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    For the past Year, we in Caldera had a great time exploring this developing game and playing together with all of you in the European Crowfall community. We saw cold-blooded ambushes, desperate chases and nerve-wracking skirmishes, but we are longing for the great battles that we expect in the game’s future. So we had an idea... Welcome to The Caldera Colosseum Imagine what we can do together! Imagine 30 Players fighting at the same time in the same place. Together we can make that happen, and more! So, this is the plan. Everyone who is interested in picking up the gauntlet, to join us on this nerve wrecking event: Show up on the EU Server on the 24th of June, at 21:00 CEST Connect to the Discord server here (https://discord.gg/ywMNHKB) Bring your own equipment We will assign guilds and groups into teams as evenly as possible, and fill them up with unaffiliated players and Caldera members. Then we fight. Not for glory, not for a prize, but for the pleasure of experiencing a glimpse of what this game is going to be. One evening of fun, fights, victories and losses is nice. But why stop there? If this works out, and you guys like it, we will continue doing these between campaigns! So what do you say? Will you answer the call? Event info Team forming: First we will all meet on the Colosseum voice channel, on discord. Here we will introduce and explain the event. Then we form teams. You will be asked to choose one role: Tank, Melee dps, Ranged dps or Healer. We will have set up individual voice channels for these 4 roles, and you are asked to jump into the channel that fits what you will play in the event. Hereafter a moderator will come into the voice channels and tell each person which team they are joining - so you know which faction you will have to choose. First phase: Each team will have some time to organize their groups. Then fighting starts, we start out with zerg-style combat, every teammember in their team voicechannel, with an army commander giving commands. We will do several fights in this phase. Second phase: In the second part of the event, things get a little more social and interesting. We will make 5-man groups out of the teams, and assign group leaders to each group. These group leaders will lead their groups in combat, and you are a lot more free to talk during combat, since each group will be in their own voice channel. We will do fights in this phase till the event is over. Attention! We will have a fresh bloodbath faction server for the event, so DO NOT PICK A FACTION before the event starts! Thank you!
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    There are a bunch of systems not ready for Campaign. That's why I keep asking you guys to think of it as a "test" and not a "playtest". This first Campaign will be broken in a dozen major ways and a thousand minor ones. but we need to go through this phase, first. It's a necessary step to get us where we want to be. I'm telling you right now: not everything is going to be fixed in a way that ensures every class will be fun. Some of the obvious exploits will still be there, in various forms, and it's not that "we just didn't think of it" in most cases. I want this milestone out. We shouldn't let "perfect" be the enemy of "good enough to move forward." We'll find stuff, and fix it, and add more stuff, and break it, and test it, and move forward. Same as always. Todd ACE
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    i would personally welcome a skill wipe etc [especially if it comes along with some sensible skill tree revisions]
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    Start the new server with a total wipe. Banks, skills, All the recipes freebies. That or port over what we have now and wipe the non 24/7 completely. We need a snapshot of what the game really is, not the bandaided monster it has become.
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    We've discussed both of those points, and you absolutely could be right. We've made it relatively easy to adjust the slider to accommodate a tighter "victory window" for Balance. We can also easily fall back to "King of the Hill" rules if the "Tug of War" becomes too predictable or turns out not to be fun. Let's try it and see what happens. Todd ACE
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    This is the greatest update in the history of Tuesday.
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    I was able to craft the $1800 Capital parcel from the store. Its the most dense structure friendly parcel out at the moment was asked how much it took in materials it takes 1000, stone, wood, ore to make a 1 by 1 , and each combine of 2 pieces of land a 1 by 1 added to a 1 by 1 (to create a 2 by 1) takes 500, wood, stone and ore .... so to solo build a Capital parcel with no testing pieces used to cut a corner I estimate 11,000 wood ore and stone (with no failures) I cheated and leveraged 1 existing piece so the Capital cost me 4500 ore stone and wood plus I lost about 800 of various due to failures Earths requires 100 stone, 100 wood, 100 ore So the creation steps would be Create 2 1 by 1's total mats 20 Earths 1 added to a 1 - add in 5 earths 2 added to a 1 - add in 5 earths 3 added to a 1 - add in 5 earths Now you have a Village parcel ....; repeat steps above Now add 4 to a 4 - add in 5 earths Capital parcel
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    Will you be among the first Crows to conquer a campaign? FULL STORY
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    So we did the Caldera colosseum, was a lot of 20-25+ vs 20-25+ group fights against eachother and it was a lot of fun! If you have any footage from the event please post them in here, thank you! This is my contribution: The entire event: VoD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/154165696 Youtube link: Initial turnout on discord: The wall of death in the end: https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousWimpyLarkYouDontSay Thanks to all participating it was a blast!
