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  1. He says while repeating himself .
  2. Lol. Dunno why people argue with @VIKINGNAIL. Read a couple pages and you'll see he repeats the same garbage over and over... and if any of you take the bait, he will just say you're missing his point. You'd think if many people were missing one persons "point" - maybe the one person is at fault?
  3. Just needs a worm tunnel outro for maximum effect
  4. Oh, I am all for it - my comment wasn't intended as a slight; just wanted to bring attention to it because its so rare to see.
  5. Solid video. +1
  6. Tru
  7. For some reason seeing "plebs" and then your name gave me some enjoyment.
  8. I feel as though I remember you from Chaos.. but I could be wrong. Pretty sure I played with you some on test.