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  1. Hello Gagzer and welcome to crowfall !
  2. Hello Kilrane and Sandberg welcome to crowfall !
  3. Hello Minuett, slowdive and Warboss_Thrakka_Snazzfingas! welcome to crowfall !
  4. I was a little disappointed from Sea of thieves gameplay they didn't show enough to make me so interested. I think I will wait till release and see how it's going be. Skulls & Bones was okay-ish and exciting.. seemed like Assassin creed black flag but in 5 v 5 gameplay. I hope Skulls and Bones have a single player for story.. otherwise it's not going to be interesting for multi-player only.
  5. Hello BastardDM and welcome to crowfall
  6. BuildOne 3D Printer. This video is the prototype of BuildOne, so what you see is not the final product! You like to work with clay by your hands? why you just don't use clay on a 3D printer and print it out! Bean 3D resin printer it's their 2nd kickstarter and this is such an improvement since their last kickstarter! So what you're waiting for? Get your hands on one of these printers .
  7. Hello ravenking and welcome to crowfall !
  8. Hello Zachchaffin and Resouledx welcome to crowfall @Resouledx Guild wars 2 is such an amazing game with pvp and wvw.. spent a lot of time there.. it's good to see some folks from GW2.
  9. I was too blind to see that.. I bet i was way too tired to even check the date and did respond..
  10. People burned out from playing crowfall already... I've been for a while and tested crowfall as well. I did get bored from playing test server over and over and spent over what I usually spend on games.. it's just I want this game to be a successful mmo.. As i hope i don't get disappointed. 7 players is enough to test things up to be engaged on what you should do or ask devs or community about the game using forum or available players in-game. I believe you have backed crowfall having the mentality of "other mmorpg when they announce alpha or beta." frankly it's obviously pre-alpha still way too far from "ALPHA and Beta and when you go to on top where it says "new to crowfall? Get early access!" by looking to the right side Current test phase: pre-alpha 4 stage.. also pre-alpha 5 in future.. yes they allowed you to get in pre-alpha stage while backing in beta. As a backer of pre-alpha It's really unfair that beta backers gets into pre-alpha stage, but It's ACE Team decision after all to get more feedback from various backers or if you have found a bug you could inform them and there's no Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). so u can share images, stream and make videos.. Also test available game mechanics and functionality. Cheers.
  11. Hello Sgurr and DefliFerz welcome both of you to crowfall !
  12. Hello Cadderly, Windwaker, KPTM71, mesavitae, Kaim86 and welcome to crowfall
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  15. Hello Chernobog and welcome to crowfall !