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    That's not how games of any scale are made. There are always multiple features being worked on at the same time and not all features are equivalent costs or built by the same people. Some features are so big or need to be outsourced and need tons of lead time. Bentley for example started on the Ektool and building placement last summer. It took almost a year to get those systems built. If we had waited until this summer to start that effort, EK's wouldn't have happened. Basically you need to have a strategic plan for long term and a tactical plan for the emergencies. It is certainly a challenge maintaining the Live environment at the same time as implementing new features because some weeks we have to break things, or inadvertently break things. This is going to continue to happen. For example: I needed a way a make a rectangle DM have a non uniform size for one of the Banshee powers (So I could make it wide and not high). Engineering implemented this for me by making all DM's a vector3 instead of a vector2. Unfortunately we didn't go and update the powers data for every single rectangle and raycast in the game. Which sadly used that new field (which had defaulted to 0) for length of the ray or rectangle. This meant the DM would gather all targets within 0m. This is why many powers were broken last weekend but not all of them. If all powers had been broken we would have caught it in internal testing. While it sucks to have a few bad playtests, have faith we will get those issues ironed out as we can while also pushing towards the larger strategic goals.
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    Floating nameplate UIs will be addressed when we update the Combat HUD to be movable, and customizable with various visual styles (different bar styles, hiding/showing text elements, etc). Those systems are linked. It's not far away!
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    I know It will be a grand day when this is addressed. Let me champion it and see if it can be moved up.
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    A compilation of the fights I found that I think deserves a spotlight.
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    We've had a whole series of problems and bugs that make keeping the test up less than viable. That said, the EK's are still available to Alpha 2 and higher test groups. If you are unable to patch, please delete your Crowfall folder contents and re-download the client from crowfall.com/en/client and reinstall it. Sorry folks. After two bad testing weekends in a row, we're going to pause and make sure this version gets cleaned up and ready for next weekend. Thanks for your support!
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    Had a footrace in our groundplane. Both of us started at the far white marker, out of combat, with trailblazer active. When I hit the finish line we both took our hands off of input. Here are the results: Now this doesn't mean something isn't going awry in the Live servers, and or during the course of gameplay via changing vessels, dying, skill increases, equipment changes could cause problems. But at a baseline levels the base movement speed appears to be working.
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    SirGeorge, please don't abandon this project. All of us on the team were excited when you announced it, and we're looking forward to seeing how it evolves. Sometimes constructive criticism isn't as kind as it could be, but don't let that get you down. If we jumped ship when someone said something unkind, there would be no Crowfall. Let me know how we can help.
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    This image was added after the article was published. Thought I would share it here, too.
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    just throwing this out there... Increase font size would be nice
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    I thought about the size. Houses are oversized to make them feel right inside. Thats a problem when it comes to 'giant' sizes. If i got it right, ingame he would look like that . I wouldn't really call him a giant. I think a size like this would feel much more gigantic. If he had the ability to crush houses and the AI to do so if his target hides inside, it would just be mindblowing.
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    Miri paused, but not because of fear. She had to do the mental math necessary to convert yards to meters. Her reticle doesn't show Imperial measurements!
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    Seems like a lot of hyperbole. Claims that there is a "problem" but no description or example of what that problem really is. You mention just about every mechanic/feature in the game, but why do you feel the developers need to change direction / rebuild? The developers don't have the time, the money or the manpower to reinvent the wheel. That's why they're going with battle hardened technology and features that other games have. Combat is fine for what it is, not great, but not bad either. It's admirable at best and passable at worst. The game potentially has the most casual and accessible level of entry I've seen. Find a guild and get them to give you stuff, there is little to zero level or class walls. If they can deliver on sieges and fix the lag (which skewers opinions on combat fluidity) and keep new and fresh content updates coming; I think they'll be fine.
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    Oh look another lovely negative thread heist by our always reliable and never accurate local resident Eeyore...
