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  1. Map Stuff: I'd like for the rotation to stick, so every time I open the map, north is where I left it. Map parcels aren't lining up properly in some places, especially around the keep parcel (right side in pic): http://i.imgur.com/9tQhOvIg.jpg?1 Beachhead structures do not show on map (except gates) Exploring the far east of the map border reveals the fog of war on the far west. Zooming with the mouse wheel isn't reflected on the zoom slider at the bottom. X axis labeling on the bottom has some unique lettering choices. Not sure what "Harvestable points of interest now show up on the player map." refers to, but neither the POI's (mine, mill, quarry) or the premium nodes (copper, granite) appear on the map. Suggestion for map scrawling: It would be more useful (and make more sense to me) if blank maps let you choose a specific area of your own map to copy rather than recording the player's current location. Other Stuff: Ping to the US East Tyranny server is almost double that of previous tests. (typical 70-80ms, today 120-140ms, average, not counting the semi-frequent 400 ms spikes) Bank chests in the keep locations aren't usable, and the player can pass through them. Incidents of warping/rubberbanding/getting stuck much higher than normal while using teleports (Duelist Tunnel, in this case)
  2. Thank you Team ACE for adding a tutorial (not sure when this was added, just saw it today). It should be a great help to our new players. However, there are a few typos and omissions that might confuse people who are just starting out: "F. Once your character is loaded into the EK, hit the S-key to open your Spirit Bank." Should be the B-key "G. To use Parcel Deeds to expand the size of your EK: Add parcels to increase EK size – From your EK, hit ENTER to bring up the Edit Kingdom interface." Should be the ESC key "H. To place building assets in your EK: Hit the S-key to open your Spirit Bank." Should be the B-key "H. To remove a wall segment or building, run up to it in the game and hit the L-Key to turn it back into a deed. Should be the G-key "J. Other EK settings – From your EK, hit ENTER to bring up the "Edit Kingdom" interface." Should be the ESC key "B. Your new character has a runestone axe that will be automatically summoned when you approach a tree and press the F-key to begin chopping it." Should add in this section that harvesting is now performed out of combat. Many new players (and not so new players) had trouble with this over the weekend. "B. Each character can have two Major Disciplines and three Minor Disciplines." One Weapon Discipline was omitted. I suppose it's possible that some of this may have changed in your more recent developer builds, but the above should reflect what is in testing currently.
  3. It sounds like you're on the older version of the game launcher. Head to the client download page and click the "Test patcher download" for version 5.2.3: https://crowfall.com/client/
  4. Explored map ares are completely blank; no colors, no buildings, no nothin'. Aren't parcels supposed to be contiguous? I can see Blair's house from here...
  5. Stuck in crowform, was unable to release with F or move at all. Restarting the client allowed me to move to the temple and respawn. Log e-mailed to support.
  6. I noticed some issues in Thursday's snap, but nothing like this. Definitely new for this build.
  7. Many melee attacks seem to have a minimum range at the moment; most point blank melee powers, including LMB, fail to connect:
  8. Hi @TheILaw, What version are you having trouble with? There was a known issue moving between the 5.2 and 5.1 versions of the game, but it's kind of out of date at this point. All else fails, fire an email at support@artcraftent.com , they're here to help.
  9. Be the Doggett.
  10. Certainly. If you have any questions for the team at Art+Craft regarding your specific needs, feel free to email: support@artcraftent.com
  11. Hi MonteeMuuhne, Keybinding is somewhat limited in this pre-alpha. Here's a quick snapshot of everything that can currently be changed: I believe the intention is to expand on these keybindings as the game approaches release, but this is what's available in the most recent build.
  12. - Shieldbreaker Rune > Shieldbreak & Dispel Powers, tested on a parrying Templar: The powers succeed in interrupting the parry - it drops and the target is unable to activate their counter-attack. However, the knockdown component fails to trigger the majority of the time. In this video, the Shieldbreaker knockdown was successful only ~30% of the time against a parrying target. There isn't much footage of Dispel, but the failure rate was similar: https://youtu.be/Luhi1o3qgyo The power Reveal Weakness is unable to be slotted by my Duelist power bar, in either tray.
  13. Ol' Eagle-eyes Malone over here did indeed spot a knight corpse briefly appearing, presumably at the time that SR released:
  14. It didn't happen to me, but here's what @Soulreaver looked like on my screen when he was affected by it: He reported being stuck in crowform just after this death, which would seem to support Anthrage's elevation theory.
  15. Random damage/deaths due to elevation changes have been around a while (up/down hills, jumping from wall to wall). This one looked identical to dying in the unfinished mountain citadel when going up the stairs, so I wonder if there's something incomplete about the geometry or colliders of the piece in this video: https://youtu.be/uhOxuhzKBkk