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  1. You're not wrong about this. I think it was in response to ranged classes taking significantly less durability damage than the melee ones, since they weren't being hit as often. Man, it's hard to remember where we saw/heard/read all these kinds of details...
  2. Then this time next week there's a server war? What's not to like?
  3. The real question is, if you already have a vessel ready to go, don't you *know* if it's male or female? ;P
  4. The Avatar creation screen showcased in the "Massive Reveal" trailer would seem to support this. It clearly shows a Knight already selected, with racial options still available. Where the vessel fits into all this, is still a mystery.
  5. Send an e-mail to support@artcraft.com, they'll get you fixed up.
  6. Duelist Burrow #4 Tunnel - If your tunnel ends precisely where another player is, you can end up in a permanent floating state where no powers can be cast. You can fix it by leaving burrow: the video Duelist Burrow - Taking damage while burrowed can remove you from burrow without changing your tray. In all of these example, I believe the damage was caused by some kind of thorns, etc, : the video Movement powers are causing random damage/death, in this case Duelist Tunnel: the video Sunday, on Corruption server, all Duelists could be seen by enemies while burrowing . They appeared as moving dirt piles, similar to what you see as friendlies on a faction server. It was working correctly on Saturday, and the other servers weren't affected. It must be something unique to Corruption on the particular day. Edit: Here's a video Initially, I see him running, but he uses #4 Tunnel. Later, I see him burrow, but I can still see the dirt pile.
  7. Passive buffs can persist through vessel change, even though your new vessel has no runes or passives equipped. Duelist Vanish (C power) - After casting C, your movement speed is the same as normal trailblazer running even though you're still burrowed. Duelist Master of Pistols Rune - Power Rapid Fire - The DM for this power fails to connect with the target most of the time. Duelist Recon Power - Add Banshee's Ghost Power to the list of things that will intercept your Expose while targeting other players. Also, Invisible Confessors who have just used their Immolate C power. (This one's been around a long while, but I was reminded of it again yesterday.) Encountered another Duelist who could mine while stealthed. I couldn't seem to hit him with any powers, but they may have just been soaked by the nodes, grave, and doobers before it hit him. I ran into a couple Rangers over the weekend that were extremely tough to kill due to some lifesteal(?) bug. I don't know Rangers much and Ranger runes even less, so you'll have to sort it out. ;P Here's a video; I have a few more, feel free to PM if you'd like me to upload more.
  8. - Several of the Disc runes have Unobtainium as an ingredient, so we can't make them. I assume this is intentional because they're not ready yet? - The translucent blue that a Duelist usually has while burrowed is gone now. Intentional? - The basic attack from Duelist "Master of Pistols" has almost no feedback on it (animations, sfx, vfx) I don't think people know what they're dying from. - There are a lot of issues with rezzing at the temple - some of the statues aren't usable, it frequently tells you you're being warped back to the temple even when you're already holding F to res, and there are falling through ground/floating to space issue (I think revolving around the Crow's double-jump) They're usually resolved by ranging out and getting warped back, but sometimes a relog is necessary. - The old chat bug (stops updating and only updates when you click the tab) seems to be gone. Now I get one where I see chat fine, but nothing I type goes out to the channel. -I <ahem> "observed" some mining effort on the rank 10 copper nodes that are currently in Bloodbath map. At one point, a blue gem dropped from a regular node, a.k.a. not a motherlode. le video From what we know of gems, it must be a bug, no matter how much @anhrezcf wants it to be real.
  9. Will your vessel be locked to the class you initially chose for it, or can we use a single vessel to play all the classes available to it?
  10. Nah, no one has seen the "old man" yet, so it's impossible to get into Aurilla. /nerdflex May the Fourth be with you.
  11. As with Durling and Ahnrez, I didn't see a single hunger shard with 5% training during the few hours that Sanctuary was up today. The stats are showing correctly, and I got a handful of both blood and bone (also 5%), but no hunger shards.
  12. I lost my vessel, gear, and inventory after a brief relog to fix the chat bug. I logged off as a legionnaire, and logged back in a few seconds later as a Crow with a Duelist corpse. Summoning at the center statue gave me a Duelist vessel with no gear or inventory: Video Note: I previously played on the same server as a Duelist where I got the crafting/movement bug. The above footage took place on the same server after a reset. Perhaps the two bugs are related?
  13. The archetype specific crafting specialization was an old idea from long before Crows and Vessels was announced. I don't think it's really valid anymore, as you say. Current archetype skill trees don't contain anything relevant to crafting, and I don't believe I've ever heard of any crafting profession being limited by your archetype. As Frykka said, it is technically possible to train all the possible skills given enough time. One thing to consider, however, is the fact that more skills will be added over the life of the game. (Assuming it's a success, anyway) It will be very easy for ACE to add more skill trees than you could ever catch up to with training. We're just on the cusp of having functioning runes in testing, so it may be too early to answer this questions with any certainty. My opinion, based on past information, is that crafting runes will A ) serve as a shortcut to recipes and skills that you haven't yet accessed through normal training and B ) reinforce your skill training and recipe list so you can further specialize your character. Advanced runes *may* grant access to exclusive recipes, but I don't believe you'll need a rune simply to do a specific crafting profession. The initial set of discipline runes should be dropping into Crowfall testing very soon, so we're close to finding out how right or wrong I am on this one. ;P
  14. According to a recent news update, they're moving to configurable retaliates, much like they did with passives. Instead of your Druid healing on retaliate, you may be able to change to a "deadly retaliate" that does inflicts damage, instead. The popup is probably just a bug from the system not being fully implemented. I wonder if that's what the Confessor "Redemption" is that was mentioned briefly in the patch notes?
  15. I think we'll see some early economy-based discipline runes that will cover that training gap, for example a "Miner" rune that adds a chunk of skill for excavating. If they were tied to the earliest runemaking skills, we could see them as early as 2-3 weeks of training. Perhaps earlier if they chose to make them "basic" runes.