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  1. Or a tree ... pagans used to do that. Just think of a macabre Christmas tree.
  2. I seem to recall that the attack speed of a foraged branch was 4 sec and considered a Light Blunt Weapon. About as fast as daggers and some swings from Medium Edged Sword.
  3. To make some of you happy ACE needs to talk with Razor and develop a pickaxe, hammer and axe stick. That way you can stand in front of the computer and harvest your stuff just like your great great grandfather did. Think of the immersion all of this promises!! That and it would be hilarious to see the action in the video reveal.
  4. So, if my character can run around naked and kill you with a foraged branch ... that makes me a good PvPer? Hmmmm, that is a change. Normally they just call me a griefer when I do that.
  5. Id rather be a GOAT Open World PvPer than the best arena PvPer any day. The rewards are just better. Arena gives you bragging rights. Open World PvP gives me things like salty tears and all the phat lewtz that people are carrying on them. Plus, while you are finely honing your skills to razors edge, I got to kick over someone's sand castle. I just hope that JTodd and crew give griefers some tools to sign their name to their actions. Some type of sprayable Tag to leave behind on the rubble? Or the ability to craft a billboard that can take those tags? Well, one can hope.
  6. Hmmmm ... and how much is your guild willing to pay when a lone player takes your guild name before you? Im sure that none of the old SB peeps are that petty.
  7. What kind of carebear PvPer is going to be in a mini battleground in an EK? The real question is how many accounts will I need to be able to always gank characters in the Campaign Worlds?
  8. Barbie's Dream House isnt Pay to Win. It is there because too many tears were spilt and people quit when you destroyed their cities in SB. Now you get to keep your castle and lick your wounds after you get defeated. You might be able to make a Pay to Win argument for the outer ring worlds where you can bring in more equipment from the EKs. However, that is just scrub land and does not have the higher tiered materials that you want. Teamwork and political alliances are going to be more important than how awesome your EK is. So, EKs maybe Pay to Win if all you do is hang out in EKs and the Campaign Worlds with bumpers and training wheels.
  9. A little jugging in the EKs ...
  10. Looks like that Assassin's "stealth" got nerfed.
  11. Always handy to be able to understand the past and the future at the same time.
  12. 15 days is huge when you are under water, upside down stacking bbs with boxing gloves.
  13. I'm ok with crafters' revenge ... you want to reap crafters/gathers when they are putting stuff into the embargo bank anyways. As long as that is a physical location that you have to travel to I'm good. Should be able to use the same skill to identify and disarm those traps though.
  14. What kind of person builds an unsupported stone and mortar chimney when they could have just made a metal hood and pipe? Easier to build, lighter load on the ceiling and just plain smart. Even fantasy people and imaginary realms should have some basis in fact. If we are going to have fantasy type things in my hall ... where is the stripper pole and wrecking ball for Miley to swing on?