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  2. Jesus christ that's a spot on article. I couldn't agree more with everything that was said.
  3. All these new accounts and post feel weird^^ just my feelings..
  4. EjoFink


    Danke Might!! Suchen und sind offen für jeden Casual Mitstreiter. Also meldet euch!!! 😈
  5. Suchen und sind offen für jeden Casual Mitstreiter. 😈
  6. Today
  7. Welcome! We are currently waiting for a new patch / major milestone. TEST-Environment is getting prepared for it atm... https://crowfall.com/en-US/blog/FOUNDERS_UPDATE_JANUARY_2020 You can find Guildrecruitment here: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/ Have fun!
  8. So I am finally getting involved in crowfall after a long time of having backed it and just keeping mild tabs on it. Anything specific i need to know about when its going to go into beta/release etc? Also where is the best place to be looking for a guild? A game like this almost demands guild participation and well I am hoping to find a good one.
  9. We'd like to clarify that the "Valentine's Day Sweet Surprise" teaser in our Kickstarter update this week is related to a cool, upcoming player promotion, not a big news drop about the War of the Gods (5.110) update. We know that everyone is excited about the update - we are, too! - and don't want anyone to be disappointed when the announcement on Feb. 14th isn't connected to 5.110.
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  11. Been in the game a few weeks now and been with STC for most of that time. This guild is for real. Sophia_Scarlett and ZombieGhandi spend so much time and energy trying to make this a guild we can be proud of. From kitting out their members to training us to fight, or coming up with fun tactics for our squads, this really is a guild where their members are taken care of and can feel like part of the team. If you don't mind finding yourself in tough fights and being stretched to your limits in PVP, give STC a try. We will certainly get in over our heads in many fights but we treat every loss as a chance to get better. In the field, ZombieGhandi is relentlessly positive and pretty damn good at keeping us in line. Even if you don't join the guild, check out our discord. Sophia_Scarlett can craft anything in the world and knows more about the game than people should be allowed to know. We are a mercenary guild so you can even hire us to fight along side you! See you all on the battlefield!
  12. Lmao one of the first things I do with my morning routine, get coffee, eat, check news and sports, launch the test server recently, I thought it was patching lmao, oh well soon I guess good luck this week.
  13. I'm all for gear being looted and vessels decaying upon death. Due to the cost of everything though I don't see that happening. People are hardcore until you try to take away their precious goodies. There's little to no risk attacking someone doing PVE or just PVPing in general. Of course the "bring back up" concept works, but that's just not how gaming works for most. Ganking and going after targets that are at a disadvantage is how things go. Hopefully there are a lot of hot spots and POI to fight over and PVPing isn't going after the sheep most of the time.
  14. it will almost certainly drop at the 35 minute mark or some such, just so it can't be noon in any time zone
  15. I hope they spite all of you turds and put it out on a Monday.
  16. Already going to be F2P, wouldn't be surprised by P2W or excessive cash model. My guess is John Smedley's team in San Diego is making it. Waiting for him to call it the new home for SWG fans like he did about H1Z1 Irvine is doing New World and the cancelled Breakaway. Seattle is doing Crucible and Grand Tour game. San Diego doesn't seem to have anything linked to it yet and LOTR game is only other that I know they've mentioned.
  17. Hey all ill try and explain this the best i can. i think it would be a cool/unique idea to add rare additives that only drop x amount of times per campaign that unlocks unique things like thorns on equipment (Not bonus thorn dmg) % life steal on hit for weapons and so on even minor passives could be used aswell. These items will only drop x amount of time per campaign and item used to craft it will be campaign locked (unable to export) this will act as like unique weapon that people would actively use in campaigns and not hide them away never to be seen. There additives will come in different quality and each quality will drop x times in a campaign with random property (They should only drop in spring and summer since there useless in winter cause they wont last long) Per campaign there be dropping they can be dropped from mobs/chests or even harvested. Uncommon 100 these will be small bonuses like exotic metal/wood and thing and will boost stats slightly like minor dmg increase or experimentation and so on. (I like experimentation cause it rather universal just add a small bonus to the modifier) Rare 75 these will start to add unique effects that arnt too strong but can change the gameplay like your sword now do fire dmg % bonus elemental or organic dmg, some weaker version minor disciplines passives and so on. Purples 30 these could give skills from major disciplines either active or passives or grant thorns to armor or poison from attacks and things Legenday 10 these can add strong affects like completely change you weapon dmg type adding bonuses to your cap/dmg type (so 10% bonus slashing dmg and slashing dmg cap). Just some random examples and things just throught it be an interesting idea. Items crafted with these addictives should create a trophies item for the crafter aswell that can be removed from the campaign while the equipable cant be and this can be displayed in EK housing and thing as a trophies of there craft
  18. For me imo to get a good pvp game you need a good PvE that is designed with pvp in mind not an after thought. You need a game that will attracted the PvE player since they are in fact the content for PvPs generaly. Darkfall failed in this regard to keep the PvE players in the game and it eventually died due to lack of population for pvp players to keep themself entertained. You need to strike a balance between the two it a delicate balance aswell. one problem crowfall has atm imo is how the looting works for pvp. Its so heavily in favor of the pvp player risking basicly nothing compared to pve player risking there session time. but this is hard to balance since there you want some kind of player looting in these games however there no reason for somone out to PvP to carry anything at all worth a darn in there inventory. Personaly i think they should make equipment drop aswell however the resource cost to make equipment is much lower along with it durability should help the crafter sell there wares aswell since people would need gear often but then you run into trouble of bank space because people will want spare equipment in there banks.
  19. Leyou technologies is making it. 10 to 1, it will be P2W F2P.
  20. For mmorpg I must agree. I had thought CF was going to avoid that issue with no levels, PvE grinding, being able to jump right in to combat, but they have trended PvE for a while now, I fully expect 5.110 to have more PvE than PvP added. How that will play out I don't know, but as you said history....
  21. Yesterday
  22. Oh Pann didnt close this thread, thursday at noon, confirmed! Those needles still hurts though...
  23. They only rend to wipe when there a huge update that breaks the current build. Its rather rare atm but moving forward they seem to be getting closer and closer to release so they may be a little more frequent or they may not even be another till release.
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