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  1. Requests moving forward: Please restore the diversity in ranked resources to the various world maps. Scorn should have R7s or R8s in the center of the map as it used to have...and then lower ranks as you move closer to the three factional bases. Corruption should have R7s and R8s at the keeps and the canyons with R6s and R5s as you move toward the edges of the map. Please fix the PCM problems associated with paired daggers, paired axes, paired maces, druid staff, 2h sword, etc. A Legendary weapon with investment in sheen should never have a positive PCM: Please make the following balance tweaks to Classes: Myrmidon: Restore Berserker to a 16s duration and put it on a 42s cool down. Confessor: Decrease the damage on Fireball by 15% Increase the CD timer on Absolution from 8s to 16s Increase the CD timer on Hellfire Shield from 10s to 16s Champion: Redo the Animation on Rend removing the large movement and the narrow landing zone. Rend should be a fast two handed overhead swing with a cone effect applying this bleed (not the slow, long movement, narrow and difficult to land power it currently is). Duelist: Make the Burrow button drop you out of combat and into burrow in one fluid motion Increase the duration of the Inconceivable buffs to 45s (at 5pips). Increase the distance on Dodge from 10m to 14m. Please make the following balance tweaks to the following Disciplines: Master of Focus Add a visual effect to Nova Increase the CD timer on Mana Shield from 23s to 32s Increase the size/speed of Piercing Orb by 20% Master of Pistols Fix Rapid Fire (doesn't work 90% of the time)
  2. I have already seen the significant difference in production from increasing Critical Amount and Critical Chance. I have seen the difference in time and stamina it takes to drop nodes without mining training. This may be the result of having superior training or it may be the result of gear. Regardless, lets assume that you're right...that your 6month harvester is not noticeably different from an untrained harvester with the passive. You suggest what exactly? That for the first 5 months of commercial release we only make basic and white gear? You think the game will still exist in 6 months if that's the case?
  3. I simply don't understand this. The Mining Boost passive does not give you additional Mining skill (which effects your damage and thereby making it easier to drop a particular node). It does not grant you any additional bonus to the decay rate of your pick. It does not increase the chance of a Beneficial Harvest. It does not increase the Harvest Damage Bonus. It does not increase the Harvest Critical Chance. It does not effect the Harvest Critical Amount. It does not effect the chance for gems or minerals. It does not increase carrying capacity or dust production. The ONLY thing it does is increase Plentiful Harvest from 1 to more potential color drops depending upon the rank of the node you are hitting. Again...this is the Treasure Table and not the Item Table and the resulting color that is dropped is no where near the same between the two tables. The amount of "overlap" is minimal and in NO way is the training in all of the other very important harvesting skills replaced. There is NOTHING wrong with these additions...and in fact...are a good addition to help initial CW server rushes.
  4. Some follow up questions from the Livestream: Cartography/FogOfWar: Will resource nodes appear on the map? Will player made structures be visible on the map? Vessels: It appears that Vessels will now be all on the racial level. Will the class be assigned at the creation of the Vessel? Will that be done by the Necromancer? Will the class be a crafted runestone? Will that have varying degrees of quality? You've said that Discs won't be easy to hot swap (i.e. to customize your character to counter a given build), however, will vessels be easily swappable? In other the words, if I have been training up my Cleric training nodes, can I swap between a Centaur Cleric vessel to run with a roaming gank group, and then swap my crow to a Guinician Cleric to run with an all stealth group...and then swap to a Stoneborn Cleric to fight in a defensive siege? As I understand that slotting of Discs...the Centaur Cleric could have one set of discs while the Stoneborn Cleric could have a completely different set of discs. Is this how you intend the system to work? TB and JTC discussed the possibility of adding racial training trees. The addition of those trees would make the ease of that swapping less appealing (as your Centaur training wouldn't impact your Stoneborn Cleric vessel when your crow possesses it). Does that increase or decrease the likelihood of adding racial training trees? Since Vessels are "items" which can be kept in your inventory, will I need to go to my vault/guild vault to swap these vessels? When do we expect to get Vessels as equipable/swappable items?
