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  2. CHAT in the game: It would be great to see messages from different sources (guild + group + event log, for example) in 1 tab but in different colors (like it is right now). Otherwise, you can't see what is going on in group / guild / zone at the same time. Pretty inconvenient.
  3. Alright, here is some more bug reports: 1. Skill panel is are bugged after big fights - it does not show the cooldown timers. 2. Sometimes there are too many buffs are shown on people in the group 3. It looks like the passive tree exploration does not actually decrease the dodge pip regeneration time: although it says that the regeneration rate is now 10 seconds after you finish the passive learning in this, it actually still regenerates in 11 seconds. 4. Thank you for improving Ghost Army skill like a lot. Although, it still needs some work to be done: (will upload video later)
  4. Today
  5. Oi pessoal Esta guilda BR está a crescer no CF a olhos vistos, boa continuação e se precisarem de alguma coisa é só apitarem malta 👌
  6. Hey ACE, you should let Fae be Rangers. 👀
  7. I agree that walls shouldn't be able to be damaged by hand. The walls should need siege but when 25 people hit 2 guards and don't kill them after 30 seconds there is something off with that. Honestly at the level they were last night a guild wouldn't even be needed to defend 25 because it would take too long to kill all the guards and the siege window would close.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Ivellian is correct, this has not been fixed yet on LIVE as we are still continuing to see it. You MUST cast Heads Up PRIOR to a guinea using burrow in order to show a "burrow" effect while they are underground. If you cast it AFTER, the burrow effect will not be visible. In either case, you will NOT see the guinea unless they jump out of the ground while stealthed. I recommend making another bug report Please continue to enjoy your rat slaying activities.
  10. We've tested this. Mole Hunter will not reveal a burrowed Guinecean if the Guinecean is in stealth before the Mole Hunter buff is activated (unless they jump). Mole Hunter will reveal the burrow effect (dirt throwing) if the buff is activated before the Guinecean enters stealth. I do not believe it has been fixed since Alpin13 posted about it in the 5.110 TEST Bug Reports for 4/23/20 topic on April 25. We have operated on the understanding it has not been fixed.
  11. About maps / Keeps / Garrisons / Forts / Outpost - 2 ideas (copied here from July Q&A) @jtoddcoleman: 1. Don't differentiate a "Siege" map from an "adventure" map. Instead, Put a Keep on each map with the following conditions: 1 large keep 3-4 forts deliberately design the resources to create abundance of a resource or mobs on a Keep and a shortage or total lack of others. i.e. Keep zone, 4 forts, special wood is ONLY 1-2 types, special ore is only 1-2 types, camps are 25-30% of the possible camps & drops, and elders / ancients / kings are x% of total possible. Whoever owns the "keep" can tax the forts / garrisons / outpost as used to be done in the SB Realm system Caravans run on the map generate a "tax" to the Keep owner cluster highest rank resource nodes around an outpost, so you have to control the outpost in order to harvest (motherload cluster with 2 outpost controlling it) (baby ore nodes sprinkled around an outpost). Make a siege engineering building able to craft a short term item to "rank" the out post guards for a specific duration to facilitate harvesting, but not so strong a 10 man force could not defeat it. Make caravan spawns be protect by an outpost, with the siege engineer able to create an item that controls the outpost for x number of spawns, but that can be defeated by a certain size force - not circle standing by one dude. or 2. Keep zone linked leading to an adventure zone (or two) that you must pass by the Keep to get to. Again, deliberately design resource zones versus some random map generator. (guy like me would / could help you design them with an appropriate NDA). Temple x - Leads to 3 of 9 Keep zones each Keep zone has a direct route / run to each adventure zone each adventure zone has resources deliberately designed to have a minority % of resources, with no single Keep zone controlling more than 1/3 of all possible resources make controlling a Keep pay for the owning guild via a tax on the connected adventure zones a longer, backup route to each adventure zone from select temples - heavy with outpost that can be claimed / flipped only once per hour. However, using this alternate / Keep bypass route doesn't pay a tax to the keep. And sieges: base the time windows on a round earth principle. start on the east and make the "windows" EU friendly", next one EST/CST friendly, next one Mountain / Pacific friendly, and so on. Keep in "EU" zone would have a siege window of 12:00 CST to 4:00 pm CST - Window floats until keep is a certain rank then the owner gets to narrow it to a 2 hour window. So on around the map. Attackers "buy" the ability to siege a defender (i.e. plague seed / bane stone) and based on the plague seed rank, they get to set the window of vulnerability. Defenders can buy / build an "exclusion" buff that prohibits crashers or non-affiliated guilds from getting within x distance of siege parcels. The buff could be a massive debuff on unaffiliated players to prevent the infamous nut cupping. Attackers buying / building the plague seed can add in elements that allow x number of allies or y number of nut-cuppers. Make it expensive, and somewhat offsets (but not eliminate) a defensive spire.