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    Our first iteration of customizable HUD will open up placement, scale, orientation, and visualizations (skins) that we build and provide. You will also be able to toggle text fields, enable advanced info like your full numerical readout of stamina or mana, etc. So if you like vertical bars instead of horizontal bars, youll be able to do that. If you rather have circular meters, or little fat square meters, or curved meters, or a combination of all those, you will be able to do that. We will offer a wide variety of templates to choose from that you can then modify further for your own needs. And most importantly, the changes will save to your profile so you aren't futzing with the HUD constantly. This is the most bang for the buck for the immediate future. If and when we allow full user customization of textures, scripting, etc, that would come later when we know the other systems and interface framework are solid and scalable.
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    So, it has been confirmed that with this latest new update. Playing the game can cause your system to use 100% of your CPU. Why is this happening? Actually this has been a continuing issue tied directly to unity. It essentially just automatically allocates an entire core of your CPU to run the game, regardless if it needs it or not. Truth be told you can install software that prevents this, but it would lag your game. How do I check my CPU usage? Simply though task manager. While in the game (Lobby works) simply hit CTRL-SHIFT-Escape, and it will bring up your task manager. Make sure your in advanced details. And it should show you. Is this dangerous? More then likely not. Truth be told there are many times that your CPU can see 100% usage. Especially if you run servers, overclock, or regularly render videos. 100% CPU usage should be fine..... as long as there is no dust in the heatsync/fan of your computer. Otherwise you run into the potential of overheating your device without the proper cooling system. What Is an ideal Temp for 100% CPU usage. 45-54C is ok..... 75+ is worrying.... But ideal temperatures differ based on your system recommendations. Check for these online. But how do I check my CPU temp? Without software, you would have to check through BIOS options... But instead lets grab some software, generally there is some on the installation disc for your system, but there are many other programs out there, personally I use Open Hardware Check. Just install/run them and you'll be greeted by Make sure that they are within your suggested system recommendations. What If I am running really high temperatures without a good cooling system? Well there are some safeguards in these regards. Usually your computer will crash. But there is a chance that these safeguards might not go off. In which case, worse case scenario you brick your machine. An overheating CPU can damage the motherboard and/or nearby components over time. Excessive heat is very bad for computers. The CPU hasn't failed if you can enter BIOS Setup. If the CPU had failed, you would not see anything on the screen or be able to do anything. That said more then likely your system will eventually just crash.
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    I think the mitigating factor will be the campaign bands. I am definitely guilty of the "Dregs or bust" attitude, because I think that is where the most fun will be had. I also suspect it will be unforgiving, and this is OK! The outer campaign bands, God's Reach, etc will be much more accommodating for newer players: 1) Automatic Teammates: You can still join a guild, roll with friends, etc., but by default there will be people on your team and it will be in their best interests to help you along. 2) Lower Resource Quality: Who cares if your untrained character, using the passives recently discussed to get some basic skills, can only harvest White/Green ores. If the max quality is blue, white & green quality tools/weapons will get you pretty far. 3) Reduced penalty for death and losing the campaign: Ok, so maybe you still get facerolled in the campaign, die a lot and your side ends up losing. No biggie - you still get a chunk of your horde, don't lose gear when you die (to an extent) and you come away from the campaign with something to show for it. I think dregs will definitely be a harsh place for the new player, but not everyone has to play dregs.
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    We will probably end up making some special recipes for the tax free stuff which only accept the tax free version of the parcels. This way we don't have to worry about retaining the data 1 tax free parcel and 32 non tax free parcels were used to make this other parcel. The first few campaigns are going to be rough no doubt as people gain the initial skills required to do anything. Going from 0 to full speed economy doesn't happen overnight. That however is part of the fun for many people who enjoy walking uphill in the snow with no shoes. Hyriol did hit on a technique I prototyped last weekend with the weapon efficiency stat on weapons. In the next update this stat will be more important and if you have a weapon in which the crafter didn't put points into efficiency, the cost of your powers will go up and might make you sad. However there is a passive power in your powers UI that grants a reduction to this stat. All it costs is 1 of your 3 passive slots. Which means if you can't get a good weapon, equip the passive. If you can, you just bought a passive slot back that could be used for something like " basic attacks deal 10% more damage " or something else like the group leadership passive. Over time better resource acquisition from the harvesters, and crafters with more experimentation points will make passives like this not needed. We will make some of these passives to be used as leg ups for as many of the key systems that require them.