  5. According to Blair...the 10 shown on your Vessel Stats from Critical Amount is actually added to the base of 1 which always exists. Therefore, hitting the final crit can lead to a roll of 11 (Base + CritAmount). I've never seen 11...but I have gotten 10 blues and 10 purples before on the final crit. I was also the one which got the 9 legendaries on the final crit (and nearly had a heart attack). to the issue of "are these 1-11 independent rolls on the Item Table"? I believe the answer is "no...not 11 rolls...but there are multiple things happening at once." I think there are 2 rolls for color (of which you have a 2% chance of getting legendary) and one for amount (being 1-11). I do see other color on the final "0% remaining" roll besides the Crit which gives us loot from the Item Table but based upon Blairs posts, I believe that this is a product of the Treasure Table and the Plentiful Harvest stats and not the Item Table and the CritChance/CritAmount.
  6. Paired Axes, Paired Daggers both have significant PCM problems currently (especially when compared to the same items made 3 weeks ago).
  7. A purple great mace...with a max crafter...and investment in PCM...and its a +.163 PCM just doesn't seem right.
  8. I appreciate that. Right now..the effects of positive PCM is just too high. It also creates a strange dichotomy between Pip-users and pip-non-users where the Duelists and Templars can invest in damage and generally ignore sheen (at least on purple weapons).
  9. The PCM across the board seems way off. To get a negative number you have to go all in..even on a purple...and even with a fully trained you sacrifice damage to get a negative PCM number. It shouldn't be that way. On a green or blue...thats fine...sacrifice the damage...but on a shouldn't have to ignore one to get the other.
  10. Paired Axes/Maces have issues with the PCM as well.
  11. Looks like the Scimitar is fine. There's an issue with the final combine on the bow if I remember correctly...perhaps a line which doesn't work...let me look back at my notes.
  12. I have to agree with "the juice isn't worth the squeeze" associated with separate damage rolls against separate body parts. Targeting is not so precise as to allow for any such intent. There is no way to know which body part I hit. There is no common understanding of which body parts are more likely to be hit by certain attacks. It unnecessarily complicates things and it is counter intuitive. Having the armor be cumulative seems simpler, easier and more logical...especially with the tiny fractions that baking in enhancements give to a piece of armor. You can do an averaging or a straight arithmetic formula...but either seems it would make a heck of a lot more sense than the current system.
  13. Bugs that come to mind... Duelist stealth is very buggy/ineffective. The casting of stealth powers while burrowed reveals you when it shouldn't. Sometimes you appear above the ground while others don't see you there...or vice versa. I assume these bugs will remain until we see the Assassin/Stealth update. Too many weapons being buggy during the crafting process. The Focus Orb The Scimitar The Druid Staff The Bow There are bugs in how Discs are applied and the ghosting of skills which remain available after removal of the Disc. There are many powers which still lack visual effects, in particular: All of the Standard Bearer powers The Nova on the Master of Focus The Durability bug which doesn't allow durability rolls on components to effect the durability of the final item is more than just annoying...especially for consumables like picks/axes/shovels/hammers. Chainmail is invisible on the Legionnaire and white on the confessor.
  14. Banner of Storms: It appears that this does function to change the damage type of the caster to electricity for purposes of damage mitigation by the target, but does not change the damage type for purposes of other effects. i.e..a Confessor with Banner of Storms is still mitigated by a FireEater or a Suns of Worvan being up on the target. I'm not sure if this is as intended or not. If Banner of Storms is intended to be the counter to the isn't working.
  15. The current skill training system is based upon the following formula: Rx*3=Time to Train. A R1 skill requires 3 days. A R10 skill requires 30days. If a skill wipe becomes necessary, given the remaining time to soft launch, I would suggest replacing the "3" in this formula with a "1". A R1 sill would require 1 day and a R10 skill would require 10 days. This accelerated skill system will still be a passive non-instantaneous system...but not nearly as laborious.