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  1. The symbol on the socket tells you if something can snap. The fort and wall keeps CAN snap end-to-end but the attachment pieces (like ramparts) created for one wall type won't typically work on the others. When we were playing with combinations internally, we faced two fort wall segments together to create a "tunnel" beneath the walkways, and thought the result was cool enough that we codified it into the "hollow" or "tunneled" Keep walls. There are more interesting pieces lined up behind that set, too. (and yes, Dregs is going to be a unique challenge. It is also likely that we'll just have to be more comfortable with odd combinations. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to tackle the faction worlds, first.) Todd
  2. They don't align because you are mixing Fort and Keep pieces. If they don't attach, then they aren't intended to be used together... you can do it, but it won't be seamless. Fort walls have interior ramparts built into them. They don't have ramparts on the outside of the wall, because that's not something people would typically want. Keep walls do not have ramparts attached, they have separate rampart pieces you can elect to use (or not), and there is no "interior" versus "exterior" wall. Keep walls are more generic and thus can be used in more ways. Todd
  3. is this happening for no discernible reason? are you in combat or out of combat? Todd
  4. are you having these issues in the other worlds? EKs? or just BB W? Todd
  5. no, let me get someone to log in and see if we can reproduce it here. if I need more info, I'll ping asap. thanks. Todd
  6. prevent? no. discourage/add difficulty? yes. we aren't trying to eliminate this behavior completely, or we would remove the ability to burrow under walls. stealth infiltration is supposed to be a challenging-but-viable tactic. Todd
  7. We just restarted Blood Bath West, I am curious if this fixed your issues (when a server stays up for an extended duration, it often gets into a bad state). Please check it and let me know if this resolved your issue and made the game playable, or if the same thing is still happening. Thanks! Todd
  8. - local banks, yes - local crafting stations, yes - (eventually) guards, yes Todd
  9. I think something is wrong with BB. Let me ask the engineers to look at it. Todd
  10. This is correct. You are supposed to use crafting stations, not create everything 'in the field'. We just haven't gotten to that yet. Todd
  11. Unless we start a "new Campaign", it should persist. if it does not, that is a bug. Todd
  12. please contact support@crowfall.com so that we can get your client crash logs and debug this issue. Thanks! Todd
  13. yeah, this is part of the environment overhaul that J.O. has been working on. It's wrapped up with many of the graphics updates that you guys saw in our "graphics overhaul" video, that haven't quite made it into the game yet. I think you'll be happy with where we end up. Todd
  14. - The strongholds were not built to house dioramas (spawners with a distinct radius in which you can spawn a harvestable or monster POI). So that wouldn't be easy. The parcels are set up for these, though, to adding or moving POIs to be *near* the strongholds would be easy. Moving them inside, not so much. - We are working on rigging up the construction POIs. Every week they get a little closer to being functional. - Changing the vulnerability timer duration is trivial. Todd