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  1. Please sirs, drop this whole vessel/acct passive training system and go back to the 3 Character slot system you scrapped after kickstarter. EDIT: that said.... be nice to have fewer alt accts.
  2. Fort claims are broken. E and W fort cannot be claimed and are stuck order. N fort is bugged Order. Multiple tests and relogs. Have video. We were able to claim forts lastnight (Friday) and Sat. morning.
  3. Got the message. We will see you in game for some fun this weekend.
  4. I think my only 2k+ absolution of the night was on you when you d/ced
  5. Had a running series of fights with UDL/Sugoi last weekend. Good Fights UDL+Sobersoul. Definitely had me running, especially when we were 3 melee+1 fessor vs the 4 ranged DPS. Extra Credit to Barnes for sitting out to keep things even.
  6. From the title, I thought this would be the fight where you guys kept me running constantly for ~7 minutes on that hill. Life is rough for the one squishy in a group with 3 other melee tanks vs 4 ranged offensive ATs Ill get a few of the other fights posted up. Good fights UDL(+Sobersoul).
  7. One of series of fights with UDL/Sugoi. Good fights all.
  8. I hope they'd have a detailed post with info and mechanics prior to a new build and not just rush something out the door..... so I'm thinking no Campaign this weekend.
  9. Would certainly be a quality of life improvement for both VIP and non-VIP... and it would be nice....but I think it still reduces the tedium/annoyance factor that they are hoping will drive VIP sales and on going revenue.
  10. Seems like a time bank would defeat the purpose of making skill training tedious (and thus encouraging VIP purchases). (And VIP = ongoing revenue = ACE not shutting down the game.)
  11. This has been the criticism since kickstarter. There seems to be no basis for the economy to circulate between the EKs and CWs I'm sure that if the community demands rulesets that allow for JTC'S "uncle bob" to import all his stuff, then on some CWs it will be enabled. They could also make the faction rulesets full import or create an opt-in pvp ladder system for the EKs to give them additional purpose and to get the economy to actually circulate.
  12. True. To the degree player housing in thr EKs is necessary for competition this system certainly favors established guilds or tight knit communities. New guilds/ mass recruitment outfits will have a harder time. Im sure Sugoi will likely be relying on a small core of trusted folks rather than a levy from the masses. It will be interesting for truly new guilds at soft launch with no kickstarter packages and VIP redeemables. (Hopefully the expensive stuff is just cosmetic value. No pvp edge.)
  13. Classic Tinnis--ever disgruntled that ACE doesn't follow his advice.
  14. Some of our fights from last weekend: