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  2. It doesn't matter because the game uses your account name... But I name my vessels during testing.. Lab Rat ....
  3. This is awesome. Keep them coming if anyone else has any good resources.
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  5. @Wildflower You might want to contact the support, your account is probably not flagged right.
  6. Hey, Wildflower here... I bought a early access pledge on friday and paid with sofort... but i still cannot download the game... Still happy to be here ^^
  7. the malekai project did an incredible job for a lot of theory crafting needs
  8. Every vessel will have a racial passive, that is always on. That's the extra passive and active slot for humans or the trailmaster for elken, in addition you get a metric ton of passives of which only 3 are active at a time. so 3 standart passives + 1 racial passive
  9. This is awesome thank you sir.
  10. I'm an amateur gamer at best (really only Shadowbane and SC1) so I apologize if I ask stupid questions. Right now I'm struggling finding actual useful information because so much has been changed. One example is Wikis still showing characters as archetypes. Is it possible to have outdated information at least wiped out if not updated? Especially if the information is being linked to by the official website. Since I don't have a computer that can load Crowfall yet I'm trying to find out as much as I can without actually participating in testing and it can be frustrating to find out the information is inaccurate. Also so many improvements are much better than the original plan and I wonder if people looking into the game would be more impressed if they are shown how things really are now. What do you all think?
  11. so what will happen at realese ? 4 standart passive + 1 racial passive + ( 1 extra power slot if you are human ) = 5 or 6 passive at the end? Is there a topic writen by ACE about this ?
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  13. pour qoui`? ca n'est pas des personnes
  14. Jap bin ganz bei dir - nur eben ist der Aspekt des Spiels der mich vorallem reizt schon da - kämpfen und töten - das mit dem Looten versteh ich ned , da der hartgesottene Spieler sowieso alles haben müsste :), für meinen Teil : ich töte dich als eine Art Begrüßung: grundsätzlich mach ich sowas einmal pro Spieler (wahrscheinlich so ein dicke Eier Ding xD) danach nurmehr sollt ich angegriffen werden . Wir befinden uns nicht nur in der pre-alpha sondern auch in der Ruhe vor dem Sturm - da der nächste sehnsüchtig erwartete Patch ordentlich krachen wird. Soweit so gut : schön, dass du (noch) da bist!
  15. Sind hier noch welche Aktiv?
  16. I really gotta say, that I also enjoy the current summoning animation and it's dedicated motion style for different gatherings. I would like to no have the repeating loop of gathering motions being to short. If u have like motion a, motion a , motion a( gaining speed), motion b, motion b (being into it now), motion c [I think there were three different motions, no?] I would find that really cool. Because if u cycle too fast, it doesn't really feel special, or even realistic, because when u do something, over and over again, u don't change ur motions with every repition. But u do after some time, to reduce strain. Otherwise I'm looking forward to testing out the new system, it looks promising.
  17. Some believe, that the cold is taking something away from u. That it carries the hunger with it. I believe different. For those who embrace the cold, it offers something new. Something exciting. Something that feels almost romantic, enchanted, otherworldly. To me, it doesn't really matter where this feeling, this magic, comes from. If it is the power of a higher being, giving it's blessing to the few allowed to experience it, or if it is the hunger, creeping into ur body and spirit. Or even some other power taking hold inside of u. There is no need to be frozen by the fear of the unknown source. Fear is after all just another power, to be used by those, who are ready to step beyond the known.If there is a drive, there will be a path, no matter it's form. No matter the hardships that one has to face, Because in hardship ,there is chance. And in chance lies opportunity, always. When the cold starts to make itself known, u have a choice, go back to ur warm,known, safe place, seek the comfort of a group, or stand up and face it, knowing that there will be others paralyzed by the cold, waiting for it to pass. This world we are living in, it doesn't move as fast, when the cold is there. But I do. And those who don't move, are easy prey. There are not many predators, stalking prey, at this time. Even more opportunity for me. Once u started to move, u can hardly stop. Like a big construct, set to burn the cold away. Maybe smaller, but still moving. A beacon of it's own. A light in this dark and frosty morning atmosphere. A rolling steam, catching u of guard. The boar didn't even realize that it couldn't move any longer, or that it didn't feel. It never woke, because it did not move. It had no reason to. But I do. Survival is a basic instinct, but without a vision, it is not enough drive. My dagger has a purpose, so do my arrows, which won't miss their mark. Even if we crows are nearly eternal, this vessel is not. I will always pick up a weapon, to fight for what I believe in.But there is no reason to lose the power we have and increase it, getting stronger and growing, beyond what we are. Some get lazy, because they believe that next time, they will succeed. This vessel is strong - almost like it's blessed. I can hunt very well and I can find out so much about this world, even if it's unfriendly to others. I won't waste my opportunities and I will embrace my failures, for they are reminders and offer chances.My cloak and my armor protect me, my vision drives me and my soul burns. It is almost like a hunger, but not like the one ending this world - Or are they the same? It's driving me and it fills me up with so much energy, like an endless reservoir. Heating up everything around me. When I move, others do as well, or at least they will. Because the force that carries me, is greater then myself. It move through me, almost like I'm doing it's work. But that's ok, somebody has to and somebody will. Even now, I explore everything, I remember every landmark and I copy everything down on my map, so that others will understand, what I saw, where I went, what I found. I bring food - the prey didn't even know, that it was hunted - for myself and those who need it. I gather, because there is nobody to fight for it, paralyzed as they are currently. ll these resources are there to be used and I'm the one, who will find them, so others can use them. I have no need to create something material, cause there are multiple ways, to create and support others. There are a lot of ways, ones name will be known and spoken off. After all, the word was and will be. Always. Eternal. Surviving even the crows. I feel like it's time. Time to give, what this world gave to us. The power we got, we will give it back. Everyday. That's just Balance's way. Always giving, always taking, always just and always benevolent, to those, who believe. May this cloak and armor protect me, what I need protecting from. May these Weapons allow me to destroy my enemies, for their time has come. May my will stay steady, for I have to move. May my soul always burn and show others it's magnificence. May I help this world , as it helped me. May I give live, like live was given to me. May I find the rest that I need, but not before it is time, cause there will be other days, other mornings to use, other times to be lived in.
