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  1. Who wants apples when you can have crow? Hard to get a fork into those spirit crows and ACE doesnt let you carve up and serve the vessels.
  2. Hmmmm, I dont think that the male fae matches up with the concept art that Tod put out. Maybe they need more eyeshadow and vampire white skin?
  3. You make it sound like they dont want us to take that tree.
  4. Hmmmm ... what do you get if you burn that tree down?
  5. Always good to see Lemmiwinks out and about.
  6. If it is possible to make a buck, someone will be doing it.
  7. Just dont let basic vessels produce any resources when you kill them. When you kill more advanced vessels just give a portion of the original resources used to create it.
  8. There should be relics that you can burn loot onto.
  9. from what?
  10. That is all window dressing to keep carebears around so that the player killing crowd can kill them. Somebody wants to play pretend as an elf and someone else just wants to make an elf skin cloak from him. Would you like some nice glowing balls to dance around your elf to increase your immersion?
  11. So, people in a PvP game will worry about being an Elf over a Guinea Pig?
  12. How many keybindings do you think you need?
  13. Never trust a dandy hamster with gunpowder.
  14. I look at that armor and go ... ouch my aching knees. I hope you have some knee pads to go under that plate. Just walking around in those legs for a day would make your knees swell up from the hammering. If I had horns like that, Id cut em off. Who needs to have your center of gravity all messed up when you are swinging a sword? Pulling a bow wouldnt be so bad, but any time your head got off of center it would mess your balance all up. You want to have your force traveling into your opponent, like you would in a charge. Swordplay rarely travels directly into your opponent's defensive centerline. A sword isnt a club, it has to hit less armored points. Hmmm ... the racial abilities dont look like they are going to be equal at all. Would you rather have a ring slot or 25% increased movement? lol