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  1. Not sure what you meant by rendering correctly but you can still eat food while burrowed and it'll take you out of burrow visually to where you appear as a ghostly blue version of the duelist. It also negates the burrow sound effect (thank god because that's an annoying sound). It also bugs out the go for broke animation and sounds completely if you use it from this ghostly blue version of burrow. Been this way for a while now. What exactly does this mean? Doesn't everyone have at least 1 VIP month from a package they purchased to get access to the test? Surely this doesn't mean we're going to start consuming VIP months during pre-alpha testing, right?
  2. Your childhood reminded me a lot of mine - Ninja Turtles and Nintendo. Surely you had the Ninja Turtle video games, right? I liked the NES game but my all time favorite was the Turtles in Time Arcade game (which was also on SNES).
  3. Status Update: Wondering what this Status Update is for. 

  4. In a game with item loot people are going to need to become less attached to their pixels. With that said, a little warning before a server goes down so we can spirit bank goes a long way.
  5. Wonder if there's a way that ACE forces everything to spirit bank on a server that's about to come down/wipe. Probably would require more work than is feasible for a testing convenience.
  6. Performance was bad. Ping spikes/hitches are back. FPS is 10-20 lower than normal. One thought about performance is that the re-addition of monsters could be causing some of this lag. One thought to help with the lag is have monsters spawn and then despawn based on if people are within draw distance of them. Darkfall did this and it was a mechanic that no one minded and I'm sure it was to boost performance. The root motion on Myrmidon colossus smash is wonky. I would jump over/past people and have to try to do a 180 in the air to come back to my target. It has the feel of slipping/sliding past my target again. Here's a video of what I'm talking about: The lower cooldown on berserk definitely helps as does the lower animation lockout but the duration is still just a little short. Right now my duration seems to be 9 seconds and cooldown 13 seconds (not the 8 and 12 as reported in the patch notes). If we're shooting for a 75% up time I'd propose a 12-15 second duration with a 16-20 second cooldown. The changes to raging bull requiring soul power and being able to CC someone to prevent crash mitigation via pulverize was really all the nerf berserk needed as far as defense goes. The damage bonus scaling DEFINITELY needs to be capped. 20% is a good starting point but I'd like to see some myrmidon skills to increase this damage bonus (10% increase from a skill sounds reasonable). Champions had a little more staying power in fights but still seemed VERY squishy for a melee character. The heal to ultimate warrior was a good addition but I think it should be in the form of a hitpoint buff similar to what you gave the Templar. Each stage should grant an additional 10,000 or so hitpoints (and thus a heal of about 10,000) that way as they gain size they gain some staying power as well. I'm not a fan of the new out of combat sprint mechanic. I'd like to revert this back to the old way. Give us an "auto sprint" toggle (default caps lock) as well as an "auto run" toggle (default numlock). The pathfinder buff overrides the legionnaire group speed buff and really diminishes its power because of it. There's also a lot less strategy I find in chasing people with this new mechanic. Yes, a lot of things use stamina, but I think putting dodge on pips instead of stamina was all that was needed. Dodge on pips was a good change overall I think. If you plan to stick with the dodge efficiency stat then it should modify the cooldown on regaining pips. There may be better tools for balancing than dodge efficiency as movement/dodge penalties on armor haven't been popular after testing them extensively. You might consider some armor stats / skills that improve dodge efficiency and thus lower the cooldown on regaining pips and/or adding an additional dodge pip. What are your thoughts on dodges being an iFrame power? In other words you would be invulnerable during a dodge so it could be used to avoid hits. Other games (GW2) have this and it adds a lot of skill to the mechanic. Time to kill is still far too fast. TTK needs to increase by roughly 33-50%. Group fights are nothing more than CC - focus fire - target dead. It happens so fast there's not much time for strategy or counter strategy. Typically fights are won/lost on who lands CC's first and focus fires. This tactic is fine but there needs to be more time for fights to develop.
  7. These notes look really good. In particular several things I've asked for or given feedback on including: Increased resource stacking Putting a heal on ultimate warrior Reducing the animation blackout time on berserk and giving the cool damage bonus mechanic back Good stuff. Looking forward to some testing this weekend!
  8. I remember there being a proposed toggle for PVP (on/off). You might consider a toggle for looting players (on/off). You also may want to have certain toggles announce to everyone in the EK and/or require a time period before the change goes into effect. Otherwise it would be very easy for a monarch to grief newcomers to the EK by enabling PVP in an otherwise NON-PVP area.
  9. I confirmed that you can in fact kill and loot someone in this fashion then I reported it via video. Nothing that qualifies as "repeatedly" other than laughter. If others used it after the fact that is where my responsibility ends and ACE's responsibility (to fix it) begins. This is after all a pre alpha test.
  10. Just to be clear I only killed one person with the bug/exploit I found and then put it in the bug thread. It was so hilarious that I had to make a video though. I think the key word here is "repeatedly".
  11. They said in the patch notes that regen might get out of wack in this it as a bug.
  12. So I'm trying to place my wall sections on the side of a hill and this guy keeps getting in my way...
  13. Yeah but the animation for berserk takes 1-2 seconds so you actually have about 6 seconds to actually do stuff before the crash happens which means you realistically have about 5 seconds before you need to start charging pulverize to prevent the crash. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time to do much of anything. You should've fixed pulverize first (as you know stunning people while they were charging pulverize didn't force them to crash for a while), tested that for balance for a bit, THEN if berserk was still OP that's when you nerf the duration. The fact that you can CC a myrm and force a crash really changes things now. What piece of tech are you waiting on before revisiting the damage? I assume something that is able to cap bonus damage? I believe the reason you set it at a flat 30% and then removed it all together was because of the infinite scaling of berserk damage so that's what I base this assumption on.
  14. I too hope 24/7 testing comes with some kind of objectives to fight over as right now the testing does get stale over the course of a weekend (for me at least).
  15. This was my thought after watching. Still very good confessor play in this video.