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    After being in some mid to large group fights over the weekend, I've found that the prevailing meta has come to favor ranged characters over melee. Ranged damage, crowd control and mobility/escape are all very powerful right now, with tank and healing options becoming available to ranged characters through disciplines. I've seen this happen a number of times, in a number of different games, where large group fights descend into standoffs between ranged characters. Any luckless melee toons caught in such a battle have a limited role at best, with no hope of pushing into the enemy group. I've a few suggestions which might help alleviate this problem: Return the Confessor knock down to a knock up, add a snare effect, and tighten up the area of the attack. Reduce the dash range of Confessors and Druids to something resembling more of an extended dodge. These dashes currently make these characters faster and more mobile than anyone else in the game, allowing them to pick their targets and engagements with impunity. For melee, this means traveling through a storm of AoE damage and CC, only to get 1 or 2 swings in (if skilled/lucky) before the target blinks away. Remove the snare effect from Knight blocking and return it's higher damage reduction. Widen the raycasts on most melee attacks. Rework a few of the new discipline abilities which give ranged characters too much control/tank. (I'm looking at you Master of Focus)
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    I have noticed that there is a real belligerent tone being used by some testers when speaking directly to the Dev's about their design choices. I think you can get your point across without being disrespectful Make an argument and back it up with facts and data not emotion and insults. I have watched the Murder of Crows series and respect these guys and their experience. I also am so very grateful that someone is willing to go out there and risk capital to build a pvp siege mmorpg. I know we have all invested capital right alongside them with payment comes expectations, but we need to have patience and some faith.
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    "10 people on a node" I'm going to play the "that's dumb" card on that statement. (just like a soccer ref, and the card is yellow) I mean seriously; between player collision, the size of the nodes, and syncing 10 hits from 10 different players. This is not something that is going to happen unless you are trying to make it happen. A more reasonable problem would be 2-3 people and the guy with trained gem skills didn't bring good picks, so he consistently does less damage, which means the nodes never check the gem stat. (Bring better picks gem guy, you know you should be using them if you want top credit) The bucket idea is debatable. The 4 minions are helping kill nodes faster, and don't really need any training beyond "here's a tool", which for many folks is the extent they are willing to put into it. If you asked the same 4 minions to spend precious training time into harvesting, they would probably tell you, "no".
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    They would've tested the Myrmidon Bull Rush distance but they ran out of fury.
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    About the Focused Testing forum ACE QA Tester Raymond “Stumpstuff” Stump is leading the charge against bugs and anomalies and you can help! From time to time, he will start a new topic that begins with a link to a spreadsheet listing specific items to be tested. The discussion thread is expressly for testing results related to that spreadsheet. These discussion threads are not a place to discuss: playtesting issues and feedback feature feedback suggestions and ideas anything unrelated to the focused testing list for that thread This special forum comes with special rules that differ slightly from what’s outlined in our Rules of Conduct. Specifically, we will remove any posts that are irrelevant to the thread without notifying the user. Repeat off-topic offenders will receive a ‘verbal’ warning first and then warning points for any subsequent infractions. The reason for this is to keep the threads on topic and focused.
