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  1. Welcome to @Fiat_Nyx! Glad we found someone who came make us some maps
  2. Welcome to our newest member @Vellorah! Hope to be putting together a guild event soon.
  3. Anyone else experiencing a skipping/visual lag issue when you run on stairs or certain elevated objects? It's like I get stuck in place and teleport when moving on stairs. I'll try to get a video of it tonight.
  4. Sanctus has taken its first steps into the new campaign testing! Guild events coming this week!
  5. Once the first campaign testing is available to a wide range of backers, Sanctus will be joining the fray! Join us now while our recruiting requirements are lenient!
  6. Welcome @geri0n, @santiagorook & @drewzu to the guild! Hope you can all join us for the playtest this weekend!
  7. Welcome and good luck! Sanctus is happy to have you as one of our allies and look forward to seeing you in-game.
  8. Looks like you're going for quite a bit of bleed damage. Where does the Long Live the Fighter come from?
  9. Let's see all the different combinations and playstyles people will be choosing for their sneaky, stabby vessel. With what we know so far this is my "loadout". Race: Fae (Gotta have those wings ) Weapon Rune: Master of Daggers Major Rune 1: Agent Provocateur (Being able to AoE stun, Heal in stealth AND generate Pips passively.... must have!) Major Rune 2: Knife Grinder (Having bleeds & poisons will be nice) OR Reality Warper (steal healing) Minor Rune 1: Careless Whisper (More crits) Minor Rune 2: Shadow's Caress (passive regen) Minor Rune 3: Finish Him! What are your plans?
  10. If I'm not mistaken I believe Knight can use one handed mace + shield, Myrmidon can use dual maces, & Champion can use two handed maces. Other than that I think everything Gummiel said is correct.
  11. Thank you to everyone who played this past Sat. it was a lot of fun. Hopefully we can do it again this coming weekend. Stay tuned for an official post
  12. Hey Dregs, I wasn't able to find you on Discord so I'll message you here. Sanctus is currently quite active in the weekend playtests and we are holding a bit of an event tonight. You can find out more about our guild here: Feel free to join our Discord and maybe we will see you in the playtest tonight.
  13. Looking for a group to play with in this weekends test?
  14. Welcome to our newest member Santiagorook! Can't wait to try out all the changes from the "Massive Reveal" this weekend!
  15. Back from a small hiatus and ready to build some EK's! Join us in our Discord to see what we are all about.