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    Most game developers don't gave players access to pre-alpha (or even alpha) for this very reason. It's usually an exercise in futility to listen to people with no development experience talk about the state of pre-alpha games. This game is different only because it is a very high visibility game for a crowd funded game, and the backers in many cases invested a good chunk of change to help make this game happen. Which of course ACE and the rest of the later backers are grateful for, but it doesn't help deal with people who are frustrated at a process they don't really understand.
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    Sounds pretty cool, but this made me cringe a little: Why are you designing for a "stun-lock" style of game play?... we have too much CC as it is, and with asset loss, who wants to be stun-locked to death?
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    The CPU issue is a Unity thing rather than an ACE thing, but we are working with the Unity engineers to try to resolve it.
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    Not even close... you are under-informed. Shadowbane had the same restrictions on weapons allowed your base class with starting runes and disciplines unlocking the other weapon types. Crowfall will have starting rune system somewhat like Shadowbane... not yet in testing. Crowfall disciplines are due for test very soon... with discs you will gain more powers than you have tray space to hold so custom builds that will be quite distinct. You are certainly NOT sounding like an alpha testing type of player and why you are here is your own issue. If you did just the minimal research, which you obviously didn't, you would know very well where the game is now and what is coming soon and what is planned. Thank you for backing, come back for beta when the game is more polished as you have anger issues with being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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    I once was a horse. Swift in speed and full of force. Now just a heal source. seriously though - legio now no longer has a base movement speed increase [intentional or bug?] and sprinting is dead now... I'm too attached to druid's...assets. Female druid forever! I also personally find the female assassin's fae qualities more interesting than the male more Assassins Creed vibe!
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    If crowfall caters to truly competitive pvp it will distract from open world pvp. I'd rather the game just focus on delivering a good open world pvp experience in the spirit of older mmorpgs.
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    I don't like safe spaces in my pvp sandbox. If someone wants to feel safe while they craft they should hide themselves really well, or have friends guard them. Switching to the EK to craft breaks immersion and takes away some of the point of building fortifications in the campaigns. Hiding in an EK should never be an effective tactic to get ahead in a campaign. I like to see the campaigns as full fledged MMORPGs. I am hoping there will be marketplaces in the campaigns, not outside them.
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    But it's as close as I'm going to get to one... There were several moments in which I got lucky. So enjoy the view : Ranger vs 3 Note : No health bars, poor visual with random damage numbers, no Archtype skills working - didn't make things any easier.
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    Just tested this. Looks like you are getting credit for the stats no matter what you have equipped which is why there is no visual change when you swap weapons. Will get this over to Engineering to fix. Thanks for the video!
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    I really like the login screen and world browser. White minimalist designs are totally under-represented in gaming. Clean interfaces are far superior to crowded "busy" ones in my opinion and we see farrrrrrr too many "busy" ones in mmos these days. As a joke, I've included one of those The fact that your UI is on a white background is only abhorrent to the basement dwellers unfamiliar with that big glowy orb thingy that causes our planet to warm up each day (yes, the Sun). I think the ability to show more important aspects with less noise is an ideal goal and one you should stick to. With that said, the ability to "mess things up" from a user perspective should they want more, should also be made possible. I like it, I like it all.
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    +1 to this! Being partially red/green colour blind does not help with those name plate colour choices at all.
