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  1. Really happy to see AU test servers. I know that you may or may not have the numbers to support it during testing (I hope you do!) however I know they will definitely be required at release. Not many MMO's out there with AU servers outside of WoW and being this will b a very strong PvP game 300 latency can be quite a drag. I know a lot of people may miss the testing of the AU server due to playing other games right now and the issues with the patcher etc but it will definitely be popular at release.
  2. New log in and launch screens look great. Nice work!
  3. Newly into the game I was sitting fairly consistently on 80%, temps maxed at 61C, stock intel air cooler on CPU. After about 15 mins my CPU is around 95% and 65C, so get the feeling its going to keep going up as time goes on. Haven't capped out yet. I should also add I am using about 10 GB of pagefiling with Crowfall alone (almost 15GB total) which seems absurdly high.
  4. Likely the first one being it was on sanctuary. I didn't get time to asks it's orientation.
  5. Thank you for the responses.
  6. Thanks for the info, a further question, if one is grey and the other white, why are they both the same in my backpack and not separated?
  7. Can someone please tell me why I constantly see resources with a glowing aura and resources that don't have one (both pictured below) yet they stack in the exact same spot in my pack as plain old knotwood once collected? Seems like I see a glowing ones about 50% of the time.
  8. The 2 boxes I had in my hand at the store when looking to try my first MMO was AC2 and Shadowbane, the thing that pushed me over to AC2 over Shadowbane was on the box it was advertised "You have the ability to impact the game world! Help rebuild the land of Dereth and determine which cities and resources are restored" a feature that was never implemented.... Guess it didn't matter as neither game ultimately stood the test of time.
  9. AC2 was my first MMO (on dial up internet...and yes Chaos Eidolon was the worst on dial up), Frostfell though.
  10. Using basic tools Slow going, discover pots Mutters to oneself
  11. Slowly farming trees Someone ran through my timber Mutters to oneself
  12. I was pointed to this thread in game and encouraged to give my feedback as a first week new comer. Since it's unlikely the other servers will come up before this test is over I think I have enough to submit my feedback now. I will preface this by saying that while I have been loosely following Crowfall since the Kickstarter and knew at some stage I would "buy into it" when there was something to actually sink my teeth into, I am not coming at this with Crowfall coloured glasses. In other-words there might be a few that will say "but it's been like that since the start" or "just because it's in other MMO's doesn't mean it should be here" but my feedback is purely based on someone who has been playing games/MMO's for a very long time and I know what I like and don't like. I am not trying to get anyone flustered, simply outlining my personal tastes and my reasoning for them, and what the devs do with that information is entirely up to them. I know being an outsider can get people riled up if you challenge the status quo but again, this is just my opinion as a pretty experienced gamer looking at Crowfall with fresh eyes. I will also add that this is my first week, so it's possible there are mechanics that I may not understand or come into effect later in the game that could address some of my issues, so my critique could be flawed. I also realise that some of my critiques are possibly planned to be addressed with future development/updates. If you plan to critique my critique... please at least read the whole point. With that out of the way.... 1. I did not like having to run over my resources to collect them. For me this detracted from my enjoyment. Trying to run exactly over the resources to collect them (yes I missed a few now and again trying to run over them as there isn't much room for error) or have the potential for others to steal them didn't add anything for me. It's completely impracticable to mine a node a little, collect what dropped, go back to the node and continue to the next one drops, it makes complete sense to take a node down in one go. Now I know some will say "but there should be a mechanic where people should be able to steal/take said resource", and I agree, but let that be covered by PvP. If someone wants what a farmer has collected let it get sorted out in PvP and the victor goes the spoils. I just don't feel this extra mechanic is worth the aggravation and detracting from a players enjoyment in the long run. I don't think I am alone, in fact when trying to see if it was possible to take someone else's resources I collected a single resource and was met with a great deal of aggravation by the player. