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  1. Hello Eatonaround, Telono, Scumlord, Kud_Dukan and Caim welcome to crowfall!. !
  2. Hello Hasil and welcome to crowfall !
  3. Hello Chernobog and welcome to crowfall !
  4. Hello Svartkrut and EpileptikShock welcome to crowfall
  5. Hello Zombiemaker and welcome to crowfall !
  6. Hello untuin and welcome to crowfall .
  7. I know. just a hope my friend. Aha that's make sense "KS for additional features".
  8. I do hope star citizen going be complete before 2020. I will be busy during "2020"
  9. That's true, when someone is despair about money, they would do anything to feed their hunger. I am doing my own research if this going be "worth it".
  10. I've been burnt out as well and I thought AoC going be "Free 2 play to be honest" I haven't follow their development so far. However I was in their official discord and that did happen kickstarter announcement. Doing some youtube research. This explains about it kinda? I am going wait and see as well.
  11. AoC (Ashes of Creation) Kickstarter starts May 1st, at 10AM PST Head to their website for more info
  12. Every project above is fully funded. The only project left is Tangledeep. Tangledeep still have 45~44 hours left, till it close the doors.. If you haven't backed Tangledeep yet then go for it now.
  13. Hello Shadowclasper and welcome to crowfall !
  14. Hello Imperial and welcome to crowfall !
  15. Not going be hyped about it yet.