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    Crow Control Productions [CCP] Our History Crow Control Productions (CCP) was born from the ashes of EvE Online in June 2017. Made up of some of the most elite players that EvE has to offer, CCP intends to fight for balance throughout the worlds of Crowfall. No one does metagaming better than EVE players. And that's where we specialize. What we do Faction: Balance (We're here to BALANCE the game out just as CCP BALANCED EVE. We'll probably be just as good at it as well.) While SUGOIs "Disciplinary Committee" may be the top 1%. We aren't happy just being the measly top 1%. It's been said by TOP GAMING COMMUNITY MEMBERS here, that " What we have here is literally the top 1% of the top 1%..." The top 1% OF THE 1%. All of this in a game that actually takes more skill than most people will ever posses. We look forward to showing you how to harvest at our rate of 260 MILLION. We're here to be mercenaries, we'll fight for whomever as long as the pay is good and the tears are flowing. We play for fun and to win. If you're going to do something do it right... and do it at a try-hard level. Recruitment Impress us? We're not really recruiting randomly. If you can't handle scamming, backstabbing, lying, cheating, & being an unpleasant person to strangers for the pure sake of tears... then you won't like us. We're not here to ruin the game, we're just here to ruin your game. Accomplishments @jezza has been known to watch Anime like it's an Olympic sport @Torrent_Rage once got an A+ on an assignment in the 5th grade @Eonan farmed SOJs(Stone of Jordans) in Diablo 2 using a PindleBot @Doomchinchilla has a bigger ego than any person would conceive is possible. @Jassmin_Joy secretly likes anime, even though he claims, "Death to weebs" (Not really an accomplishment but worth mentioning) We have members that have gotten their "Chicken Dinner" in PubG on multiple occasions. (we don't share our chicken dinners, so don't ask) We possess multiple Drakes to bring on any occasion that we see fit. PS, can I bring my drake? Knowing exactly when to tell you that the system that's being jumped into is effected by tidi. World's first Mythic dungeozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh yeah *insert some needless WoW achievement* @Yaolan is known as the famous Vegemite Vigilante. We have some members that once played Ultima Online... and think their skills are still relevant and worth mentioning... so here, I mentioned it. Age of Conan: First PvP Keep on Cimmeria server - Hand of Set Age of Conan: PvP Keep held until our official resignation from the game. - Hand of Set Age of Conan: First guild city on Cimmeria Server - Hand of Set Warhammer Online: First successful Order city raid (Volkmar server) - Legend Warhammer Online: Server firsts on all release raid content (Volkmar Server) - Legend Warhammer Online: First guild, on server, to level to release max (Volkmar Server) - Legend SWTOR: Over 30 server first boss kills in raiding on Jung Ma server - Jen’jidai SWTOR: First server wide Role-play event in Jung Ma server - Jen’jidai SWTOR: First guild to be featured in the official Bioware guild spotlight - Jen’jidai TESO:. Vokundein was one of the most respected PVP guilds in TESO. Naming 3 different emperors in the most competitive campaigns. TESO: Dragon Star Arena - World 2nd, NA 1st clear time on PTS. Special Invitation to exclusive DEV Q/A Panel. We once scammed someone in Runescape (we're BAMFs) World First attempted to login to darkfall but the queue was too long Would have had World First Nax kill had we attempted it or even been playing WoW at the time Would have had World First *INSERT SOMETHING GOOD AT DARKFALL HERE* but the game was pretty bad so we didn't play it. WORLD FIRST & SECOND KEEPSTAR KILL IN EVE ONLINE @minuq was once THE TOP ROGUE IN THE WORLD IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT Our Leader is an inspiration....
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    @thomasblair I know it's alpha and balance is an afterthought but Field Surgeon NEEDS to be nerfed immediately for multiple reasons. It's literally so powerful that's it's compromising the validity of a lot of testing. We were doing 5v5s last night and we had to make a rule to where nobody could use Field Surgeon except the healers because literally nobody was dying after 15 minutes of combat. Most of the time people aren't even using Rehabilitation on another player and are just spamming it mindlessly every 10 seconds and it's STILL too much. The Noble Purpose passive on Field Surgeon also needs to be nerfed. It allows for Templars to do some cheesy immortal builds but more importantly it COMPLETELY NEGATES the mana nerfs made to the Confessor. If you're running Noble Purpose and Rehab as a Confessor you not only can heal yourself and an ally...but it also gives you 33% of your mana bar back every 20 seconds!! 2 Rehabs will add up to over 1000 HP and trigger the Noble Purpose passive. Again I hate to be complaining about balance in early testing but this is so bad that it's literally compromising the testing. GET OUT THE NERF BAT!!
