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  1. I just want to point out that Eve Online had bots too. I'm not sure if they still do but I remember them crashing the ore prices hard. If ACE can ban their chain then it won't be a problem.
  2. WoW does have pvp servers which allow the bots to be killed. cross realm 'tech' allows more eyes to see the bots, more people reporting them. Although blizzard does have ban waves, it could take 6 months before they're banned. RMT companies have people that do the actual gold transfer. I suspect it'll be the same in CF too. The could have it setup so that the harvesters are bots and the crafters are 'aren't'. I fully expect to see spam for everything that isn't bound, which is everything. it's possible, we the community, could kill the bots enough that it isn't a problem for us but is a problem for them. i suspect accounts will be their best money makers but it will take time to get a product out, who wants a 24h account trained? I can see in 6-12 months those accounts being valuable. which is one reason i suggest ACE be the market to trade them. This way is their system is used, they're getting a cut and could investigate the account prior to the sale. I know it's not a scam if the seller is wanting to use ACE as the middleman. i also see raw materials being valuable. i suspect the bot companies would have people that hold the materials in case the bots are reported and banned. it could be in safes, forts, etc.
  3. Hold to Harvest I'd like to see the resource type added to the tooltip: Hold to Harvest Ore/Wood/Plant/Leather/Etc Camera zoom when harvesting is annoying. I really hate when games move my camera for me. Diablo 3 had this option when interacting with an NPC and I turned it off. Music It's great but I'd really like to have a cooldown/off period. It constantly looping is quite annoying. I'm trying to listen for other players and can't hear that over the music. I have it at 0% but I wouldn't mind increasing it higher if changes are made. Escape having escape only work on the logout/quit menu completely sucks. I'm use to using escape to back out of UI elements. If i hit Alt (or another keybind to open the UI) I want to hit escape to remove those UI elements. Toast Notifications Please move the toast notifications away from the skill tray. Redundant UI I have a HP/Pip/Sta bar at the bottom of my screen, why do i have it again at the top-left of my screen? Group Name If i'm not in a group, don't display my name on the screen. Chat When I hit enter to chat, all of the UI displays, at least any open UI I had open prior to hitting alt again. Any chance that can be stopped? I guess if i'm wanting to link an item in chat but it seems odd that any opened UI element i had is shown when i hit enter to chat. Inventory I'd really love to have a way to auto-sort items in categories. I'd like to see all resources/gear/etc shown next to each other. something along the lines of AdiBags for WoW. buffs/debuffs Blizzard did a wonderful thing in Diablo 3, where they put the duration of an ability on the tooltray icon (at the top with a 'load bar'). I believe something like that would work well in CF if it's placed on the bar of the person that used that ability. IE, bards can use the speed boost, instead of seeing the ability on the right of the screen, there's a 'load bar' on top of the icon. Here's an idea on continues run buff: EK items I noticed I was able to destroy an EK item. You might want to prevent the destruction of those. Item tooltips Seems tooltips won't stay within the border of the game and will clip off the left side if your spirit bank/bags/whatever is near the left edge of the screen. Dodge Power playing my geni duelist, i couldn't tell when another 'dodge' would be ready. Maybe a 'loading bar' above the icon letting me know one is charging would be a great indicator. placing keep walls ran into 2 problems. 1 was a bug that caused the wall to appear above the ground (second image). first image, i can't connect things diagonally. I really thought I would because of how the rotate was working. If an entrance section requires another segment attached to it, please include that section on the default entrance section. or i'm just not understanding the system right now.
  4. that sounds interesting. it could be done in a way that you'd want to find someone that's skilled in skills you aren't.
  5. I see it as a cumbersome system. There are games where there is 1 tray and you just drag n drop skills to it, Diablo 3 comes to mind. I see it when you are in edit mode, the passives are shown and the tray increases in size. there could be a little animation of it changing size. If you're attacked, the UI would swap to combat and what skills you had equipped would be used.
  6. Couldn't the bottom tray show the passives while you're editing then hide when not?
  7. I wanted to post a suggestion regarding the skill tray I saw on the stream today. referenced below in orange-ish color. Could the bottom box be used to edit skills and remove the top box? I'm not understanding the point of having these two boxes when one box should do both.
  8. for 3rd party, i agree. I wouldn't buy VIP from a 3rd party unless it's an official reseller. I wouldn't buy an account via 3rd party either but I would buy it if ACE had a means to transfer the accounts.
  9. ACE has the power to change the EULA to allow for them to trade accounts. ACE doesn't want people listing their account on ebay and selling it that way. ACE wants to eliminate scams that could happen when using 3rd party websites. If ACE had a system setup so accounts could be transferred then could stop scams. I never mentioned anything about UT. UT isn't what this topic is about. It's about trading accounts.
