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  2. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    I totally disagree with the "not worth the effort". Even if white advanced gets a lot closer to intermediate in damage output right now a green advanced let you deal about 15% more total damage compared to white (I don't even want to talk about blue). If you think that doing at least 20% more damage is not worth it it's your choice but don't expect others to agree (and yeah the purpose of the nerf is make intermediate weapon closer to white advanced weapon not nerf the increase you get from rarity from everything I've seen).
  3. Please share your experience/thoughts on each spec

    I am playing warden and I am pretty ok playing big and low scale battles. I kinda use more bow than mele but siege battles have different moments where you can be very usefull.
  4. abolish skills and leveling

    sure but this actually the point actually the point so why even increase their disadvantage by such a skill system? Maybe one should try reduce it. Because only a large base of players will keep a game alive. And even Hardcore-players will stop playing if they are all alone, consider it. Buying experience tomes sounds quite interesting though, how does it work?
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  6. abolish skills and leveling

    New player will never be as strong as old player. They will lack knowledge, skill, social contacts and won't even understand which role they want to play in game until they play a month or so. They don't need to be at the same progression level when they are learning. But once they got to the point when they are ready to go hardcore with proper build, guild and gameplay they will have an option to buy experience tomes from other players and catch up on skill training. Skill tree is not designed to be a grinding thing, it is a way to specialise your character in what you want to do and disable ability to be jack of all trades like other games too.
  7. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    Yah, precisely. I don't remember if I saw those intentions quoted exactly and am not gonna wade through hours of video and text, but that seems to be the direction they're headed / continuing in. He didn't have anything to add to the discussion or to refute / address the point I made, he just wanted to get some little cutesy poo shot in, so okay, fine.
  8. Glad to be here!

    Hi @Nebuchad if you're still looking for a guild, check out this section of the forum: Good luck and I hope you will find some friends soon to play with and roam the worlds of Crowfall! Cheers, Minke
  9. Please share your experience/thoughts on each spec

    Well i only played Brigand so far and i'm loving it. Yet i have problems to find my place in bigger battles like Siege or bigger scaled fights. I find it hard to get a good positioning and actually "do something". Even if i have the option to just stay range and shoot into the enemy group it doesn't feel like you are achieving anything with it since your main damage comes from melee/bombs which is kinda hard to do since you are very squishy with a low hp-pool and wearing leather. I often find myself staying at the backline supporting the healers and people that try to get to safety (creating some space with bombs and guarding them a bit) I'm still not sure if it's supposed to be played like this but thats the only thing where i found myself beeing useful in these kind of fights. Maybe more people could share your opinions/thoughts and tell how they play their Specs in these situations. Would be interesting. I haven't tried the other specs but seeing the skills that come with it and reading the experience you guys have/had doesn't make it really appealing.
  10. abolish skills and leveling

    No I'm 100% serious! What is the point of grinding if there are no players, just look at the game right now: 50 players Online, while in Fortnite are up to 1 million players online at the same time. And this is not only because of Alpha state. As I said, grinding should be limited to the personal kingdom. A multiplayer game that requires grinding won't be successful nowadays. Grinding is a single player thing.
  11. abolish skills and leveling

    Okay, you got me. Thought you were serious for a minute but you are just here to troll. Nice job, have a good night
  12. abolish skills and leveling

    the time of grinding-games is over.The era of PvP games has begun: Overwatch, Fortnite, Pubg ... I know you dislike this fact but if you don't adapt even the grinders are disappointed because they will be all alone. Maybe you should even consider limit grinding to a 24 hour process instead of a lifetime process.
  13. abolish skills and leveling

    If I wanted to play deathmatch in an FPS I would play that. No Progression = No Playing. The nerfing of games to satisfy casuals who then get quickly bored and jump to the next shiny thing is exactly why I am interested in crowfall and similar games.
  14. abolish skills and leveling

    if you want this game to become a commercial success with many new players and a broad basis of players you have to get rid of the real-time skill-system and limit progression to a point where new players are 100% as strong as other players after 4-10 days or this game will die a few months after release. There is no way any new player will start playing if he always trails behind because of the skill system and has to grind extensively. Just concentrate on the RvR-aspect and limit grinding to the personal kingdom-part so players who want to grind hard can create big kingdoms.
  15. Guild Bank and Guild Rank

