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  2. Gotta say it does get old. Comes off as patronizing and preachy at the same time. If altruism is your expectation in a PvP game with asset destruction it's going to be a disappointing game for you. In short, you do you. I've got this poorly made socks from my end.
  3. No problem. you will enjoy playing the game . Although there's few spikes in servers and issues with performances. It doesn't take the fun out from it.
  4. Willkommen im Forum und in der Gemeinschaft. Hier gibt es noch einen Mini-Vorstellungsthread, der den Entwicklern vielleicht wertvolle Hinweise geben kann. Viel Spaß und Erfolg dir und deiner Gruppe in Crowfall.
  5. I've counted 6 times @Tinnis that you have accused/chastised people for putting in for a prize even though they already paid for accounts - they are all there for anyone to count , in discord, in Twitch chat and here on the forums (it's actually more than 6 btw) - how about you give it a custard rest already? First of all, there's nothing wrong with wanting to get something for free. Second, not everyone would use the prize themselves, some would give it away, either as a prize to one of their followers, or to a buddy who is still sitting on the fence about playing, and lastly, you are perfectly free to not put in for a prize yourself without poorly made socksting on everyone who thinks differently than you. I like you Tinnis, and you do a lot for this community, and I let this poorly made socks go without saying anything the 1st to 5th times you did it, but for custard's sake man, give your holier-than-though sanctimonious hogwash a custard rest. It's more distasteful and disgusting to me than the idea of someone doing what you have accused them of so many times. Unreal.
  6. I love the depth of this company. If something gets exaggerated ("worst max" stream) it kind of organically leads to a situation in which it will be compensated somehow ("best max" stream). Thats not the usual way, which in my eyes most times would be that companies (or bosses) don't care, things get hushed up or get forgotten. It feels good to see these things happening. Thanks for that.
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  8. maybe its not too late for crowfall tho, i agree that switching the model once the game has launched will not work most likely but its still early in development...
  9. @SirGeorge I'm putting a link to this on my résumé.
  10. Reading your post now it doesn't actually sound like you even disagree with the post you initially quoted. And as I said, no change to a subscription model was suggested in that post. Only that the existing and always promiswd VIP subscription be made more desirable than simply buying more accounts.
  11. Thank-you! It took a while to find music that synced well with various visual elements etc, but I agree, it came out pretty good.
  12. I'm guessing it was probably some mundane detail.
  13. Nice video! Groovin is right, the video really does it for the video.
  14. People should have invested less in higher tier packages and bought accounts with the money instead. It's not like the packages give much of value anyway. I've since realized the hundreds of dollars I put into acquiring EK parcels and castle parts was essentially a waste of money since those things will basically have no functional use in a solo EK. I have like 4 accounts still, but instead I could have had like 6 or 7 accounts and get more value from them in the long term.
  15. We found the issue with Charged powers acquiring their target on button press and not button release. (This affects powers like ranger left clicks, death druid left clicks, druid bear) We also found the issue with Channeled powers not acquiring the target on each pulse of the power. (This affects powers like ranger/duelist rapid fire) Engineering is trying to get fixes in for this weekends builds.
  16. False dilemma, this is a retail game, whose suggested that it be free to play? The Guild Wars model has shown successful, and the industry is almost wholly representative of the decline of subscription access. Fee to pay games create a broken pay to win environment that robs the game of competitive inventive. Beside the fact that nearly no mmo in history as switched to a subscription model from retail successfully, there are a myriad of articles on the failure of trifling mmo market schemes. Making subscriptions and essential sales additives is on the high end of superior games failing utterly. There's a series called death of a game if you want a detailed analysis.
  17. F2P would kill crowfall straight up. Pay dat bot spammer his mah-nee.
  18. That may be one skill that is activating the problem, but I wasn't fighting rangers when it happened to me. I was fighting Templars and Confessors. I was on a druid when the "tints" happened to me. But I don't think that makes a difference as Caenth was on a confessor when it happened to him.
  19. Then there may be hope for you. Because as far as we currently know, this is a country neither ACE nor Travian will cover directly and it is possible that this general area will have a different publisher somewhen in the future who may make more fitting prizes for it. But again, we don't know yet. Just stay tuned to the news about localization and publishers. Thats all i can say right now.
  20. By not their intention, I mean that the ability to hit targets behind you while running away (game breaking). Personal opinion, all skills should check for hit on release/fire of a skill not on activation for charge up style attacks. First, long charge skills which do a lot of damage should not be able to hit a player who effectively identifies the danger and avoids it by dodging or removing line of sight simply because a skill was initiated while they were targeted. Secondly players should not be able to activate an ability then basically avoid all semblance of targeting while running and gunning. Channeled skills which fire multiple times should check for hit at least periodically while the skill is channeled. I understand they made some of these changes to account for latency between what players see on screen (delayed) vs where players truly are on the server, what the devs referred to as soft targeting or targeting assist. I would like to test OPs findings a bit further. Would a charged skill that was activated and targeted correctly still hit a player who uses their iFrame midway through the charge? I think most people would agree with OP that the mechanics demonstrated are fundamentally different than most if not all player expectations.
  21. Ukraine, for us, 50$ it: 8 - 10 days of work
  22. Pending a skill wipe, which the devs have said will happen, and the fact that basic training of fighter/support/magic classes is supposed to be a thing, there should be no issue with the power curve. Also assuming I just ignore training completely how far behind the curve would I really be? 2% 5% 20%? I fully understand the request, but at the same time the playing field is not always the same anyway. What if you train crafting and I train combat, the power curves will be different. Now I get the point of "power potential" and that all things being equal (same training path) a player who starts training later will be less powerful, but the truth is that with the wide range of paths available the power of two fighters will most often not be equal. Ultimately I think its always best to implement the systems and skills when they are ready. Alternative option would be for the devs to allow you to reset/reallocate your training, or to provide a bank of training time that you can allocate however you see fit. Want to see what the difference is between training full combat vs hybrid crafting/combat vs full crafting, then just reset your training. It would allow more quantitative testing, but some would argue that it will simply lead to a "defined meta" and all players will then be taking the same path.
  23. Updated launch date. timeline, schedule, feature list and increase in transparency, as requested Its a long post so i'll help with their new estimated timeline: V3 of the Website (Q3 2017) ElyriaMUD (Q4 2017) Alpha 1 (T1 2018) Server Selection (T1 2018) Settlement / Domain Selection (T2 2018) KoE (T2 2018) Design Experiences (T3 2018) Alpha 2 (T3 2018) Beta 1 (S1 2019) Prologue & CoE Adventure Toolkit (S1 2019) Exposition (S1 2019) Beta 2 (S1/S2 2019) Stress Test (Any paid account)(S2 2019) Launch (S2 2019)
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