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    It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must announce that Coolwaters a.k.a. Charles Wesley 'Wes' Fowler passed away suddenly this past weekend. This has been a stunning and devastating loss to Wes' Family, Friends and the Winterblades community. With dedication, wit, intelligence, and sometimes sheer stubborness, Wes was one of the beating hearts of Winterblades, helping our family grow and succeed over the last 16 years. As part of the greater community, Wes employed his great talents as a Shadowbane Moderator and as the community Sentinel Advocate for the Shadowbane focus group. One of his great joys was theorycrafting creative builds to break the current meta (though he hated the use of the word "meta" with a passion). Many such ideas made it out of the Winterblades skunkworks to the greater community through Wes' guides and posts. In Crowfall he continued his tradition of community advocacy whether on the forums or off them. Be it in the development partners, testing feedback, or general forums Wes was prolific in his posting as part of the greater community. While he played many games that we tried out over the years, nothing got him anywhere near as excited or fired up for a debate as Crowfall as many can attest to. His impact will certainly leave a crater of absence. An enduring love of gaming and competition were not Wes' only pursuits. Although, perhaps cliche, he really did have a flair for life. He enjoyed life and had no "chill"--there were always pictures from his latest adventure. Often this meant something crazy, possibly reckless, and a whole lot of fun. Ziplines. Motorized skateboards. Very large hills and motorized skateboards. Wakeboarding. Surfing. Brazilian excursions. Spearfishing with Sharks..... Likely more hobbies that didn't make the news. Needless to say Wes lived life with vigor, elan, and a side of adrenaline. Wes shared his excitement with many of us when he hosted the Winterblades meet up in July. The shared memories of that week are now bittersweet with his unexpected passing. At request of his family in lieu of flowers they are asking for donations in his name to Wes' alma mater University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law Moot Court division or Hannah's Hope Adoption Agency. His obituary can be found here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/commercialappeal/obituary.aspx?n=charles-wesley-fowler&pid=186443823&fhid=17199
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    He was certainly quite the character. A lawyer to the core of his being, his responses to forum warnings would put Clarence Darrow to shame, and still, in the end, we managed to wrap it up with a virtual handshake. While we enjoy getting to know most of our players online only, Cool was one of the few CF players I'd actually spoken with. MrMike and Bill spent many hours on the phone with him. Their office is near my desk, so I'd pop in and say hello. He was always cheerful and friendly despite the situation that was wonking up his connection to the game. Our hearts are with his friends, family and guildmates. Lastly -- and I hate that I even have to say this -- please be kind and respectful in this thread. It's not the time or place for shenanigans and improper comments will not be tolerated. Thank you for your cooperation.
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    @thomasblair@mhalash@jtoddcoleman During the stream you guys asked for some video of the targetting issues, so I'm compiling a few clips below. Basically the major problem is that this kind of "aim assist" you guys implemented for ranged targetting heavily skews targetting for channeled or charged abilities. And to a lesser extent abilities that have a longer animation time. Example 1: Ranger targetting. Whether you hit or miss is determined when you begin charging the arrow, not when you release it. This heavily affects ranger gameplay and feels counter intuitive. Pre-charging arrows is a big part of archer gameplay in all games. Example 2: Channeled abilities like Druid Spark or ranger rapid fire (also shown in the video above). If you hit the first and keep pressing the button, all the others will hit regardless of reticle position. This is particularly problematic for Druid Spark, specially on a scimitar druid.Theoretically I could kill someone by just pressing LMB once and then running circles around and away from him. No need to aim afterwards. It feels awkward and on a scimitar druid would be really easy to cheese. Example 3: Confessor. It's not as obvious on a confessor, but it does explain why people were thinking aiming was harder. It's really not harder, it's just different timing. Whether you hit or miss is determined when you press the button at the start of the animation. Again it feels and looks awkward with longer animations.
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    Can we get a druid power named "Cool Waters"? Druids were his thing, would be a good way to remember the fallen. He was involved enough in the early stages of CF that his legacy should continue. @Pann
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    Let me know what you think of our "Tree of life" for our Gamescom booth :).
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    We found the issue with Charged powers acquiring their target on button press and not button release. (This affects powers like ranger left clicks, death druid left clicks, druid bear) We also found the issue with Channeled powers not acquiring the target on each pulse of the power. (This affects powers like ranger/duelist rapid fire) Engineering is trying to get fixes in for this weekends builds.
