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  1. I'm not sure about both of these assumptions. I would guess that it might be easier for new players to clearly know that they have to fight order or chaos instead of having to change this (which would be the case for a balance player). You will get reinforcements some times and sometimes they will change sides, but your clear goal will still be to take this damned castle (and not suddenly to defend it midfight). And i could imagine that the less experienced players outnumber the really experienced ones. But that's just guesses. For who knows? But i guess we'll see.
  2. I like the idea of finding the own inner Bob Ross and doing landscape painting on walls. Now that i think about, we could use guineceans as brushes. And i will call it Guineaflage - the Art of Disguise And no, honestly, i really like the general idea of being able to disguise stuff up to a certain degree or to enhance visibility. That would be awesome. Nice suggestions. Oh, and a late welcome to the forums.
  3. If you got this eMail, you bought a pledge package that includes the right to name a monarch and a fallen hero. And now is the time to send them your choosen names. If ACE accepts them, they will be used in the campaigns to name hills, castles and such. See here.
  4. That will be interesting. Nice update.
  5. Deeds which are labled as [Testing Copy] are not copies of your rewards. They are additional bonus deeds that have been provided to generate more testing data and don't depend on what you already got. So yes, using them in the tests won't lock your original rewards. By the way, deeds will unlock everytime they will be reset, which happens sometimes.
  6. Yup. Having a castle in the pocket makes no sense anyway.
  7. Welcome to the forum. The usual way would be to create a new account activate 2FA on both of them gift a package with that includes a game copy to the second account. Since you will need a second Crowfall account anyway, if you want to play two accounts, it is unlikely that they will change this procedure. Wether they will make the "Digital Game Copy" itself giftable later, we don't know. But currently you can only gift them as part of a bundle. So if you already consumed (opened) your bundles, you will have to contact to let them rebundle one of them.
  8. It's not normal but it happens. Be sure to have the newest client version installed (3.0). There are several threads about this topic that might help you, just use the forum search function. If nothing helps, please contact and they will help you. Please don't forget to tell us what finally did help to get rid of the issue. Good luck.
  9. I like the idea a lot and made a similar suggestion a long time ago. It would be a lot of fun for those who like scouting and mapping. But it would be a pain in the arsenal for those who don't - and they are surely the majority. So, since one ACE's premises is 'funism>realism', the balance seems to tilt towards 'uhm, sorry, but no'. And i assume that even mapping ethusiasts would tear their hair out when trying to map structures as detailed as even the current EK maps provide them. So i think the mapping system they described is already outstanding. And while i would love custom maps, personally i am more than fine with the current plans.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Though Beta-2 players can already test the game test environments, the stage of development is pre-alpha 5.x, which means that the current tests only include specific parts of the later game. You will find the current stage of development and the necessary backer level to test the game in this thread. The beta-9 group is not scheduled yet, but you will get an invitation via eMail when the time comes. I would guess this won't be before the game enters the beta stage and in my opinion this is unlikely to happen before late autumn=end of the year=shortly before soft-launch. But we don't know yet for sure.
  11. Too much lags for me to do anything useful, and i don't like to share laggy videos. But since you all did post the ghost army, here is it from a different angle, including some late coming oath breakers.
  12. After the purchase-reset yesterday the ingame tooltip of villa and manson has been interchanged (villa says manson, manson says villa). Icons are correct though. Villas and Cottages don't show the "Item has been claimed ingame" on the account backer rewards page.
  13. Добро пожаловать на форум Он будет переведен на русский язык позже. Если у вас есть какие-либо вопросы по этому поводу, вы можете попросить русских игроков. Вы также можете связаться
  14. One word: Crowolution.