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  1. Congrats on the first legendary weapon. Looks like it should be thrown on the scrap heap or busted apart for the materials.
  2. Or you can just learn to fight naked with a broken tree branch ... just bring a lot of friends.
  3. Will this new customization allow me to make Phallus Island in my EK?
  4. I have been a part of zerg guilds and I have played the part of the underdog. The most fun I have had has been playing by myself and personally hunting down players that I have a beef with. The next best has always been being in a group of players and running around doing hood rat socks with my friends. Either in someone else's territory or when you stop grinding/hunting when the enemy is on track and you go out to get em to defend your own turf. But then, Im just an old Infantry officer. I like doing patrols and ambushes and kicking over the enemies sandcastles.
  5. Do you want them to GET OFF MY LAWN?
  6. I guess that just leaves you, buddy. More than likely, you would see one guild tag with a bunch of subguilds playing in the different campaigns. Large guilds means plenty of inner guild politics. Make a spy and foment rebellion. You want to key in on subjects like ... fair distribution of loot, more equality and transparency.
  7. This doesnt help me kill anyone ... fake news.
  8. And I enjoyed 0.0 space in EVE. There should always be something, of your enemies, to light on fire in a PvP game.
  9. How much explosives to blow the safe up? What do I need to burn the bank, guard house and whatever defenses you have to the ground? What if I dont want your stuff but just want to destroy everything in your bank as fast as possible?
  10. I like how you agree with me in your first sentence and then the rest is why you should get better treatment.
  11. I like how you assume that when you are asleep, that I should be asleep as well. I like how you think that you are entitled to special treatment and protection for your assets. I like how you think your time building something should be more important than someone's time spent counteracting your efforts.
  12. I bet it takes less wood and stone to build a siege engine than it takes to build a military base. The question is how much of that you can tear down in 4 to 8 hours while you are asleep.
  13. Put on your red shoes and look harder.