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    section index: blair and todd intro and qa sessions blair and mhlash cleric powers and QAs dogget human assassin smoke bomb animation after stream reset back to todd eric modeling stoneborn shield back to todd destruction FX effects back to todd and dogget Blair and Susi character sheet and QAs back to todd New building pieces back to todd greco half-giant myrm art back to todd jonathan world parcels after stream reset back to todd blair hlash new racial powers back to todd [starting the booze] stream back billy and lars UI skill tree changes, powers etc back to todd and blair closing QA todd and blair
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    I've been struggling to find the words to share, but I will say this one simple thing. Wes was so much more than a guild member. He was a true friend. He was there for me for everything that far extended past the game we were playing. He was unequivocally selfless. I miss him.
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    Wes was one of my best friends. He enjoyed playing with and against all of you. I don't really want to write up anything new here for the CF boards so I'll just copy paste my thoughts from our private boards.
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    This was too perfect! One of the highlights from my Crowfall experience so far. Not sure what I'm going to do with the extra account (I haven't gotten it yet) but I may do a giveaway if one of my IRL friends doesn't want it. I was more excited that I won and seeing Todd's reaction than I was from the actual prize
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    Would be cool, yeah. But it might cause certain strategical problems.
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    It would need to be on master of scimitars, and be the only heal they can take :-) @thomasblair @mhalashace @jtoddcoleman
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    We are planning on having horns as a customization option. It's kind of their hair option so to speak
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    TL;DR: you've really been given a pass on balance issues up to this point, but with the new class / race changes, disciplines, and skill trees all in starting with build 5.3, balance has to be a concern. There are no more combat systems waiting in the wings. No more "you don't see the bigger picture with the coming changes". In terms of combat, 5.3 makes Crowfall systems-complete. Hi Ace design team, me again. I am reduced to playing a confessor this week, because I don't feel I can contribute enough on my knight to justify his inclusion in a group. There are several contributing factors to this (with standard bearer, runecaster, armor of faith, etc., formerly "squishy" classes can be as tanky as "tank" classes, while maintaining the advantages of range, mobility, and higher DPS. Plus PCM screws knights and myrms over more than other classes because their per power resource costs are roughly 50% higher than other classes.) There is clearly no point in looking for balance in the 5.2 line. But with the complete class / race overhaul and new skill trees in 5.3, you really need to show you can provide a relatively balanced playing field in that build. You have a clear vision for harvesting and crafting, it seems, and you stick to it. But you really appear pretty rudderless in the combat area. There don't appear to be any defining concepts that you adhere to. There are several combat ability areas that can be grouped to make up a class: Durability DPS (sustained and burst) Range Mobility and escapes Crowd Control (ranged, single target vs AE, etc) Since you're constantly referring to your budgets (damage budget, powers budget etc etc), it would be really nice to see a value between 1 and 10 assigned to each of those, and a budget of say 25pts for a class (so you get 9 in durability, 7 in CC, 5 in dps, and 2 in range and mobility, for example, for a class that would be considered very tanky, or durability 5, dps 6, range 7, mobility 9, CC 3 for a ranged harasser). Disciplines need to add another 3-4 points between them at most on this scale - maybe use a larger scale for more nuance). As thing stand, a confessor running runecaster / juggernaut / master of arcane / armor of faith / careless whisper) has durability 8, mobility 8, range 10, dps 8 and CC 8+. Your supposed melee glass cannon champion is far more durable than any of the tank classes. You have said you are not going to try to balance classes perfectly with each other - that each class will have areas where it shines, and others that it does poorly. That said, you have given us no indication that you are able to balance even types of characters. Combat favors mobility, range, CC and dmg, given how durable everyone is with the current 75% health buff and a few powers that have percentage based healing and the wealth of defensive buffs from strong disciplines. Bringing a melee character right now has insufficient benefits to warrant inclusion in a strong group. A group comprised solely of confessors, rangers and druids has range, mobility, ranged AE CC, high dps, and excellent durability. Adding fights over POIs and fixed positions will not favor tanky low-mobility, low-dps classes. Those folks will simply get picked off over time from range. We need a system with checks and balances. Mobile, ranged dps classes cannot also have great CC and durability. Tanky classes need either excellent CC or excellent mobility (not both). Harasser classes need good mobility, and either range or escapes (not both), etc. Your existing balance changes have been ham-handed, utterly lacking in subtlety: Myrmidon too strong (mostly due to the overpowered C power)? Let's a. nerf the C into the ground, b. nerf berserk duration by 50%, c. make pulverize interruptible, and d. remove the "dmg taken increases dmg done" class defining feature of the myrmidon. All at once. Ranger's getting the reverse treatment: quivers to reduce ranged resource cost to effectively zero on a per fight basis, massive ranged dmg, two new CC powers, and the addition of specialty arrows for switching damage types to avoid hard counters. So I hope you can understand our concern about combat balance. Please get the big picture balance right in 5.3, and continue to tune as we move towards soft-release and beyond.
