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  1. I like that we will still get tax free parcels and I like that I'll be able to take my 30 some tax free farmland and turn them into larger tax free parcels via crafting.
  2. I haven't been playing Albion myself so I'm not sure. I imagine the Albion guys will stick to Albion until Crowfall gets further along.
  3. IMO, make an arrow "quiver" that has durability like the bow or daggers do. The quiver will have the arrow stats on it. The quiver won't run out of arrows but when the quiver breaks like any other item then it has to be replaced. Better middle ground IMO.
  4. Dizzy down needs to go once and for all. Ultimate abilities need to be back on cooldown timers instead of soul power. Then we should see how CC looks. If that isn't enough then lower cooldown on retaliate and/or make the DR on CC more aggressive.
  5. Performance was pretty bad overall. Frequent ping spikes on what seemed to be a pretty empty server. Buildings floating 15m in the air in my EK to where I couldn't reach to despawn them. Spirit bank ate my crafted duelist weapon even though my bank wasn't full. It's possible that I deleted it instead of put it in spirit bank and didn't notice the difference in the prompt. Can't say for sure.
  6. Semi-funny semi-bug report video. Players are able to walk inside of motherload nodes.
  7. Great find! Barrier makes sense so you aren't wondering why you're hitting someone and their hp isn't dropping.
  8. My thought is the duelist would get another tray for a sword/shield disc. Wonder how it'll work coming out of stealth. Probably default to rapier/gun tray while in or coming out of burrow. I would love to see a discipline stream.
  9. I agree with this. As someone who plays the Duelist a lot and eventually will have either the assassin or duelist as one of the three archetypes I play there are some key differences between the two which you outlined above. The duelist and assassin are definitely more alike than any other two archetypes. That's bound to happen as more archetypes join the game. I imagine stalker and ranger will have some overlap as will confessor and frost weaver.
  10. Couple times I used duelist passwall directly into my group mate and I was stuck in place with no way to move. Only way to break it was to have the group mate leave group and damage me to knock me out of it. Nameplates didn't show up but I kinda liked it. Floating combat text didn't show up and that was no good. Some level of detail issues
  11. @perfectdork RE: Identifying targets in combat - why not just remove the HP bars and nameplates over peoples heads and give us the same targeting HUD you give nodes? Don't really even need the big popup "Hold F to harvest window" just give us the persons name underneath the crosshair. HP on left and put a split bar showing stamina on top and pips/mana/resource on the bottom of the right side. Since the node functionality is already there would this really be that hard to do?
  12. I'd like to see shadow step be a 20 meter teleport that puts you in stealth instead of the blind. I can't help but think of EQ1 shadow step. Otherwise I really like the class design on paper.
  13. Darkfall had little indicators over group and guild/alliance mates heads. Rewatch the video I posted. It worked well identifying friend from foe. I don't think enemies should have any indicator so hiding is easier.
  14. Yeah they sorta have it now but it needs to have a slight delay or fade effect when you mouse over someone until you get a new target. It's too immediate on/off right now. It also needs to be moveable so it can be closer to crosshair. Level of detail used to (might still) drop nameplates and hp bars when frames got low so obviously it has an effect on performance. I think something like this would help.
  15. Large group FFA combat is what Darkfall did best. It works.