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  1. Sorry for no updates recently -- work has been crazy. I'll try to get an update out in the next couple days to this list.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm just bumping some button, but it appears that the chat box likes to open up at random. Also, I noticed that quite a players and NPCs that I fought would teleport around, basically making them untouchable. I also noticed that my chat box would open randomly. I feel like Knights need more mobility; they can't compete, much less catch up to, a class like the Ranger. Occasionally, I won't be able to loot an item; the item is there, but when I right-click it it does not enter my inventory. Also, I think it would be good to add a setting to disable grass for the lower-end PCs out there; in most games I've played, grass tends to be a performance hit to the lower-end PCs. Lastly, I think that damage splitting, as someone mentioned above, should not exist; I think that all hits, regardless of number of targets, should hit their full strength. If this is too much, there should be some skills that only hit a single target and some that hit multiple targets, or AOE/single target skills. Having damage splitting in place will ultimately hinder the ability of groups to take on groups, be it a fight of same size vs same size or smaller vs larger; if all the damage is split to minuscule portions, assuming I understand the mechanic at work, fights will last forever when the game is released.
  3. Awesome list! I think I'm going to have to redo the formatting on the one I've been doing now... this formatting puts mine to shame, lol.
  4. Updated 6/19/16. Thanks a ton! Fixed links and crossed off the one that may or may not be available anymore. If anyone knows somewhere else that that interview was posted, please link it here!
  5. Updated 5/19/16.
  6. Updated 4/16/16.
  7. Apologies for not updating this list in a good amount of time. I just updated it. Are there any new interviews that I've not yet found that anyone knows of? If so, I'll add them to the list.
  8. Updated 2/4/16.
  9. Updated 1/31/16.
  10. Updated 1/27/16.
  11. Updated 1/22/16.
  12. Both were removed! D: What were they talking about?
  13. Updated 1/13/16.
  14. Great find! Adding as I write this. Also, updated 12/30/15.
  15. Updated 12/19/15 - a bit late!