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  1. That is also true. Insanities are not mutually exclusive.
  2. While I would welcome changes to how Essence works, as a healer (Druid) I do not think any such additional mechanic is needed. Not yet seen during pre-alpha are the Shadowmantle-style heal blockers - the recently-revealed Assassin has one - and these will certainly play a part in the healing dynamic. Healers will cast a heal on someone, use up those resources, and no healing will occur. Until we see just how many ATs/Disciplines have heal-blockers, I do not think we can make an informed decision on what is needed in this area.
  3. The idea that anything prior to launch would carry over is absurd to a degree bordering on insanity. I find it hard to believe anyone seriously considers this a possibility, but people continually ask this question, so I guess some do...which is frightening.
  4. 6k Lag Spike At 20:14 Eastern on April 24th, there was rather large lag spike. Around 1:30 into the video. Hopefully the devs can find something in the server logs to help identify what it was. Also, what is this new Deadly Retaliation? I think I tried using it here...any info on what it does? Thanks!
  5. Interesting Bug/Feature Channeling Nature's Avatar on a Knight Blocking and Reflecting Elemental Damage back to the attacking player, caused some damage to be reflected through the channel to the buffing Druid. Probably not what's actually happening but that would be the Feature version of this bug. A very cool moment to see this happen - more of this kind of interactive dynamic effect please!
  6. I tried to make the case for modifying the server environment today in Discord but for some reason the point wasn't getting through. The server set we are presented with changes already from test to test, there is no reason it cannot be changed with intention to offset the lower population of active testers resulting from the issues currently being experienced by the testing base, as ACE grinds through some difficulties while adding necessary new content and code as they push hard to reach various goals. My point, which others disagreed with, was that A ) The current push to goals is directly causing these performance issues (a point at least one person at ACE confirmed, and a blameless unavoidable and understandable consequence of progress I might add) and B ) These issues have a direct effect on tester population and activity, as anyone who tested this weekend knows, something the previous posts attest to, which then leads to C ) Less testing finds less issues, and D ) Some issues are only found in external testing, resulting in E ) Slowing down, even complicating, the push. The solution, or perhaps a better term, a possible band-aid, would be to provide very different server choices than PvE, large-map FFA & Faction PvP regional choices. I dare say I would not be surprised to learn that this last weekend, there were more people active in EKs than on PvP servers. The performance in the EKs was also very good. I would therefore suggest the following, either an addition to the existing server choices, or a reduction by one or two and replacing those with one of these: 1) Enable the PvP option in EKs. Make it command-line executable, no need for the whole management interface. "Problem" instantly solved. You give us this basic tool, and I assure you testers will carry out all types of game-play at all scales, giving you more bugs-found-per-hour than the last weekend produced. 2) Mount 1, or more, smaller PvP-enabled servers, with no mobs. An HD or SP with the current build would be perfect, otherwise just pull out all the cells but the central 4v4 you currently have on the Corruption map and you're done. I bet with the amazing tools I've seen it would be easy. Go from the area bordered in black to the area bordered in blue. FFA, we'll manifest more activity in that smaller area, at a greater level of performance without the mobs and smaller map, than would be the case otherwise. Corruption Lite: That's what I was trying to get at today in Discord. I'm a supporter of Crowfall, the amount of time I've invested is considerable, to say nothing of the emotional investment. As an SB-player, I've been waiting for this game for over 15 years. I'm just keenly aware of what impact the current issues have on such a project, in all senses, and know there is time pressure as well - something like the above would maximize bug-finding, allow for progress to continue at the required pace, while keeping things fresh, keep testers testing and give the barking dogs, of which there are bound to be many (some would count me among them) - some of whom have an actual bite - something to chew on. That's the objective here - continued progress.
  7. Well it's somewhat obvious from watching the video. Not knowing what they are doing/have changed code-wise I can't speculate on the cause. The data pertains to the distance at which they appear/disappear. It doesn't seem random.
  8. So as promised, here is an example of smaller scale pvp demonstrating how performance was this weekend. This 3v3 took place after the server reset had improved performance, but also after it had begun to get bad again. I have fights before this one which were much much worse, but chose this as at least it is watchable. This fight, among other things, shows examples of: -Poor server performance -Missing nameplates/health bars -Missing damage numbers/attack feedback -Rubberbanding (especially with blink) -Freezes/lock-ups -Players getting stuck, unable to move -Misc oddities Thanks to all those who suffered the difficult conditions to take part in these test fights. There is some very interesting data as a result as regards under what conditions the nameplates etc appear and disappear as a function of distance to target. Much appreciated guys!
