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  1. Two things to try: 1) Run the launcher by right clicking on it and selecting "Run as Administrator" 2) If that doesn't work, put the Crowfall folder in your pre-existing Program Files x86 folder and run as Administrator again Thanks and sorry for the pre-installer issues like this!
  2. No new patch tonight after all folks! It was close but didn't fix every issue we wanted. IMPORTS UPPED TO 40, EXPORTS TO 100. Currently planning to patch tomorrow morning if possible, so put your best items in your spirit bank when you log off please!
  3. Reminder: US East Siege Test and US East Siege3 going down at 5pm CST . Get you stuff off and move to US Test4 Siege4 US West Siege will be going down at 6pm (it has begun to lose siege mechanics) and is replace with US West Siege2 Please move from US West Siege before 6pm CST. Remember the Import/Export limits, they are listed at the bottom of your Spirit Bank. Move the most important items first. Thanks!
  4. Both US East Siege3 and US East Siege Test will come down Sunday at 5pm CST. Please get your items off of them and move to US East4 Seige4. If we need room to start another server we may have to bring one down earlier. Clearly we didn't nail this bug that breaks the sieges, which is something we'll be working on next week. Thanks as always for testing!
  5. You have a US East Siege4 now. I also just tested and found the same. Hope we get some steps to break this out of the testing!
  6. We'll be bringing down campaign world US East Siege Test Sunday evening at 5pm CST. Campaign world US East Seige3 will stay up and be the only East server campaign. We're seeing how a campaign world runs for a week. We'll continue to bug fix and add some playability features next week on the LIVE testing environment. Please move anything you want from campaign world US East Siege Test to your spirit bank, most important items first. And pass the word to players on campaign world US East Siege Test please!
  7. Thanks we're working on the movement/stuck issues (among other things). Hopefully we nailed all the bugs breaking the campaign loop so we can stick with this Campaign World!
  8. Is this on West or East server? Definitely seeing this on the West server today.
  9. Try running the updater as an Administrator (right click and it's a menu option). Alternatively put the folder in your existing Program Files x86 folder and again run as Administrator. This is almost always the anti-virus blocking an unknown executable file, as we don't have a real installer yet. Sorry!
  10. I see this on the US West Siege3 but not on US East Siege5 in the last couple of hours. We're certainly going to be looking this bug tomorrow!
  11. I can only agree. Been trying to prioritize a real installer for months.
  12. Please send your dxdiag file to support@crowfall.com and we'll see if we can help!
  13. Would love to see screenshots of your Task Manager open to more details, performance sorted by most memory first. Take a couple of screen snaps, one when you get into the campaign, and one every 20-30 minutes. Send these to support@crowfall.com along with your dxdiag and what character you are playing. Something is clearly leaking memory and you are getting hit by it more than normal! Thanks and sorry for the issue!
  14. The client is meant to be run from the updater.
  15. Do a fresh client run and go the EK then send me the client log to support@crowfall.com please!