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    Too many of us are forming our opinions and ideas around dueling. We need a real campaign to drag us out of Duelfall and back into Crowfall.
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    Wow, that's one sexy dev team. I love the hair on Toddlissa, and that vest that Toddathan is wearing is a nice touch. Todd
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    4 out 5 ranged players agree melee is fine.
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    These are some rough maps I made to help me grasp how the campaign worlds are laid out and to keep track of where things are. Skit suggested that they might be worth sharing so here they are. Images first followed by links to pdf's, so you can zoom in or print them out if you want to add things yourself. The Scorn map I just made today. Srathor supplied an image that ACE posted sometime in the past which I used as an underlay for the Scorn map. Just realized that I never put a compass rose on these (doh!) but North is up on all the maps. Hope these are of use to someone. Corruption East - 1st map I made https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_rIxMiOygtJNXhybmRMcUd0RFk Scorn - Mapping the edge and nearby POI's. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_rIxMiOygtJYU9oUlBDbjFTa28 Scorn - Same as above but with the underlay I mentioned above. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_rIxMiOygtJQnE2X1VwNlZ6QlE Scorn - Blank map with the grid and coordinates in case people want to add their own POI's. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_rIxMiOygtJWnVGSER2OWhvb3M
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    The projectiles went out of the window with the new movement system. Maybe with the better performance we get a chance to see projectiles back in the game, but the new movement system might be sole the reason why we won't see them anymore. It is simply way too easy to avoid the projectiles with no animation locks. You can't have everything. Give me back my animations locks and projectiles. It was way more interesting combat for me. Slower, sure, but way more tactical. I realize at this point changing back the combat is not an option anymore. Way too many love the new movement and ACE is too far in development to change it (once again). Itb saddens me, but what is done is done. I'll just focus on different aspects of the game than combat instead.
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    A new 24/7 live environment will soon be implemented alongside the test environment. FULL STORY
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    Personal opinion, but disciplines like Bard, Troubadour or even the Shaman discipline you mentioned fundamentally change whatever class you're playing whereas a discipline like Juggernaut just adds utility even though they're both major disciplines. That's the reason why I prefer the idea of bard (and shaman) being a class instead of a discipline. I played EQ1 so long I just can't get that version of a bard out of my head. The idea of a big bruiser like a Champion being able to be a bard just doesn't sit well with me. Maybe limiting it to certain classes instead of allowing everyone to use it would be a good middle ground.
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    Your Runestone Pick Broke! Hold F to gather. Gathering armor has no combat stats. And the stats on armor in general is tiny and jacked. Your Runestone Pick Broke! Gathering is not an in combat thing so dizzy down ambushes are murder. The mindset that gatherers are supposed to be easy kills, Indiana Jones was no one's gripe. The years it will take to be a well rounded character who gathers. Why did the gods save me? I suck at gathering. The risk vrs reward is completely broken in regards to gathering. Spec combat, murder gatherers, bring home the bacon. Your Runestone Pick Broke! You need 45 iron to make chest armor, all the same quality have fun getting ganked. Oh you craft? FAILURE!
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    Take a deep breath folks. We're losing sight of the forest because of all the trees. Its a TEST. It is only a TEST. Lets test the sh!t out of it...figure out how its broken...and then let ACE fix it.
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    Everyone is getting hung up on faction balance and win cons. All I see is stuff like Though I'm mainly wondering when we'll see this. Hoping for another news drop this week or next week. I'm excited, at any rate
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    The Caldera event was pretty fun and played a lot better than I was expecting. In this video I'm playing a full Bard Confessor with a Focus Orb. The main thing I was focusing on was keeping my song buffs up and looking for big Novas and knockdowns. If you see me standing still doing nothing that is due to a cast bar bug with the Bard where it disappears. If it looks like I'm doing nothing I'm likely channeling a song and the cast bar disappeared.
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    Big THX to Caldera ! GREAT EVENT! LOTS of FUN! I believe i was the first one who died in the EVENT xD anyways.. COMMUNITY FIRST, Ego second! ATM
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    There are currently 41,899 Crowfall backers. In order to be the top 1% of the top 1% your guild can have no more than 4 members. 41,899 * .01 * .01 = 4.1899.
