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  1. Thank you for the prompt reply. I would've thanked you sooner but I was having difficulty logging into the forums. I'd click login on the forums page, it'd log me in using the cookie that saved my password automatically then I would be on the main page logged in and I'd go to the forum page and it would still say I needed to login. Today was different, so that proves if you try the same thing again and again and expect a different result you may not be crazy. However I'm still crazy.
  2. Hi. I currently own an amber package which entitles me to a collectors edition. In that collectors edition they're supposed to be figures. How will those figures change now to reflect that the classes have been divided into a separate non race based category?
  3. I always miss the tests don't follow the schedule that closely and whenever I remember to check I've missed the test.
  4. I think I'm about as committed as the money makes me. At this point its up to the devs not to fail and I'm emotionally out of that struggle. If they pull it of great, if they don't, well tarnation.
  5. Lore can enhance a game, but ultimately I think its not going to be a big deal outside of framing how the world works to set up a constant amount of content.
  6. Never expected it to be even close to its launch date
  7. I'm a fan of monster hunter's crafting system. Go kill bad ass monster, get materials from carcass, arrange into bad ass monster armor that has that monster's flare. Go from easier monster to harder monster crafting all the while to eventually progress into fighting massive monsters with team members. The point of the game is to hunt monsters, you craft by killing monsters and compiling their bits, you progress by fighting progressively tougher monsters and making the gear from them to go to the next tier of hunting. Crafting in that game was core to how you experienced the game, and it was the reward mechanism for kicking monster ass. (this is from experience with an older monster hunter game dunno what the current affair is up to.)
  8. I saw it, it just left me with more questions.
  9. Going with one account, I see the advantages of having more, but I'm not hard core enough to need that edge. I'm not going to be that top 5% in the leaderboards so why bother when I can find someone else in the game to cover for where I'm lacking. Simply coordinating with another player/s creates about as much advantages, so all I need is a little social interaction and I'm covered. Saves me the money and time of having to mess with multiple accounts
  10. The idea for the graveyard system works on the basis that you're hopping in the freshly dead bodies of passed heroes. So what were those bodies doing before they were dead? Are we going to see the NPCs that become these fallen heroes? Are we going to see NPCs fighting with the risen dead in certain points of interest? Slowly replenishing the dead stock. Or are we going to have a magic coffin that seals out the decay the dead would normally have? Does hopping into a corpse regenerate it? Now even old corpses would make sense as usable, but then what differentiates a quality corpse? Then you've got to add in that there are undead and graveyards might not be safe places in the world so who the hell is risking their lives to restock a graveyard and enshrining the corpse in its magic coffin. Are coffins being made to seal out the hunger? That's mostly it from my perspective I guess. Kind of a plot hole if you're interested in world building.
  11. hoping to get in today, so yeah heres hoping everything goes as it should
  12. Its probably going to be much closer to a mmo survival game, modern mmo combat with minimal roots in the moba scene outside of how the character classes are handled.
  13. I love the OP and could see the concept of limiting it to certain things really doing a lot for creating spots of interest. Can't go too far or third party elements will come in and just subvert the work you're doing though.
  14. I consider that tech to still be pretty unusable. Its like trying to compete by giving a gamer a ball mouse vrs a lazer gaming mouse....eventually they'll get it right, but imo, its years away from being a well honed input device.
  15. Its not that I'm not interested in MMOs, because they're very boring. Its just that I'm more interested in people who aren't mmo grinders. Seriously driven, scheduled and rule restricted guilds kinda generally seem to be the mmo ones...where people are playing to grind through content and set serious expectations on members. I'd much rather have the guild that plays a lot of games, and this just happens to be one of them style things.