  9. Yes, I'll upload some of those fights at some point, but frankly ACE should be embarrassed. Even with a mountain of caveats regarding this being pre-alpha etc etc, it's horrible, and not only is it horrible, but it was once less horrible, and is getting more horrible every single week. Worst of all, I have not read or heard a single genuinely meaningful or encouraging thing which leads me to believe this slide into horribility will not continue. I say this as a supporter, both financially and otherwise, of this project. I simply don't know what they can possibly be doing that it has gotten, and stayed, this bad, for this long. For those that have seen the movie Passengers, watch The Expanse or have real-world familiarity with the concept, this feels a lot like a cascade to me. Too much of too great an importance going wrong at once, and this is the result. Anyone who has ever tried to troubleshoot a problem with any system knows, that if you change too many things at once, not only is it impossible to identify the cause of the initial problem, but you end up creating new ones. I've spoken many times of the clock that is ticking when it comes to Crowfall development, and they have committed to a particular albeit nebulous timeline, but for the love of god, I'd rather see the plane take off a few hours late than fall apart on the runway...
  10. Two additional notes - first, I've a large number of people saying "This is my first test weekend." in their posts here and elsewhere and second, people at ACE must flinch every time they read that. I know it's unnatural and has it's own issues, but if the re-addition of mobs is behind the performance issues, perhaps removing them or going back to making them scarce, and putting leather back in chests and in higher quantities is the way to go. Hell, put a chest in the upper room of the keeps and have it alone spawn a very high amount of leather and not only would you be allowing the game to be played properly again, you'd be creating gameplay. A chest in that room would also help with my Capture the Flag event plans...but that's not why I suggest it, honest!
  11. Finding your gravestone is normally not actually something you would do. When a player dies in Crowfall and re-appears at the temple with all the statues, they have 2 choices: Use one of the smaller Archtype Statues: Doing this will cause you to change Archtypes/Vessels, with your original Vessel/body and everything on it (that was not looted), staying where you died. There are very few situations where you would want to do this. Use the larger central Statue: This will cause your dead body/Vessel to teleport to you so you can use it again, this includes anything on the Vessel which was not looted or did not break due to Durability loss. This will damage the Vessel and your equipment slightly, but it means you don't have to go back and find your gravestone. 95% of the time, you want to do the second option. Regarding the crafting and critical failures/failed combines, this has nothing to do with using different ores. There are three things involved here - first, there is a percentage chance of success for all crafting actions, and failures are supposed to happen a certain percentage of the time. Second, due to some issues, failures are happening at rates higher than they should be. Third, there is an issue with the RNG used by the game that can result in 'failure chains', where you can fail many many times in a row - I've had as many as 10. This is not intended. If you fail more than 4 times in a row, the way to get out of it is to craft a different type of item - a potion is usually best. That seems to work. Relogging would work as well I assume.
  12. So, I got home from work Saturday morning after a 12-hour graveyard shift eager to play Crowfall after what seemed like a month of failed tests. I had previously made 100 planks and 100 metal bars to get as good as possible rolls for an item, and using the best along with my other best mats, including a new +Crit Hunger Shard, in the first few minutes of my session, I potted up and set about creating a new Druid Staff - intended to test the +Nature and +Electricity damage mods - only to have the combine fail, with a loss of all materials, along with the time spend gathering and crafting the materials for those 100 planks and bars, and a loss of my interest in playing any further. This was before I personally experienced the, putting it politely, poor performance this build entailed. Sunday night I decided to log back in and record some bug-footage, then as some things only seem to present in actual combat and not in the EK's for example, I hopped on a pvp server and Srathor was kind enough to indulge me. This video shows a portion of the result. As you can see, especially at the point where the attacks which do damage and their actual application are quite far apart, performance is somewhat terrible. This made me realize my personal annoyance and anger at the crafting failure and that they are even enabled in Pre-Alpha, and my disappointment at yet another failed test, had to be nothing compared to how ACE feels. Yet another lost weekend is not just time we cannot spend testing or playing, it's a setback for development and eats up time and goodwill on a clock that does not stop ticking. To say nothing of funding. They have to be absolutely crushed at how this weekend turned out. I'm sure they are taking stock, and I hope they re-evaluate things. The snap test this week was encouraging, but I have a feeling that the issues behind these failed tests are such that they won't be resolved by anything done in a particular build. This feels systemic, and while I don't know enough about the details of development at this stage to say, I would consider drastic measures to get back on the good foot as they say. The plan is at some point to transition to 24/7 uptime with a stable 'public' test server and the limited-access 'experimental' or test testing server...perhaps moving to this framework before 24/7 uptime might not be a bad idea. Have servers up with last known builds of good functionality, and then others with the most recent development build. A test is only useful if people are actually actively testing, and at reasonable numbers, given many things only manifest at that scale. The impact on the property itself cannot be ignored either. This is not just lost playtime to testers, this unquestionable can hurt Crowfall as a product, indeed as an investment, as well. In any case, I wish ACE good luck in finding their way through these difficult times, and encourage them to both stay strong and think outside the box. There is absolutely nothing which requires the status quo as regards the testing process to remain so. They can try something radical if they determine it will produce better results.
  13. The day they manifest even the most basic version of this game loop is the day Crowfall will truly be born.
  14. Thank-you ACE.