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  1. Great catch, sorry for the confusion on that -- Relics provide bufs/defs that will show up on the far right side of the screen (like other bufs/debufs triggered by powers). They do not use "Passive Power" slots. Todd
  2. Wow, that's one sexy dev team. I love the hair on Toddlissa, and that vest that Toddathan is wearing is a nice touch. Todd
  3. yeah, I don't think people would be happy with that. (Though I do recall once using an auto-translator on a chunk of the Shadowbane narrative, we went English to Chinese then BACK into English, the result was absolutely fantastic.) Todd
  4. Bloodbath East is currently online. Players with Pre-Alpha 1, Pre-Alpha 2, Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 are now enabled. EKs can be started, made public (go to BROWSE to see any that you can log into) and PvP can be turned on for these worlds. Todd
  5. Technically, they're more like Stone Golems or Earth Elementals: skin of living stone, beards are tangled roots. As such, they don't really have a "gender", but they look more masculine... hence the indicator on the chart. Todd
  6. ...we'll start with Pre-Alpha 1 & 2, and see how it does for stability. If that works well, we'll start ramping in Alpha 1 quickly.
  7. ...it is exciting, but don't get TOO excited. There is a ton of new stuff in this build, and the more we add, the more we break. That's always the case. ;p Todd
  8. Hey folks, OK -- so, we are going to do a snap test today, to test some of the new stuff we revealed this morning ! As we have done in the past with significant updates, this means that we need to "reset the clock" back to the smallest subset of players, to make sure the servers don't fall over, and then we'll add more players as stability allows and dictates. We'll start with Pre-Alpha 1 & 2 and then move on to Alpha 1, etc. This version has a TON of changes. Some of it was covered in the reveal; a lot of it did not. Patch notes will follow after this message, but here is a "Greatest Hits" of fixes and changes in the build that it about to go up. - There are so many changes that a wipe was necessary: spirit banks will be empty, purchases will need to be re-imported, EKs and characters will have to be re-created. Skill training was not affected. - New lighting is in -- but still a first pass! We need to do a lot of tweaking to make it look as good as it did in the video. Weather effects and day/night cycle are still being tested internally. - Disciplines can be added to your character. There are more than 100 implemented in this version! A select few of them are not yet working because we're still working on animations, but most of them are usable. - To make it easy for you to test these, Disciplines Runestones have been added to the crafting tables with incredible simple recipes. (This will change, obviously!) Craft or collect a some and use the Runestones tab on your equipment UI to attach them to your character, then use the K screen to add the new powers and passives to your power bar. - We've divided all damage/health/etc numbers by 10. We asked for feedback, the general consensus was "the numbers are too high", so we adjusted them. - Chat bug should be fixed (fingers crossed!) - Server performance should be improved. One of the changes here had to do with knotwood/cobblestone/etc, so if you notice any changes with harvesting (can't target trees that seem to be there, etc) please let us know. - Eternal Kingdoms are now a maximum of 10 x 10 grid squares in size. - Eternal Kingdoms can now be set to PUBLIC / PRIVATE and you can turn PVP on / off. (!!) - PASSIVE powers are now in the game! These are powers that, once added to the PASSIVES area of your power bar, will give you benefits that trigger automatically (you don't have to do anything to activate them; hence the name). Again: press K to open your Powers screen to add them. - The harvesting test potions have been replaced with PASSIVE powers that will give you a handicap if you haven't trained the required skills (up to a point, of course). Since you only have 3 passive slots (currently), there is an opportunity cost in using them. Choose wisely. (Hit 'K' to bring up the Powers Config screen. Drag icons to the slots at the bottom. The purple icons on the left are the "newbie" passives for harvesting, crafting, skinning, etc.) Drag one of those into the PASSIVE slots below to activate it!) - There are new Harvesting potions in the Alchemy tab. These are not "test potions" like the previous ones; they are more limited in effect and have more reasonable resource requirements. They do not stack with the group leader passive. - Parcel crafting test recipes are in! You can create new parcels for your Eternal Kingdoms. - Architecture test recipes are in! You can create buildings. - Weapon efficiency is in! How this works: The multiplier on weapons * resource cost is now active. This is important because it can make you powers cost more or less resource (mana, fury, rage) to use. + weapon efficiency is bad, - weapon efficiency is good! - If you have a + weapon efficiency, you will want to use the Weapon Finesse passive to mitigate going positive. - The Race/Class changes mentioned in the reveal earlier today are NOT in the build (yet!) This is a pretty big change and will take a significant amount of development time to implement. We'll keep you updated as that effort continues. More changes listed in the patch notes, below! Todd
  9. ...as an odd side-benefit of backing into into this decision: since we started down the road of archetypes first, we ended up with a very diverse mix of races (centaurs! elken! guinecean! stoneborn! fey!) and kept that diversity in making the shift to Races / Classes. We ended up with a much more interesting lineup than most MMOs, I think (pretty damn close to Shadowbane's lineup, for those paying attention). Todd
  10. Go re-read the Nethari backstory. Todd
  11. Only about 1/3rd of the Discipline images loaded. Hang tight, we're posting the rest. Todd
  12. We gave you part of one, apparently you didn't recognize it. Be patient. The teaser is not the reveal. Todd
  13. no, last week we just had a big map (Builder World) where anyone could come in and drop stuff. this week, we deleted that big world and instead launched private Kingdoms for the first round of players (PA-1 and PA-2). as we find and fix bugs, and the system stabilizes, we'll roll it out to more backers. Todd
  14. we started over the testing process with PA-1 and PA-2 players, so that we didn't overwhelm the system with new EKs launching. we almost always do that when we launch major new features. Todd
  15. I don't know, is it happening with all of the worlds? what kind of ping times are you seeing? Todd