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  1. Knockdowns that you cannot Retaliate out of (the "punishment" for having dared get exposed by a stealthed Duelist) feels like quite the ridiculous mechanic.
  2. I find the opinion of "this incomplete product is broken" to be utterly ridiculous.
  3. Gotta email and ask for a name change.
  4. The powers granted by disciplines don't have to operate the same way as the Druid's powers, and considering your year+ of feedback on the class, maybe they totally shouldn't. What heal is free? Using Retribution on my Templar basically means not Sprinting, and if there's a Confessor, Champ, Knight or Duelist trying to kill me not Sprinting can mean being kited.
  5. You cannot use the Templar's Righteous Parry after using Retaliate. The prompt that appears after successfully blocking damage is that for Retaliate instead of the Parry.
  6. This sounds like an issue of balance, not design. If healing and support disciplines should only be designed to support others, you would be okay with being unable to use them to support yourself as a Druid?
  7. The discussion is about healing, and that's what my posts were about. "It?" It being healers being able to heal themselves? That contradicts nothing in regards to any other aspect of healing as far as I can see.
  8. LOL. "We want more character choice!" ACE gives disciplines. "No, no, you've given other people too much choice! Less choice, please!"
  9. And my point remains that when groups fight the fights end and I see no problem currently.
  10. I doubt anything has or will be designed around dueling; and, quit unfortunately, too many peoples' opinions on powers and other game mechanics are formed while they do one-on-one or similarly tiny duels, without consideration of the larger battles to which Crowfall will ultimately cater. Truth be told, as long as group fights aren't lasting for hours and ending in stalemates I'm fairly unconcerned about both healing and damage numbers.
  11. One of the main issues I have with this change is that it's a hell of a lot harder to hold LMB and hit consistently, but if you depend on landing the 3rd hit in the LMB combo (say, to generate Templar pips) holding it down is the best way to make sure you get through the combo without resetting it.
  12. Templars are not gaining an extra pip when attacking targets with stacks of Sin or Mortal Sin.
  13. 5.0.1 - Playtest Feedback and Bug Reports