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    I was hoping for mechanics (disciplines, AT powers, guild support, CW win conditions) news. But - on the UI front - the enemy nameplate is effectively unreadable for me and many others. Small red text on what is generally a green background = horrible. Billy, are we going to be able to change that? I'd like to be able to set a background for the nameplate, and use a color combo that lets me actually read the name on the nameplate. I would also really like to see heraldry for groups in the FFA campaigns. Even if it's just a randomly assigned crest, it would really help in telling friend from foe in group battles.
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    RENAMING THIS THREAD TO: "PLEASE EDUCATE ME ON CROWFALL'S FUTURE CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEMS" The customization of looks, genders or character powers, weapons and builds has yet to arrive to the testing. Have a read of some of the older news pieces to get up to speed with a taste of what will come later. https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/gender-variants-male-assassin-and-druid/ https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/on-the-horizon-combat-disciplines/ https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/how-it-works-powers-selection/ https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/crows-of-many-colors/ https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/gender-variations-part-2-we-are-the-champions/ https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/necromancy-the-art-of-crafting-bodies/ https://crowfall.com/en/news/experiments-with-armor/ With regards race here is my standard answer to that from my 'what is crowfall' summary
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    These test groups currently have access to playtest the EK feature: Pre-Alpha 1 & 2, Alpha 1 EK management walk-through 1. Log into Crowfall. 2. In the lobby, a pop-up will appear with a list of EK-related assets (parcels, buildings, etc.) available on your account to be used in the playtest. Check the box next to any that you want to import into the game. (NOTE: Assets imported into the playtest will be marked as USED on your account, and you will not be able to gift that parcel to another account until the next test reset.) 3. Click the “Launch Kingdom” button to enter your EK. 4. Click B to open your Spirit Bank and I to open your inventory. 5. Drag items from your Spirit Bank to your Inventory. (NOTE: There is a two-minute waiting period for transferring items between the Spirit Bank and Inventory.) 6. To place parcels: a. Hit ESC and select EDIT KINGDOM from the menu. b. Drag parcels from the inventory list at the bottom of the screen onto the EK grid. c. Hit SUBMIT to save changes. 7. To place buildings and palisades: a. Click B to open your Spirit Bank and I to open your inventory b. Right-click building and palisade asset icons in your inventory to bring up a ghost image of the item. To move the ghost image around your screen: Move (forward, left, back, right) - W,A,S,D Rotate (counterclockwise or clockwise) - Q,E Adjust Height (raise, lower) - R,T Zoom Camera In/Out - Scroll Mouse Wheel Place - Left Click Exit / Cancel Placement - Escape (x2) Enter/Return - Re-center the ghosted object to my current target location. c. The color of the ghosted building will tell you if the current placement is valid (or not). Red transparency = Invalid placement. Cannot use left-click to place the item here. Blue transparency = Valid placement. Left click will place the item here. Gold transparency = Valid placement. Left-click will place the item here, AND “socket” it to connected asset seamlessly. d. Click G to ‘loot’ (reclaim) pieces that have been placed. 8. Type /ekinvite in the chat window to make your EK public and allow others to place buildings there. (Only the EK owner/monarch can place parcels.) For extended information (with images) see these related articles: FIRST LOOK: BUILDING EKS ETERNALLY YOURS: EK PARCEL PLACEMENT ETERNALLY YOURS, PART 2: KINGDOM MANAGEMENT
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    Our 5 man group had good fun stalking and suicidally attacking 10-15 Winterblades while they were scrimming on Sunday evening. Things went especially well when we found a Villa to fortify... Good fun all! (bring on points of interests and bring back chokepoints!) p.s. bonus clip of stumbling across everyone's community favorite Facerip while hunting and giving him a group hug....