    Guild Bank: With the game set up to require as much cooperation between different types of gatherers and crafters and as difficult as it can be to coordinate groups of people if we had some sort of an in game guild bank that anyone in the guild could deposit resources into (and preferably could be accessed via EK) then that would greatly simplify coordinated group crafting and get rid of needless hassle. If there was some sort of ranking system for withdrawing items from the guild bank that would be even better. Guild Rank: One of my favorite things from back in my Lineage 2 days was the idea of a guild rank with selectable bonuses. Being able to pour resources as a group into leveling your guild (which was insanely expensive and would require rare items in addition to gold) and gain passive buffs gave tangible value to being in a guild other than the existential benefits of group cooperation. As I recall the buffs could also be tiered by guild rank giving rewards to people who were promoted within the guild. I think if Crowfall implemented a similar system along with the option to choose between a small passive buff and perhaps extra member slots to grow a guild that had neared the player cap it would give a lot of value and meaning to guild membership. This would also help level the playing field between zerg guilds and more tightly focused small guilds. I know there is already a similar concept in the works with Relics, Artifacts, and blessings, but as I understand it those rewards would only go to the winners of campaigns. A ranking system that you could pour resources into as a guild would extend similar benefits to all guilds that wanted to work for it and not limit it to only the most powerful and largest guilds.
  16. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    I think he means they will stick to advanced weapons Nerf and discs becoming rare, thus the ease of weapon crafting plummeting and the benefits of doing it not worth the effort.
  17. I agree that we should have more of a see-saw out of the seasons. My reasoning isn't that I can't do something, it's that the trend is to only play the game the first 2 days of a campaign. Yes there are still fights that go on, but the numbers during the spring and summer are higher. From an end game, or rather a maxed harvesting characters standpoint, it should still be hard to harvest some things in winter, like apples; while other things should be easier to acquire.
  18. The War Goes On! Campaign War Suggestions

    Some very good suggestions KanashiGD!
  19. a Revision to Game Play.

    A good idea (imo) is a suggestion given in the proper moment to the right person. And this idea was written in a public suggestion forum, to let all us readers give arguments and share our opinion about it. Therefore no surprise the OP received this information: In conclusion the idea of generalized stealth, by the only point of view which matter here (ACE's point of view), is not good.
  20. I agree it would be interesting to have the seasons have more strategic differences for resources and loot tables. Definitely makes sense from a lore standpoint.
  21. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    The rainbows were nutcupping shortly after server up on Mourning, well before UDL showed up.
  22. They really wanted my FP set
  23. Minotaur Ranger Build - Theorycraft

    Any more information about this build
  24. Good point on the central siege timer. I actually agree with the idea of removing this type of scheduled content. LOTS of other scheduled content that should exist in my opinion though. It should be possible to initiate a siege on a strategic calendar, even if it had start/stop limitations on the timing to keep people from setting sieges to happen in the middle of the night on an NA server for instance. I'm impressed with how LESS broken this game gets each month, and for a game still in Alpha, good on em.
  25. Giving Outposts Area Wide Buffs

    Couldn't agree with this idea more. It is also in alignment with what the devs have previously said they'd like to do by offering area bonuses. I will tell you, i miss the days in Shadowbane when i knew i was strictly in enemy territory but i had to be there to get certain items. In the last interview that was the part that excited me the most, when they discussed adding Disciplines to the loot table, and making some of them more rare than others. Add in a few other types of things outside of disciplines please, because that's not enough in my humble opinion. We need items in the loot table that drive teamwork (Hard NPCs to kill, that spawn at certain times, that owning the area they spawn in allows for you to loot?) The above suggestion creates some nice spice to the area ownership piece. Thanks!
  26. a Revision to Game Play.

    This is the suggestion forums.. I am making a suggestion. They can chose to ignore it, or whatever, but it is still something I think would be a good idea.
  27. It's fine. Nice to conveniently ignore the built in resolution to what you see as a problem. If it makes you not want to play, then take the passives. 1) Take the passives and be a harvester in all seasons 2) Barter for the goods 3) Kill people to take them Sure, right now it's not simple to do some of these. But it is a test environment, and economy and not spirit banking on the fly will go away. Your play-style will allow you to accomplish at least 2 of those.
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