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    When i read your post first, i didn't recognize it as something special. But once i saw this as a signature ... really ... it's just hilarious. Bwaahahaha, no offense meant .... but ... can't ... hold it ... sorry ... I mean, i always was wondering how they manage to do all this work with such a small team. But now the scales fall from my eyes: Cloning! And it's so obvious, now that i think about it. 1st Todd is writing messages (obviously). 2nd Todd is checking the engineers progress. 3rd Todd is negotiating with potential partners. 4th Todd is in a meeting. 5th Todd is trying to get rid of Max. 6th Todd is drawing sketches (that's the one they internally call Batman). They can't make a 7th Todd to make the Q&A videos, though, for splitting his soul into seven would make him Voldemort ... and we all know how this turned out, don't we - no thanks.
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    1.This vid is just to show what a flying Templar looks like. Notice I have no runes on at the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfscQelaUtA 2. This one is from some fights we really had no business attempting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptyWuUFxIlM 3. And this 1 is some sweet revenge Edited: This started out in a 3v5 with an exploiting Tark. Got our 4th guy in a little over half way. Was also jumped from behind by 2 more.
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    I agree on both points that dizzy down should be removed (it was originally implemented during the rooted combat era to prevent people from dancing around a campfire in hunger dome to regen which is no longer an issue) and that it's even more lame to harvesters. I believe harvesters should be considered "in combat" while harvesting. I brought up both of these points on the developers forum back in April but haven't received much of a response to date.
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    i posted this in another thread earlier. adding it here as relevant and most people will have not seen it yet, as ACE did not release it via a news article oddly...
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    There was a certain champion vs. champion duel video that seemed to go on forever but they were both using basic weapons. Basic weapons cut your damage by at least half if not 2/3's compared to advanced weapons. Throw on some good advanced weapons with competent players who know how to focus and fights don't last that long. A good duelist with advanced weapons can drop an unsuspecting target before they can move. A lot of the anti healing disciplines are either gimped or not working. Assassin will also have anti healing poison and the class isn't in the game yet. Sustain is not too high.
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    I was there to do God's work and slay eeliigaa!
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    Cremillia a Crowfall Eternal Kingdom- Light RP, PvP What we are- We are a small tight knit Eternal Kingdom focused guild specializing in the creation of Vessels through necromancy. However that does not mean we won’t have a presence in campaign worlds. In order to create top quality vessels we will be playing in the guild v guild rulesets and engaging in large scale PvP alongside allies. Crowfall notes of distinction: We have members who have been playing since Hungerdome and we were the first Guild to create a Vessel in game when most people thought it wasn’t even possible! What we are looking for: We are looking for players active in the testing now who are interested in harvesting, crafting (focusing on necromancy), and PvPers. If you are interested and would like to know more you can pm me on the forums or through discord and by making a post in our application thread at our website http://www.lordemil.com/cremillia/forum/ See you all in game!
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    Let me just point out that the team assignments were handled in a very fair way. They marched down a list of players in alphabetical order and assigned one to order one to chaos one to order one to chaos If this produced unfair teams then the blame goes to player name choice. It did feel like Chaos lost a few more players after the first couple fights, however, new recruits got steered towards Chaos and this evened things back out... Given the informal nature of the event, I think that the organizers made good choice...
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    Truly a memorable event! Post your own Ghost Armies! I got a view of this from one of the sides and you can really see the ghosts milling about in there.
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    I will unban you to let you get your items. Then reban you. Once. What I find funny is I banned EE because of his words and actions before he ever entered the zone. I knew he would not control himself. He came in on an alt and I had no clue it was EE. He got banned in about 10 minutes. Why? He was interfering with duels, he was not controlling himself, he was smacking people who were recovering hitpoints and putting them in combat. I am trying to give folks an interesting place to play when the servers are down. You are disruptive and didn't follow the rules. Your exclusion is your own damn fault.