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    I honestly was unsure what to make of Cool when I first met him. He was brash, opinionated, and oh my god did he love to argue. He set off all my buttons. And then I got to know him and meet him in person, and all the uncertainty just vanished. His absolute genuineness, his passion, and selfless decency to those he cared about was just so clear that the knowing was immediate. He was one of the most authentic souls I have ever met. His bluntness was not malicious. It was just him. And who he was was awe inspiring. I want to scream at the universe as loud as I can and tell it to custard off but I also know that we will get through this together because that is what families do.
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    Probably a long post, so I'll do a tl;dr up front. Basically, I wanted to discuss my experiences playing Albion Online the past month, and its implications for ACE moving on Crowfall in the current landscapes. Some points to consider are as follows: MOBA/MMO relationship, Fast travel & Safezones, Risks, Grinds and the gathering/crafting/combat triumvirate, Power Curve, RMT. In many ways, my experiences with AO just make it critical to me that ACE resist many of the tempting slides toward casual PvE oriented games, by re-highlighting the importance of some of their design commitments. Many of these ACE already knows, states, and adheres to, but I think reiterating them is important. (1) The great MOBA debate. Or, can a game hybridize PvP MMOs and MOBAs (read: battlegrounds)? In Albion Online, the most influential PvP events are 5v5 battlegrounds also known as GvGs. Each of two sides get to outfit and organize a five-person team who will compete in a "king of the hill" + "k/d" type fight. For all intents and purposes, these are essentially instanced (although they take place in the "open world," only the ten people signed up for the fight may enter the arena during the designated time). Ostensibly the purpose of this set-up is to counteract zerging and relieve pressure from more casual players from needing to show up in critical combat moments. Nevertheless, the zerg exerts influence through how well it can outfit five people through a pyramid scheme of sorts. Ultimately, although these fights seem exciting for the participants, to me they are incredibly annoying and ostracizing. My alliance's home city plot was recently sieged; I watched on twitch.tv; please, ACE, stay away from any and all developer designed arena fights, and do not make any such fights meaningful in any way toward who wins and loses the Campaign World. Yes, Zergs will win city plots away from small guilds; so be it! Let us find alliances, do espionage and otherwise subvert these fights, and above all participate if we want to. (2) Living MMO Worlds, we hardly knew ye. A related problem that must be addressed is the relationship between world size, type, travel, and points of interest: what I call how "alive" the world feels. On this AO falls on its face, because it was so close to being good. Set aside for a moment that AO is segmented zones stitched together (with the most insane invuln mechanics you could imagine for a "pvp" game), the amount of weird fast traveling that happens is crazy. Naked suicides all freaking over the place and other fast travel NPC mechanics that cost money depending on how much you are wearing, ugh. Essentially the game is a set of meaningless fast travels to safezones (city plots, pvp-off territories, pvp-lite territories) interspersed with infrequent meaningful one-way trips. Having to organize caravans on mounted oxen and horses == awesome, but being able to port into safezones and back, and get little invuln bubbles, means that with practically any effort you can avoid risks altogether. Over the past couple years I have heard a lot of pressure to make EKs a larger part of the ecosystem; hell, I provided a lot of that pressure. But my reasoning was to create a connected universe, wherein EKs would have to have PvP on, so as to not give our risk-averse harvesters a place to live, thrive, and bend the game to their will. Much more of the pressure is to make EKs more like CWs, but without any of the PvP risk. I was incredibly disappointed to hear that all-the-way to T4 mats would be available in EKs. You are essentially making those resources valueless (maybe alleviated with export/import, if done well). There is going to be so much more pressure as more people come to this game. It will be overwhelming, but ultimately listening to this crowd will break this game. It would not break other games! But it will break this one. Which brings me to my third point: (3) Do Not Try to Attract Risk Averse Players. Albion Online developers made a change to their game the first week of release, in response to massive complaints. In essence, people would ride up on horses to those unmounted (or mounted players) and manage to kill them (apparently a surprise for players who bought a game meant to be "PvP" oriented). These harvesters complained, and complained loudly. Already players who dismounted had a cooldown on being able to use abilities (so would have to normal attack/poke for several seconds), but AO decided to make the dismount give a three-second cooldown on being able to attack another player at all. What does this result in? You guessed it, ridiculously easy escapes, next to impossible PKing of mounted players, and hilarious imagery from 30000 feet. For instance, I recently rode up to an unmounted gathered with five people, and the person simply mounted up and ran off. It's so hilariously carebear I cannot stand it. ACE will face this pressure relentlessly: people will be killed and lose a lot of materials and come onto these forums and scream about it; hundreds to thousands of new players will piggy back onto the threads and complain about the same stuff. