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  2. What’s more bannable?

    I did all griefing possible scenarios in pvp games as well as other persons did with me some of em also What can I say? I like it. No griefing - no hate - no pvp. Pvp just for pvp has no reason And nothing from and for griefing should be bannable. Hard griefing = mechanic abuse. So, broken game mechanic's should get fixed. It is developer's fault, not players
  3. Welcome to the forums. If you are not sure wether you should join or not, i would recommend to wait a bit longer, too. The exciting days, when nobody knew what and how the game would be at all, when every single news was just mindblowing, those days are over. And if what you can already see is not enough for you, the current testing most probably won't be either. Doesn't mean that the game will be bad. I am sure it will be great. But Crowfall uses some kind of focussed testing for it's pre-alpha tests. Meaning, even if a system has already been tested, it might not be in the current test (or degraded to some degree) because the current focus is something else. Which is useful to get specific test data, but don't feel like the progression you usually have in an alpha or beta (the old stuff + more stuff in the next patch). So it doesn't feel "round". This will surely change during alpha, which should come within the next few months. Once the gameloop is in, it should feel far better than right now. And create enough hype to get enough people into testing. If you tested Landmark, you might be interested in checking out Dual Universe. Landmark in space. Basically the same (partially less) building possibilities, but with the ability to create movable buildings (like space ships and so on). Currently in Alpha.
  4. What’s more bannable?

    childs play. i used npc zombies to friendly fire an allied fort tark set up a faction cctv private twitch camera etc
  5. After a few days of playing, I am starting to get the hang of this. The big thing is remembering to train your skills, the training is very similar to Eve Online so I am fairly familiar with the concept. A problem I have run across is getting stuck in respawning objects, as a wood elf I can dissipate out but I have had to rescue a few stuck people who could not do that. Some of the tricks people tell you in chat do not seem to always work and players are left to the mercy of others. The crafting is a little grindy, but I am guessing it is supposed to be a co-op effort later down the line with guildmates helping each other out. It still feels like there is a bit of a steep learning curve with the mechanics but being able to stick around the beachhead is helpful to be able to get your bearings.
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  7. What’s more bannable?

    Haha now this is what i call payback. You are right that ACE should look at it though. If you time it right you can even lock a whole group inside a building. Creating multiple exits would help but wouldnt solve the underlying problem. I cant think of any better solution though. The /stuck command could work but i think the use of commands should be avoided whenever possible. BTW can windows be used to exit a building? I think i never saw someone going through them. Creating a option for closing/opening them (from inside only?) could also be interesting and open some gameplay options.
  8. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    Hey Macross, Based on your description of your gaming style I'll say that you would fit perfectly with many of our members If you are still interested than drop an application on our website and we will take it from there! /salute
  9. RIP Obs LoD

    Really sad news and a great loss! My condolences to all that knew him! /salute
  10. Happy Bday then, see you next week
  11. I don't like that it requires stamina to harvest resources, I'm already doing a mundane task, I don't want to have to wait for my stamina bar to fill up to start hitting resources again. Also my very first impressions are that this game is going to be a total grindfest/harvest simulator and that is very very off putting.
  12. Community Skirmishes 27th of January

    I'm sorry guys, but on the 27th it's my birthday and I'll be celebrating it, see you at the next event.
  13. Community Skirmishes 27th of January

    +1 I'll be there.
  14. Hey everyone, we're back with more community skirmishes!Great turn up last week! I think we ended up with like 35 people? It was amazing! We'll try to pick it up again as a weekly event, with all these new players we thought it was a good idea to start up again.We do this because we want to spark some life into the european community, but US people are welcome as well.This event will take place Saturday the 27th of January.We will try and host this every week, in one of our EKs (hosting 40 people max atm).Our guild, Caldera will host the event, and we'll make sure everyone that shows up, gets to play. NOTE THE TIME FRAME HAS BEEN MOVED 1 HOUR FROM LAST WEEKIt starts at 21:00 CET/CEST till 23:00 CET/CEST. (that is central european time)If you're in doubt of your timezone compared to this, use UP HERE: SIGN UP SHEETEveryone is welcome, no matter your experience! Simple rules:- Join the Discord here: - We will use voice communication for the event, if you can't be on discord you can't participate.- Be on time, preferably 5-10 minutes before! We have 40 spots, but it's always nice to start on time.- Bring your own gear. (Some people use advanced, some basic, whatever you can afford to lose).- Do not loot anyone in this practice, if you loot you get kicked.If you want to stream the event, let me know or comment on this thread, then I'll add you to the list.The event will probably be streamed by multiple people, (I will stream the event for sure):Yumx(Guild Caldera) - Flex player Shadiz(Guild Soultribe) - Flex player Scorn(Guild Winterblades) - Flex playerArawulf - Knight?Cozmo - Cleric playerDMentia - Templar? Let's have some fun again guys!Highlights and VODs from last week:Yumx(Myrmidon point of view): Video: 16v16 Fight! - Video: Multigroup Fight! - Video: Stack up C with our fists! - VODShadiz(Duelist point of view): Clip: BANSHEE FEST! - VOD Anthrage(Druid point of view): Video: 16v16 Fight 1! - Video: 16v16 Fight 2! - Video: Multi group Fight! DMentia(Templar point of view): Video: Multigroup Fight! - VOD Arawulf(Knight point of view): Clip: Ghost Army Opener! - VOD Cozmo(Cleric point of view): VOD
  15. cant login