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    Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 4.6.1 Welcome to Big World! The first phase of Eternal Kingdoms technology and world object placement is coming online! Please be on the lookout for any new problems as we just upgraded to Unity 5.5.2. See web update for the details: https://crowfall.com/en/news/testing-news-unity-update/ If something does not work the first try, try it again.... If you'd like to report bugs or have any feedback from this weekend's playtest please post them here: https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/16362-playtest-feedback-for-march-fri-march-31-–-mon-april-3/ Personal EK’s should be available for Pre-Alpha 1-2! Please refer to Eternal Kingdom notes below for more info. Builder World is not open this weekend! The /ekinvite command will work for Pre-Alpha 1-2 inviting people outside of their groups into their Kingdoms. Building Tool: Fixed the footprint check on the server for building placement. A bug was causing the slope check to fail on the server when it shouldn't. Localized UI for building placement. Now buildings cannot be placed on top of players. Movement in BP mode now follows the terrain so that you can't clip into mountains or hills. Buildings will no longer have grass/etc clipping through the floor. The "Press G to Loot" prompt for placeable buildings will no longer appear for a targeted building if you are standing on top of it. Fixed bug that was allowing socketed sockets to be visible or socketed sockets to not be set as invisible. Fixed bug where placing a building would cause your character to execute a left mouse button attack. Fixed issue where parcel boundary indicators would not turn red if you were trying to place a building in a parcel that had no tokens of the correct type left. Eternal Kingdoms (You can only see this option with proper access: Pre-Alpha 1) To access your Kingdom select the “Load Kingdom” button in the game lobby. Made it so only the Eternal Kingdom owner can place buildings in an EK. You can access the Edit Kingdom Menu in the Escape Menu options. Added /ekinvite /eklist and /ekremove slash commands. Eks are now all private and only the owner or those added using /ekinvite are allowed to enter the kingdom. Only campaigns and subscribed, running kingdoms should appear in the scenario list in the lobby. Fixed a bug that would cause a parcel dragged in from the parcel bar (after the user had panned the grid) to appear offset (even out of the grid) from the mouse. Updated EK UI to remove trash can icon General: Fixed an issue where disconnecting while loading may not transition back to the lobby. Fix for power tray icons not showing on login to a world or for first archetype. Fix for drag swapping items in Spirit Bank. Should be able to split items in Spirit Bank. Fixed an issue causing combo chains to break with E line combos. Crafting: New subcategory for Siege Warfare recipes under the Woodworking section of recipe book. Changed crafting and harvesting potion durations from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Crafted items now have a 50 character limit on custom names Skills: Reworked Animal Harvesting skill line in the Harvesting tree to be more generic. (this should complete the conversion of the harvesting/excavation skill trees) Moved Big Cat harvesting skills to animal familiarity tree. COMING SOON: Enforcing limits on both client and server for number of skills training at once. Limits are: 1 generic skill. 1 archetype skill, unless you have a VIP entitlement, in which case the limit goes to 3. Archetypes: Archetype passives have had their status icons updated. Trailblazer movement speed can now be modified by stat increases. Fixed an issue that was causing some powers to deal double damage. Knight Shield Bash - Can now critical hit. Shield Bash - now causes -2 Dodge on target hit instead of modifying the cost of Dodge on target hit. Duelist Duelist should be rendering correctly again. Pistol Shot - Fixed a bug that affected Rapid Fire cooldown. Druid Forest Whispers - New archetype passive which can be loaded out. (press K to open powers UI) Legionnaire Strength of the Legion - New archetype passive which can be loaded out. (press K to open powers UI) Legionnaire - Equestrian now Grants a Reduction to Dodge Regen Tick Rate. (no more infinite dodge) Ranger Disengage - Fixed a bug that was causing Disengage not to swap the tray to Ranged Mode. Templar Faith - New archetype passive which can be loaded out. (press K to open powers UI) FX/UI: Tweaks to the display of Dodge Pips on the Right Click Power button. New UI elements are being added to the skill trees, they are non functional at this time. (don’t be alarmed) The character paperdoll sheet has seen a large rework to account for the dynamic adding and removing of equipment slots coming with the discipline system. Ensure all previous functionality still works. Updates to Myrmidon Vessel Creation Known Issues: Durability in crafted items is not properly carrying up the crafting chain. Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple. Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server. Blocking and walking backwards with good framerate does not allow the player to move at all. The camera behaves a little wonky going in and out of combat.