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IN. What results is a harvesting game, not a PvP game. Harvesters rule the day, but guess what? One month in, population of PvPers is taking a massive dip, and the harvesters will soon be supplying nobody and quickly quit the game. This game is not for the entire harvesting-interested community, they have plenty of other games! This game should be for people willing to risk pixels enough to go harvest awesome poorly made socks knowing they may die, fully prepared to be disgruntled off about it, then rally three friends and go strike the ganker's city, or main farming area, or outpost, or friends. In short, please let us deal with dying through revenge or preparation, not protection mechanics. I understand that some harvesters will quit because they got ganked, but protecting those players will cause everyone to quit the game. (4) Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to harvest we go. Or, why the power curve cannot be steep. AO is a harvesting simulator with some PvP encounters. It is incredibly important to step up the tiers of gear; the power curve is linear. If you can step up a tier, you will basically guarantee victory over essentially all players of lower tiers 1v1. Losing materials is, therefore, made more devastating. Those mats do not represent marginal improvement, they represent an entire step up. The logarithmic curve is absolutely key to this CF, please stick with it. Combine a linear curve with the ridiculousness of instanced PvP, and you get a game designed around 95% of its players gathering 95% of their time, in order to keep the 5% of players who will PvP geared. (5) RMT, hackers, and DDoS, aka Let Tyrant be Tyrant. AO has been subjected to a massive retaliatory strike after shutting down the primary RMT issue. They were correct to do so. The DDoS attacks that followed were incredibly frustrating to players, but must have been hell to developers. The sad mistake made by the AO devs was ever having offered this route to begin with. Ultimately ACE needs to be incredibly savvy about how they handle safezone (EK) harvesting, import/export, VIP benefits, and RMT. Ruthlessly toss the banhammer. Many people may disagree with this assessment of AO and my implications for CF. So be it. Ultimately, it is for ACE to decide, but I think these points are important to consider and reconsider based on the design principles they highlight. Thoughts? Other comments?
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    Coolwaters and I rarely saw eye to eye when it came to opinions about Crowfall. We often bickered in teamspeak or discord and said mean things to each other. Even if we had a bitter fight, he was the type of guy who did not hold on to grudges. His ability to move on was one of qualities about him that always stood out, and I wish I could be more like him in that respect. I haven't been with Winterblades very long compared to some members. The one thing I'm starting to understand is how much he meant to Winterblades. He really is the heart and soul of our guild. If there was a fight breaking out on the forums you could almost guarantee he would be right in the thick of it. He always had an opinion and he was unapologetic about the way he felt. He loved this game, he loved his guild and most of all he loved this community. My condolences to his family and to his friends Yoink, Angelmar, Damebix, Remlap and the many other names I'm missing. His presence will be greatly missed.
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    I feel like I missed a huge opportunity to interact with him over the past year. I know his importance to -W- and what a great guy he was to play and talk to. Tragic news. My thoughts will be with all of his friends and family.
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    UDL sends our Condolences to his family as well as his family in Winterblades. Coolwaters Was a great Player for the Crowfall community. He always gave you a fight, he never talked trash in game or attack people in any way, he contributed on the forums and helped move this game to what is currently is today with his great testing skills. We will miss him. We have known Winterblades for a long time and it hurts us to see one of their own fall. We too have recently lost a brother and it was hard for a lot of us. My advice to you guys is to remember the good times you had with him and play with the W tag that he would be proud of. Good luck to you guys.
