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  1. They do have DELICIOUS shakes, though.
  2. I rushed through my homework so I could test tonight some. At least I get to test for longer tomorrow night, I guess....
  3. Looks like I need to get back into testing... and find a guild!
  4. I actually finished all my work before bedtime and thought I'd be able to play around for a bit. I'm sad. So sad.
  5. Wait. Crowfall isn't SB? poorly made socks.
  6. Aren't there resale sites now?
  7. I am disappointed I missed out on this! Guess I need to check these forums more...
  8. Nice save.
  9. That is a terrible assumption! I come and go as I please... here and IRL. I've actually been working on my Bachelor's degree and haven't had time for Crowfall... or anything, really.
  10. My first time back in awhile... Maybe its cause I didn't send cookies first?!
  11. Same here.