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  1. Was wondering if you guys (ACE) could post a video of the new login screen and main screen(without UI elements) in 60fps and the highest quality possible for some software called Wallpaper Engine. Both would make high quality backgrounds that I'd love to have playing as a background Going to see what I can do with them as is tonight, but it would be much easier to have raw video for easy conversion. For those interested, (or those who have strong rigs) you can get Wallpaper Engine on Steam for 4$.
  2. Spermy the magic dragon is now its name. Cheers lad. Suprized theres no 'You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about'... Oh. Quick edit on phone, ty @Tinnis for the pic to make it fast.
  3. Tinnis, I will set up a box for you in my front yard. <3 drop by anytime.
  4. BURN THE HERETICS. On a serious note, that probably will not happen due to how temporary campaign worlds could/will be... not to mention how you could flip what God you chose at the beginning to the "winning" god and claim all the spoils at the end.. of which everyone in that campaign would do that so they dont lose items they gathered and placed in export. The real debate will be what "winning" terms ACE chooses.
  5. Atm, Druids can blink to the top of all entities... this includes trees. get 19-18m away from a tree and use your blink.
  6. Building in its current state.. is amazing...
  7. When I saw the stream of them making the dagger I had a hunch. Cant wait to see the extent of gliding the assassin will have... hopefully tree climbing isnt removed before then >:)
  8. Templar is a blast to play!
  9. Oof', Landmark.. Me too man, before I had a decent rig.
  10. Bugs: - At the end of an animation (Mining as far as I can tell) You lose collision and can walk into (or fall) the rock/ore you are gathering. - Tree Climbing Clip (With the bug above at the end) - During 300-500 ping Templar can cast the #1 Leap 3-4 times before the server recognizes its been cast. (80ping with 3k spikes lets you double or triple cast it.) - On occasion, the Epic Templar pips graphic doesn't show up - You can generate 1 pip on an ally, no more for some reason.(shouldn't be able to at all) - When killing NPC's (Archetype NPC's) A large pink glow will randomly fill the map while near thier corpses. - Names of dead NPC's (all) lock on your screen in one spot if you look toward thier corpses. - Halo 2 "Butterfly Jumping" with player collision is back! You can now once again jump a group of 5 onto walls or into high places. - So many damn apples <3 I have enough to follow woolly around for the entire weekend!! Not a bug, just thanks.
  11. Welcome to the Murder, Crow!
  12. Friendo And as always... Welcome to the Murder, Crow!