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  3. It seems it's still impossible to hit most green bullseyes when skinning. The problem seems to be that they appear beyond the dead animal body hitbox and so skinning over it doesn't register.
  4. Thank you for the feedback! For me it's about the people we hang out with. We become like those we hang out with, we can either spend them with people that build us up, or... well, toxic gaming communities. My intent is to build a community of people who choose to do better. 🙂 Once the game goes beta (or live) it's going to be easier to lure gamers from other games in. Our main community is the largest discord meditation and mindfulness server on the globe, and we are the group of gamers that are interested in building that community first in Crowfall and eventually through other games. Thanks, ZenPuppy
  5. I didn't say that it was something they consider low priority. I said it is something that I think should be considered a higher priority than it seems to be. Maybe it is a higher priority but it really hasn't seemed like it other than an offhand mention here and there. Best I can do is hope attention is given to it.
  6. I get the frustration, but I don't think it's something they consider low priority. The subject has come up in seemingly every Q&A for the last 6 months. My understanding is that they are waiting on engineering to make it work. Maybe that means it will be ready for 5.110 and maybe not. Fingers crossed.
  7. I mean, we're looking at February so I'm not sure it is a "now" kind of thing. I can tell you from the perspective of a mid sized guild that it really should be higher priority than it feels like it is being set at. Ignoring the person count just required for crafting, right now you have to store your resources/components directly on an account that one person can access. This means that that person needs to be on to be able to access any of those resources. From a crafting stance, this also means you need to have people who own crafters to be on as well. Making a runic book for a confessor requires at least 5 crafters(Wood, Blacksmith, Runecrafter, Leatherworker, and the Jewelcrafter). You can bypass pieces of this by having multiple accounts(which several of us do) but it still requires a lot of time moving things around and logging in and out as well as making sure the correct people are on at the same time/working out transferring things through others. Winterblades did have a work around for a long while that did give us a shared storage of sorts in the EK. We used to use cairns for storing all of our pooled resources that could easily be accessed by jumping into the EK and dropping off resources or picking them up.The reason this does not work anymore is because the time out on logging people out also impacts EKs so we do not have a very reliable way to keep the EK open anymore. Also while this "guild storage" option worked, it had its risks and drained time every couple of days. That is because cairns disappear after 3 days so if you don't reset the cairns, you lose everything that was in that cairn when it went poof. So every 2-2.5 days, we would have to reset them. If it was just a person or two resetting them, this could take an hour or more depending on how many cairns there were(the increased respawn time also impacts EKs making this worse). I think at our max, we had something like 30-40 cairns that we had to cycle every couple of days to make sure we were not losing large amounts of resources. Ultimately we had to drop this method once characters timing out in EKs because we couldn't keep it reliably open. The end result is a lot of man hours spent trying to just manage, move and store resources. Yes, we can make some things work as a fill in option but they are an extreme pain to deal with and really only have got worse. If we're wanting 5.110 to get a lot of people looking at the game again and build interest, having something in place to alleviate some of the time drain/frustration with resource/material storage would be be a very good idea.
  8. I watched the stream for September recently and after hearing about the adjective system the engineers are bringing online, I thought this might be a good way to bring in an attribute that fills a similar gap as the friendly fire system but not quite in the same way. The issues Todd brought up about competitiveness and team size/strength got me thinking... What if there was an adjective that took the combined friendly targets in a parcel, or by proximity (based on what threshold it would seem reasonable for this to occur), giving them a debuff that creates a pulsing chance to take damage. Like an "In the fray" type debuff that approximates a reasonable chance to take damage that would act similarly to a simplified friendly fire system. Since this is literally what the enemy players are experiencing when significantly outnumbered, this randomized/pulsing damage could be a balancing mechanic offsetting some of the larger zergs numerical advantage without it being something structurally predictable that the enemy team could confidently plan around or exploit, while larger zergs could be mindful and still plan around it. Some ways to structure this multiplier so it doesn't feel purely nonsensical might be: 1) having a baseline threshold for the number of friendly targets in the combat tray to activate 2) Stacking the effect based on the duration of time in the combat tray. 3) using a gear check adjective to decide a "danger" level that increases the number of stacks that increase on the previous conditions, possibly with a very limited threshold. E.g. if nearby friendly targets have a danger level of 1, they are in whites or greens, danger level 2 represents greens and blue, and 3 is purple to orange. 4) adding in leadership traits or skills that can offset the effect of the randomized damage, or traits in the combat trees that provide similar effects like another kind of "control" stat that would reduce the stacks given to other nearby friendly players. As an aside, I wouldn't say it should be a jarring amount of damage, or if any amount of damage is jarring then something similarly disruptive applied to larger groupings of players in a similar manner. Ideally something statistically impactful, like bumping into someone except that bump is perhaps reducing your resolve, damaging stamina, or forcing you to restart a chain attack. I'm getting a little off the original mark but ultimately the idea is just about ways to tax players of a larger-than-desired-group size to either force reasonably sized engagements or offset the inherent advantage without providing some generic unmitigable handicap to the smaller team. Just a very rough idea atm but what are your thoughts?
  9. It would be a sort of fitting team. Something to possibly look forward to in the future. Thanks @KDSProm, We are NA players but have talked about the possibility of making friends with some EU guilds given how easy it would be to pop over and help out from time to time.
  10. I was going to ask the same question. It’s been well over a year and a half from the last time I logged into the game. what type of class plays similar to that of a Arms or Fury Warrior in WoW? Also which races would best suit that class? wasn't there like a undo window for each race and class when you had the selected? So you could see what they excelled at? Also seems like the wikis are missing a lot of that info, so any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Great Mindset. It won't be easy as most people are looking for the path of least resistance but once you get a few people with this mind set - they are the gold mine of your online time. Good luck with this project! ❤️ /salute
  12. Good luck in your journey! I really like the mindset NA or EU?
  13. KDS is open for like-minded and loyal players. We are not looking for guild hoppers or guild pixels stealing. We had some unfortunately but that's life in alpha when the main core is not around and we are forced to trust newcomers. We are always looking for Infinite Players! /salute
  14. You going to team up with ROME, or stay split? Watch out for those Huns.
  15. Crowfall is going to be a bit slow while the developers go "heads down" working on the huge update coming next year. Updates are going to be infrequent/nonexistent on the LIVE service of the game while they smash out the next big patch. Lots of exciting stuff on the way though!
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  17. Arkade


    Start in God's Reach, Joveth server. Level up, get some gear, and don't be afraid to ask questions in chat.
  18. I hope to see guild banks or some major work done with inventory to facilitate guild banks in 5.110 Lets be honest here, any system not in 5.110 has much less chance to make launch, hopefully this feature will make the cut.
  19. Gamerdryden


    Hello, i'm a kick starter backer and I have no idea where the state of this game is in. Any info helps (:
  20. Haha, you should have heard our Comms. "So, errr, did anyone make trebs?" "Trebs?" "Errr..." "..." "Ok, has anyone got any catapults?" "..." "...I have a ballista." Eventually someone turned up with a treb or two.
  21. Yes, no doubt about it. That doesn't mean they need to adress them NOW.
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