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  2. In the overall market the lines are definitely blurred, I just wanted to clarify for people that regarding crowfall itself soft launch will come after beta based on their usage of the words.
  3. I am pretty sure @thomasblair bugged my toon on purpose as I was close to unraveling the Heartwood table for rank 8 trees including some 'oddities' about yew wood give heartwood out at 1.5X the rate of Spruce. Well played .....
  4. Developers are really blurring the lines on this subject. Steam Early Access is basically a playable Beta and you could argue it's a Soft Launch. Survival games are making many gamers wary of this concept with their "forever beta" state. Not trying to take a stance on the topic, I just think it is unclear in today's gaming market.
  5. A few Sanctus members and myself will be running an impromptu guild night on the TEST server tonight. The event will be streamed at 9pm EST on
  6. What are the rough plans for this week? Test Server shutdown going to happen? When? What day? What Time on that day? Test running over the Holiday? Live getting the 5.3 patch on Wednesday? Cats and Dogs living together?
  7. Stornborn Rangers

    If a giant cow can be a ranger let's throw us Stoneborn a bone. A range scout with limited stealth would complete our racial Stoneborn guild's handicap vs range and more importantly stealth. The oldest race made of raw earth and living tree, with skin of living stone and beards of twisted vines and earthen roots has more in tuned with the earth and forest than any other current race able to play as a ranger.
  8. Progression and Release

    When the game releases they will do a wipe and then you will keep your skill training progression from there on out. That will be the point they call "soft launch".
  9. Dregs should be the most important band for launch, it was part of the KS core module, yet for whatever reason it is getting watered down and will probably just be cut in favor of shadows. Also the person you quoted said soft launch (start of beta)... Soft launch and beta are definitely two completely different things.
  10. My suggestions as of November.

    You are forgetting that the active playerbase is tiny and is often majority "whiners" in many games. You may have no worries about it but some of us do because we think the game should be further along than it is or that it has made enough missteps to set itself back too much.
  11. Some additional bugs: Crafting Duelist Pistols have a "minimum damage" modifier instead of just a "damage modifier." Training Basic Experimentation Points do not give the number of points shown in the tool tips Duelist Many of the Duelist damage powers are not being modified by the weapon equipped. Attributes Constitution is not effecting HPs Harvesting I'm frequently getting a "permanent weak spot" which appears on my screen and won't go away after the node is destroyed. This seems to occur most frequently when harvesting in a group. Once its up, I can't see other weak spots. I have to relog to get it to disappear. I like the yield from motherloads now (its all white, but the yield is worth the time and investment). The use of Foreman is essential to the motherloads. Disciplines There is a Rescue bug which allows the invulnerability to death to persist beyond the 10s its suppose to. There is no animation to show that the Arcane Archer root has effected the target (although there is a tick of damage done when it lands) Naiad's fountain does not have a blue circle showing area of effect and the animation is still the druid ball Runecaster's Sanctuary has no blue circle showing area of effect
  12. I say this again and again, but Crowfall doesn't have much meat on the bones. To release this game without 4, 5 and 6 is to ensure people get bored quickly and move on. When they do, they won't come back. This is a PVP game, yet Shadows and Dregs aren't important for launch? In PVP focused games mobility is very important, but we won't release mounts? This game is built around crafting and currently it is super tedious and time consuming, but we won't release factories and workbenches? I know we are just speculating here, but I absolutely believe 4, 5 and 6 are essential for launch. I also believe soft launches are bad, its like saying i'm releasing my game, but I know its not in great state so I won't tell you it is a full launch to lower your expectations. Soft launches kill hype imo. Personally, I have never returned for an official launch after playing a soft launch. Now we can all say game development is hard and cut ACE a lot of slack. The fact of the matter is, they secured more funding then they ever anticipated and promised stretch goals on their Kickstarter. Remember, ACE created the stretch goals and the initial timeline. It is also ACE who has failed to deliver both. They are way past their release date and still waiting and they will probably never address some of the stretch goals they have promised. Who are you holding accountable? Little recap of questionable stretch goals: Mounts & Caravans Pack Animal for Everyone God's Reach, Artifacts & Relics VR Headset Support: gimme a minute here, I am still laughing about this one. Infected Ruleset Tournament System Combat-Enabled Pets
  13. Oldies v. Newbies balancing