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    Played and posted with cool for almost 20 years. Great guy, and classy ....rare in sb. Tragic news.
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    For once...I struggle to find the right words. I think its best to say that I simply miss my friend.
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    Holding off 9 people when two of our group members had basic weapons. Most fun I had in 5.2 yet.
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    Really sorry to learn of this news. I've played countless hours with and against Coolwaters. I have nothing bad to say about this man, he was always kind to me, always treated people with respect and just genuinely my kind of dude someone you wanted to be around. No bad vibes, just good times always fun times with Coolwaters. Fortunately I got to play against him recently here in Crowfall for the brief period of time I was playing with Soulein and Cyjax and -W- was such fierce competition, this clan had been training in beta before others had a chance to hit the soil and it showed. Coolwaters i know without even speaking to anyone about it, had a large part in this. He was a fierce competitor and I think it was more fun pvping with him than against him. Not because I was worried about squaring off against him(this was always fun,) but it just felt as if poorly made socks always seemed to pop off when he was around and it was a always an amazing fight in Shadowbane. Someone above I saw called him a pvp magnet(in crowfall,) and this is just so funny and true to me because I witnessed it a bunch of times in Shadowbane my self. I will definitely miss this guy, my heart goes out to his family and friends, may God bless him, may he rest in peace.
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    Wes 'Coolwaters' Fowler was a rare soul, a pragmatic man, a successful man, a man of ideas and relentless purpose, a man who enriched my life in the brief time that I knew him. I thought I had seen everything and just when the world was looking small and uninteresting Coolwaters imparts enlightenment on the nuances of a proper bacon sandwich. So he was a humorous man as well. I will miss the man.
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    This is heartbreaking. Coolwaters was one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, he would help anyone he had the chance too. I first played with him probably 15 years ago and we met as both friends and enemies over the years in a few different games. I am so sorry to Damebix, Angelmar, Yoink and the other Winterblades that have lost someone that has been truly a friend and part of their lives for so long. You are all amazing people that has made a beautiful family, shedding the silly moniker of "guild" long ago, I've come to cherish the times I got to spend with all of you. Rest in peace, Coolwaters. My sincerest condolences to his Winterblades family and everyone else he has left behind.
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    My fondest memories of Coolwaters were arguing with him on the forums and fighting him in game. Though we often disagreed, Coolwaters was always respectful to people who argued in good faith- a sign of good character. My condolences to Winterblades and his other friends and family. I'm glad to have known him. I'm drinking fine scotch tonight in his memory.
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    Witness a Murder of Doggett. FULL STORY
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    Guys, To set expectations: this build is better, but it still isn't good enough that we are ready to try out a "real campaign". Please don't get hung up on all the "this is still broken!" issues. We know. Lots of things will be fixed. Lots of things will still be broken. We are working through the issues as fast as we can. Please be patient. If it frustrates you too much, that's totally understandable, and I would recommend that you wait for a more polished build before you jump in and test. Thanks, Todd
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    The Myrmidon is currently the least played class in Crowfall by a pretty significant margin. However I think there is a lot of potential power in this class and I think it's going to be quite the powerhouse especially when a few key bugs get fixed!
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    He will get a Dodge, the power just hasn't been created yet! Once it is, it will appear on the racial.
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    custardkkkkkk. Spent a lot of long hours talkin with CW over the last 2 decades, great guy and will be sorely missed. Wish we'd had better luck finding time to get together post-Shadowbane, my thoughts and heart go out to his rl and -W- families as they process his passing. RIP traveler.
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    My condolences to your guild and his family. I hope you rally around each other and carry on his battle. I didn't interact with him very much but I know what it's like to loose a long time guild mate and friend. Fire and hatred to you my enemy. I wish you death if only for eternity. But come let us battle again, once more. To play and hate in bloodbath and gore. Locked in an endless struggle Tyranny is where will battle What’s this? your absence is clear Victory is mine you’re lost in fear My time and efforts all vindicated I win as I always indicated. But now I know no pleasure The fight and flight have come to a closure What is this emptiness I feel? My foe I need him to be real This big world has become so small The siege and perilous hunger, I miss it all That enemy I’ve come hate In cooler waters did he meet his fate? The world is cold now, bitter than before Winters come but his blade is at the door Amazing battles, for now, are muted I go forth remembering a Druid BD
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    Rest well fallen crow. Thank you for your kind words and support during my live streams. May you descend upon the halls of Valhalla flaming sword in hand, song in your heart and good friends at your side. I will see you on the other side brother.
