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  2. ... and mushrooms, we always need stacks of mushrooms. They're not as valuable as embers, dust, blood or bone, but a day 1 player and their naked Lv1 vessel is just as good at foraging for mushrooms as the most over-geard veteran.
  3. What the hell? My very first plagiarist! Damn I feel special
  4. Not wearing clothes is the new style, I'm always naked when I play too. I have to be so my druid balls drop
  5. So long as a game has limits on what a player may do with a single account, there will always be advantages for a player with multiple accounts. Even if more work is required to maintain those multiple accounts, there will always be players using that to their advantage. As long as CF has passive skills, vessel limits, storage limits, and import/export limits, players will have multiple accounts. Abolish those things, and players will still have multiple accounts just for the player names.
  6. 1 shotting you guys is also fun when it works. Ranger needs buffed
  7. Today
  8. Chaos pretends it’s not a big deal to win/lose but they try so hard while trying so hard to look they aren’t trying so hard. And then we crush them. That’s enough for me. Exports and baubles and trophies and EKlol stuff and achievements and whatever else couldn’t matter less to me. @Jecht getting mouthy on the forums then finding him in the CW and turning him into a meme. That’s fun. @TowB saying he doesn’t cliff jump then hopping right off a cliff after losing to monchiezz harvester. That’s fun. Chaos zone locking out 76 of 100 spots in our keep zone only to get shut down anyways. That’s fun. uXa, the best ally any guild not in their faction could have, single-handedly motivating all of Balance playing CB to come back because they were trying to manipulate the score with cross faction exploitation. That’s fun. Three-shoting @yianni with balanced ranger. That’s fun. Why do we win? Because we can.
  9. when I came in here I assumed there was going to be some laughs. But all I found were walls of texts I couldn’t see past.
  10. Good day, devs. Some minor issues, sorry if that was already posted. 1) Empowered Mining\Logging\Quarrying\Skining\Digging has missprint. 3 pip consume description and 5 pip consume description should be switched. 2) If champion Leap Slaming from highground he flays forward in the same plane of dimension and have "landing animation", after that he start falling down (if i describe it correctly). 3) Logging knotwood sometimes missing animation and HP loss of "deposit" Thank you for amazing job you've already done and hope to see more fixes later.
  11. Some misogyny, narcissism, a dash of anti-homosexual bigotry and a heaping of religious zealotry all in one post.
  12. You only need one person (at most) to run foreman. Whoever has the best chance of getting gems and minerals, let that person run connoisseur and villein and the other person run foreman and villein.
  13. Well, I think you already got your answer, but the simples one is: There is not a point in winning, even in the real world, the true satisfaction lies within the experience.
  14. The vessel you get from normal character creation is common quality, not legendary. A crafted vessel is a lot better, even a green one.
  15. I really like to be a champion, got a lot of HP, heals, jump a lot... And of course: BEYBLAAAAADE
  16. This. As a team becomes dominant in a campaign, it should be *harder* for them to become more dominant, not easier. Holding all the keeps & forts should result in the winning team spending most of their time running around just maintaining their holdings, while the loosing team with few or no holds to maintain can spend their time farming for loot & resources to build up and hopefully offer a challenge.
  17. Would accomplish the same thing, but I’m pretty sure they wanna test keep sieges still.
  18. When I look at my character, it already have a legendary vessels. Is there any point, currently, to craft Vessels in pre-alpha on a Min/Max perspective, except to try the profession?
  19. yes you are right. people need a small goall as well i didnt mention that cos i thought its obviouse with mmo, but i guess the golden middle is to have mixed them park and sandbox. cos im seek of wow type of games for reasons you ve mantioned and sandbox for having no goals at all, so mixter could be something like disign where you set your own goals but with wider possiblities, cos sandbox has also own goals its and illution that they dont have goals, for example ultimate goal can be richest player or best crafter or most dominant guild or best in arena, but those are goals without ultimate goal. in real world market money all are the same from first look but in fact all money have idea behind them, so when mmo give you goal to become rich for sake of being just rich and walk around a city like an idiot telling everyone - look at me im richest, its so childish, o nreal market all money have idea behind them. stongest army have idea behind them and they proyect idea not just people or houses or president. the image.
  20. Correct, crafting souls into a combat or harvest disc will always yield a blue disc. You can then take 5 of those to make an epic, and 5 of those for legendary. No skills are required, and experimentation is irrelevant. You can fail every assembly for every sub component and the final combne and still get exactly what you're looking for. Or you can use gold to buy 25/125/625 of the common discs from a vendor and merge those into blue/purple/orange respectively.
  21. You are mistaking posts. That one was called "What's the point of whining?"
  22. Right now there is a HUGE piece missing, which will be missing until after the wipes stop happening. EK persistence. Right now the rewards are cosmetic trinkets, and things we can use in the only place that currently matters, the campaign world. There is a whole "get stuff from campaigns for your EK" loop still missing, partly because nobody is going to put in the time making buildings that get wiped, and partly because ACE has given everyone a big enough kit and sample parcels and houses that there is no need to do that yet, and partly because the economy is on a never ending sea-saw while ACE tries to build systems and keeps dramatically shifting economic balance. Bottom line, its still a pre-alpha TEST and systems that support the kind of thing you seem to be looking for, have not been built or addressed, because trying to do so early would be like trying to build a house roof down, rather than ground up.
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