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  1. Is someone painting their nails? Because I smell polish.
  2. The word "Monumental" comes to mind. Congratulations to the whole team!
  3. I think the trick is channeling the hype in the right direction. "Managing expectations" is the skill of keeping people excited about the right things -- including yourself and your team.
  4. Firehose healing confirmed! also... Do you remember back when Legionnaires were healers?
  5. Warning: I just needed to write. Philosophical ramblings will ensue. I was pondering Success. What is Success? We see established, successful enterprises as part of our reality because they currently are. We develop trust. We know their products, their names, their songs. They are part of the world around us, and we usually don't question that. But every Thing you can think of started as nothing. At some point in our recent history, every classic game didn't exist. It was just an idea. Somebody had a grand vision of what could be and pushed their idea until it became reality. How did it get there? How did these visionary ideas become our reference points for greatness? The answer is multi-faceted, but I think it all revolves around Hype. Sometimes we look derisively upon Hype. Anticipation is fun, but everyone knows you shouldn't get too attached, right? After all, hype usually leads to a huge let down. What if our anticipated treasure turns out to be junk? And so, defensively, we are careful not to believe in Hype. Except Hype is not weightless. It's part of the total mass in the greatness equation. Every step of creation revolves around the excitement of making the idea a reality. For the inventor bursts of creativity come with a euphoric flash of Hype. The idea is shared, and a team is assembled - all totally based on Hype about what might be. Months or years of effort and spending are poured into the idea, again, based on Hype. And finally, we, the players, experience the thrill and hype of anticipating - and finally playing - the game. Like religious people with their Faith, an entrepreneur leans upon their Hype to sustain them as they push toward a yet unseen glory. So, the next time you check yourself for getting too excited about a mere idea, remember: the excitement is part of the reality. Embrace it.
  6. The night/day cycle was the best part imo. There is so much potential to do interesting things with light. For instance, I feel like caravans should come with mandatory lanterns that illuminate a wide circle around them. Most spells should emit light. Heck, even weapons could spark when they hit.
  7. Good stuff. More building blocks makes for emergent design. I fully expect we'll see new gameplay aspects from these seemingly simple additions. On another note, it's been a while since I've seen this many whiny babies show up in the same thread. To them, I say: Grow up. This is how the sausage gets made. You will get your game in spite of your less-than-helpful bellyaching. I dare anyone who feels like whining to start a project (any creative project!) of your own. You will quickly remember how much time and effort creation takes.
  8. Mobile games be all like "Daily crafting every 23 hours". Crowfall be all like "Pip1 - 2.39hr Pip2 - 4.67hr Pip3 - 9.14hr Pip4 - 17.94hr Pip5 - 35.2hr". Can you feel the love?
  9. Is it typical for MMOs to use 1000 ports? I don't understand why clients would need more than 1 port in the upper range. Can someone educate me? (A link to an article on MMO network architecture would be great!)
  10. Exactly. I should mention again that this info drop is phenomenal. I'm still giddy. Part of the excitement for me is theorizing about potential issues and how to solve them. It is always reassuring to me to learn that ACE is asking the same questions of themselves before they present it to us. This is why I love this team. Let's keep the feedback flowing!
  11. The 3-faction scheme is innovative for keeping the match from running away in one direction, but I foresee a huge imbalance towards... balance. Balance has all sorts of interesting social dynamics. In comparison, Order/Chaos is bland. Of course players are going to want to play Balance! Speaking in terms of self-selecting population, I bet we have 10% - 80% - 10% (O - B - C) Also, mathematically speaking, if the score slider stays in even thirds, Balance is much more likely to win than either extreme. Winning as Order or Chaos involves one faction successfully conquering two factions. This can be solved! The middle third on the score slider will need to be made a LOT more narrow for Balance to ever not win. Broken: [ OOOOOO BBBBBB CCCCCC ] Fixed: [ OOOOOOOO BB CCCCCCCC ]
  12. Setting aside the massive content drop, the presentation alone of this info drop was totally epic! I can't wait!
  13. Also, Bravo. Playing in the EK, it definitely felt like the cells of a parcel were too big. I'd love to see you shatter several of the existing parcels into sub-parcels. I do share the concern about buildable area. I already felt annoyance trying to find aesthetic places to drop buildings. I'm worried that the more jagged joints between parcels will further limit where we can build.
  14. Pre-Arranged Region of Contiguously Extending Land
  15. Good! Can't get enough of that Todd fellow.