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    Nothing about block has changed except for the stat it buffs while blocking. I just looked at the power and tested it out in groundplane. The damage reduction stat is applied the instant the RMB is depressed, even before the animation finishes and the buff icon shows up. The cooldown on reuse is set to 1 second. This of course is in a perfect world. Based on all the comments about lag and server perf being poor this last weekend nothing is reliable. Once the server gets backed up, everything tends to go sideways.
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    So, the devs have said several times that your limbs, head, torso being protected separately by whatever armor is equipped to those parts, so if you have some epic breastplate but only a beginner's helmet and get hit in the head your breastplate isn't going to do anything (well, unless it gives you an overall health boost or something). They have also said that some attacks will target specific parts of the body, like an arrow to the knee But I see a few problems with this: 1. It's going to be very hard to tell where an opponent's weak points are: Armor is crafted, meaning there is going to be a huge variety and even the same general pieces of armor are going to have different stats. So just by looking at an opponent, how do you know if their gloves have less defenses than their helmet? or if their breastplate has fire resistance and their boots have ice resistance? Being able to target individual body parts doesn't matter if we don't know which parts are the best to target. Or do we get some kind of body radar of the enemy that shows the armor and resistances of all his individual limbs? 2. We cannot aim most attacks: Most attacks that I see in the game right now don't target specific body parts, they just hit the enemy, and you have no control over attack animations so even if you know that the enemy has crappy boots just spamming your normal attack is going to hit whatever part of the body it hits, you can't aim at the opponent's feet. 3. For abilities that do target a specific part of the body (a headshot attack for example) there is no flexibility in that move, it's always going to hit the head. And if your opponent is wearing some legendary helmet that makes their head almost immune to damage it may actually be a bad idea to use that ability as it will do less damage than your other attacks that just hit random body parts of the opponent. Unless you have some way of choosing to attack certain body parts with your abilities, what is the point of locational damage? 4. Most archetypes of specific types of damage they specialize in: The confessor specializes in fire for example, and does not have any other options of damage aside from maybe some disciplines, but those are not something you can switch out in a fight as far as I know. So if you are a confessor and are up against someone with armor that has huge fire resist, you're kind of screwed, as you have no alternative types of damage to switch to in the middle of a fight. This is just one example, but most archetypes are stuck with a certain set of skills and damage types with the only alternatives being disciplines, so if they get matched up against an opponent who has armor that perfectly counters their damage, what do they do? I like the idea of damage being locational, but if we cannot tell what an opponent's weak points are, cannot aim at those weak points with most attacks, and not change the location where our aimed attacks do hit, how exactly do we use this system to our advantage. It seems to me people are just going to pick whatever armor is best and just spam as many attacks as they can at the opponent regardless of what part of the body they hit, because what else can we do? If I'm missing something please let me know.
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    I found a glitch that lets you stack buildings on top of one another in EK mode. While it does allow for a lot of creativity (for instance I made a Disney styled castle), I'm pretty sure it's a glitch. How I did it: Basically you place a tower at max height, then go to place a wooden fence piece, then attempt to place another tower, if you line it up correctly, it should register as placeable and you can basically stack them. It's not an easy thing that can be done but the results are pretty great.
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    We noticed that since the forum software upgrade, there was an issue related to "liking" posts. Specifically, the names of the people who liked the posts were not being shown, it was only showing the number of likes on a post. Jlane swooped in like Superman and got it fixed so that names will now be displayed on Likes.
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    We are balancing the white UIs still. Its a relatively new concept we are trying to put through the game: basically, any account or "crow" level activity would be presented in our light scheme, while any avatar level activity would be presented in a dark scheme. If you look at our media from Kickstarter, we actually began with an all light scheme for much of our media and layouts. As far as the actual balance of the lightness, give us a little time and faith, and we will find the best balance for what the players want and what we are trying to do creatively.
