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  1. Farewell, thoughts and prayers with the family and his extended gaming family.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAA. You've given them nothing but poorly made socks for months about balance. Everytime I see you in a stream your posting detailed posts demanding answers for X. Who the blanksy blank are you to demand anything? The live stream we had indicated that only HALF of the race/class combinations would be done in time for 5.3. Considering we don't even have the entirety of races or classes in the game, how can you possibly conceive to balance this game? You want to make them stop, balance the game, and then rebalance after they have accomplished introducing everything? luls. This is quite possibly one of the silliest threads demanding action ever. Seems to me you're in way too deep and need a break.
  3. Nice work guys! That came out great
  4. I think Tinnis pretty much covered my response on anti-healing tech. The fact its limited to a single class, and a fairly unpopulated one means the tech is basically barely used. Trying to think big picture here and mention to the people that before you nerf healing, you should wait for all of the tech that _will_ exist to make it into the game. Playing wack-a-mole right now with balance is silly, pointless and utterly futile. You're just appeasing the small (vocal) minority thats super active and engaging Crowfall like its a launched game (aka a product that should be balanced).
  5. Also forgetting that we don't have consistent anti-healing tech in-game yet. Assassin should bring an interesting counterpoint to people who think they can heal through damage.
  6. I think a lot of context is missing in this discussion. EVE Online does a nearly identical training system. The first few days of a new account are a little rough, and admittedly they had a 24hr queue even back when I first started playing. It's entirely possible to juggle long-time requirement skills with short-time required skills depending on if you are actively playing or asleep/at work. Nothing about this system leads me to believe players won't figure out optimal ways to train, minimizing "idle time". People just don't want to go through that hassle, and that's fair. Unfortunately, the alternatives being pitched don't encourage players to subscribe. They merely incentivize it. Incentivitizing subscriptions is another term for making it look better, but not good enough that i'd actually want to pay for it. This system clearly has people recognizing their desire to pay for it. Don't confuse what you'd personally pay for, as what everyone else will or will not pay for. I see lots of this here too. The idea that people can play this game for free, and after a few rough days at launch be able to juggle long-trained skills with short ones to optimize training, will appeal to a significant player base. The ultra hardcore competitive types will probably end up subscribing. The arguments against this are merely arguments against wanting to pay a monthly sub. Suck it up. This game doesn't run on the tears of carebears, despite popular belief. It needs money. All MMO's need it. My concern up to this system change was that VIP was pointless and they weren't going to be able to continue operations. I no longer have that concern. Long live Crowfall.
  7. I'm sure this will inspire generations of Sugoi members for years to come. Remember that time when he deleted stuff? *gasp*. LOL.
  8. I think what you guys include at the bottom of each patch note is basically what they are looking for. Would be it difficult to compile the bugs each week and append them to this list? That way the testers would know for sure that a bug has been acknowledged (the problem here as I read it), and the devs would have a list of things to work off of that is well maintained. Exposing the player base to submitting QA issues is probably a bad idea, because you'd have all sorts of crappy quality entries in it, and most players don't have a clue why a bug might be happening (whereas a staff member who entered in a QA issue might know exactly where to start looking). Besides that, I really don't understand why people are this frustrated with testing. It's a long slow arduous process that these same people have been a part of for 3 years or so. Not sure why everyone's getting agitated at this point.
  9. I've always loved the Murdeer. Such a unique race in the MMO space. I almost wish you'd ignored the elf race altogether, and worked on more unique ones like this. @thomasblair The Perception stat granted by this racial is +25. Is this a raw conversion to yards in terms of the size of the bubble? What does +25 mean in terms of a radius for players being able to detect stealthed characters? I realize some of this has to do with the other side of the equation, the noise bubble from the stealthed players stealth stat, but it would be interesting to know what these two stats mean in "real" world terms
  10. I dunno, they seem to be pretty certain that anti-stealth is now a choice that has to be actively taken, via discipline. I wouldn't hold my breath that Ranger gets a ton of super potent anti-stealth skills tbh. I'm okay with it either way.
  11. I confirmed that this has now resumed working as intended with multiple people within my organization. Thanks @Jlane !
  12. a lot is understating it.
  13. Updated OP to include link to our Guild Promotion video for the upcoming livestream. Stealth is coming!
  14. Ugh seconded. Captcha's in a video game? That's a horrible way to address botting and penalize non-botting players for something a minority would engage in.