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  1. I made a similar post myself recently. Hope we see some balance changes and the end of RangedFall. However I hope we don't go too far the other way and have MeleeFall. I would love nothing more than to have a balanced experience where all classes and disciplines are well represented on the battlefield.
  2. I did miss that. Where did you see that?
  3. Do you mean these assassin powers?
  4. There are tradeoffs right now - you can choose to take overwhelming odds for 20% mitigation or resolution for 15% more damage. The problem lies in the fact that the mitigation powers/discs are overall more powerful and more prevalent than the damage ones which has led to everyone being a lot more tanky and thus tanks becoming obsolete. I imagine they didn't want people stacking damage buffs and 1 shotting people which is why they are less powerful/prevalent but the opposite issue has now sprung up with the mitigation stacking.
  5. Illusionary armor needs a nerf too. It's usable by all, takes up only a minor disc slot, takes up no passives, and gives 20% mitigation for 20 seconds. Can be activated anytime too. Compare that to say "Furious" which requires a champion to reach 100 fury and then gives 15% damage for 15 seconds. It's a minor disc rune also but it takes up a passive slot.
  6. This is how it used to be. I hope we can get back to that.
  7. It probably grabs the target at the start of the animation instead of the end which is why it seems impossible to dodge.
  8. Why is myrm net a ray cast but champion hurlbat a projectile? As much as I'd love to have real projectiles in Crowfall they don't feel as good as raycasts at least in the current game state.
  9. LoD was successful in both Shadowbane and Darkfall but I can say without a doubt the skill ceiling was higher in Darkfall. Shadowbane required skill no doubt about it but it was more group coordination, spec group design, etc. than mechanical skill since it was largely a tab target game. Make no mistake - Shadowbane definitely required skill. Darkfall on the other hand was/is in my opinion the highest skill ceiling MMORPG ever created. It required FPS aim, difficult to master timing based bunny hopping movement, MMORPG ability rotations, active blocking, full friendly fire, all the while using a stat transfer management system. No MMORPG has even come close. The downside to this was that it wasn't a very accessible game to the masses, coupled with grind and a very poorly managed dev team it was destined for failure. Being good at Darkfall was more satisfying than being good at any other game period. If you can be successful in Darkfall you can be successful in pretty much any PVP game. I think Crowfall could take a thing or two from Darkfall but I think a skill ceiling THAT high may not be wise for a game trying to bring in more than just hardcore PVP wolves. I'm glad Crowfall doesn't have Darkfall's stat management system or the bunny hopping. I wish Crowfall had more precise aiming that allowed for full friendly fire. I wish Crowfall had Darkfalls projectiles and physics. Crowfall combat is a bit more accessible which is probably a good thing for the games long term health and its ability to retain some of the harvester/crafter sheep type players but it still has plenty of room for improvement. I think Crowfall is kind of a hybrid between Shadowbane's spec/group coordination and Darkfall's mechanic skill. Probably leans a little bit more towards Shadowbane than Darkfall at this point though.
  10. If you have name and guild crest but no HP bar you can still call a low HP target by name for people to focus fire. Less on the screen to block the names may even make it easier to find the target that's being called. I think names are less intrusive than red HP bars also. FWIW - Shadowbane only had name/crest above head. No health bars. Darkfall basically had nothing unless you targeted someone. It would also be nice if the persons name/guild crest does not appear until you're within a certain distance of the person and if they're within your direct vision. Kind of think of it like how stealth detection worked in early big world. Where I'm going with this it would be great if there weren't big indicators above peoples heads that were attempting to hide in the environment but once you're in a fight then they appear. You may also be able to tie this to whether someone is in combat stance or not. Another thought is you could have disciplines or passive training to be able to ID targets more easily or at longer ranges. You guys are building really cool environments - it would be great to be able to use the terrain to hide and setup ambushes. Kind of hard to do that with giant indicators above enemy heads.
  11. My concern is you could have 1 person pull the guards away while the other one caps the point. I like this idea:
  12. Something like this is probably what is needed. The shadowsight only helps if someone is there to prevent the cap. You already come out of stealth when you begin to cap the point anyways.
  13. Abilities like pass wall are a good way to pick off archers or people using siege engines on top of walls before there are holes blown in the walls to allow the rest of the force to move in. Also good to move in and pick off crafters at the crafting tables and steal their loots. I don't think it's a good way for an entire fortification to change hands. It would be quite frustrating (and unrealistic for that matter for 1 rat to capture an entire fort presumably full of guards) to lose a base over 1 stealther. Forts need to be taken by force. IMO - keep the pass wall mechanic. Change the capture mechanic. Maybe make it so the guards have to be dead before the fort can be capped. Something along those lines.
  14. Do you think that will be enough to prevent duelist ninja capping the forts? Players are usually pretty adept at bugging out AI.