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  1. Npc spawns are only generating a single mob versus the 4 to 8 that is typical. Cats and boars aren't dropping any loot, which prevents you from skinning them. You have to drop something in the loot box and remove it again to bypass this. Cats no longer drop hunger shards when skinned. On builder world, my villa deed spawned a manor. Duelist #2 Pepperbox Shot and #2 (burrowed) Go For Broke are among those powers hitting twice in the same key press. It's possible for #3 (burrowed) Recon to miss the intended player target and hit a resource doober, instead. Some areas are entirely devoid of grass or flowers of any kind. Sound effects frequently fail to play. My overall client performance is noticeably worse in this build, though still very playable. Several times, while approaching the center of USEastBuild server from the outskirts, I encountered a complete freeze for 5-6 seconds. Usually, the game continued on afterward, but it resulted in crash once or twice. I'm also seeing the 100% cpu use that others have reported. The floating UI performance is dramatically improved, however, when you have multiple windows open. I encountered something wondrous just to the northwest of the USEastBuild starting temple. The tooltip said slag, but surely they're the last remaining fragments of a long-dead god. The nodes couldn't be broken, but they still produced (seemingly unlimited) ore. The secondary effect was caused by Druid's #4 Blight power.
  2. The reward is having the *possibility* to make a high-level item with low skill, where your opponents may have failed because they A ) weren't lucky enough, or B ) simply chose not to take that risk in the first place. With this system, it's possible, though *extremely* unlikely, that you could make a perfect, orange-quality sword in the first day of the first campaign. If you gate high-quality material use behind hard skill limits, you would have to train for months before even making an attempt at a orange-quality item. Why would you advocate a system where it will be completely impossible to make better gear because the necessary two months of training haven't passed yet?
  3. I'm pretty sure this is already one of their design goals, though I'm not certain it's represented in current testing. From the Crafting Faq: "In Crowfall, each crafter starts with the same set of key recipes; the challenge is going to be getting their hands on enough upper-quality resources for crafting. If they can get these resources, they CAN craft the item -- but the chances of success are very low. Based on their skill, it becomes a judgment call for the crafter as to when they should start attempting to craft more difficult items, and a risk/reward calculation for how much loss (of reagents) they are willing to sacrifice." Personally, I prefer the risky choice they've given us over the artificial limits you've suggested. If a small chance of failure is all I have to pay for that flexibility, I'll be happy to do it.
  4. Duelist - Bugs When knocked down, Retaliate plays the animation and fires the attack, but you remain rooted and unable to act for (presumably) the duration of the initial knockdown. I've seen this bug before, but it seems to have resurfaced. Getting too close to npc's (risen) frequently results in becoming stuck underneath their collider. Also, some resource nodes that have any sort of lip (especially cobblestone) will allow you to move inside the rock while burrowed. Jumping frees you in both cases. #4 power - Inconceivable! - The Humiliations Galore buff (extra pip generation) does not work at all. The pistol shot DM has hit detection issues. You very frequently miss the target when the cursor is dead on, regardless of elevation. This bug has been present for quite some time now. Duelist - Feedback Soul Power doesn't feel right for the C power on the Duelist. I'd prefer if the power was on a relatively long cooldown which is gradually reduced as Soul Power is earned (for all AT's really, but especially this one). Generally, I'm a fan of the new dodge mechanic. I'd like to see non-combat spring reinstated, though.
  5. ...who would be afraid of that face? ♫ Me and Tyrant, GuineaPals ♫
  6. Best undocumented change - spirit bank items are movable/stackable now.
  7. Pann's Battle Town has 8v8's - bigger group sizes confirmed?
  8. Legionnaire rage generation is extremely low, to the point that you cannot use any powers most of the time. I haven't played much Lego in the last few builds, but I'm assuming it's due to the changes from the patch notes: The rage generation attached to LMB is negligible. If the tool tip is to believed, it only gives .9 rage per strike. With the Lego's new slower attack animation, that's quite a long time of LMB spam just to afford the cheapest power. Eternal Rage only affords you 2 or 3 powers at best, leaving you largely ineffective until the 25 seconds tick by for the next one.
  9. It's unfortunate the siege battle didn't go as planned, given the lack of attackers to fight. Does it still count as a successful defense if no one storms the gates? Thanks to @Keaggan for setting it up, and to our Winterblades friends for helping to organize some free-for-all action on East, instead. We had some fun fights, even though the setting was different. Hopefully, we'll get to see some of those larger fights in the next one. Also, grats to @angelmar for being the first bounty hunter target in Crowfall? lol
  10. They recently added ultrawide support with a major UI update. Here's the relevant patch notes that specifically mention it: https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15197-patch-notes-january-13-2017/ There's a minor issue with "full screen effects" that don't cover the entire screen in 3440x1440, but aside from that it works beautifully. I'm running an Asus PG348Q.
  11. My personal favorite is Legionnaire RMB kills. I'm not terribly sure if that still works in Big World.
  12. Skill training seems to completely reset the state of your character, resetting health, stamina, and food to full. In the case of the Duelist, this also removes you from Burrow state. This occurs when you earn a skill up, or change your training in the skill menu. Watch the health, stamina, and food meters in this video just as I gain my first point in Tracking skill.
  13. Damaging heal spells? I have no theories on what caused the big *red* numbers there, unless Damebix is one of the undead. Not grouped, Sanctuary server, post-pvp patch: https://youtu.be/UwGIN78WatM
  14. Blair mentioned in the recent livestream that those stat values are actually more powerful than they appear because of the way they're currently represented in-game. I'm guessing this applies to the paper doll stats, too, since my +.264 to crafting speed is listed as... +.264 percent to crafting speed. Swell. Still, regardless of what the numbers seem to show, I would expect to eventually notice these increases in "real world" application. That hasn't really been the case so far for anything but weapon damage values. I would've expected them to crank those values way up so that we're able to clearly discern that the entire "secondary stats on gear" system is working as it should. If your +4 to support power was really 400%, and you were throwing 40k heals with your Druid, at least we'd know for sure.
  15. I dropped the rest of my take bugs from this snap test (post-server restart) into the bug forum.