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    Wait, we have wolves now? o.O Hellcat probably? @thomasblair thank you for the response. I hope it is something with death / relogging. I tested it as soon as I logged in though. I don't think I had died or re-logged at the time, but I just can't be sure from yesterday. For some comparison, in the event this is really the effect the damage and crit nerfs had, here are some general numbers from before and after: Fessor before nerf could absolve for 30k, at most (after the first nerf, but before last weekend). Now I can still hit mid to high 20k ranges. Fessor Left click can still hit for ~4k per, and machine gun fast. Before it was slightly higher, but only slightly. Fessor Tornados can still take upwards of 50% health occasionally. My Druid has trained from day 1 and is trained more fully than any other AT I have. It is trained for damage to the extent you can even do that yet. 2 weeks ago it didn't make the rest of my team look at me with sidelong glances when I played it because it did meaningful damage, at least to melee who stacked tight. Here are those ugly before and afters: My pre-nerf Druid AE chain (before the emitter) could crit for as high as 15k +10k + 12k. Maybe more. Those were crits and it was far more frequently half of that. Now the highest crit I've seen on any of these is 7k. Most of the time it's 3k. All that time - 3 long casts, for less than 10k damage frequently on the AT defining DPS ability. (extremely cool ability as well, with massive tactical potential - if it does more than tickle). Speaking of the AE ticks: AE itself would tick, consistently, for over 2k per. Close to 2.5k. This was very meaningful when you managed to hit 3 or more enemies with it in close proximity and it provided a real counter for leaping Templar balls of death. Now it ticks for less than 1k most of the time and barely breaks 1k when it crits. A Lego can outheal the damage even when you land it perfectly. The healing is fine in potency. It's the delivery that's the issue. The design of the Druid relegates it to a very weak off-healer in practice as the delivery for the heals is far, far too cumbersome and awkward to use over a Lego. This is not a close issue. The combination of the long CDs on the only 2 potent and remotely active heals and the un-fun essence mechanic combined with a tray swap that in actual use (as opposed to internal testing on perfect, lag free servers) is garbage (truly, it is awful) means this class just can't support a group. It can barely support itself. The blink bugs are enough to kill the class, alone, btw. This is another thing you guys may not realize if you're not testing these ATs during the actual tests and in those rough conditions. In my personal EK where lag is non-existent, these things happen rarely. In real play, it happens all the time. Almost as often as it works properly. I really think Anthrage is right about snap tests. Not so we can have a patch stable enough to playtest, but so you guys can see what these are like in the real "game" environment. Druids seem to be impacted by the server performance way more than most of the ATs. Speaking of Lego: Testing with Barnes, he whacked me for almost 6k and then over 7k consecutively (he only hit me twice). Those are left clicks from a firehose healer who can literally sit there and giggle while it out heals all of a Druid's damage (or 2 Druids' damage for that matter). It's 6 auto-heals the whole group for over 7k per tick. The 2, which is almost always available, ticks for over 2k per. Those 2 alone outstrip a Druid DPS. This isn't a rant, or it isn't intended to be at all. I just want to be sure you guys know how it is to actually play one of these in a real fight in the testing environments we have currently. That double crit nerf (crit nerf and arcane weapon skill nerfs) was aimed squarely at Fessor and to a lesser extent Myrm. I don't know what Myrm is like now, but I feel fairly confident you missed Fessor for the most part and hit the Druid right in the face. The reason seems clear as well. Fessor had damage to burn. It could survive a nerf. Meantime, Druid actually needed a buff, not a nerf at all. And instead, it seems to have been hit as hard or harder in absolute terms than Fessor. I'd strongly prefer you nerf the actual AT complained of and not a general stat that modifies all AT's damage across the board. Don't turn the big knobs that affect us all when one AT needs a nerf. TTK was (and still is) too high, but that's has zero to do with Druid. The results of ignoring that reality and taking a general approach to balance are on display now and it isn't pretty. Ooooor I'm wrong and all of this typing is just noise because the skills / stats were broken for Druid disproportionally compared to everything else this weekend. I'm actually hoping that's the case.
