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  1. The tooltips for the skills show wrong training times sometimes. I'm pretty sure first pip for a tier 1 skill should be less than 23h 37 minutes if the complete skill is 2 days 23 hours.
  2. Will O' Wisps and Nature's Grace combo from the druid life tray reduce essence instead of increase it.
  3. It happens to the heartwood too. I guess this problem affects to every item using the default icon.
  4. Heartwood is in game but you need skills to get that and you can't have it from knotwood. I'm not sure about beeswax but there is a related skill.
  5. I'm not sure if it's intended or a bug but using harvesting potions I had Plentiful harvest 5 and now I just have 3.
  6. Creo que de momento no puedes usar las parcelas, solo los edificios. Cuando empiece la fase de pruebas de los EK será cuando puedas utilizar tus parcelas.
  7. I found some weird slag in US builders world. It's shiny and you can mine it forever giving you some ore every 2 strikes or so. https://ibb.co/gOsUfa
  8. You can split one stack inside the spirit bank to get the amount you need to complete the other stack. This way you don't need to take the items out of the spirit bank and wait 2 minutes.
  9. I have two pick runes in the EU server that can't be stored in the spirit bank. They were crafted by a guild mate and traded through a chest. I tried to put them in the spirit bank dragging to an empty space and with rmb several times even after relogging. Thanks for your work.
  10. Will the beta 2 test group include the people who got a beta 2 access from the play2crush site without any pledge?
  11. I can't split stacks in the new inventory dragging with the right button.
  12. I keep thinking that this problem is related with pressing the take button before the crafting is completed in the server. I don't know if this makes any sense.
  13. My theory is that it is related with timers desynchronization, showing the take button before the item exists in the server. As experimentation increase the crafting time maybe the desynchronization is more likely. I have this theory because I only had this bug a couple of times and in both cases I clicked the take button as soon as it appeared. It never happenned to me when I waited a few seconds.