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  1. If you submit a name for a fallen hero, will it invalidate it for use at launch for a character name or guild name for personal use?
  2. Yes...deleting an reinstalling again. This is at least my 5th time trying to reinstall.
  3. Thanks for reply... I tried and got another error: "Failed to load PlayerSettings (internal index #0). Most likely data file is corrupted, or built with mismatching editor and platform support versions."
  4. reinstalled s few times... managed to get to character creator.
  5. Been try to find a way to get my launcher to update from version 3.6 to 3.7. Anyone have any insight on how this can be done? http://pastebin.com/UPuGRPF0
  6. MMO veteran looking for a group to roll with. Been gaming for many years. I do prefer an RP environment with a social atmosphere. I enjoy grouping and teaming up with others to work towards a common goal. I do have access to current playtests and would love to find some regulars to group with, instead of testing the death mechanic while soloing. More official version: Guild criteria: Region: Any NA server Atmosphere: RP, social, helpful, cooperative Casual/Hardcore?: Both depending on work schedule Size: Any as long as a good group of people Play-Style: I typically play support roles like healers and always take time to craft and collect resources. Commitment: am a amber level backer (current tester) Miscellaneous: Long time gamer looking for a solid core group of players Experience: EQ 1&2 The Elder Scrolls Online Ultima Online DAOC SWTOR Horizons Rift Anarchy Online Star Wars Galaxies Shadowbane Age of Conan Black Desert plus many more Voice-Chat services: Can download whatever is needed. Prefer it not to be mandatory at all times.
  7. I got it to update. I went into crowfall folder and executed the crowfallupdate application
  8. Repaired an relaunched a multitude of times.. no patch
  9. A young child approaches an encampment, in which several wagons were positioned in a semicircle. As he approached, it appeared to be a bazaar of sorts, where people were selling wares and offering varying services. The child paused, as if never seeing such an assembly, and surveyed the area in a trancelike manner. As he stared in awe, a woman approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. She knelt down to meet the child's gaze, "Hi there, young man, what have you got there?" she said with a warm, genuine smile. The boy, stammered a bit, "An invitation," he said as he handed her the flyer. She took the flyer and gave it a glance, replying, "Wonderful!" She produced an apple from her cloak and hands it to the boy. "Feel free to explore our camp, while I round up some provisions to take to our host." The woman took her leave from the boy momentarily and made her rounds throughout the camp. She gathered a few baked goods before she was reunited with the boy. "I am ready, lead the way," she said as she motioned to the child to go.
  10. A woman peers out a window of a carriage and surveys the land around, noticing a city not far in the distance. She calls out, "This will do!" The carriage comes to a stop, followed by several other wagons, forming a semicircle in their designated location. She steps out, a long, scarlet robe draped around her and walk to the center of the camp to perform her ritual. She sits on the grass and proceeds to roll out a piece of silken cloth. She spreads a few crystals upon the cloth and places a deck of cards at the center. She raises her face to the sky, allowing the sun to illuminate her face, basking in the warmth and light it provides. She whispers an incantation and picks up the deck of cards, starting to shuffle them. She pulls 3 cards from the deck and smiles. "We shall stay here for a bit." ((From what I have seen thus far, I will be a druid, gypsy fortuneteller of sorts, who travels in a company of other entertainers and others who just wish to be part of the caravan.))
  11. Part of a group that intends on RP'ing. Seems like a viable venue to be able to do so with the way the kingdoms are formed. May even be one of the best I have seen since you will be able to control who lives in your kingdom. As stated above, we can manage to form an entire RP kingdom.