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  1. There are several branches of ingame politics. One of them is the roleplay politics you mentioned. But i don't see them happen a lot within the campaigns. I also don't see a lot of reasons, why ACE should use their limited time and resources to implement the necessary systems - especially not before release. Crowfall is a game based on giving opportunities. You can do what you want. If there are enough people who like the same. The EK's give an enormous amount of opportunities for roleplay. We just have to manage it ourselves. We can use campaigns to enhance the stories. It doesn't really matter, if other people are also roleplaying - they can just be interpreted as rogues and mercenaries. Fights, battles, wars can also be fought in the eternal kingdoms. Just use a battlefield kingdom. So my conclusion is: Crowfall already gives a lot of opportunities for roleplaying. We just have to take and use them. I would agree that adding some simple settings for EK's may enhance the roleplay opportunities tremendously. But since we don't know yet what settings are planned, we can't really talk about additions that could make sense. I guess we will be able to do this in fall, when the secondary systems are online.
  2. Adding to what Anthrage said, the Edit Kingdom button can be found in the game menu (hit ESC while you are in your kingdom).
  3. It is always a shame to loose a fellow crow. His heart was at the right place. May he rest in peace. My condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Vessel was attacked and killed after i clicked changing vessels at the temple, after the change-vessel dying animation was through and while already being in the character creation window, with interesting effects. old body dead, gravestone, new body alive enduring blue crow environment (until next death), though playing a vessel now inventory not been transfered to the new body, it stood with the grave in my case the own gravestone was not lootable by me (but by others) In EK's, EK deed can not be transfered by trading, but they can be looted by others after death. Beginning a campaign let my crow start with a blue sky. One time the environmet just appeared slowly part by part around the crow. One time, when nothing happend for a while, after pushing log out and aborting the log out the crow immediately appeared at the temple with all surroundings. Several skyjumps with the druid, if her blink ability lead to a higher position (blinking, landing on a tree or wall, rocketing into the sky). Not all thrones in the campaigns have been repaired.
  5. Campaign worlds will have more than just one single zone. Population densitiy will be piloted by POI's.
  6. It has been said from the beginning, that we will be able to place those spawner dioramas in the EK's. Wether we will be able to buy them or build them or win them in the campaigns, we don't know yet.
  7. You usually have 18 month to pay off a layaway option. If you can't see the option anymore anywhere in your account management and you are not happy with the situation, please contact and they will try to help you.
  8. I apologize, i am sure this was not my intention. It's just the usual welcome ceremony here. But yeah, we love trees. We are tree cuddlers and take it very serious if someone tries to steal our apples. So, take the tree, we can cuddle each other instead - but better leave the apples where they are.
  9. Several issues with loading my EK. Sometimes it seemed to get better the more often i start it. Sometimes beeing at a specific position or on a specific parcel will freeze the game seconds after entering the EK. For example on this capitol parcel with this "creative build". Everything was ok again after i was fast enough to remove it from the kingdom. Logging out while on top of something leads to being in it when logging in again. Was stuck this way in a keep wall and was only able to get out be removing the parcel. Same problem like above, as long as i didn't remove it the game froze after some seconds. Keep greathall placement didn't work properly. Tried to put a greathall into a small standard keep and it did show a blue ghost building while in building mode, but clicking only lead to the "slope" error. The interesting thing, after i removed the side walls (east and west), i was able to place the greathall - and after i placed the walls again, i had the keep finally complete. This error was not consistent. Some days later i could place the greathall in the keep without removing walls. This was the small keep position in question: Tower connectors still keep vanishing randomly after relogging, Placement of wall attachements (merlots and fortifications) don't work properly. Merlots can be placed at wrong angles (though it looks like you place them aligned). Fortification connection points seem to be at the wrong position (to deep down), placing them at an allowed position places them high above the walls. Cant make a picture, because: Couldn't enter my EK anymore if someone was in it - got repeatedly stuck in the loading screen while authenticating with zone. Edit: Next day. Still always get stuck on the loading screen. Last time i was able to enter, the game froze after i removed the two shire parcels and the town parcel on the last picture while standing on the temple parcel. There was another player (Xnan) beside me who might have entered one of those parcels at this moment. Though other people still seemed to be in there (it was still awake) i myself couldnt pass the zone authentification anymore. Have to wake up the EK now, but still get stuck. EK on Test server works fine, though.
  10. As far as i know it will come from the necromancy loot table: A thick lip and a black eye and a nice little room in Klingelpütz (a jail in cologne) to experiment with them without being disturbed for some days.
  11. @Ceollach Thats what you think. They will loot whatever they can on your booth. And if you don't prepare your defences, i am not sure how long your tree of life will stay in your strongboothhold. Even with the given restricted siege window.
  12. Well, since nobody else is answering, i'll give it a try. The ingame rewards have been reset just recently (two weeks or so?). They usually try to avoid those resets, because most times they would also have to reset everything players did build. In the past they sometimes did only reset the rewards, not the EK's (to say: everything you built was still in the EK's, but you could also claim those parts again, so factually you had them doubled until the next reset). The next full reset is most likely to come with the new castle building parts. I wouldn't except those earlier than some weeks after gamescom. Maybe there will be such a reward/no-EK reset beforehand - somewhen after gamescom. I think it should be possibe to call to ask for a personal reset. In any case you should report your loss. You are sure that your buildings are not on a parcel you put into your inventory (when you mouseover the parcel in the inventory, it shows all the building parts it contents), are you? Anyways, good luck.
  13. Looks good. Now the interesting questions are what are the specific campaign rules, when will the siege window be open and what loot can drop?
  14. Probably. You can only post in all forum areas if you are a backer (too much spam otherwise). The title under your avatar picture will be "testers" in this case. If you only recently bought a package, there can be a delay. Entitlements are checked automatically once, up to twice a week. You can also contact, if you are in a hurry to get your access both to the forums and the playtests manually.
  15. Blair hatte sich so in seine Formeln vertieft, dass kurzfristig der wohlbekannte Senior Animator Eric Doggett einspringen musste, der seine Sache sehr gut gemacht hat. Es ging diesmal um Änderungen bei der capture-the-fort Mechanik (man wird am Ende nicht die Drachenstatue anklicken, sondern den Thron des Hauptgebäudes besteigen müssen), beim Nachladesystem für Bögen (Köcher statt Pfeile) und der Nutzung von Fertigkeitsleisten, dem Stand der Dinge beim Völker/Klassen System und vieles mehr. Reinschauen lohnt sich also. Zentaure auf dem Thron - (nicht) wirklich ernst gemeintes Konzept