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  1. Thoughts on Race ability to "see" differently at night?
  2. very decisive, such restrictions, much debate
  3. Either ACE drops the VIP and sell more cosmetics and account services or they make VIP great enough that people want it or they sell expansions and new classes as DLC. VIP can be traded in game because it's a physical item so everyone has access to it. I remember the first week playing Eve Online and it sucked with skill training but after that week it allowed me to train around my schedule. Eve's training at the very beginning was short 10-30m and 1h skills, at least CF is starting with multi-day skills. Skill training will be about time management.
  4. Let me tell you what I did in Eve Online, a game that Crowfall has borrowed so much from, when I started playing 10 years ago. This was a time before any skill queue! I set short skills while I was playing, when I was going to log off I made a decision to find a skill that would finish at or just before I woke up or set a multi-day skill that would run while I was sleeping and then continued while working and the commute back. Yes there were some times in the first week that sucked, sometimes I would wake up at 3am to swap a skill. Most of the time I'd forget and would swap it after work because I forgot to start a skill when I woke up. I only mentioned alt accounts because people have already mentioned in numerous post before that VIP would never be worth the cost, ever. Spending 60$ per account and having it for the life of the game is cheaper than 15$ per month. ACE has to find a way to make VIP appealing or they'd only get box cost income and not ongoing income (excluding any shop purchases of course).
  5. Are you saying passive training doesn't exist until you have VIP? I'm pretty sure passive training still exist without VIP. There's a problem when majority of your community say 'VIP' isn't worth it when you can buy X accounts instead. So there has to be a change to VIP to make it desireable to have. This just happened in Secret World Legends, many people didn't believe Patron (their VIP) was worth it so the company added more benefits to it to specifically tempt those that didn't want to getting it.
  6. It's amazing how the definition of P2W has changed for many people. It went from a complete paywall that needed to be crossed to have any chance to be competitive to just about 'any payment is P2W'. And for record, I'm not watching the video. I'm sure I could have read a text version in less than three minutes.
  7. A tab for everything (not EK) and an EK tab would probably solve it?
  8. yeah, completely forgot about friendly fire. It could be possible they turn it off for specific campaigns but yeah I forgot about FF. I've heard of gold companies using 'griefing' as a means to report players wanting to kill the bots and the gold company winning because they can have all of their accounts report the player. I'm not sure how it'll work with friendly fire in team campaigns. by team i mean order/neutral/chaos, gods faction, etc.
  9. can't kill them on team based campaigns.
  10. bots can be created and used without any autorun feature at all. They've been created for Neverwinter which is a 3rd person game. Bots have been created for Diablo 3, which is generated content (so no absolute path to loop). Hold F to gather, no problem for bots. Push F to gather, no problem for bots. Some bots are capable to teleport and move underground so many users can't see them. There were bots in Wildstar too, a game without tab targeting.
  11. Only certain campaigns will have import rules. Dregs wont be the only CW up.
  12. If you can't handle full loot why join a full loot campaign? that doesn't make sense to me. You'd probably join one of the other campaigns that don't offer full loot drops. Again that campaign type is just for those that want full loot and it should be there specifically for them, even though I believe they'll be in the minority.
  13. I asked about a world boss that could spawn after a certain duration or after a condition was established. Example I gave was an ore pit (point of interest, thus lots of pvp fighting) could be used to awaken a sleeping dragon (or variance of) that could break the ground as it's getting up, then would wreck havoc on nearby keeps or other structures the players have built. It would take the players in the campaign to kill it (not some small group). This would make it another POI: on the one side, you want it to attack your enemies and will try to help it do that. On the other side you want to kill it before it destroys your defenses. I wanted to pull this out specifically. It's empty because it is Pre-Alpha.
  14. I believe Dregs should have the best risk:reward ratio. That risk is full loot but the reward might be better drop rate on uncommon + quality materials. What's the point in being in drags if people can only loot a few items in your inventory. There would be different campaigns you could join where you could lose less. I don't see Dregs as the focus for most PvP. I see the middle bands mostly with guild v guild or faction or similar being the highest populated areas. I see Dregs for those that want a Hardcore character feel and a rush knowing if they lose a fight they have to get gear again. I see the one percenters in this band.
  15. I've tried Google Translate and it didn't know, sorry.