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  1. You can place parcels in the EK (Eternal Kingdom) on either server, but once you import them into an account for that purpose on a server, they cannot be used on another. To do that, start the client for the server you wish to do it on - either Test or Live - and choose the Purchased option from the menu in the Lobby. There you can select which things to import. Doing this will put the items into your Spirit Bank. To use them, you must then start up your EK, and once logged into the world there, move the deeds from the Spirit Bank to your inventory. Then press escape to access the menu, choose Edit Kingdom and use the EK editing interface to place the parcels. Keep in mind that once you Import Purchases, they can no longer be gifted, and if they are part of a package, that package can no longer be upgraded. This is temporary however, as EKs and these items are reset frequently, at which point the package is 'put back in the box' and can be upgraded or gifted once again.
  2. This has to be the one thing that has caused more pain to new players than anything else, and I am somewhat surprised ACE hasn't done something a bit more pro-active in regards to preventing the error. It sucks now, but imagine what it will be like in release... Yikes.
  3. Yes. These items will be delivered once the game leaves the development stage. Currently it is still in Pre-Alpha.
  4. I agree with that summation. I originally had some issues with the map, thinking the resource nodes should be closer to the forts, but having spent more time on the map since, I've concluded the layout is actually very good. Unfortunately as you say, no matter how good the server, build or map is, unless there is some motivation to spend time there. Fighting is it's own reward in some sense, but more is needed with things at their current stage of development. The most obvious feature through which to deliver this value right now would be the strongholds - the Forts and Keeps. While there is some value in their banks and respawns, there are issues with both of those which mitigate their worth. Something additional would be needed for people to really value these locations and want to spend time there. While I think a lot of good suggestions have been made, many of them do not seem practical at the moment, as spending development resources on something involved just to get more people testing right now may not be viable. I do think some simple changes could be made which would work, and if done right, could actually kill 2 birds with one stone: Change the Fort Timers to 1 hour and the Keep timers to 3 hours Modify Forts to grant a buff effect to players of the owning faction when they are in proximity to the Dragon Statue, which provides bonuses to Support Power, Attack Power and Crafting Experimentation (some amount deemed as reasonable but worthwhile) Modify Keeps to grant a buff effect to players of the owning faction when they are in proximity to the Dragon Statue, which provides bonuses to Support Power, Attack Power and Crafting Experimentation (a slightly greater amount than for Forts, or perhaps more buffs/different types) I don't know for a fact that such buffs would be easy to do - it seems like it would be similar to the code used for Bards - and I suspect making it work on only one faction might be hard to do (though many buffs are group-only so seems like it would be do-able), but I am sure that this would make strongholds a place people wanted to be and fight over. This would address one of the other issues with the current state of the test, post skill reset - felt most with the low crafting skills. This would motivate people to craft at these locations, and put better gear into the game. The details could vary of course, but some kind of buff eminating from the Statue, kind of like SB's Spire effects, would definitely change things dramatically.
  5. Thank-you so much, I really appreciate the response and info! Regarding Gaea's Wail, it feels like something with the hit mechanics have changed, it's much harder to hit with - I have video of me missing on a stationary target at 4 meters, where previously having gotten used to it over many months, I could lead a moving target and hit them at +35m range - and the range has gotten shorter as well. It's so hard to hit with it is hard even to test to determine range, so if we can get actual numbers that would be great.
  6. I still have hope something will be done with Barkskin to improve it.
  7. It's pretty easy to do that, and it is one of the reasons I hope they build may more value into VIP - if 75% of VIPs value is tied to skill training benefits and that can be worked around, I am concerned it will cause people to drop their VIP which would be bad for the game.
  8. Currently the 3 POI 'produce' the following materials: Lumber Mills produce Timber, Quarries produce Boulders and Mines produce Ingots. As Solex mentioned, these are used to feed the 'hippos' at the Forts and Keeps, which build up the walls through their various stages to completion. It is possible these will be used for other things which need to be built as well - I can certainly see the same materials used for siege engines (especially the boulders!). Todd apparently mentioned the possibility of being able to break these larger raw materials down into the smaller type we use for regular crafting...but for now, that's their only use.
  9. Welcome! So, a note about the crafting system - what we are seeing now, with manually crafting individual items, is not how the majority of items will be made. In release, dedicated crafters will do most of the crafting, and it will be done through Factories, using Blueprints, where mass quantities of items will be made. In most cases, manual crafting will be done until a good Experimentation result is achieved, then a Blueprint is made from that, allowing you to make say 25 exact copies of that item, automatically, using the Factory - provided you have the necessary exact same raw maerials or components. This is not to say that no-one will be making items using the process we have now, individually, but in release, it will be somewhat different - many players will never craft an item, as they will be getting it from dedicated crafters. Good feedback though!
  10. Hey Goose. You are correct, the racials will be inherent to any vessel you craft just for being that race. This was stated for confirmation in a recent live stream.
  11. Just a small addition, some barriers absord only a specific damage type. There also seems to be a fair degree of difference in terms of how much damage one barrier will absorb compared to another, perhaps because some barriers also have secondary effects - a reflect for example.
  12. This is very likely to be possible, but also very likely to be available - officially - only to VIP.
  13. The new Skill Trees, which include new Classes, some Classes/ATs removed, the new Racial Nodes and a wealth of other changes, will absolutely require a wipe. Personally I think there will be a wipe when the new Trees are introduced, and then another one at Soft Launch - assuming these 2 things do not happen at the same time, and given the former needs to be tested before the latter happens, I do believe that will be the case. Until launch, no-one should be too attached to anything.
  14. Welcome to Crowfall! If you like bug-hunting, you will definitely find a lot to do with the current state of testing!
  15. I agree regarding the general premise of the OP, however I think there still even at this late stage remains too much we do not know, for us to judge the state of balance with any accuracy. We CAN say for sure things are not 'balanced', or where we think they should be, but we cannot say anything definitive about the details. I think there are 3 parts to this - some lacking mechanics/systems, a lack of top-end gear and a lack of trained skills. I think we have a unique situation at this moment, a small window of opportunity, to get a clearer picture of how things really are, by turning a quasi-problem into a solution. Right now, we have the live 'Test' server, 5.2.4, and the zombie 'Live' server, 5.1(?) - while obviously there are plans to move to a traditional Stable Live/Experimental Test setup, for several weeks one of these builds has basically been wasted, no campaign worlds up, with only small group of people moving their training along because they are afraid of missing out on something. I think ACE needs to take advantage of this short window of opportunity. Kill the 5.1 Live build. Replace it with a copy of the current, most advanced build, 5.2.4 - then advance every single training node to completion. Every tree, every node, trained to maximum. Obviously, in release, this will not happen for years...but for the purposes of a better picure of how balance is, even understanding this tree is out of date and this picture will not be entirely accurate, I think it would be informative in the context of this issue we are looking at. So best possible skills, best possible gear as well given that both Harvesting and Crafting would be bumped as well...missing only would be the full suite of mechanics and powers, and of course the actual Trees, Racial Nodes etc. That build is a lame duck right now. Why not give us whatever number of weekends are left before the plan for it is ready, to see how things play out at max skills, with the current build. With 2 sets of servers running the same build, 1 with low end skills and one with max, we will get some good testing data, and have a more-informed position from which to make these balance judgements. Not a perfectly accurate one, but somewhat better.