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  1. According to a recent news update, they're moving to configurable retaliates, much like they did with passives. Instead of your Druid healing on retaliate, you may be able to change to a "deadly retaliate" that does inflicts damage, instead. The popup is probably just a bug from the system not being fully implemented. I wonder if that's what the Confessor "Redemption" is that was mentioned briefly in the patch notes?
  2. I think we'll see some early economy-based discipline runes that will cover that training gap, for example a "Miner" rune that adds a chunk of skill for excavating. If they were tied to the earliest runemaking skills, we could see them as early as 2-3 weeks of training. Perhaps earlier if they chose to make them "basic" runes.
  3. Definitely something wonky with these stats. I harvested about 900 white quality spruce and oak worth of trees, with zero beeswax or heartwood to show for it. Here's the stats: Interestingly, I *did* harvest both beeswax and heartwood during the brief window that the servers were up last weekend. Both nodes were about 50% trained at the time. Perhaps fully training them is what triggers this particular bug? EK related: I've had an issue with parcels reverting to their previous locations, even if it means overlapping another parcel. My town area was built on the L-shape with roads. The buildings are still there, but a woodland parcel (which used to be in the same spot) is now under my (now hovering) buildings. Edit: Here's a video showing the issue, along with some strange behavior of buildings (and bonus Druid blink ridiculousness at about the 1 minute mark). Initially, the empty side of the L is facing west, and the town is south. I rotate the entire parcel so the empty side is south, and the town is east (you can see it pop into the distance). I submit, log out, and wait for the EK to sleep. Once I wake it up, the L has reverted to the initial position, and the town is gone (there is no parcel under the area where it was). When I add a parcel under the place where the town should have been before the revert, it shows back up again. Also, during this test I lost about 95% of my EK assets due to the overload issue with the spirit bank. Half of it was due to the initial unload from the "Purchases" area into a mostly full bank. The rest was lost by removing a parcel to my inventory that had buildings on it. The building were directly dumped into my SB, which, again, was mostly full. This also caused the "Srathor bug", where the spirit bank seemed to be full of off-screen items, and no more could be added until you removed some. Many of them are, of course, EK assets that you cannot see.
  4. Please do! I personally find it's one of the biggest problems with group fights. The friendly fire we currently have adds an interesting element to combat, but I basically have to rely on my team to distinguish friend from foe. Some combination of the color scheme, font size (on 3440x1440), and my old man eyes makes it very difficult for me. Thanks! Also, while everyone is piling on UI requests, I'd like to see a mouseover for the power formula, i.e. "1441-1949 + 170% weapon damage" actually populate with what you have equipped. Once all your UI tech is in and the design is approaching what you'd call "almost complete", I think the community would appreciate a UI master thread specifically for this type of feedback.
  5. What they mean by "premium" is anything better than slag, cobblestone, or knotwood. The quality doesn't seem to matter as long as it's not the stuff you'd find in the EK's.
  6. The initial run of crafting skills in the first Big World test had something similar called "craft back", where you had a chance to return components on a fail. The skills were removed as they gradually made changes to the tree, but I think it'll return when they actually have the tech in place to implement it.
  7. Are these the ones you mean? I made them this morning to make sure the recipe was working.
  8. EK testing: Initially received a "context failed to initialized" error when trying to launch EK. It ironed itself out within ten minutes or so. After relogging, one parcel moved to a random location, where no edges were touching. (Only one corner) I have 2x10 pack of farmland parcels on my account. They did not unpack and I received 2 instead of 20. After moving a parcel with a house on it, the knotwood node respawned in its original location. Christmas comes early in Hyriol-land.
  9. Equal to or greater than 50% risk.
  10. It's 50% risk or more.
  11. I did a video back in November that illustrated the point. Back then it only affected grays, because the highest number of pips you could get was nine, with potions (nobody had any relevant training yet). What's the maximum number of pips these days? If you push into 18 pips, then even green items would be affected. Either it's an oversight in the design, or it's intentional to give relevance to those crafters who are on the lower end of the training spectrum. A sort of "beginner's luck" when it comes to working with the least valuable resources.
  12. I doubt it, since factory object speed is already a separate statistic in the mass production tree. Crafting speed could become very useful in the future as they expand on the crafting system. Eventually, I think we'll start to see additive slots on many different items that accept components/resources that simply aren't able to be mass produced, or are too rare to make it feasible. I'm thinking along the lines of the very recent addition of a "hunger shard" slot to the final combine on weapons. If hunger shards used unique serial numbers (and had *actual* stats), then you would never be able to make a functional blueprint out of the final sword combine. If they added the same additive slot to hilts, blades, pommels, etc., then to make the best sword (each component containing a shard), you would have to make the entire thing from scratch. You'd still have your run-of-the-mill swords being created by thralls from your blueprints, but the one-of-a-kind items will need to be handcrafted in order to get the most from these theoretical additives. Crafting speed could become very useful in this situation. We saw something very similar in Star Wars Galaxies (farming Krayts for rare enhancements), so I wouldn't be at all surprised if it makes its way to Crowfall in some form.
  13. Bring allies, ye Crows; Solos shall be massacred. Fear the apple tax!
  14. Templar VFX - The Templar #5 Power (Devotion) - One of the particle effects (the sparkly, silvery one) draws 30m above the characters' heads. The res is poor, but here's a video. Look for it in the upper left, using the trees as a backdrop. The new RMB dodge pip mechanic recharges at a very unpredictable rate. If you double dodge, the first pip regens as quickly as two seconds, and the second can take up to twenty. It seems the second pip does not begin to recharge until the first is finished. The wording in the patch notes makes me unsure if this is intended behavior or not. During crafting, random quality degradation on combine is unfortunately still a thing. Blue + Blue + Green = Gray. During crafting, if you swap vessels before hitting "Take" on your final item, the crafting menu becomes unusable. You can hit the reset button to clear the item, but while making the next item, the clickable buttons (take, abort, reset) do not generate. Duelist Power #2 (stealth) - Go For Broke is having some serious DM issues. It is very inconsistent about following the camera when you pan to track targets, and sometimes misses altogether. Go For Broken! In the first clip, only 3 of the 9 shots connect; the rest miss once the target moves out of the initial field of fire. In the second, the attack completely fails. I have a hunch the catwalk I'm standing on may be the cause, since raised walls can interfere with other AT powers. Finally, proof that Guineaceans were not created by Gaia, but instead descended from outer space. Stuck the landing! (I've seen similar bugs caused by powers, but in this case I was just burrowing in a straight line.) Edit: Duelist can still use pistol-based powers when no pistol is equipped. Finger Guns! As expected, the damage is terrible. Edit: Nameplate draw range seems to be linked to the player camera such that turning the camera reveals player names that would otherwise be far beyond the normal draw distance. Nameplate Oddities. Edit: Feedback - I'd like if the target frame in the upper left (by your health/resource display) would stick for a moment or two before going away.