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of the resources popping out onto the ground as you farm, however I would like to see them fly into your pack after say 5 seconds if not collected manually. This still could allow for others to steal it within those 5 seconds if its just something you can't let go of, however personally I think that should simply handled be under the umbrella of PvP. This feature just really wasn't "fun" 2. The crafting system isn't intuitive. Some basic examples are I would use a crafting seal on my plain metal bars which would give them 100 base durability instead of 50, from there you experiment potentially raising the durability of each bar, however regardless of the outcome when I used those bars to created an axehead or pistol trigger, the outcome did not change at all. Why offer those extra steps just for it to have no bearing on the outcome whatsoever. For me this was a little frustrating and redundant. Now I know there are veterans who might think this makes total sense, but for a new comer like myself, it really doesn't. I was actually excited about the potential depth and possibilities of such a system where every bar and choice/roll counted, but it didn't. 3. Crafting felt a little clunky and time consuming. What I mean by this was the amount of time navigating the various components I needed and every component taking up to 20 seconds to craft didn't feel good. It wasn't long enough for me to let it run in the background while I did other things but wasn't short enough for it to feel more fluid. I feel that perhaps a little less time on components and more time on the end product would for me, feel a little more fulfilling. I think improvements to the UI is desperately needed in the crafting area so that perhaps for each end product there is a list of components for that item in the item description that people can click onto and get straight to that recipe. 4. Mob/Animal AI and responsiveness was horrible. I will put this down to lack of polish that is still planned to be done. 5. Would be nice to have some combat dummies for testing purposes on the Sanctuary server. Due to a lack of mobs and not much up-time whenever when you actually found one, it would be nice for testers to be able to test combat in some way. Despite a number of hours played this week I didn't get to even experience combat on some archetypes despite playing them for a decent amount of time. 6. Would be nice to have some basic information on who equips what. As an example as a newb I didn't quite know what a Myrmidon could wield, and made a number of weapons before I landed on duel axes. I will again put this down to lack of polish that is still planned to be done. 7. I find it a little frustrating that regardless of what I do in-game it doesn't seem to have an overall effect on my skill training. I don't necessarily have a problem with timed skill training in a general sense, but in a game like this it just feels like it lends itself to the situation that if you make 100 pistol barrels, surely you should learn something from that, and have more to show skill wise than someone who might have made 1 pistol barrel. I am not necessarily saying that the game should completely go to a levelling up system as I am sure that is something the developers have thought long and hard about and have used a time gated system for a reason, but I strongly feel that your actions in game should have some effect on your overall progress, not none at all. For an experienced gamer I found this unrewarding. I know that examples of Eve using timed gating successfully might be thrown in there but where this game differs is in Eve there is no chance to craft something better, the system is you craft something its the same as the other 100 you crafted before it and the same as what everyone else crafts. The whole end goal in crafting in Eve is for the end product, for me, it just doesn't feel it translates to this sort of game, where part of the journey is the craft itself, the results of the craft, and the end product. 8. Harvesting potions felt mandatory and cheap in their current form. I think its like a couple of ore per potion and the benefits are quite huge, sadly I didn't come across them in the crafting menu for quite a number of hours after running around farming 2-4 resources per node. Due to the next to non existent cost it just felt like a cheap mechanic as there is no reason not to use them and thus no meaningful choice. For me I would prefer a better balance of pot buffs that weren't stackable with one another, expensive to make and give a good benefit for a good period of time (say 2 hours), and in-turn with the loss of the mandatory harvesting pots as they currently are, give an overall buff to base harvesting. I think this gives players a more meaningful choice than the current system. 9. Tools felt like they wore out a little too quickly. Again due to the clunkiness of the crafting it just felt like every time a basic tool broke (yes I did upgrade to the standard tools which felt a little more reasonable) I lost all momentum and just didn't feel good. Now I have no doubt this in part was because I wasn't running around with a full stack of pot buffs (I didn't realise existed at the time) so I have no doubt it would have felt a bit better, but again I would like to see an overall rise in base resource yield and give pots more meaning and be less mandatory. That probably addresses the things that stuck out to me in my first week playing. Overall I am looking forward to the planned polish and features still yet to come. Hope people found the fresh eyed perspective helpful. Cheers