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    actually, if you don't mind, we vastly prefer the additional posts. because otherwise I have to start over at the beginning of the thread every time I come back to check for new bugs, and cross check every entry to see if it was already entered or just added. new posts > adding to old posts. thanks! Todd
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    Crowfall -The Community Board Game- Hunger Dome Edition Come enjoy the new Crowfall board game! This strategy game features all your favorite and least favorite guilds. Plan your moves and place your guild members in key locations to take the keep. But beware the hunger! Can you control the keep and be the last guild standing?
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    I don't know if anybody else recognized this in the stream, but obviously
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    So I've noticed that quite a lot of the buffs and debuffs in this game have no scaling whatsoever and I feel this is going to be potentially problematic as stats inflate. A perfect example of this is what has recently happened to Support Power. Healers now have around 3000 Support Power baseline and this is only going to ramp up as we get vessels and gear with stats on it. This puts abilities like the Bard song "Verses of Victory" in a really bad spot. Giving 150 Support Power to someone who already has 4000-6000 just feels really crappy. Since Bard songs and many other powers that give stats are flat values and not percentage based or scale with stats this means that the power of these abilities will continue to get worse and worse. This is not a Bard specific problem by any means as many disciplines give flat stat values for various procs, buffs, and debuffs. However I do have to admit that I'm biased as I really want to play a Bard role in some capacity in this game. Are you guys planning on addressing this in some way by adding scaling or making more of these buffs percentage based? I know stat inflation isn't going to be as crazy in Crowfall as most MMOs since there aren't going to be brand new tiers of gear released every few months. However I do think this is something to be concerned about. I know you guys have mentioned stat budgets in the past when talking about skill trees and maybe I'm worried over nothing but I still figured it was worth a post. @thomasblair @mhalashace
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    We just received this horrible news in Cologne. While we didn't always see eye to eye on matters related to Crowfall, his passion for Crowfall to me was clear. I can relate to that. His presence on the battlefield was also always leaving an impression of passion. Those times when he visited us on the EU server he was always giving us some good fights and a challenge. He will be missed, by all of us of Caldera. My condolences to his family, friends and all of Winterblades. May he rest in peace.
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    This is a sad time .... his humor in dealing with the community and insight into his vision of a fun and engaging game will be sorely missed. I remember the first time he ganked me .... he stole my apples then pinged me in discord wanted to know if it was ok if he just hung around as I harvested, to kill those who were attacking me since i seemed to be the only PvP magnet at the time.
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    Yea man....as dumb as it might sound it's sometimes easy to forget that you play with real people in online games. Unfortunately things like this happening are a pretty harsh reminder of that fact.
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    p.s. master of mappery @Kraahk informs me that EK maximum size is now 10x10 under the old cell size (so 20x20 new size) according to the updated FAQ which would be:
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    Obviously dogget @dogrun3d has been using his cat as a pose model....
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    Man, I wish we could open this up completely, but its unlikely to offer a full API for custom scripting just because of the way our UI is constructed. Though, our plan has been to first phase out the basic customization features such as resizing, rotating, moving...all the basic transforms. Phase 2 is to offer alternate visualizations of the meters and boxes, so you have more graphical options. Phase 3 would be to offer behaviors that you could add to UIs to customize their functionality in interesting ways. For example, put a visibility threshold behavior on a certain UI so that it only appears when a condition is met like when your health drops below 25%, or only display power icons on cooldown, etc.
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    In large scaled combat the screen becomes too cluttered. With ten or more opponents on the field the red health bars are blinding. It makes tracking a called target impossible at times, especially when a target screens behind four or five other health bars. There has to be a better way to organize this. Perhaps health bars you have not dealt damage to in the last thirty seconds sound be in a smaller scale. Also the font size you are currently using for cc effects is ridiculous. It is a billboard that clutters the screen. I half expect an AT&T ad to be applied in the next patch. It is an unneeded distraction that draws the eye from everything else.It will literally flash over three different players in large fights completely circumventing the point of telling me who is being CC'ed. Please fix this. Thanks , Scipio Barca
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    Good job ACE, looking good! And some older ones i've done like this previously: