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  1. Yes. You could buy a 72 hour tome for Basic Crafting or whatever the preliminary skill is and use it to fill that first T1/3-day skill. Every subsequent tome for that tree will suffer diminishing returns.
  2. A non-VIP account will be able to create tomes worth 24 hours and a VIP account will be able to create tomes worth *72 hours.
  3. It does. I'm saying I hope this stun, instant as it is, grants more resolve than others that are more complicated to land... or maybe just has a lengthy cooldown.
  4. I hope that goes a long way on gaining Resolve when hit with that.
  5. How extremely unfortunate. Peace to his family and friends.
  6. Feedback: + Thanks for the localized /who 👍🏾 - I was disappointed to see the message in the preceding image. We used to be able to map keybinds to Left Shift + Another Key, and I expected that to be the case going forward. I'd really appreciate that functionality returning. Bugs: - Falling damage no longer grants Soul Power for those abilities but powers like the Templar's Brilliance still receive charge. - At some distance debuffs under nameplates should disappear. Currently they can still eclipse player avatars. Eventually I'd like to see a Settings option to turn 'em off. - My character will intermittently stop harvesting while the F button is still being pressed and the animation is still going, but the feedback sound doesn't play, doobers don't pop, and my stamina regenerates as if I'm not harvesting. This is not the first time this has happened but I have no idea how to recreate this or any idea if I'll see it happen again this weekend or even this month. Video:
  7. + Thumbs up for the UI changes and stability of the build (so far). + At some distance debuffs under nameplates should disappear. Currently they can still eclipse player avatars. Eventually I'd like to see a Settings option to turn 'em off. + Floating tree: + The last person added to a group (SirGeorge in the following screen shot) is given a faction shield different than everyone else and a shield background denoting them the leader even though they aren't. + Also in the immediately preceding screen shot, that crafting table is floating. + In the lobby the new default location for the chat window places my text input field below the screen. + I think it'd be better if players were able to stand on this mound of dirt rather than stand in it.
  8. Eh, there are choices between bonuses, but taking Overwhelming Odds doesn't automatically lower your default damage or healing output. That's the kind of thing I mean by trade-off.
  9. This is my opinion as well. What ACE needs to do is force us to make trade-offs. Build your tanky healer, but sacrifice healing to do so. Turn your tank into a healer, but become squishier for it.
  10. This would make a good addition to the next feedback thread.
  11. So I asked a question during the stream that I don't think @jtoddcoleman understood fully (though he did give an interesting answer so 👍🏾), and since it may be "a more @thomasblair or @mhalashace question" to quote JTodd, I'll reiterate it here and they can give the answer a shot if they like. Q: At least one class currently seems like it won't get a ranged or stealth tray, so will that ultimately factor in when balance is a priority? Blazzen correctly deduced I was referring specifically to the Templar here. It would be easy to assume that the answer to this question is yes but I wanted to breach the subject this early so that balancing this situation involves more than just power number adjustments. Perhaps additional power tray slots, or some other character facet, could be a part of the solution to the balancing act here and I wanted to make sure that was a part of the current stage where design of the Templar could be more maleable. Thanks for your time, team.
  12. Well met and welcome! Q: What does the O in BCO stand for?
  13. I'd always thought gems/minerals were explicitly what those nodes were for. For a specific kind of play style, maybe. It's up to Blair if that kind of play style is one he wants to support as it's supported now. I'd find it much more understandable if they could sprint while burrowed than them being able to teleport up ramps/onto walls/onto roofs.
  14. The Duelist Tunnel ability should get a cast time and a decently extended cooldown.
  15. Well I'm back, and ready to work my rust off~ Here's to the hope that we get 5.3 by next month!