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  1. I understand this. Never said anything contrary to that.
  2. At the risk of sounding rude, do you have a source for this?
  3. Today I learned that citing sales reports, industry-referenced figures, and investor meetings is "ignoring history in favor of a biased narrative."
  4. I wouldn't but they have to figure out if they think it'll be too much of a deterrent for enough people. Also there's the issue of whoever does brave the full loot campaign comes back to other campaigns with an advantage. Like I said, the draw of the Dregs is the resources to make the best equipment. People in all the other campaigns are encourage to dip in for the high end resources.
  5. Maybe I missed this somewhere but was it mentioned if the Race/Class split and Disc system has done away with the promotion classes (Sentinel was one I remember for Knight)?
  6. I think the idea is that the best resource nodes and mines/POIs with caravan escorts will have very valuable raw resources for people to capture/raid. There was a time in my life where full loot got me rock hard. I'm past that point in my life. People who are for it should look to Darkfall for an example of how unhealthy the economy can get from full loot.
  7. Alright well until you're not afraid to hide behind your username and drop some info you will be justifiably assumed to be a liar about your, again, self-proclaimed prowess. Your exaggerated claims sound like someone trying desperately to impress people.
  8. And yet it appears you seem to care about the opinions of these "casual dregs." You have quite a few replies in this thread, most threads in this subforum (or any subforum for that matter) and you feel compelled to keep telling people about yourself and how hardcore you are. If you didn't care you wouldn't respond. But let's expand it then. Post proof of any of your "esports" accomplishments. Surely you have at least something to verify your claims. It's not like someone would just get on the internet and lie about their successes.
  9. A simple "no" would have sufficed. Let me know when you can fabricate some proof that walks all this talking you do. Until then, expect to be ridiculed here, especially when you brag about the competitiveness of WoW.
  10. So you don't have any proof? Because we have a forum full of Shadowbane vets and not a single person knows who you are despite being this self-proclaimed legendary player in a legendary guild.
  11. I've already barked up that tree and he won't say anything about who he played with, what server, how long he played. Just that he played when the game was "the most competitive," He's a nobody in Shadowbane so regard him as such.
  12. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that those things you listed were a defining feature of Shadowbane and they want to play a game similar to Shadowbane.
  13. The devs have thrown out the statistic numerous times of 33.3% gear, 33.3% skills, and 33.3% player skill. That sounds to me like stats outweigh skill two to one by their own admission. I don't see how crafting varies from that. The entire point of the vast majority of RNG in MMOs is to take away control from the players, usually for systems mandatory for the larger world to function or to introduction an unpredictability to the game. The point is that you can't count on that those mats you spent to produce that exact item any more than you can count on landing that vital crit. The skill of the player in these situations comes in the form of risk mitigation, which is precisely what ACE wants to be the primary focus of the metagame of Crowfall.
  14. You're gonna list mitigations in your argument that the RNG for crits is within the player's control yet somehow stacking modifiers for crafting success doesn't count for the crafting RNG to be in your control? That's an incredible double standard you've created. If a crit is the difference between you living or dying then that's determining the success of failure of combat. Likewise there seem to be a precedent for crit-based builds so that's an even bigger effect.