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  1. Pine: An adventure game - Interesting if you have played Zelda or any adventure game! StarFighter: Yet another space game based on realism of science ? Tangledeep: Tribute to 16 bit era (SNES) Battle Princess Madelyn: (Folks show some support to every kickstarter game made pc and other platform) If you didn't like any just share it with people, maybe they would like to back these games. If i missed any other ones just respond here with link to them. Cheers
  2. Hello JDHD, Drusera and Wickedmad welcome to crowfall all of you !
  3. That's true although I do hope they iron down the combat.
  4. Hello Holyvigil and welcome back ! Hello Varylnard and welcome to crowfall :D!
  5. Nothing much just welcoming you and other people to crowfall ! Hello Luke welcome to crowfall and you will have fun testing out the game hehe !
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  9. No info so far about alpha or early access. I do predict pre-alpha or alpha 1 access this year. To keep informed about news and development.. and following dev journal
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