  12. Yeah totally mole hunter not underdog xD sorry for lack of concentration
  13. Oh maaan! You are a God! I just though of this today and tried to think of any resource I could get this information. Thanks a lot!
  14. I don't have a glass build! That was on Blackguard with full mail armour and Force Mage as one of my disciplines (for extra barrier + anti-crit + damage buff). If that's hitting me for that much in mail, imagine what it'd do to a full leather cutthroat! I just disagree that Assassin has that kind of damage. Nothing I can do is going to turn my 50 damage toxin into an 800 damage emitter. Nothing is going to compensate for the fact that my melee 5-pip diffusion hits for less than a ranged AoE Volatile.
  15. Yea, TBH, the ease of aim or rather almost total lack of it as a requirement, has been an often brought up topic historically. I think there was even a Q&A where they tried to explain the problems. I think CF runs on Amazon servers (AWS), so I suspect that the limitations (other than hosting costs) would be similar New world in regards to latency.
  16. You are absolutely right about it. Maybe not pixel accurate but for sure not like this which is right now. Plus, there should be a way. New world (I know its amazon) its really really accurate in a server with 200 people. So they might make it possible maybe with server spread around the world so people can get close to low ms.
  17. The problem is, when you rely on a server to tell you where the enemy is, where your actually aiming is (ms latency * distance traveled) away from where you are actually aiming. The reason aim bots and such work on many games, is because the individual client is trusted enough to declare it's own hits. rather than reliance on the server to simply track a shot, and then calculate the places it will travel through. Actually aiming with > 100ms latency is damn near impossible, because that results in a 200 ms round trip, so your client is 1/5th of a second behind at all times, and if you travel 10 Ms, that is 2 meters difference in location at a 90 degree travel direction. PUBG and other games get around this by all sorts of trickery, but the reality is that in a game as complex as this, in terms of "what" is being aimed, from Arrows to AOE damaging effects, with an expected higher population and more complex graphics rendering than shooter games, it's really a HUGE ask to have aiming be pixel point accurate. *Maybe* it is something that can be looked at and improved AFTER the FPS and any network latency is brought under control, but not before.
  18. My mother lode quarrying stat was -0.55 just from my attributes, no skill training at all. After I trained the first pip in one node that increases this stat I get 1.45 (-0.55 + 2) I haven't tested yet if the stat should be positive or negative to improve your mother lode quarrying, but I'm pretty sure attributes and passive training should go in the same direction both.
  19. first the delay for FG needs to be added when free weaving, if you notice in my video when volatile procs from shatter storm theres a nice delay . at least 1s but when free weaving its pretty instant, on the other hand archmage volatile does go off quicker outside of free weaving, like focus proc or shatter proc from capstone. but when AM free weaves it goes off even faster than the procs, the animation doesnt even finish and it goes off. also stable ice turned into volatile is bugged and doesnt do the right damage, and it looks like its hitting twice, unless its the frigid dot goinh off i cant tell turn the playback time down to like .75 or .50 and you can see the difference then frost armor needs to be toned down a bit, i think thatll be a good start before touching the damage on it
  20. I'm sure im going to like it. But I prefer i fully aimed target skills. If I miss I'm just bad and I dont hit the target. I have to be better at aiming.
  21. suggestion wold be nice to make it interactive so when you hover each god it tells you the buff instead of having them all on there
  22. Hey Je veut joindre Je suis deja dans le discord !
  23. Dont forget to add "Unless it's a frost guard, then they just spam their knockdown and your F'd"
  24. Happens to me also. Sometimes going out of a gate and returning fixes it. Sometimes not. Normally I just activate alto run, run against a wall/boulder, and altTab until it gets normal FPS. Couldnt find any logic behind this problem. Here is hoping all performance improvements next build fixes it. I got a good felling about occlusion...
  25. The only thing you’re showcasing is that you have a glass build, which isnt viable presently. As arrogant as it sounds the disciplines you are choosing are also the cause to some of your problems. While a comment you can either listen to or ignore is - the Assasin kit has damage, compliment it with something else from disciplines.
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