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  2. I would assume that when enchanting becomes a thing Fae are probably naturally quite good at it.
  3. [BLiK] Blacklight Knights

    Crowfall Username: Gweed0 Discord Username(If applicable): Gweed0 Timezone & Availability: Fairly regularly most days, in EST timezone How you plan to contribute: Currently working towards blacksmith, always enjoy helping! Tell us a joke: My friend keeps trying to convince me that he's a compulsive liar but I don't believe him.
  4. My EK "Srathors Lawn" Keeps dropping somewhat randomly. Kicking everyone in the EK out to lobby and shutting down.
  5. Oddly enough the EK worked fine tonight - which I was surprised about because it took 25 minutes for me to place a single building in Test. On live tonight I put a lodge down with no issues, moved it, and then moved it again. Then I put another lodge on a nearby parcel and a house right next to it - all in about 2 minutes total time. The issues I was seeing consistently tonight were: (1) The huge lag spikes on the US East live server - seemed to be timed for when a lot of people either logged on or logged off. My guess is stuff has to go from DB to memory and those loads are a MoFo. Also, its not lost on me that everyone logging on tonight also had to go through character creation and half of every faction was in its beachhead at any given moment. Still, I felt the same lag at times all by myself in the middle of the wilderness so it was definitely going server wide. (2) The basic crafting window was jumping around like crazy sometimes and it happened more during the high lag periods. (3) The Fae glide issue still exists where it seems to randomly sometimes stop gliding when you jump off a bank, fall, and take damage from falling + experience dizzyness for a bit. (4) The Fae glide for long periods of time seems to glide for a while then the glide notification disappears for a fraction of a second and reappears. The character graphic seems to briefly fall for a second as well in the brief moment before the Glide notification reappears. This could have been caused by the lag because I didn't notice this at all in Test, but it was super noticeable tonight. (5) Fae glide is one of those things that just fails when if the lag is too high. It didn't fail in my experience if you are already gliding it just continued - much like the wait-a-minute graphics when there is heavy lag and you are running. However, if you try to start to glide during a lag bomb of 500 or more then it simply won't start gliding. Hopefully you have not just jumped off the side of a mountain or anything. Lastly, good job fixing that skill point counter bug that affected the second skill slot in test when you moused over other skills. I tried to make it count in live tonight, but that bug seems to be fixed. ~ Susitna.
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  7. Calling it quits for the night. Not a good first day for the EK at all. Constant Slope too Steep errors followed by loss of ability to move parcels due to Navmesh still being updated errors. Item placement felt bugged all night. At one point the "Temple" parcel became bugged only showing the statue and the sacrifice pools. Experienced issues even launching the EK at one point getting a "failed" message and also getting stuck at 99.1% loading. Experienced a number of random disconnects back to lobby both on US East and in my EK. While on US East I was hearing people's harvesting sounds (doober pickup, weakspot hits, etc) while far away from anyone else as if they were my own. Boars in the Chaos Beachhead were... excitable? Frequently would charge off in random directions as incredible speed mid-combat. Lag started kicking in again around 9pm EST Here's to hoping for a more stable tomorrow!
  8. Templar basic attack change is awful. The motion isn't fluid and it feels clunky. It also bugs out and it will sit there and do the first animation over and over again and therefore you never get a pip. Roll back the change. Even if you fix the bug its still an awful animation. Every templar I've talked to so far (at least 5) hates it.
  9. Now can no longer move Parcels... the dreaded Navmesh error has returned.
  10. anyone else getting stuck at black screen when you launch the game?
