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  1. So this probably falls more under oddities of the OS over bugs from the actual playtests, and also have no idea if it is affecting anyone else. So I launch the patcher as usual and starts running, but if I minimize it, the window disappears and I am unable to get it back again. I have to stop the process and re-run it for it to show up again. This happened on Windows 7 and on Windows 10 on my new computer. Has anyone else seen this happen?
  2. Getting a similar issue now to mivius. @mivius, I got around the problem by launching the client.exe manually rather than through the updater. should be in your CFTest folder.
  3. I'm with happy Virus, and I got in just fine right before that screen came up, but no servers where up and looked at the EK but couldn't do anything. Now see there is a new patch. Attempting now... Got this error...
  4. Thanks. I remembered something about the food meter but couldn't remember what the level it was that stopped the regen.
  5. Later in my playthrough, both mana and health stopped regenerating. I even made the health regen potion to try and see if that would help and it didn't, but I was able to regain some mana using fervor. It did not keep regenerating though. Also, when I went to log out to the lobby, my character sat down and then proceeded to slide all the way down a slight slope for the 20 seconds waiting to log out.
  6. I lost it when I saw the James Goblin shirt Nice job Noc!
  7. Occasionally while playing, none of the input seemed to be recorded, or some would but some wouldn't. Sometimes I would just stop and not move. I was hitting every key that did anything and nothing happened. As a confessor, I tried dashing and everything worked again. On the flip side, during my last match, with a full bar of stamina I was right clicking but was not dashing. My connection was stable throughout the night and other inputs were working fine, just not dashing.
  8. At the start of a match, one of our Knights was frozen in a mid-air position. It stopped when we started fighting however. Also, when I first launched the game there was no background music. It came back after the first match was done.
  9. Ah, yep. That works
  10. Yeah, on the darker colors like "smoke" it's harder to see the text.
  11. These are awesome Noc! That's really cool you get to to this. Question, though: could you have versions that invert the color of the Crowfall text from black to white so it shows up better on darker shirts? I don't know if there are legal restrictions that would prevent that. I also haven't seen threadless before, and I don't know if there isn't an option for variants within designs to keep the clutter down instead of having multiple designs with slight changes. Anyway, really cool designs and cool opportunity for you! Congrats!
  12. Sounds exciting. I'll be tuning in for all of those interesting pieces of info!
  13. For the first match on the east coast server, I got stuck on the loading page for the match. The last message was "Entering Scene" and I sat there for a good 3-5 minutes before I just quit and restarted the client. Got into the second match fine, but the same thing happened when trying to get into the 3rd match. Arkyn's Shield Emblem is a blank image on my end
  14. Awww yeah! This is going to be fun!