toxicology), but i need to wear Maces right?! Very well, if I would pick some Majors, I would take Poisoner because of my tree choice and maybe black mask, banshee or whatever, but my first pick would be Poisoner, because of toxicology, right? There is no sense the Poisoner Major on this build because i have to use a dagger or axe, but if i do so, i would lose my crushing damage bonus! I`m a bit confused, i have a tree of poison but i cannot use a poisoner major disc. Or my last talent of Vandal assassin tree is wrong, or the poisoner requested weapon is wrong. IF somebody could help and answer something different that make sense for me. Many thanks. KoRNiX
  15. Agree in addition to that my guess is 50% of the time players will be engaged in farming and looting. An auto loot or loot all bind will save players from Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  16. Welcome! Keep in mind that player pop is down right now as most players wait for the big upcoming patch and we generally expect things to get busier from here. Also keep in mind that there will be a wipe once beta hits; It's still very much worth getting into the game and leveling up to 30 to get a feel for the various classes and the game in general. Enjoy~
  17. For clarification on my previous post, yes... @Kraahk is correct. This game, as long as many here have been following it, can tend to have a drop off, population wise so to speak. With the impending wipe of all characters and inventories, many are in a holding pattern. So again, though you may log in with few on, that is not representative of where the game will be, but just where it is in curent development. I myself am coming back from a hiatus and just spending time getting reacclimated. You can level a starting char to max in 2-3 hours or so. You can buy runes and try out different builds rather easily.
  18. Kraahk


    Welcome to the forums. What Surelia said. Plus, maybe watch some streams. Currently Rektluse is streaming Crowfall on a daily base ... with him and the community answering a lot of individual questions (like right now). Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  19. Welcome to the forums. I'll partially repeat what others already said - so please bear with me. It's not dead, but still in development. Next big step (and news) being expected within the next few weeks. If you prefer to have massive action, come back in 1 to 3 months. However, if you don't have registered an account yet, do so - and hurry up before closed beta starts. It will enable you to participate in it for free. Also make sure to use one of the crow-links. You should be able to enter any name of any current backer (case sensitive) into the promo code field, to apply a 10% discount to your already registered account, or enter the according promo code during registration. You don't need to buy right away, the discount will apply even at a later time WHEN you buy a game bundle. You can get the same effect (doesn't stack though) if you join any guild via the web guild interface, before beta starts. Those game bundles currently available in the shop can also be upgraded later. So you can buy the 50 bucks patron bundle now, and upgrade it to the 200 bucks adventurer bundle later (though the discount wont apply to the upgrade then). The latter definitely has the highest price/value ratio of any shop bundles - but you really need to want a manor for your personal EK (housing) or it won't be worth it. Hope this helps. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  20. Surelia


    welcome... look for a guild to join
  21. Himanka


    Here to play and see if it lives up to all to all the hype I've been reading about. In and out of a lot of MMOs since Shadowbane (I was Cho'Gal from Morloch Horde and later Order of the Pink Pansies). Any tips on how not to suck too terribly are welcomed.
  22. What this guy said... but to add... Browse the recruitment forums, try to find some guild that is active, look for a "fit".. believe me it will help you immensly. This game is heavily skewed toward group play. If this game "seems" like it is your cup of tea, spend the fifty. There is a lot to get your head around if you are looking at the entirety of the game and not just PvP. That being said, it depends on your disposable income. I never minded spending the money on games if you look at it as a sheer calculation of entertainment hours derived per dollar spent. For example, I've spent 60 bucks to take the wife and kid to a poorly made socksty I-Max movie that lasts an hour and a half. I guarantee you more value here if you wish to explore the entirety of the game, though it is quite dead at the moment. That may not be a bad thing if you are trying to learn though. The Devs have said a ton will change with the new patch, but not so much that you will not have a firm grasp on basics once the next iteration launches in the next few weeks or so.. Basically it's up to you.
  23. To get on the live server you would only need $50. If you're on the fence wait until the beta patch arrives (soon TM) Since you have an account you may get access to it for free at some point during beta - but if feedback from ppl is good that would be a good time to jump in
  24. Or spend 50 and see how you like it.
  25. and btw Hitler did it very well - we may not like what he has done ( I personally do not) but he has applied that principle and he has managed to create a product that has changed the world.
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