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  1. When the needle is in the middle third balance is winning but has no allies. As soon as either chaos or order begins winning the other becomes allies with balance. So balance is winning or gains an ally as soon as they start losing. Balance EZ mode. At least on paper. We will test it and see.
  2. Can't wait to test Campaigns! This has more functionality than I was initially expecting.
  3. It would be if that were the case. Champions have lower HP than duelists currently.
  4. I could get behind an idea like this if they add more positive physics benefits to mass to offset the negative such as this fall damage idea. Any kind of push, pull, or knockup ability should have less of an effect on a character with more mass.
  5. PSA to my Myrmidon brothers: Noble purpose counts healing done by berserk towards resource recovery. So every 1,000 dmg you take while berserk will restore about 40 fury. Myrmidon's are back baby! I went 1-1 in duels vs. the mighty Facerip which is good test of viability right now. It's still not as much fury as it was 6 months ago but it's playable. You'll run out if you aren't taking berserk damage and/or aren't using gore. I was using a 0.17 PCM set of axes and I wasn't even using mental fortitude. ACE still needs to increase myrmidon fury regen but this is a good workaround until then. Don't even think about nerfing this until you fix Myrm fury regen ACE!
  6. Protecting harvesters is one way. Killing them is another. I'll do a bit of both depending on my affiliation with said harvesters. If you consider yourself one of those "PvPers" who will protect the harvesters then I fear for the harvesters safety if "idiots like me" (or Facerip) come around.
  7. Kill harvesters for materials and give the materials to crafters to get stuff made.
  8. Congrats on the Legendary! Did you use all legendary materials or did you get lucky on bootstrapping? The stats on weapons are so low. Half a % chance to crit and 4 attack power. Meanwhile minor disc adds 350 attack power. 126 top end damage is pretty strong. Don't get me started on PCM.
  9. I'd rather a "win condition" that if one side got out to such an insurmountable lead that the campaign ends early and they win rather than having "blue shell" mechanics to let the losers catch up. Let the losers try to do better in the next campaign instead of artificially propping them up in the current one.
  10. Depends on the angle of the swing. If overhead swing then yeah only longer reach but if it's a side to side cleave/swipe then it should have longer reach and wider arch.
  11. I don't have a problem with different classes (weapons) having different arcs but it needs to make sense. Duelist for example should be pinpoint when using a rapier. Daggers should be a smaller arc than a 1H sword. 2 handed weapons like the templar uses should be a larger arc. Maybe it's something ACE just hasn't gotten around to yet.
  12. #3 is hopefully a toggle we can get in the near future for PVP enabled EK's.
  13. Sounds like someone got banned from an EK and lost everything he had on him.
  14. Seems like a good change to smooth out the edges of the map some as well. Of course my main concern is the impact it has on performance. The smaller bloodbath maps are relatively lag free but the larger the map gets the more lag it has. I guess we will wait and see how performance is effected by this. When do you expect to implement this change? Simultaneous, before or after the implementation of the new campaign testing?
  15. I'm an advocate for free for all, full loot, open world PVP. There's nothing easy mode about that. Reagents fall into the category of tedium. It's not HARD to get reagents. It's EASY to get reagents. It's just time consuming and annoying.