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  1. Hi All! Like the new POIs. Really cool to come up on them the first time. Like the target dummies however wish they worked. Noticed LAG has returned big time pretty much unplayable from a pvp standpoint. Was one on two and server side just flopped. TYRANNY East btw. Every fort I visited to spawn the my faction the throne was missing. Only saw 2. Campaign map might need to be smaller to test better. Only saw one opposite faction player in 2 hours played. Would be nice if Map was reimplemented! Did not do anything else but craft which seemed good! Thanks for the test! Keep pushing! Azsh
  2. Hi All Are the servers completely closed between the tests on the new patcher. No EKs or training? I am always being prompted to relog. Thanks! Azsh
  3. Hi Crows, Not much to add but: CPU usage still high! EK housing items disappear when you edit kingdom. I expected them to return to the bank when I removed parcels but that was not the case for me. I hope my housing items return for next test!!! Did not test much else since PVP was cancelled. Azsh
  4. Hi Crows! Feedback so far: Overall performance seems to be down this week. Rubberbanding extra rubbery. Combat is still one sided due to performace. Of note playing on West Coast and not East Coast this week most likely cause. I normally stay green all the way around with a constant 50 to 60 FPS on high. Also note CPU working Overtime. Mobs are still unresponsive in most cases PVE and PVP. Crafting Failures are still annoying but with more dedicated folks for launch and full guild presence might not be so terrible. Loading Terrain and Initial Load from patcher could be a lot smoother. Seems to get stuck on both those load outs. The terrain peice bothers me since for most part this is the same map over and over. Just saying! Can still walk through some harvesting nodes from time to time. Vessel creation/ loadout still slow and buggy. Request for some new content in near future. Archtypes Mounts Vessel Necromancy Disciplines ect... Open EKs for all testers and intro Thralls to test mercantile system as well. My bank gets to full since I cannot salvage or trade for some $. Thanks for the test!
  5. Templar Power Tray is not customizable Lag is bad Scorn Died one time/rezzed and looted a Myrm then went to Fessor Character Creation Weird. Terrain Load and Basic Load from Patcher is slowwwwwwwwww! Otherwise thanks for the test! More later!
  6. Hi Devs, Logged in and cannot see the US Scorn EST sever listed. Is that intentional? Also cant seem to post this in bug section. Thanks
  7. Guild criteria: Mature Region: East Coast, USA Atmosphere: Mature Casual/Hardcore?: Mid Size: Mid, or well organized Large Play-Style: DPS or Support Commitment:​ Investor and Kickstarter Supporter Miscellaneous: 42 yr old looking for opportunity to build empire in game and real life Experience: ​WOW Aion The Secret World Warhammer RIFT Wildstar SWTOR Age Of Conan TESO and a ton of other RPG based games starting with the original Bards Tale Voice-Chat services: Used them all!
  8. Hi All Just FYI the servers have not unlocked.
  9. All in all good run. Only saw some minimal issues with mobs doing the moonwalk here and there and a couple were invincible. All lag and latency issues seem to be gone for me on USA East. Thanks ACE cant wait to pull out the Ranger though I really like being sneaky!
  10. Hi all! 1. F Interact appeared for me as well in one match and remained until end 2. Regen bug as others have stated 3. Getting close on movement but as others have stated some minor latency issues 4. Assuming this is not a bug but if so posting it. Training is now only limited to the archetype you are currently using on a 1 General 1 Archetype passive only. No longer 3 Arch and 1 General. Other than those looking good ACE!
  11. Sidney sees what I am saying...and the $75 amount is just a perceived value set by ACE IMHO. Per my original KS pledge I was suppose to receive 2 slots for early backing as were thousands of others. So if passive training for 3 seperate archetype skills is not a game breaking advantage compared to 1 then why is 5? It will not make my said choice of vessel any stronger that the person with 1 if what ACE proposes works right. I get it will allow me more choice of vessel throughout the game but is not that what pledge package options are suppose to offer? I dont neccesarily need the God Statues or Thralls per se but they in theory also give me advantages above those who chose not to pledge during KS. Just saying!
  12. Well in theory the archetypes were going to be locked per slot so if the plan is to allow training on only 3 archetypes passives at a time based on skill faq then allowing this would be equal to having the character slots. My original character archetype plans of X, X, X, X, and Y would now be supplemented by said training slots based upon my KS pledge which allowed me to have a total of 5 characters or archetypes.