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  2. Important update ExR has merged with STC and technically no longer exists, you can join the "new" guild over here at
  3. Right now I think the most effective spec is Inquisitor, which is the main DPS spec for confessor. They do good damage and provide a bit of CC, and have some flexibility with their kit to bring valuable disciplines like Plague Lord. @Phr00t can shed more light into the class but they are in a good spot right now. You could probably also run the plate confessor spec (sanctifier) but they are a little weaker right now.
  4. Fell through the world in the area of 3901 3111 in Rae. There seems to be a wide area there that you can just fall into.
  5. Today
  6. What pip rotation is optimal usually when your gathering?
  7. Hi guys, was just curious which tree was most efficient in large scale pvp? Also, which is in small scale pvp?
  8. Nope doesn't stack. drinking multiple will just reset the Wined buff
  9. Crafting Station: Wood Refinery does not work - no refines are listed in the crafting menu.
  10. Very helpful, thank you! I am assuming by drinking multiple Bon Tippers the risk reduction doesn't stack?
  11. It reduces the experimentation difficulty by 15 for the next craft. So if the difficulty is 80 it will reduce it to 65. It's the same as Experimentation Difficulty Reduction you find on things like crafting rings. Yes it also lasts for one stage, so if your final item takes 10 experimentation steps you need to drink 10 Bon Tippers total, one for each step.
  12. This is a rare quality, crafted drink. in it's description it says "...increases your Experiment Difficulty Modifier by 15 for your next crafting experiment." Two questions-1) is that a penalty, basically saying you're drunk and making it harder to craft, and 2) Does the effect only last for one crafting experiment? Thanks in advance!
  13. Yesterday
  14. RAE on NA seems to have no mobs or animals att all?
  15. scoring stayed almost the same, some smaller fightattempts with balance, but as we all seemed to have not our prefered setup pushing into guards left us with a few deaths & kills
  16. I have two lodges and a cottage, which came in my bundle, and I'd like to add more just for the heck of it. I've looked at the costs for cottages and its terribly expensive. I feel like you have to group just to build in the EK. Could the costs be reduced? Also, I'm currently under the assumption that craft failures is not activated, because I haven't failed yet. I've only failed with experimentation points.
  17. I dont know about everyone else but for me, im not really looking for a survival game where you need to eat food to stay alive. In other games that are close to the survival sandbox/MMO/rpg style they have the foods give buffs, regen your health, and regen your stamina.I dont think food should impact gameplay other than some buffs to health regen and stamina etc. Aslong as it doesnt make me need to actively be searching for food, when im worrying about other stuff like pvp and gathering or crafting etc then i dont think it will be a huge problem for me. I dont want to play a survival game, i want to play a MMO/RPG/Sandbox hybrid
  18. That would be a fun system - I like pve events like that, where you have a specific goal and that leads to a certain reward (rather than high RNG).
  19. Having a hunger system in place means another system they can adjust to make unique Campaign rulesets later on. For example, there could be a Campaign where hunger rates are hugely increased in Winter to make a more "survival" type world.
  20. - Crafting table at war tribe camps do not work (can't open a crafting menu with them) - never mind apparently there are just random tables that arent actually crafting tables On a side note, An epic (purple) Satyr Artifact Bind gives me 1610 xp at level 28. A stack of 10 epic (purple) Satyr artifact items gives me 1348 xp. If the combine fails you get 350 xp from the rare (blue) bind. The upside of the successful combine is 262 xp but the downside of a flawed assembly is 998xp. Seems like this needs to be adjusted to at least provide the same amount of upside for a success. Why even bother with the combine otherwise? - The adventure zone Rae seems to have no mob spawns
  21. +1 For me it's not really a good news it's just one more thing they simplify to get the gamer easier. all this "little" change seems came from elsewhere....
  22. We used to cap three zones every single night on the NA server before they introduced the grindy parts of the game that exist currently. Those grinds will reduce significantly as they tweak them and add in the other features/systems that are meant to support the grind - but until those exist, I expect the game to remain low pop.
  23. pop was higher 6 months ago or so. But it never had 100 players avarage on a server, so yeah on steam such a game would be considerd "dead" but it is still a pre-alpha testbuild, even the live version. Honstly i dont have any idea when people will playtest this game more, maybe at the 6.0 Alpha start but until than i doubt that the pop will rise signifcantly. Low pop is not ideal for a pvp game. I personally think crowfall is boring and unfun atm, a lot of things have to get better til i consider to play it.
  24. I had posted about this some time ago, but full-on derped and didn't post the requested screenshots. Given the age of the old one, I didn't want to necro a post. I am a 3-screen gamer. I use nVidia's Surround feature to give myself a 5760x1080 resolution. Thankfully, Crowfall has, by design or accident, (more or less) accommodated my resolution; save for one thing. As with some games, the user interface is not centered to the center screen. Because Surround "fools" the system into thinking 3-screens are a single screen, Crowfall expands the game window across all the screens, but does not account for centering the user interface. Are there any plans/intentions to center the interface?
  25. Fashion statement is a negative to stealth to offset the bonus from equipping more necklaces. The thematic expression is that you're more flashy, and thus less stealthy. Originally this disc granted +2 neck slots, and unofficially it was known as "the Mr. T discipline" for the legend that inspired its creation. A man who was much more interested in calling attention to himself and pitying fools. It was nerfed to +1 because +2 neck slots was too powerful. In short, yes it makes sense. you take a penalty to stealth for a bonus to other stats. This makes it a difficult choice to take for stealth based builds, but keep in mind the stealth stat is only ever calculated as an opposition to perception abilities. Having less stealth doesn't matter unless someone is using a stealth detection ability, in which case a combination of their perception stat and your stealth stat determine the range at which you can be successfully seen with such abilities. I haven't tried it but you can easily test if pound of flesh slots in the stealth tray. It is important to note, however, that the way passives work your damage and other effects are calculated based upon your current state and not the state of your character when an effect was applied. For instance, if you equip a damage bonus in your stealth tray that damage bonus will only effect the initial damage dealt from stealth but not any additional damage, like a DoT dealth as a result as every tick of that DoT is based upon your current state, which in this case would be unstealthed. You can observe this effect by testing brigand traps most easily. Equip damage bonuses in your melee tray and none in your ranged tray, hit a target with a trap, and watch the damage ticks drop if you swap to ranged while the dot is still running. This is also why taking a damage minor and only using it for the stealth tray is usually a bad idea, as you are sacrificing a minor slot to effect the damage bonus of a very small number of the overall sources of damage you would need to kill a target.
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