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    Hi ACE, me again. Right before disciplines came out, Knight was in a good place. Dmg was finally decent, resource management was workable, and our utility powers were very useful. A lot has changed in a month: Weapon Efficiency is making the class far less fun than it was before weapon efficiency was added. It's far too punishing compared to say, Confessor's mana costs. I shouldn't have to slot all my disciplines and powers with a goal of having enough stamina to function at all. Block is pretty poor mitigation these days. Blocking to mitigate damage isn't really a thing any more. We block if the block will reflect some damage or it's a CC inbound, not to reduce damage. That's a real shame. Discipline powers like Runescarred Flesh (champ and legio) and illusory armor are more impactful than block in terms of mitigation, and require less tactical awareness, and don't prevent the caster from using other powers. Mana shield gives confessors superb mitigation. knight mitigation in general has suffered with the advent of disciplines. Confessor and Champion are now both significantly more tanky than knights. knights really need the 9 and 0 power slots unlocked. Our base kit feels pretty essential, so finding slots for powers is really challenging. Passive ability overload is real. Knights need mental fortitude and "hit me" to function, leaving us just one "optional" slot. It's a tough sell giving up the knight native passive (second wind) because doing so harms our survivability. There are half a dozen other passives I'd love to slot, but simply cannot because your weapon efficiency mechanics have forced me into a permanent state of resource starvation, and I must slot whatever passives I can to mitigate that. The Master of Swords discipline has a power that restores stamina. It's a 2 part combo and the first part costs 17 stamina, and the second part costs 13, so it's quite possible that we don't have the stamina available to use the stamina recovery power. And it appears that we only recover about 30 stam from it, so it's a wash even if I have enough stam to land it. You eventually fixed this problem on noble blood after a year of me complaining about it, but added it right back to this combo. The knight suffers from not excelling at anything. Dmg is ok, utility is ok, mobility is barely ok, etc. Champs are suddenly tanky as hell and do great dmg. Templars rule group melee with their ridiculous parry knockdowns and durability. Confessors are, well, confessors. Duelists rule the ganking world, but aren't great in large melees. Knight has legit dmg, good CCs (less important in a world with ubiquitous juggernaut), and nothing special to bring to the table. I would really like to see skill nodes added to the knight tree that provide more dmg mitigation for block, and nodes that provide more stam, or more stam regen. I will continue to play knight as my main AT because it is still playable. But it feels like it's falling behind many of the other classes again. The next wave of disciplines may change this entirely, of course. Just letting you where I think the knight stands at this point in time. Edit: After some extensive testing, I've come to the conclusion that there is a problem with knight resource regeneration/cost that cannot be attributed to PCM. I ran a build with -17% stam cost (final PCM of -0.17) with hit me added on top of that, and still ran out of stamina faster than I did before PCM and disciplines were added.
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    I ran out of space to add examples....
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    I think a lot of it just boils down to the fact that melee characters need to have considerably higher HP and mitigations baseline compared to ranged characters. Melee has to put themselves in much more danger to be effective. Also Confessors (The main offender of the range/melee imbalance) are just completely OP in many different ways right now. Honestly...I'd be hesitant to change anything until Confessors get inevitably nerfed. While Rangers and Druids can do tons of damage from range I don't feel completely helpless fighting them as melee. At least they're killable and don't have insane amounts of CC + Damage.
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    @thomasblair I fully understand the rules behind calculating whose stats get used when harvesting. You realize, however, that based upon this information it is unlikely anyone without training would be allowed to harvest, lest they accidentally do more damage than the best-trained player. In effect, these rules will ruin social gathering, not aid in encouraging them. The entirety of Gathering right now feels less like a social activity, and something a lone individual should engage in. The fact that holding the F key down prevents me from typing to others on in-game chat (let's imagine a good amount of people will not want to be in voice comms all the time), and now this semi-revelation? It feels as if these were designed with good intentions, but because of these decisions you've further isolated Gatherers from participating in a game intended to rely upon them both socially and for what they produce in the game. edit: I might add that Koster mentioned in the fly-on-the-wall video that the hold F key thing was a bad idea. Seems odd to have ignored that advice for so long.
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    I assume the beard doesn't fit through the door anymore.
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    Since we can do this now, we're going to spin off a new single target version of Spark. Then you can use whichever you like.
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    I've suggested doing away with crafting arrows as ammo and instead crafting a quiver that would have durability like any other item but the arrows would be unlimited until the quiver broke. The quality and type of quiver would determine the arrows you're using. No other classes have reagents so why should rangers?