  18. Terzo video della serie. Probibilmente meno accurato degli altri, ma nell'attesa della 5.3 non ci sono molti stimoli a soffermarsi a lungo sulle successive 5.2.x
  19. Good morning ppl of the internet,who passed by this site ,still test out crowfall and are looking for some interaction with other ppl on the forum and ingame. If u happen to be crafting on the EU-server and still have an interest for experimentation, or a need for further mats , I would like to interact with u. Like the junky meets his dealer every so often, I have the need to get rid of some stuff. There are no shenanigans going on here, just a harvester looking to find a crafter. Giving him a fix for his leaking expenses and some more objects to tinker with. If u are interested feel free to answer or msg me.
  20. I rarely have the time to visit the forums anymore but, I'd like to see a couple of changes to the crafting system. First, I love the SWG style component and experimentation system but, it's nearly impossible to find subcomponents unless you already know where to look. Please restructure the crafting GUI to allow easier access to subcomponent recipes. If I'm crafting an axe to chop trees I should be able to click on an "axe" recipe and then build it from sub menus without ever leaving the recipe page. Also, since harvesting tools will be separate now, please get rid of the upgrade path for basic tools. It works in minecraft because you rarely ever have to start from scratch but, in Crowfall it feels like punishment when you break a tool. The rest of it sounds good. Action harvesting is a big upgrade. It might be fun to have harvesting stats available on other weapon types so people can chop trees with a champion axe.
  21. you guys got 12 mill funding, where are the players? where are the mobs? where is the promotional advertising? get your poorly made socks together, I'm tire of these early access hogwash ass games that never even launch.
  22. A long time ago, I brought up ACE's unique monetizing opportunity for MMOs, in their temporary CW system. They could charge a nominal amount for entering a Crow into any particular CW. You want alts in it? You pay for every one of them, every CW, with limited imports and exports. So you are constantly charged for having alts. You want to join longer CWs? Pay a bit more. Make VIP yield free entrance into three simultaneous CWs. What this would do for P2W issues, I'm not sure. All signs point to them not going this direction, in part because of their fidelity to early Kickstarter advertising about "pay once, play forever." I think that revisiting the financial system is not unwarranted, because years have passed, and situations change. Kickstarter was only ever a general vision on every other front, I do not see why financial systems should be omitted from improvement. "Pay once, play forever" - Allow all players to have permanent access to the EKs, not to CWs. I'd pay ten dollars to enter a three-month CW or three dollars to enter a three-week CW, or whatever. I'd pay for VIP to be able to have the entrance fee waived. Somewhere monetarily in between subscription and pay once. Could just be me, but it still seems like a great opportunity...
  23. I agree with Krakken Maybe you could save it in the bottom of a desk drawer, and rescue it later, adapted as some kind of rugby minigame
  24. If holding a button isn't click intensive, I don't know what intensive means :x
  25. I'd rather focus on the game issues than argue with someone that clearly has no idea what they are talking about.
  26. For me, it isn't so much the number of clicks as the forced attention to a mindless task. I have hundreds hours in Warcraft 2, Starcraft, and over 4k hours in Dota2. It is not about a lot of clicking, it is about that clicking being engaging. Moving squads of units around the map or microing my summoned units is requires focus, attention, decision making, reaction, etc. Clicking (or clicking and holding) requires none of these things. Agreed, I have not given up hope, the game is still in very active dev and I am exciting they changed it from "F to interact", perhaps more changes will be coming down the pipeline!
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