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  1. I am fine with spring. I am more worried about winter, when the world will end. :-/
  2. I even heard that one of them is actually a dark wizard who brings those assassins into being himself ... via NECROMANCY!!! Sewing together the remains of testers who used but didn't report serious bugs. Please don't ask me to speak his name out loud. If i accidently summon him, you will probably never ever hear from me again (you may probably meet some parts of me, though).
  3. Uhm, well. Frankly, if the day comes when i will honestly start to worry about such things, i hope i will have some champagne and caviar available. For having nothing to worry about that is more important than this, that should be worth a celebration (it may even be something to be worried about - but hey, let's take the champagne first ).
  4. Dunno why everybody is talking about insanity these days. By the way, in case someone didn't know, ACE is also secretly developing a special untest-device that will allow them to wipe their testers memories about any playtests they participated in, to furthermore guarantee that all players will start under the same conditions.
  5. Love it. But thinking about it, the late 80th's gaming sound might have had some influence on my opinion. *cough*
  6. Gute Wahl. Dann wollen wir die gegnerischen Krähen mal "enthüllen". Muahaha. Streamer und Youtuber gehören ab sofort der Riege Enthüllungsjournalisten an und die Community wird gebeten in Hülle und Fülle zu erscheinen, damit es auch etwas zu berichten gibt.
  7. They will be (more or less) worthless - in the meaning of gameplay, which is to say regarding the goal to win campaigns. They are socializing and trading points. And a place to rally and organize and train your troups. And a place to show others what you achieved in Crowfall. I wouldn't worry too much. What i just said - and the point that the Bloodstone system in some campaigns will allow attacking only within certain time windows - should give enough opportunities to partially participate in EK's. However, EK's are not the main part of Crowfall - that's the campaigns. So i am not worried if they indee will be less important than campaigns. Thats the way it should be. As long as there is some reason left, to participate in them. Just my opinion.
  8. It might be interesting to see how many people would use those opportunities. But in this case i would also suggest to start the public/private settings of EK's to make it really work.
  9. I call it Twosday. xD The interesting thing now would be to extent the maximum number of visitors and to allow people to build together, letting the guild and community kingdoms start.
  10. Well done. I would like to suggest to show other angles too, to allow a better ovreview and idea of the general scope. For example a birds eye perspective, like possible if standing on a nearby hill on an adjacent parcel or when zooming out in builder mode.
  11. Like i said in your how-do-you-plan-to-play topic, i will focus on building community kingdom(s). Definitely one for the german community (just like planned and developed since kickstarter days), and pretty likely one more for the EU. If it won't work well, i'll may combine those two into one. Otherwise ... we'll see. My basic concept for the german community kingdom Rabenherz includes a capitol as main trading and socializing hub and four special interest areas. One stronghold for our roleplayers, an PvP area for training and tournaments, a dedicated harvesting area and the guild lands, where guilds or groups can place their own parcels and strongholds (if they feel too lonely in their own realm - or just for represantational purposes) or rent them (if they haven't had the luck to get one through their packages - or just don't want to bother with all the EK stuff, but want to use a stronghold). The overall scope will be adjusted to the effective demand at the time. Though Rabenherz is designed to support at least 1.000 players, i'll start with a light-version if otherwise the kingdom would feel empty. Who needs empty kingdoms? Here are some older pictures of the Rabenherz concept, to give you an idea of how it will look like.
  12. Bienvenue sur le forum. Voici le client. Bonne chance.
  13. Ich bin dafür, dass die Stretch Goals wieder eingeführt werden.
  14. I don't have anything to put in my spirit bank. The inventory bugs ate my inventory items. Which is to say: the hunger! I can even hear it laughing: 'Bwahaha, i know what you built last sunday.....". Goosebumps....
  15. Fügel, sehr gut. Im Hintergrund herumschleichen, sehr gut. Im unerwartetsten Moment zuschlagen, sehr gut. Aber warum keine Brille?