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  1. I could see the "spy" problem you speak of if the spy was in the factions discord large lobby room listening to overall given team commands, where team leaders would gather. I guess really it doesn't have to be large discord room either to be unnoticed, probably any random newly joined guild member could join in on the small rooms and yet only be there to siphon early information for their own guild on the opposite team. Just hope most teams will realize to use a party chat for important information on where to attack on map next. I do like the idea of the scout role bringing back updated map info for the team. We'll have to see how this all plays out in the coming campaign tests.
  2. *angrily pulls out sword* WHO pratice necromancy in THIS thread... *stops and smiles* Bah! Friend bairloch! Long time no see. *chuckles* I remember your disgruntled attitude towards SWG smuggling even without looking up our previous conversation. Also, catching up on this thread I steadily becoming to realize I did not really play the game. I thought I did, but no... I did not, really - compared to those who did. Just look at this macroing example. Never used macroing system to that extent, although it was kind on a surface for me - I was much more in tune with arcane art of programming back then. Everything mentioned reminds how much of a brimming and bustling world SWG was. I remember a lot of stuff happening. People see those who still like Pre-CU/NGE SWG as nostalgic, but truth is most of us miss a place were we can have as much events... no... life going on, big and small. In this regard Crowfall might be a true successor to SWG for me. Games are incomparable (obviously), but in terms of community and possibility they are on the same level - at least from what I see so far. Probably will change my pledge in a few months (current might be sold).
  3. Sad, dark and beautiful. Thought I am not fan of 'dark' still delightful. In fact lore is good enough for a story-driven game.
  4. Exactly. I'd love to see that interview. I don't really care about Star Citizen hate or his other missteps, but boy oh boy I love to see people who throw ridiculous accusations around shown fools they are. I mean I don't have specific list here, but he always talking **** about someone.
  5. Yeahe-he-he. 'Interesting' not quite enough to cover the extent of it.
  6. No need for an apology, friend. No way I am the one to say which thread supposed to be resurrected (or not), I am no moderator. Just saw an opportunity for a pun, considering mood of 'Crowfall' and all. Big fan of SWG myself.
  7. *rises brow* Necromancy is no longer forbidden art?
  8. ^ Yeah, this. You log in, you play, you group with people. If game was good you keep in touch as you progress and at some point join their guild (create guild together).
  9. 'Light touch'... Wise. Actually they are right about everything, right on spot. Modern MMORPG being to loose about social aspect (you can play some of them as single-player games if you want) while there is no going back to tight-knit days of yore inderdependecy (after all those solo-friendly MMORPGs most people won't play 4-hour raid). It has been bothering me for years, actually. While I have no time to commit to real pro guild anymore I see no reason to stay in MMORPG if it feels like single player (I just finish content+/exploration and move on). ^ This kind of approach seems to be a good (and, maybe, perfect) solution.
  10. One thought, though hardly new... Watching video I recalled how people criticized graphics. 'Kinda... Somewhat... Meh...' Oh, my. And that's Pre-Alpha. So glad I am founder. Don't get me wrong, graphics not the only reason, in fact that was last thing I cared about. And now I see that will be also incredible.
  11. Well, I hope they reveal comic book in right order - that'll be big enough. My guess is God-player connections: reprecussions, benefits and disadvantages, perks and traits.
  12. Sure. But since I have 'World of Darkness' books I NEVER get bored. Amen to that. While it's too late to join EVE when Star Citizen looming on the horizon it's still good idea to read good Sci-Fi.
  13. For a PvP-oriented game you create beautiful lore.
  14. I was wondering if it'll come to male Fae what story he'll have. Nice touch. Also I dislike gender lock whatever class it may be, so thanks for coming through with this one.