    Testers 2 8 post I'm trying to download the game client. After unzipping and running, a black "patcher" window opens and nothing happens. I have tried deleting and re-running, but the same thing happensand . i have a nice pc, dont have antivirus,,, Any suggestions?
  16. What’s more bannable?

    Hehe. There might be some people, if we’re taking names for real message me. I’ve gotten to the point where I take it quite seriously and if I’m in a group, I have to kindly let them know I intent to spend the foreseeable future following said player, and implementing the “choices have consequences” plan. Like the new troll yesterday who thought he could just 5 finger discount everything from several people (we weren’t the only victims). Then kite me around, went into a house and realized when I stand in the door, he’s in an adults version of time out.... I offered a /trade for him to “post bail” but then wanted to cry in global that he didn’t care he was locked in a house. He tried to act like he didn’t care and logged out for about 20 minutes and upon logging back in he realized I had started a 2 hour crafting session in support of my guild. There was some more crying and a /trade was offered to him again. At the end of the day, he tried to talk the big game but ended up logging out a while later. I got some crafting done and had a series of nice screen shots to pass along to my guild so when our members are around they can be aware of any repeat offenders. P.S. I might have found a bug/exploit. ACE may want to implement a /stuck function, or add back doors if they don’t condone collision detection blocking of doorways.
  17. What’s more bannable?

    The problem is less to do with what the players did and more to do with 1980's Boar AI programming. The Boar should have been freaking disgruntled off to the point anyone near would have been at risk . . . just like IRL.
  18. New player looking for guild!
  19. What’s more bannable?

    Conspiracy theories incoming! @Xpade we'll need a list of all the players who might wish you harm or want some revenge
  20. Constantly Disconnecting

    Following Up: I found out you can use Global chat without connecting to a World. Which is nice. I spoke to someone and they said running CrowFall with Administration privileges would fix it. They were correct!
  21. Hey there! Just installed. Running ... 5.3.5-12504-5A748084 -- 12/28/2017 5:32PM Every time I login, username/password/2FA ... I can sit at the loading screen for a few seconds... then I get booted. If I try to connect to ANY worlds, I get instantly disconnected. It just says "Connection Lost!" Three questions: 1. What information can I provide to help the developers here? 2. Is this the right place to post it? 3. Is this just because I'm trying to play and the servers are down or something? They say online.
  22. A lot of people think this. I'm honestly not sure how easy it is to fix something like this later down the line, or if it is something that should be tackled early on. I believe feel of combat things should be priority though. Combat #1
  23. What’s more bannable?

    Maybe this can be yet another ruleset deviation. I'd rather ninjalooting be allowed on a full FF FFA server, while I don't see the OP's scenario as bannable, it is poor game design on ACE's part (if this were a live game and not pre-alpha testing)
  24. What’s more bannable?

    Doobers not being bound to the harvester is a game design decision which fits into the basic design goal to raise conflicts. You had a conflict. Misson accomplished.
  25. Changing My Guild Symbol

    Don't delete your guild. If you bought expanded symbols after you already created the guild and it's crest, you should be able to change your crest once. If not, you might have to get entitled manually and should contact to get it done.
  26. What’s more bannable?

    So you kill boars and gut them in their habitat, then you strip the hide off their carcass and leave them to rot in the sun. BUT when YOU need to murder one of your own, and YOU can't get the job done, you have the boar do it it instead. Can you not see your own immorality? May your pack pigs slip their chains of servitude and gore you in your bed in the middle of the night and scatter your doobers all over the manor carpets. Suggesting that in-game stealing, and training mobs, or griefing for that matter, requires Dev action or interaction, should be the ban-able offense. Did ya ever consider that the doob-stealer was the Alt of one of your friends or party members?
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