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  1. That is a sign of a trustworthy individual. I always trust people who tell me to trust them.
  2. I think James Goblin likes male assassin cosplay.
  3. Why would you have a 10-30% success rate? If I am hidden behind a tree and you have 0% line of sight to me, you arent going to see me. If I am concealed in a bush and again you have 0% line of sight, you are not going to see me. If I am hidden in slight depression in the ground and you light a flare, you have 0% line of sight and do not see me. Seems a bit arbitrary to give something a guaranteed success rate when things dont happen like that in the real world.
  4. Right now there isnt any stealth. If you are close to a "stealther" than you see them. If you are paying attention you can see them from pretty far away and catch up to them if they try and get away. Personally, I would prefer having non stealth zones and places that it is really hard to hide in than the present mechanic.
  5. How does a flare uncover something that is invisible and that you can not see? You have to be walking out in the open with no cover or concealment for a flare to out you in the darkness. You expect someone who has been trained to walk around like that? All you need is a slight roll in the terrain or a few inches of grass to hide a prone figure. Especially at night and if your target is further away than a few meters.
  6. God's Reach is the training wheels version of CF. All the best carebears and muppets will be playing there. The Dregs will be different.
  7. How would a flare reveal invisible people? So far I havent seen any real stealth.
  8. The closest sword like thing a Druid would use is a short sword ... also called a Saex.
  9. Go out and get a G13. Thumbstick for movement, mouse for torso twisting and all the buttons I need on one hand.
  10. Im going to put up my dregs materials up for sale and let the word out. Then I am going to keep pvp in the EK and kill carebears with alt accounts. I will probably invite other people to get in on the action. Letting them sale their higher tier mats and getting in on the hunting.
  11. Looks like 3 large castles would look cool together.
  12. There should be one Embargo bank PoI in the Dregs.
  13. Dont show up late for the party and expect to be the life of the party. Your catch up mechanic is called time and effort. Your time and effort is not more important than someone else. Especially if they put theirs in first and you are playing catch up.
  14. Or a tree ... pagans used to do that. Just think of a macabre Christmas tree.
  15. I seem to recall that the attack speed of a foraged branch was 4 sec and considered a Light Blunt Weapon. About as fast as daggers and some swings from Medium Edged Sword.