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  1. I have an important question that has not been posed yet I don't think - the mechanics discussed mention Allying, but till now, there has been no trade mechanic. Trade is a vital part of any alliance - what provisions will be made for trade in this test?
  2. Yes, hence my question - what dollar amount will constrain that subset for the first running of the server.
  3. I am unclear as to what dollar amount spent in the store/what package level +purchases will grant access to the Test Server. People are suggesting it is the same as the overall pre-alpha but ACE has specifically stated elsewhere it is a subset of this group. Any chance we can get a clear dollar amount? Thanks.
  4. I think those who are expressing concern about the mechanics which will be used in this test of the CW as regards the factions are evaluating the math correctly but forgetting to factor in human nature. We must remember that there is a political element to the game as well, and politics includes broken promises, misdirection, manipulation, lying, treachery and outright theft. CF adds murder for good measure. Human nature cannot be sufficiently calculated using math only in real life, and it will be no different here.
  5. It should be intended and definitely should be this way, it would make no sense otherwise. While it is thus possible to die solely to restore ones food meter, doing so would be hugely impractical and risky, and I doubt anyone would do so. I don't believe this nullifies food management in any significant way in practice, even if it does so in theory.
  6. This is a problem. Similar but much much worse than a Druid having to stop and 'craft' Essence after every death, or it cannot attack. If there is a hostile near the temple in both our cases, you be screwed. Clearly ACE hates the nature faction for some reason...
  7. Now all I need is access.
  8. Regarding the possible alternative Essence mechanics, all of us who have dealt with it can come up with several very good ways to do things differently that would achieve the intended goal of the thing - at least what I assume their reason for sticking us with it is - yet for some reason they seemingly cannot, nor see the need to do so. That is not encouraging. I see this as very similar to what happened with the Take Bug. Once it became established this was a very damaging thing impacting a large number of players, it would have been humane and reasonable to temporarily disable crafting failures, or any of a number of other possible mitigation methods to this painful experience, but they declined to imploy. They knew it would be fixed eventually and no doubt felt any extremely bad experiences had by the players, even those which drove people from the game permanently, could be absorbed and were in light of the big picture, of no consequence. I suspect they have a similar feeling when it comes to Essence - eventually once all the Disciplines are added, and all the Classes, even though they have stated they do not require all things to be balanced against one another, there probably will be a pass or two which might address some of these Essence-related issues we are suffering now. That may not happen for a long time however, if at all, and in the meantime, we just have to do that suffering.
  9. Yeah you're preaching to the choir mate, I'm noted all this issues and more elsewhere. I'm not getting too worked up over it, either they fix it and I play or they don't and I won't. They've got a long road ahead and plenty of time to correct course, hopefully they do. Thanks, that is indeed the moment I was referring too. Now picture having to do that annoying artificial Essence generation right after you die and spawn at a Temple with hostiles right there, or in the middle of huge group fight...only more often now due to these various changes and new elements. It's like telling a kid with a peg leg you'll help him out, then building a time machine so you can go back to when he was an infant and saw off his other leg. I love ACE but they have a malicious and perverse disregard for human decency.
  10. Keep in mind that tweet was from over a month ago, before the Discipline drop. The have fixed quite a few Druid issues since then - not rubberbanding is glorious for example - but there are still other issues. I have had people tell me everything is fine with Druid, but that statement is so obviously incorrect that I stop listening to everything said after that - this includes when ACE says it. The Essence mechanic is flawed, period - and adding layers of other mechanics on top of it has just made it worse. Even if and when everything is working as intended, if the intention is to have Druid only perform acceptably and comparibly with other classes, when you have specific de facto required runes applied, well, that is effectively admitting things out of the box are flawed. I have not written Druid off entirely yet, there is a lot I like about it - but as it stands right now, on average, playing it is not enjoyable, and while I do feel testing is important, I will only spend a certain percentage of my valuable gaming time on something that is this unpleasant, inelegant and unenjoyable. I have moved past the rant and rave and complain about it stage, and just play enough to see if things have improved or not. ACE will figure it all out eventually, or they will not and I will play something else. Not going to stress about it. What I will do though, is when they finish putting the archive of the Discipline livestream online, is make and post a video featuring Greg trying to cast Death Tray stuff to demonstrate a power, finding he couldn't do so since you spawn without Essence, and making a comment about the necessity of casting Life just so he could cast Death. That I will spend some time on. This demontrates that at least some people at ACE have first-hand experience with this issue, and perhaps that will lead to some re-thinking of the mechanic. Kind of like how my bastard of a father used to rub the dog's nose in the spot where he had poorly made socks on the carpet...
  11. While it is true you can build to break the Essence shackles, doing so requires using up Rune slots, which given the poor state of Druid damage and Death Tray as you point out, means you are reducing what you can do to improve that. This was my point about how the Rune system has only made our plight worse, by buffing others who started at 0, where we started at -50. It's the same across the spectrum for Druids...take this scenario - 2 players spawn at a Temple following a death, so they are fully geared. They immediately engage in combat - who wins? Anyone but the Druid, because the druid spawns with zero Essence, and cannot do any damage until he builds it. We starts in a hole. That is where we are. I see the Essence mechanic much like the AT system, something artificial which adds complexity for it's own sake, a method of hobbling someone to cover up for a lack in some area. With the ATs, it was resources to do the necessary amount of Race/Class animations, and once that was overcome, the artificial mechanic was done away with. My hope is that at some point it will be realized that Essence, in it's current form, should also be retired. During the last livestream, Greg Tapper was demonstrating Discipline powers and FX, and while on a druid, went to do so...but was unable to, then remarked out loud, oh yeah I have to generate Essence, and proceeded to cast random things in the life tray at nothing just so he could cast from the death tray. It was a perfect and beautiful illustration of the problem, which they of course excised from the stream archive...however, it did happen, and it happens to every druid, in real combat situations, and it's as much of a cosmic travesty then as it was a comic tragedy during the livestream. 'Dis shiznit has gots to go.
  12. Druid is a steaming pile of garbage. Disciplines added diversity in general, but they also magnified issues some classes have to make them even worse, none more so than Druid and the shackles of Essence. That Spark has been the way it is for as long as it is, may well be one of the most blatant slaps in the face we druid players have gotten. It's a joke.
  13. This is not sarcasm but rather a serious question, I just got home from work and am still downloading after resolving the 'invalid' issue - from what I read last night, it seems a very large number of people are still crashing. Curious as to how isn't crashing anymore, what card you have and under what circumstances you used to crash - when loading, only in PvP/on CWs, also in EKs etc. Thanks in advance!
  14. ...have not had a chance to test this yet but if it is really fixed, thank-you!