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  1. Hmm let's see if it is updating now...? TEST <<~~~~~~ Nope still a big negative there.
  2. How about just let us rebind all keys and key combos? That way WE fix any of our own potential issues. I'm not sure why you are asking for us to post our personal layout. Unless you are saying we CAN'T remap out KB/M which would be a major issue! We all have different priorities, hand sizes, finger dexterity levels along with mice that a different number of buttons and other peripherals.
  3. I'm getting the error that link it not a feed.
  4. Guild Spotlight Our next guild has been very active during the tests and are one of the oldest on the Crowfall Forums. They are Sugoi! This is what they have to say about themselves: “Sugoi is a group of highly skilled and organized players whom aim to dominate the campaign worlds. We're recruiting active and skilled players who share a similar with us.” Sugoi Promo Video For more info please check out the Guild Data Base found in the Crowfall Guild Data Base. Thanks, -Keaggan
  5. Guild Spotlight Guilds are an important part to Crowfall and are a core part of any MMO community. They build a sense of belonging in which many players rally around. Each one having it's own identity and unique feel. Some are highly structured with a massive membership that can swell into the hundreds while others are looking to focus on a specific niche and just want to be the best at it. Guilds can also be just some friends that want to have a good time in a game they love. MMO guilds have produced some lasting friendships as well as heightening the gaming experience. In Crowfall Guilds will be much more than just social groups they will form the heart of the game. To survive the coming will need allies. Each week Crowfall Discord will highlight a guild video...or until we run out of them! To kick off out first Guild Highlight is a well know one around Crowfall, Caldera. This is what they have to say about themselves: “Caldera, a European guild, aims to be a dominant force in Campaigns, while building a vibrant Eternal Kingdom: a social and economic powerhouse.” Caldera Promo Video For more info please check out the Guild Data Base. If you would like your guild featured: Please PM Keaggan a link to your Guild Promo Video. Each video must be 20-60 long. Write three sentences that best describe your guild. Thanks, -Keaggan DISCORD DIRECT LINK
  6. This is how I understood it to be....eventually. But I can see them not doing it right now because of tech reasons. It may be easier to just have it auto flag which side they are on. Perhaps as this mode is iterated on we will get the freedom that will make this mode awesome!
  7. The upcoming Crowfall Campaign World is bringing lots of changes with it. We are all excited to see how the game will eventually look once we go live, even if we are only seeing a sample size of the finished product. While factions won't be the only type of campaign structure, but it is the first one that will be tested. For months (years?) people from all sides of asked "how will spies work within the game?" That's a really interesting question that some have thought long and hard about. Some guilds are even strictly focusing on that end of the game. But it isn't the whole game and many players just want to team up with their fellow faction members to work towards the goals of gathering resources, crafting gear, fortifying their stronghold and sieging other factions keeps. On Discord we are laying the foundation to enable the community do this. A central place where people that aren't in a guild want to meetup and play with other people of their faction. Or perhaps not many of your guild is on ready to play and you'd like to sit and talk with your fellow faction members. All of this is provided. This will be an ongoing process that will grow along side these Campaign World tests. This is but the first step!
  8. Hello everyone! We have an important update announcement. The test Campaign World is coming shortly and we want to prepare the voice rooms for you. To really encourage and facilitate team play we are improving functionality of the voice rooms. They will be divided into Chaos, Order, & Balance each with sub-rooms if you would like to run smaller groups. Each voice room will be FACTION EXCLUSIVE!! You can ONLY join voice rooms if you belong to that Faction. If you are Chaos you can't join Order or Balance and vise versa. So how will we accomplish this? You will self assign a role to yourself. Once you have joined the Crowfall Campaign World and selected a Faction you can then self assign your Faction Roll on Crowfall Discord. Type: .iam [your faction] And the All Father will assign you your role. Example, if you are part of the Chaos Faction you would type .iam Chaos in chat. You will be then given the Chaos role and be able to to join and chat with other Chaos players. You will be locked out of the other Faction rooms. **WARNING:** Once you select your faction role you CAN NOT change it. There is no faction room hopping! If you haven't joined the Crowfall Discord yet click right here to join! As always if you have ideas or thoughts on how to improve on this please go to #discord_feedback channel found on the Crowfall Discord and let us know. Thank you for making this a great community! -Keaggan P.S. If you missed the link to Discord above:
  9. What a slog fest. War of attrition. War to end all wars.
  10. With this update the new shapes don't fit like the old Tetris style. How will these new ones work. How will we fit parcels together now?
  11. I have concerns about picking a name: What if two people pick the same name? What if someone picks my Forum name? Does it have to be a real word? (Flarktox Town) Can we use the same name more than once? (Riding Sun Mountain, The mines of Riding Sun, The Castle of Riding Sun)
  12. Welcome to the mad house!
  13. Glad to see you jumping in and interested in Crowfall I added the bold and italicized part. Right now NO ONE is playing the game since there is NO GAME. This truly is early access for testing purposes. Find your fun or just hangout with the community. Lots of discussions here on the forums and an active live chat community on Crowfall Discord. Come by and say hi!
  14. Love hearing that we are getting closer to being able to build an actual EK. Still can't wait for spawners & the localization of rules.
  15. So I was having a discussion with some other "arm chair" game designers about how physics work in games. This is a question to game engineers. Do games use real physics? If so is it a percentage based like taking the formula and tweaking it? The other side of this is that games actually use object collision which isn't physics. Since Wiki's aren't always trustworthy I bring this to you the people that actually know.