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  1. It is happening when I move the mouse/camera to look around...not when Im using the mouse scroll wheel. It is happening in both combat and non-combat. Trying to pull back out of 1st person mode is nearly impossible. I hit alt...scroll backwards hard...may move some...may not...hit esc to try to go back to lobby (which sometimes clears stray commands)...cancel the lobby...and then hit alt...then scroll backwards again. Its a royal PITA.
  2. Literally has been misused so often that, yes, many now accept that it can mean "virtually." Unfortunately, those who accept it are literally wrong in that interpretation.
  3. No...not "literally." It's actually "figuratively."
  4. BUG: I've been repeatedly getting a very annoying bug where my mouse auto-zooms in without my using the mouse wheel. I end up in first person mode and unable to see when I'm getting attacked from behind. Hit alt and then trying to scroll out works about 20% of the time to reset this...but it often comes back...and without explanation. I've "exited to lobby" and then cancelled to try and reset things. I've tried going to setting and hitting "reset defaults" ...nothing seems to fix this...and it makes play VERY difficult.
  5. Easy solution...make the Throne a hippo. It must be built up to be initially claimed...and must be destroyed/re-built to be re-claimed by another faction. No more stealth claims. Problem solved.
  6. I suggest we make no changes to the Duelist tunneling abilities until after we get stealth/stealth detection added to the game and see how those interact. Duelists are not dominating the field in pvp and their current ability to port is essential for them at present in combat scenarios. Tweaks to that ability will have numerous rippling effects.
  7. I presume he's talking about an Ore Motherload. Because all skill training was wiped, none of us will have any plentiful harvest skill or motherload training yet. We can get 3 plentiful harvest from the Laborer Disc and another plentiful harvest from the Plentiful Mining Potion, but because of the high armor of the motherloads, it really doesn't matter. Because of both limited resources and no skill, the crafting of advanced picks is also very limited. The highest I've seen is 26 mining. Most advanced picks given our limited training, will be in the 5-20 range...just not enough to do significant damage to a motherload. Two people on a motherload at this point is a waste of time and effort. Even on 5.1, with advanced picks, a year of training, and nearly optimal harvesting gear, hitting motherloads was still a waste of time and effort unless you were farming for gems/minerals. The yield of "normal" doobers wasn't sufficient to justify the extra time, effort and pick decay. I would highly suggest re-evaluating the yields from motherloads to make them consistent with the additional sacrifice in time, picks and manpower.
  8. Login server appears to be down. "Login failed. Please try again. Cannot resolve destination host."
  9. I'm not sure thats correct Coolwaters. I thought SirGeorge had a death in which he respawned at a fort and was unable to summon his body and thereby lost all of his equipped gear. I thought it was a proximity issue (i.e....where you died determined this). A -100 durability hit I suppose could have wiped out all of his equipped gear at once...but don't think that was what he claimed. I didn't try to replicate the bug last night...but maybe we can get some more insight from SirGeorge.
  10. +1 to this! I thought the same thing with Nova. Just adding a graphic to Nova was a huge nerf. I'd like to see how these powers are used with graphics installed before we hit them with the nerf bat too hard.
  11. If you must be OOC to capture a fort...and if getting attacked while capturing places you back in combat (and therefore breaks the capture)...I very much like this change.
  12. We've known there was CC immunity for repeated knockdowns/stuns...but its never been exactly clear how many times you had to be hit for it to trigger or how/if subsequent knockdowns were of shorter duration. Furthermore, the Resolve mechanic wasn't really discussed (although it is mentioned in the Escape Artist passive description).
  13. Major Issues which Prevent Effective/Balanced Campaign World Gameplay: Root Bug (which also suppresses while being rooted) Caused by both Druid/Master of Staves Grasp of Thrones and Myrmidon Net Claiming Bug For whatever reason, some Dragons cannot be claimed even though they appear that they should be. We assumed it had to do with having the F window open elsewhere but cannot consistently replicate what is causing this bug. Fort Walls being Invulnerable While Druids and Duelists can pass walls with impunity, there must be an effective way of destroying walls to allow attacking of built forts. PCM Bug Some classes are more effected by this bug than others but there is no question that the inability to make effective PCM weapons is a significant issues which effects effective gameplay. In addition...for the first CW experience, I would hope you would do the following: Wipe Spirit Banks Place nothing higher than R1 resources in the Beach Heads Provide a wide variety of ranked resources for harvesting with R3/4 near the Beach heads, R5/6 in scattered areas around the map including inside/around forts we can claim, and R9/10 in one area in the center of the map.
  14. The issue with the moose is whether we'll be able to expand the face so its more "moose-like." On the other hand...there is the legendary (and now extinct) Irish Elk... very fantasy-ish and could be very cool in game...