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  1. 100 percent agree, i much prefer to grind for a week to get to max lvl and gear and play endgame than what crowfall is trying to do with its awful grind.
  2. You are new here so i will go easy but this has been persistent for a long time now and the game is meant to soft launch this year either by summer or end of the year, on top of bugs lag makes it much harder to test and gives alot less motivation to play thus why servers sometimes are so dead. It always ends up being the same names who try to test the game every weekend with a few new ones you might see for a short time and no more. Also damage is way off getting hit really hard by diff classes.
  3. Performance is dreadful lag as always is awful and FPS dips down to 10 or lower when near a keep or randomly that's not including menus that always has dropped fps. When i died as templar the whole world stayed blue colored like in crow form.
  4. Just give hard cc immunity for 2-3 seconds after you use retaliate, that should solve that, it still makes you want to think if its worth at that moment if you wanna break stun or just take it but when you use it at least it counts for something for a few sec. Diminishing returns won't solve a damn thing you will still get cc'd and explode
  5. This game turned out so bad, honestly, they need to redo everything graphically and update animations, it just looks and plays quite horribly. Pretty sure that with some other fixes would add a bit more players to the game. Not saying graphics are everything but rofl
  6. Who knows maybe survival games will evolve into the next big thing for hardcore pvp and RvR games.
  7. To me, the power gap can't be beyond that of what is currently possible in ESO. I have seen 1v10s and sometimes, even more, tho increasingly harder with patches. Very skilled and geared players can do amazing things but it's mostly thanks to higher cp that allows for such outnumbered fights, if taking into account that gear+cp = crowfalls everything for gaining power and effects than 2-3 noobs killing a geared top player is perfectly fine, but in ESO if that player fraks up generally even once he explodes. So yes gear an cp helped carry him but, skill played a HUGE factor as well. So in that regard, I suppose my mind is changed. Tho I still have issues with new players not being able to catch up actively with vets and I'm still pretty torn on vip and skill tree, but those are diff topics. It's nice when people can have proper discussions and don't just go around saying your bad and im mlg thus you don't know what your talking about as the main argument.
  8. video with the horse was hard to watch, camera felt like it was all over the place.
  9. And now meet VN, just don't bother lol
  10. Def gonna be checking this one out, seems really fun, I feel survival games are going to go more towards factions and larger groups overall, even with Conan Exiles it's a similar story. So games like Crowfall or even CU could lose players to games like these in the near future. These sorts of games allow for larger scale pvp and raids and all the destruction you want while still having gear be very much attainable and generally they are still pretty darn hardcore.
  11. Hopefully some lag fix and something new for the 30th.
  12. The only thing you want is a dead game with 100 players or less. You don't even show up to the battlefield in testing too afraid of getting exposed lol. This is supposed to be a game of skill, isnt that what you always preach, it sounds more like your a baddie who wants to get carried by gear and join up with some zergers.
  13. I fully agree, you need more than the 1 percent for this game to do well and thus it will have to cater to a good portion of players otherwise this will be a dead game. You can't have the so-called 1 percent have all top end gear and everyone else in poorly made socksty gear otherwise they will just get fed up and leave happens. On top of that the gear advantage and skill advantage is way high currently, Can you imagine once its launch and people HAVE TO specialize into certain crafts to get some sorta gear only to get ganked an rekt all the time, they can't even do anything to speed the skills training up. And if you're a new player coming in lol, your just dead weight currently vs a trained player in a top guild with high-end gear vessels disciplines etc, just way-way too many factors it will be very one-sided I fear. This game needs horizontal progression, not this straight vertical crap we got now. I get that this game is in alpha but let's be real this is set to soft launch mid-late this year. You really think all the sudden you gonna have tens of thousands or hundred thousand players outta the blue. The game struggles to have 100 players currently. All these things currently work against getting more players in the game. Sure maybe a bunch of people might try it at first but wait till they see that painful skill train and wait till new players try to come in and just get rolled.
  14. I also experienced about 20 fps lower fps than I normally had