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  1. Everyone put your guns down....
  2. My God, how did I miss this streaming event? Thanks for the updates! Looks great -- keep em coming!
  3. Performance seems smoother in terms of FPS. Haven't had much of a chance to test it in PvP because I'm stuck in crafting hell. Crafted a potion with a success rating of 75%. Failed three times in a row. Ok. Whatever. I then fail, repeatedly, when I have a 95% chance of success. Takes me 20-something ore to make three potions. Then I take bug after getting my crafting pots up. Then game crashes. I log back in, and I can't craft anything. I restart again. Still cannot craft anything... I get stuck at the combine menu. Reboot computer. Still cannot craft anything. Log in a different character... okay, that clears it. I start crafting again, 15 minutes later I crash (and again lose all my crafting pots) and come back. I click my ore to add one to a crafting potion. All three vanish. I then click another ore, and all of those vanish as well. I switch recipes and all of the ore reappears in my inventory. I feel like I'm playing a shell game with my inventory. And, you should seriously remove the success ratings from your tooltips because they are completely out of whack with reality. Edit: Or change them to say, "75% chance of success 10% of the time." That seems more appropriate.
  4. This problem but it is NOT fixed by relogging. My character cannot craft anything. Edit: Logging in another character on same account seemed to clear que, and fixed issue for me.
  5. To make Friday seem like an even longer work day...
  6. I would like to see it so rangers could switch arrows on the fly.
  7. This.
  8. Yeah, they need a class that has the ability to get away. Without it, whenever you engage you're boned if you're outnumbered/geared which eventually leads to super zergs. There needs to be a class that can disengage. Hit and run needs to be a viable tactic. The only thing that worries me is that fessor is the top DPSer, a great CCer, and a great mover... In Shadowbane, I remember playing a scout. I never had to fight a fight I didn't want, but at the same time, my DPS was garbage. So you had to be really good at ambushing/finding targets of opportunity. There needs to be a tradeoff for that type of mobility.
  9. Clockwork from DF, right? Awesome to see you in game!
  10. TL;DR: Respectfully, I don't think your post really has any substance. And you're opining on things of which you admittedly have no experience or expertise. You essentially ask a series of rhetorical questions -- which is meaningless, in terms of argument -- without offering any sort of basis for your apparent doubts. In fact, I'd turn it around and ask you to question yourself as to why you think a certain dollar amount is "too much" or why what "you've heard" about "other dev teams" has any significance whatsoever. From your admission you are not an expert in the field, you have no experience in the field, and really have nothing upon which to base your opinion. I'd venture a guess that you really enjoy the game and you are anxious for its release. That's awesome, many of us are in the same boat! But because this is a long, drawn out process your excitement has no outlet... so you sit around questioning things of which you have (and I'm not saying this to be mean) no clue. Take a deep breath. Play the game. Maybe learn more about video game development and you can assuage your doubts. And maybe learn more about the economics behind a game... It's ridiculous for you to comment so glibly that, "the money will be going their way at launch without a problem." And I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it's great to have another Crow on board! =) Edit: glaring typos, ha
  11. Oh, and yeah, this. I'd really like to see them change the 1-1 stun a bit to make it require more skill to land/use. There are some very skilled players playing fessors, but sometimes it's hard to tell because the skill ceiling seems so low with the class. Victory is determined by the RNG max/min on your book and who lands the first stun.
  12. Really dug the music, and props for posting all your fights and not cherry picking (like me). You've not only given me great entertainment, but also inspired me to become a better person. =)
  13. I actually know the one thing that the immortal bard and promoter of Crowfall does NOT like... "You Should be Dancing", by the BeeGees. Straight from the Goblin's own mouth.
  14. Was a fun fight. You guys banged me up at one point where I had to withdraw, but you actually killed the other fessor. But you guys played it great from your side -- run, kite, wait for someone to get separated and then turn and burn (which is exactly how you got the other fessor). You three were all working really well together too, in terms of communication. One of the joys of the many joys of small group play. I actually have this same clip saved but didn't upload it because I was literally cursing into my microphone because I kept getting the 180 degree hitch. The fights were super fun on Friday night with you guys, but the performance was so bad for me I had to stop playing on East. Good job!