  10. I'm not seeing how it's P2W. In 2 years if you decide you don't like x class and feel you want to try y class, you could buy an account that has 2 years of that y class trained. This is what happens in Eve, however the 'character' isn't really the account. Someone could buy a Titan trained character (biggest ship in Eve that I'm aware of) yet not really know how to use it. Sure it has a huge AOE ability but without any combat knowledge or experience the ship can be destroyed. Same thing could happen with your 'new 2 year y class'. ACE could have a means to set up a shop where I could say I want to sell the account. ACE allows the skills to be shown and a price I want for it. ACE takes a cut or adds a fee (let's say 75$). If someone wants to buy the account, ACE allows them to add an email/username to that account and 'ownership' is transferred. This allows me to get a price I want, ACE gets a fee/percent/cut and someone who wants another class(s) can jump straight into it. ACE could have some limitations when an account is listed, such as no trading, can't join a campaign, but can still continue to train skills. If the account had VIP, that would be removed (option to continue it when the person gives an email/username to the account).
  11. ACE just announced that they've been working with Unity Engineers to get better performance happening. If you're going to upgrade, then spend more and get a rig that will last for 5 or so years. I built my system in 2013 and it's still running good. Only upgrade I could currently do better on is my 960 video card but I have no complaints on it right now. AMD FX-8350 @ 4ghz ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z 480g SSD nvidia 960
  12. It hasn't stopped other games from having them. WoW, FFXIV and others still have bots. The only games I haven't seen or heard of bots are ones with huge amounts of bind on pickup gear and item. PK'ers want gear. They can buy materials to have their crafter make it. I don't see out of campaign needs being high but I do see in campaign needs being high. So long as bots are in the campaigns then they will sell stuff. There will be some campaigns that have factions, I assume you can't murder same faction bots.
  13. I doubt companies do that. I believe companies realize what's happening to their game and then take measures to 'fix' it. My friend purchased a lifetime pass for the Star Trek online game, when PWE took over it, they changed it to a f2p system with rng boxes. I see VIP as a voucher that should be used to buy shop stuff or game time. I know Eve Online has used PLEX for a long time, I've played 12 years, and it was introduced back then. And they've just now changed how PLEX works, but you can buy items from the shop or game time. Converting VIP to store cash is something I can see CF doing and it allows someone to farm for it.
  14. Problem I see is the quantity of skills. I can't see a new player catching up when the basic group of skills takes 50% of the skills to be complete. I'll say the veteran will already have those skills and has moved on to better, more specific, set of skills. MMO's need new blood (or players or accounts). I wouldn't play Eve Online right now because I know I'd never catch any vertain with over 200m skill points but I could at least buy a character with 100m, affordability of course, so that I wouldn't feel that far behind. CF will need some mechanic that would allow a new player to feel useful to a group of veterans. I wasn't asking for a 500 page document detailing how a catch up mechanic would exist. I was just wonder if ACE thought that far ahead and was curious if they had a system on paper that was being refined. I'm not really worried about myself. I'm concerned about the game getting new players, buying new accounts, in the years to come. I'd hate to be in campaigns and see the same names from past and other current campaigns. It's quite possible for ACE to set this up. I know they've said they could do balance between the campaigns, well they did says that. Catch up happens in RL too. We have Tutors, Mentors, Personal Trainers that act as a catch up system.
  15. Some background. I played Eve Online for a few years, off and on over 10-12 years. I remember how many skills it had at that time and was overwhelmed. Now they have even more and I can only imagine how a new perspective player must feel. A few years ago, CCP (developers of EO) removed learning skills, which made other skills quicker to complete, and enabled new accounts (under a certain skill point threshold) train quicker. This was their catch up mechanic. I know the current CF is in Pre-alpha and skill times can change. I'm looking at CFs skills and I'm blown away. It would be like getting into eve online right now but with more skills and much longer training duration. Then I'm thinking about CF in ten years and wondering how a catch up mechanic would work. I was expecting a 10-25% difference between a new account and a veteran account out but I'm looking at the current (I know it can change) number and it seems it'll be a 50%-100% difference between a veteran and new. I'm referring to a veteran account as someone with 10 years training. Some assumptions I believe Tyrant mentioned they had 18 years of skill training plus more coming. Skill durations won't change (even though I know they might). How will someone in six months, one, three or ten years from now catch up? Eve Online has increased the skill training speed to help new players catch up or a person could purchase a trained character, which can't happen in CF without buying the account (ToS, I'm sure). If I have two years trained in one of the existing archetypes and a new Naga archetype is released, why would I want to stop training to swap? Will the skill duration be adjusted on new archetypes to compensate. IE if the Duelist has 300 skills would the Naga have 150? An Observation We currently have, what I would call, a skill bloat at the beginning of the game. Eve Online had far fewer skills when I started playing over ten years ago and they've expanded as the game progressed. Will skills be merged to help speed up training? Let's say after 10 years. I guess no one realistically knows but at some point new players won't be trying the game because of the difference in perceived power between veterans and initiates.