  11. Ek Building Placement has me ready to scorch the earth. 1. Experience same as others have mentioned when importing, seems like everything was doubled leading to a lengthy process of getting everything through the overflow, spirit bank and eventually into the world. I still strongly feel like there should be a separate EK only bank/inventory that holds unused Buildings/Parcels. Right now, it can effectively flood your spirit bank and unless you place literally hundreds of items, kiss your Spirit Bank goodbye. - Also, seriously consider prioritizing Parcels over buildings as far as what comes out of Overflow first, as those are far easier to place temporarily to get them out of your inventory than say, 56 castle wall attachment items. 2. Had originally placed the Keep on a City Parcel. Cool. Placed walls randomly on the parcel just to get them out of my inventory so I could get more out of the overflow. Went to place the 2nd Keep that I had, which also did not stack despite having the same name/features/designation as the previous fort, and began getting the "Slope too steep" error no matter where I tried to place it on the City Parcel. Verified multiple times that parcel still had XL Building ticket available. No matter where I tried placing it, same slope error. 3. Placed the Town Parcel and noticed on the map that it, like my Shire Parcel showed buildings that did not actually exist. Attempted to place buildings on the Town Parcel, however, I was only able to place the smaller cottages and even then only in limited places. Everything else gave me the Slope too Steep error. Was unable to place any other buildings on that parcel. 4. Returned to City Parcel and made the fatal error of picking up the Keep. Now, it will not place anywhere on the parcel, including where I just picked it up from. Slope... too... steep. So basically, the story of the EKs is, cool, we can assign Nobles, who can then place their parcels and such... but apparently every one of MY parcels are now considered steep slopes in capable of holding buildings. Unfortunate... and frustrating beyond words.
  12. Black screen again, same issue I had with 5.5 except this time reinstalling game and gfx drivers is not working.
  13. Yesterday
  14. only online a short while without much gameplay but noticed: - when attempting to type or use commands in GLOBAL chat in the lobby - nothing happened [or appears from others] - i can use the recall power correctly even when it displays as counting timer cooldown - numerous times i am getting instantly booted to lobby from a server [even when not doing much, or one on video when spamming jump - not sure if that was releated tho] video and error log attached [e.g. search for "Client was disconnected unexpectedly" - with the skill training "points" and "maximum points" its much harder for someone to work out say the maximum amount of time bank amount - or working out how long a node will take them to fill etc - werent we not meant to see any resource nodes when flying as a dead spirit crow? I don't think that has ever been the case p.s. saw a streamer firing fireballs out of their spirit crow... and 5k rubber banding:
  15. Server stability and netcode so much better! Group fights with 90ppl on the server and it handled the load very well. So very glad you got to this point. Bugs: As others have said, sometimes LMB simply doesn't happen - you hit LMB, your character does nothing. If you move during a combo, you sometimes lose the remaining actions in the combo. I died, and could not release. Had to alt-f4 - when I got back in game, I was a crow at my fort. Not being able to behead anyone until our crafters can make advanced axes is really frustrating. At release with 1x training, it's going to be weeks before you can behead and loot someone. Mino racial berserk does not heal half the dmg taken when it's up. It heals nothing. It does give you a DoT in the right amount after it expires. So you end up taking 50% more dmg than you should. Edit: Server pop hit 100 and the server crapped itself. MSG latency consistently over 3000, often over 5000.
  16. I made a thing

    Yeah so I got bored waiting for 5.6. ok I lied I made two things, this too: very smoky laser cutting (yes cutting not engraving), awesome to see though I'll paint it some day.
  17. Fighting boars, and I couldn't get it to do that either. Standing there taking boar hits, health just kept dropping with berserk up.
  18. You regain Health that is lost while Berserk, not Health that was lost prior to using Berserk.
  19. elf and faerie having the same benefits also bugs me... zzz
  20. Keep gates have no interact prompt or sparklies on the inside. The sparklies appear on the top of the wall, but there's no prompt up there. Survivalist Rune - Burst of Strength Power - Activation sound effect is gone.
  21. Myrmidon Berserk does 0 healing currently. At least according to the tooltip it should be regenerating health while active, but even with about 1/2 health there is no sign of any health regeneration.
  22. The Spawner in my EK despawn and there whole in my world were it should be Also players can't now spawn in my ek.
  23. Occasionally hearing doober pickups from someone else as if I picked them up myself. Not grouped, and I don't see any players around me.
  24. Opps I accidentally ran the test client... lol sorry.
  25. Welcome! Feel free to continue using this thread to report bugs. You may also find this forum useful since you might need a bit more direction on how to play.
  26. These fellows are there to help facilitate quicker testing and faster bug reporting. They have an assortment of goodies available for free, and that is as designed. They should only be appearing in the Test Client.
  27. The Blacksmithing station doesn't include the Metal Billet recipe.
  28. Are the vendors in the 5.6.1 campaign intended to have stacks of 20k gold and 20k dust exchanging for 0 gold? It seems like this will make the player vendor economy (such as it is) totally untenable.
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