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  1. Or a lot of those people left or just don't bother posting. I'm still not sure whether I like the profanity filter and other strict rules, but your argument implies a cadre of super serious hardcore forumbaners all had a negative opinion and now accept it, but in fact I think they just aren't here at all.
  2. I have zero respect, and I think 90%+ of players also have zero respect, for the fact that someone else happened to start playing Crowfall earlier, clicked more nodes than me, and thus are entitled to a massive advantage. If they made better skill decisions than me in the same time period, that's something I can respect - but if I'm entitled to absolutely crap on some newb simply because I clicked on nodes for two years this game will die a fiery and early death. People barely have respect for skill systems which require more input, like grinding mobs for skill gains, let alone ones that make you more powerful simply for existing. Gear is a different story - it takes "economic skill" for lack of a better term to acquire it, so it's allowed to be a lot more impactful than passive skills in my mind. Plus it's lootable. It's also pretty important for it to matter or the entire game falls apart. I wouldn't expect to see a massive combat power gap from skills in the final product especially general combat skills, because the devs are smart. Maybe that's the one thing they'll screw up that'll end up getting them, but every time I've thought that about something before I've been wrong. They always end up in the right place eventually so far.
  3. It's true that technically from a purist POV, EK parcels are "pay to win" in that you are paying for an advantage. It's also true that if you write "Hi Effeh" on a piece of paper and throw it out your window, there's a chance I'll find it some day because we live on the same planet. What I'm saying is that the advantage (as far as we know based on proposed mechanics) is so tiny, that calling it pay to win is stupid. And so is this topic.
  4. I'm so glad disciplines will retain their original proposed scope and won't be as limited as they were detailed in the first big livestream event. I don't really have a single problem with this system based on the article. Good job guys, this one's a winner.
  5. How am I the first person to mention how goofy she looks walking forwards all stiff with that giant sword sticking out like that? https://youtu.be/gsd6c2NVEi0?t=45 like there for 3s that's gotta be the worst animation you guys have done so far. I love it, never get rid of it.
  6. So the ranger has a full on laser gun now instead of a bow, I guess? Hopefully just a stopgap until you figure out how to make projectiles feel good. Will test to see how it feels of course, but those are my initial thoughts.
  7. Quick question a minute in: Are the gameplay bits from art segments you were talking about included in this video? Wasn't really clear from your preamble. Regardless, thanks for the video!
  8. This post highlights quite nicely why it's moronic to give access to a game allegedly in a pre-alpha state to people whose level of commitment to the game, by their own choice, is "beta 1" or "beta 2" or whatever. The amount of ill will and bad word of mouth this policy will generate is legendary.
  9. If the dregs isn't full loot I'm gonna have to take a trip to the ol' trusted traders. Pretty sure this is just a case of a sentence being overblown though.
  10. Seems like a misunderstanding. I believe the common complaint is that the incurred cooldown on the abilities in the new tray after a swap is too high.
  11. The best way to do this is to have a saved appearance for every archetype on the account level that auto applies to equipped vessels. It would get a little repetitive to have a prompt every time a vessel is equipped, even with saved templates. Just not necessary. Also, we better get some great customization options for our actual crow. If my spirit plumage isn't allowed to have flames painted on it, how will I fly faster?
  12. Global chat lessens the organic experience that Crowfall seems to be trying to bring back, in part. Not to mention I think it challenges the survivalesque feel the game will ultimately take. /say, /party, /guild, /alliance, /EK, /tell is all that's needed. I don't think "everyone will just use external chat programs if no global" is a good argument and I'll explain why. Perhaps 1/3rd of people will go to some sort of external global chat like discord or an IRC channel or these forums and forsake local chat experiences of yore. And yes, obviously people will use voice, but that isn't the same thing at all. It's limited to small groups of people who usually already know one another. When you put global chat in the game, you are offering it as the default option. By not having it, the default is local chat. So if you want to argue for global chat, you have to make a real argument for it instead of saying "everyone will do it anyway". (see power of defaults*) There are some design decisions that constitute a real annoyance, like maybe having no decent world map might strongly influence people to use a browser based map, at a higher percentage. Having no guild chat would certainly force guilds to use discord. But my feeling is that if no global chat is offered, most people will simply embrace it and carry on. The lack of global chat is not a significant annoyance. The only loss is in trade spam, and external resources will do that better anyway. But yes, I'm glad it's in for testing purposes in alpha & beta. EDIT: limiting the distance of /tell however is pointless. This falls into "annoyance to be solved by external program" category. On the power of defaults: EDIT: limiting the distance of /tell however is pointless. This falls into "annoyance to be solved by external program" category.
  13. I agree with coolwaters, pretty strongly actually. His point about character attachment is dead on. I do see the value in flexible character customization, but the balance is too heavily weighted towards temporary customization. Ideally we need both, and permanent customization is lagging behind massively. You have the skill trees up against: Disciplines (plug into vessel) Adv/Disadv (plugs into vessel) Promotion class (while you train it on the tree, promotion classes are a unique type of vessel) Gear customization Now for gathering/crafting, the skill tree system is adequate, I think. Your identity in these cases is obvious. I am a Blacksmither/Lumberjack. I specialize in necromancy/mining. etc. When we get to the combat tree, there's nothing in the way of identity. "I am a combat styles man. I crit more, or something." There's also a point to be made about the balance struck between lootable and unlootable power in the form of customization. In Darkfall, there were only two systems working, skills+stats and gear. Skills+stats were unlootable, gear was full lootable. A naked character with max all skills was totally worthless, so you really needed to use gear to express your character's skills and power in the world. But when you died and lost all your stuff, at least there was a big part of you that they couldn't touch. As is, in Crowfall ATM, I'd say 95% of what you think of as your character is going to be looted off you multiple times a day. This is a bad idea in terms of keeping people playing. Yes, obviously people will play on casual worldbands, but then 95% of what you think of as your character will decay over time. Again, the only solid unlootable identity is crafting/exploration related. I just think there has to be one more system on the permanence side to anchor people to their character more. Especially in a game where we're playing as ethereal soul birds and not anything resembling a person, it's important to attach people at every possible point. I have some ideas about what that might be but I have to organize my thoughts more.