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    A whole lot of us appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing. While it is disappointing the test was cancelled, many of us realize we are still in pre-alpha and you guys are still implementing major features and we are seeing things very early. Cheers.
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    You've got a rude awakening coming, I mean, you really have no idea. What kind of game do you think this is? IP ban? Terms of Service? They have already started they cannot stop multiple accounts. "Unsportsmanlike"? What game did you come from? Anyone that played UO/SB/DF, MO will vouch for what I am telling you. I'm not trying to piss in anyone's Cheerios. I'm just letting you know, in advance, the way it will be. This is PLAY to CRUSH.
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    Ok ... things have slowed a bit ... so why not give stuff away? You can post your Haiku here, or on Twitter using the tag or both! Will put together a crack team to help me determine the winner .... you want Anhrez's loot ? release your inner artist Haiku for the win #crowfallhaiku for rules and entry info see image @CrowfallGame 1
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    Watch the video. It is a set consistent distance ran. The 'slower' champion and the 'faster' legio and 'normal' humans cover the same distance in the same time - e.g. compare the legio and champion clips on the bottom - they pass the trees and other features at an identical rate... e.g. breakdown of passing scenery by 10% intervals of the video between the legio and champ.. They are moving the same speed.
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    I know AC has mentioned that there will be some sort of catch up mechanic for new players joining down the line. I would like to see a catch up mechanic. Might make it less daunting for a new player to join down the line. Some sort of accelerated training tied to micro transactions or VIP might work and make VIP worth something to late comers. Say the game goes live today, 6 months down the line a new players starts up and is able to get 6 months worth double speed training. Maybe you can pay more for a month worth of triple or quad time. Maybe a 1 time fee to just get caught up? Would this be good, bad? Would a new player look at this and think it sucks, now you have to buy the game and shell out money just to catch up? Maybe some sort of active skill advancement from playing the game. Tied to VIP again maybe. Maybe just enabled when you are behind a certain amount. These systems should never allow you to surpass the amount that you would have if you were a day 1 account, only allow you to catch up. What are your thoughts on ways to "catch up" for the passive training? Should there even be one? If so what would you like to see? Keep in mind that if you are reading this these hypothetical systems most likely will not directly affect you at all.
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    I am totally triggered by the misuse of "drug" instead of "dragged." Otherwise, this sounds promising once disciplines arrive. Have you fixed the issue where the loadout isn't persistent through death / log off?
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    Here are some handy links for new testers to explore for important information that will help them get started in Crowfall: support@crowfall.com – Don’t hesitate to email us if you need help or have questions. That’s why we’re here! [un]Official Crowfall Discord – Realtime chat with other Crowfall community members, many of whom are also active playtesters. Archetype training videos: Learn the basics for playing the archetype of your choice. Crafting and economy FAQ New player guide by Fantastikon Quick visual resource guide by sarpedon Resource spreadsheets by DTAItair Crowfall resource wiki by Tinnis First 12 mins of Crowfall Testing by Anhrez Crowfall – Getting Started by Purposeful If you have suggestions for additional links that should be added to the list, please let me know!
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    There will be what's called Windows of Opportunity whereby keeps/castles/citys etc won't be able to be taken 24/7. You'll need to plan and wait for them to be vulnerable to attack and capture them. Some might not like that but its really the fairest way competition wise to ensure that lame 4am tactic isn't a factor. Also the rewards gotten from winning a CW are based on time, so the zerg guild won't get much when they "win". Can say well they will just wait then, well in that time maybe an alliance forms to overtake them. Zergs though from my experience are neither patient nor good at adapting to adversity. So IMO, the games design will naturally weed them out and make "zerg" as a tactic less viable.
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    That was the legit drawing Todd gave me to base it off of. I have to push it pretty far to get to a different end