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  1. This is just an awful thread. It started with OP citing "facts" that are maybe true in this current test, but are wholly unrepresentative of what we know the end game to look like. I really hate the trend of snap-shotting current builds, as if assuming this game isn't still a huge work in progress. You need to spend 3 years reviewing everything the developers have said like most of us have, and then try to hold them accountable to *that* vision. If you haven't bothered to read what the vision is, why should anyone bother to read your inane posts. I couldn't come up with a suitable analogy for this behavior, but that's fine, because this thread doesn't deserve it anyways.
  2. Now if only all of the classes (cough Assassin) were in the game. Sigh. Small steps I guess ;P
  3. Yea RethinkDB is cool for a few reasons; yes the official for-profit company went bankrupt, but out of that came its asset transfer to GPL license and the open source community. It is a NoSQL database with one particularly nifty feature that got me looking at it. It has something called changefeeds, which basically you can script apps to respond automatically to database changes/inserts/etc. So a push of data, instead of the normal querying or pulling of data. Not a ton of use right now with a mostly static database, but we have some cool things planned as you can see above that will benefit from this feature. Right now we plan on allowing anyone to use it within reason (similar to other company API's in terms of throttling requests, etc.) for no cost. These requests will be limited to read-only, of course, and only approved applications (mostly going to be all internal projects for obvious reasons) will be granted write privileges. I'd recommend joining the discord server too, we have several developers working on Crowfall projects. I'd rather we encourage a community of developers to cooperate, versus creating competing projects if possible. It's unlikely more than one will survive either way. Join up and we'll tag ya as a developer so you can ask around.
  4. It's not though... Assassin is all but confirmed delayed for awhile. I'd expect it to come out around August if I were a betting man. Better late then never though
  5. We'll have these off-named images corrected sometime either today or tomorrow, I wouldn't have anyone bother (internally) with that task at this point. We'll re-release it on GitHub for people to grab the renamed/structured images so save yourself some work there. Most of these were transparent already, should be fine as I see it. Nothing a little Photoshop can't handle. I think Vectors are overkill for the community, to be honest, pngs should be fine like you guys provided.
  6. They added power and discipline icons to this media kit, last night my team working on Malekai Project verified they are in there. The only downside is they aren't exactly named in a way you'd like (the names don't match powers). I assume a good number of things will be missing, but its a great start. I'd also like to second the community content creators (non-streaming) getting access to this Discord channel/server as soon as possible. Tons of things we see/find/discover that might be easier to communicate one way or the other with this type of communication made available. I realize the intent of this is to coordinate streams but as you mentioned there are other angles of communicating. I like the concept behind this, but I fail to see lots of current streamers meeting these requirements. I understand this is to prevent people from starting a Crowfall stream tonight to "meet" easier reqs, just to gain perks. I'll be curious to see what kind of traction you can get with this though.
  7. Best of luck with this
  8. I wouldn't mind it I was just explaining the logic behind it. Okay with the current design either way. Inventory management in this regard sounds fun, albeit slightly tedious.
  9. God I hope this isn't possible come live, this looks utterly useless beyond serving as a military base. I am wondering in this design where you'd place your buildings/structures. Doesn't seem all that useful when you consider that aspect.This just looks to be far too many wall segments allowed per parcel imo.
  10. The problem with this formula, is it only assumes basic white/common quality. The value of rarer materials is completely subjective still and due to how skills are trained (an exponentially more difficult training...) a flat 25% increase tier over tier isn't very fair. You'd need to basically double the value as you moved up from common to uncommon, uncommon to superior, etc. It's unlikely we'll ever be able to formulate a specific cost for higher tier materials, as valued by the players, with their current economic model. Dust is likely to be incredibly valueless in general, and more than likely donated to guild coffers to fund the economic engines. I don't really see a viable VIP to Materials market emerging for some time, due to the complicated and unspecific nature of the various micro-economies each individual campaign will likely support. MAYBE if they used it as the only currency to make automated transactions with thralls would it retain any value, and only then because they've minted it as the defacto currency.
  11. The idea behind arrows was to slot different types of arrows. Pistols don't have that flexibility, thus no need for ammo maintenance.
  12. Did extensive testing with stealth and anti-stealth tech as it exists in the game. Incredibly buggy. It's a good hour long video, but we test stealth states, what it takes to break stealth, how the various anti-stealth tech works against stealth, why anti-stealth discs on a pip-class make no sense, and a great deal more. In the end Stealth is highly buggy, and I'm not sure the way Perception vs Stealth as it currently sits is going to be "fun". Seemingly this stat check no longer occurs, waiting for a "Shadow Sight" buff to begin comparison. In our tests it never worked (Shadow Sight). Nor did any Perception vs Stealth base play exist. I realize this system is likely still postponed due to Assassin being pushed back, but this video should give you a good basis of where the current system goes wrong.
  13. I do agree that I've seen a lot of demands or oddly/poorly worded sentences from long-term Kickstarter backers lately. I think most gamers in this age are pretty entitled and paying any sum to play something makes them feel like they are owed something from the developers. They aren't wrong, but its no more than any other person who paid to get into the game. Cumulatively, your personal opinion is minor and trivial in the grander scope of things. Further complicating matters, however, are the Kickstarter backers who've avidly tested and backed the game at increasingly higher dollar amounts. These players not only feel like they're responsible for the game's existence, but that their non-monetary contributions further entitle them to more attention or that their opinion matters more than others. While I see it and acknowledge the support players have given, ultimately the tone should be respectful. Even if the devs "give it back", as you say, a toxic conversation with the devs is still toxic. It's not an easy environment to develop in. I'm sure they probably feel beholden to their backers to some degree as well.
  14. @thomasblair I actually understand and appreciate this comment. It seems much more interesting if you can design a path where the best gear isn't identical to each class. I do understand why some people are upset, they consider this new default state a penalized one versus what they had 6 months ago. The design makes sense, you must start at a deficit for any stat to appeal to someone. We start at 0% crit (or whatever base is), a deficit of having little to no crit, and move up towards 100%. Attack Power too, you probably designed with an ideal "high end" number in mind and subtracted out what can be attained from gear, vessels and skills to reach the base each class has. In essence, every stat in the game that can be increased is basically putting a deficit in place and providing methods to get it back. The choice here is what stat appeals most to someone. What takes precedence in closing the gap. For the entirety of the test before now, it was Crit, Crit Damage, and Attack Power. It was boring. Stick to your guns, because after your explanation having a variety of needs within an organization adds strategic challenges in supply chain management that are mostly being overlooked this early on. If you hadn't explained it in the way you did, I'd probably be on the other side of the fence. As it is, kudos.
  15. Wait, is this still a thing?