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  1. So... there's a formula that translates Support Power into a child stat called Healing Power that actually determines how much healing one does, so I'm actually confused as to why Support Power needed to be raised or lowered at all, when they could've more easily just switched up the SP to HP coefficient. I'm assuming (which is bad, I know) it's because they're testing the change for specific classes, thanks in no small part to complaints from people who want those specific classes to be objectively better at healing in every regard than other classes. I feel as though that's a mistake. I think the larger variety of healing abilities available to one class or another should make it more enticing as a healing option but, as an example, the Rescue power from a Druid with 500 SP should heal for the same amount as a Rescue from a Confessor with 500 SP. To answer your question specifically @Zybak, what they'll end up doing, if they decide to go ahead and foolishly make 2 or 3 classes objectively better healers, is change their specific SP-to-HP coefficients and the paper doll values of their SP will go back to what we recognize as normal, and your bard buffs will be useful again.
  2. LOL, I want this feature. 😈
  3. 1. You mention "MVP" in multiple posts without explaining what that is. 2. What you consider a "nice-to-have" may be one of the main reasons someone is interested in this game.
  4. I wonder if Spirit Hammer is a projectile or raycast. 🤔
  5. The auras (Holy/Vengeful) share a button in the mock-up and you can only use 1 at a time, same for Miracle and Divine Order. You have to pick one or the other in both cases, hence "more than they can slot." Heh, before today I'd totally been planning on making my Temp more of a tanky healer than Tank. That plan's very much "in the air" now.
  6. It was interesting to see that y'all still consider classes to be defaulted into Tank, DPS and Support considering that disciplines can immediately change those roles and none of the new class pages designate a role to a class. 🤔 This design is... phew. This thing sounds disgustingly fun and annoying on paper, LOL. The "easy to play" note is interesting too. I wonder which Tank class ACE considers its easiest. I think we can all agree Confessor is the DPS meant for noobs.
  7. I saw that the skill trees are still cumbersome to navigate (i.e. needing to go "home" when all you wanna do is go up one level). My (eternal) kingdom for some Escape key functionality! 🙏🏾
  8. I like that the monthly Q&A videos gives answers that people who don't keep up with development weekly can use, but considering those of us who do keep up weekly are also more likely to tune into these streams I'd be more than happy to see the patch note reading portion fall by the wayside and watch a one hour Q&A.
  9. My opinion on the skill training move to pips hasn't changed from when we were first told it was coming: It's annoying to not be one of the special people who needs to be drip-fed shiny things. Waiting longer to see the same results does not appeal to me in the slightest, though I suppose to people who will have never known anything else it'll be fine. Good for them. Thumbs up for this.
  10. I sincerely hope it's not changed.
  11. Even a 10m teleport could put you on top of a roof where melee can't hitcha. OP IMO.
  12. Heh, not all the same. Teleport/dissipate is top notch for a ranged class IMO.
  13. Boy... Nethari is pretty much a "Confessor or Bust" pick. Interesting to see Advan & Disadvan again. Makes it seem vessel swapping will be much more infrequent than many people had been imagining. I read this as a statement that different combinations can yield differing amounts of Creation Points. Is that the case?
  14. This activity is not safe.