    So i finally got what i've deserved
  14. Today
  15. When working properly, i do not think that rescue is OP. Sometimes it saves someone, sometimes not. Just cause someone is close to death and they get hit with rescue does not mean they will be alive 10s later. Keep the damage on them and rescue does nothing other than delay the inevitable. The only way it saves them is if the rescue gets off and they escape/get peels and get more heals. Clerics have a real issue with this cause of their HOT-y nature, the only thing that might help in terms of healing output is their healing Ult. Druids need prep work before the rescue goes off and time to get more heals, a lot more than 5s. Wisp + Rain > 5s. It does what it is supposed to do, and i think that the 10s is fine. That said... I wouldn't be opposed to the reduction in length.. OR... giving it a 1 proc limit... The 45s Cool Down time justifies it's current strength. And while not OP, IMO, it adds to the fun healing. Getting a death save off and keeping that person up is REALLY gratifying as a healer. The brokeness of Rescue is really exaggerating this as you can pop it on someone and it won't go away till it procs.
  16. Sadly, this has also been my experience. I've made it into the world, the character selection, the skill trees, etc. But each time after a few seconds I get disconnected before I can do much.
  17. centaur celric can cast 2 Aura buffs at the same time one Legion one cleric stat prove also the stats are diffrent when alone or in group ?! im getting more attack power solo
  18. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    Closing this thread since it's gone so far away from the original topic.
  19. Duelist basic attack

    Closing this duplicate thread. Please join this thread already in progress.
  20. Progression and Release

    Thanks for you feedback.
  21. Anyone else think rescue is too powerful? Even if it's not bugged it's 10 seconds where you can't be killed, right? Pretty much every group needs 2 of these right now. If you only have 1 then whoever doesn't have it will get focused because you can't rescue yourself. 8-10 seconds is about all the time you need to get someone from the brink of death to 50-75% hitpoints with 2 healers. Seems like the duration should be more like 5 seconds instead of 10 especially considering ACE likes to buff/nerf on a double or half basis.
  22. Problems entering a world

    Welcome to the forum. I get this all the time. But usually it resolves itself after some time. Having tested it on several machines, for me it looks like a simple loading-the-world issue. Depending on how fast the machine was, the sky vanished and was replaced by the world faster - between several minutes and several seconds. So my suggestion would be to wait for the world to load. It also may help to close the game after this error and start it again (try it several times, to get better results). Might be annoying, but hey - pre-alpha testing. If it doesn't work, you should (like always when not able to run the game) contact They will probably ask you to send this or that log file and tell you what your individual problem is (like not updated graphics drivers) and how you may be able to solve it. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  23. My suggestions as of November.

    There was a few weeks last spring/summer where the melee hit box was a pin point... you could miss 9 times out of 10 standing right next to someone... like hitting a harvest weak point while both you and the node are moving, that tight. If that is the supposed "complaining" you are talking about then you are wrong... it was a very short period and was changed in days. I have no worry that they will adjust these kinds of things to fit the active playerbase and not some whiners. Hit boxes need to be the same size as the body imo and the raycasting thing where you can hold LMB while moving and only be aimed within 5 m of the target for continued hits (target lock), even around LOS corners, needs to go.
  24. Sugoi vs -W- vs UDL/LoD/HoA+1

    Yeah, I thought Qberto was with you guys. -W- had a 6th, @Hyriol but he stayed below ground the entire time just snaring and giving us a piercing debuff. That still counts even if your name can't be seen! But yeah.. that rescue bug is pretty annoying... i'm fairly certain Snuffles would have gone down near the end there had rescue not been bugged. Fingers crossed it's fixed next patch. Good fights
  25. Whenever I try to enter a world or a campaign, I get a loading screen followed by this: Anyone had the same issure? And if yes, how did they solve it?
  26. Top duelist issues in current testing environment

    Bard has become a required discipline as we are too dam slow without it... Their is an issue with pistol damage.. check your formulas.
  27. When crafting pistols the Trigger has a main stat of weapon efficiency. When the only class that can use it is a pip class that doesn't use weapon efficiency. Pistol shot doesn't have a reference as to what shot you are on 1/2/3. Are the stats published on the character sheet only in reference to base attributes? are they not dynamic.
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