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  1. We found an interesting issue with all DOT's where a fixed percentage of weapon damage was being added to each tick. We've addressed this across all damage over times (both player and NPC). It's going to be more noticeable on the champion due to the champions wider weapon damage range. We plan on re-working how DOT's are calculated and applied in the near future which will clean this up significantly.
  2. Known issue - We've just identified the cause and a fix will be in the next client build.
  3. Oh no, not another Riot!
  4. I'm personally not against the idea of production streaming but truth be told we don't have the best setup to accommodate that right now. Who knows? Maybe in the future we could do some live debugging. Could be fun... could also be atrocious !
  5. You and me both!
  6. As time goes on and more Archetype's come online we'll be looking back on previous abilities and re-working, moving them around and in general, doing mechanical improvements across the board.
  7. We've been wanting to add a more forward motion to attacks and allow for small free movement in-between combo's. This way melee combat would feel less restrictive. That's not to say we are going to move away from full body animation locks, but certainly give more consistent momentum with each swing allowing. What you're playing right now is the result of 16 weeks of work, we've identified numerous improvements we want to make in the future and I'm confident that we'll accomplish the perfect balance between melee and ranged movement options!
  8. Totally, I even took one of Blairs kittens. It gets on well with my Pug.
  9. Good theory but no, when testing I often ask others to come in and test various things (like movement). The big differential between internal tests and the live server is of course latency. This'll improve overtime so that things become more accurate!
  10. Thank you for documenting these, most we're aware of but always good to see reproductions from someone else's point of view!
  11. FYI: Known issue in this build that we've just resolved (but not in time to deploy for the playtest). We are aware that players aren't falling correctly. This means abilities are incorrectly able to trigger during a jump / fall.
  12. Resistance types are in the game, we just aren't correctly displaying it yet. You'll notice that full plate wearers are taking more damage from Fire damage (Confessors & OP campfires). Understandably this is a little skewed right now considering we only have one true DPS class in the test and why on earth would you want to wear plate against them. This'll change as more classes and damage type's come online. Once we have Tool-tip and Character stats updating their display it will be a lot clearer what items are doing for you. I understand it can be a little confusing just having a Armor value / Weapon Damage value and nothing else to go on.
  13. Domination! Actually, I just had to double check the damage values of hellfire aura after seeing this. Yup, found a miscalculation. It's currently getting an additive 180% weapon damage but is also ticking twice a second. This should either be once a second or a reduced weapon damage add. Personally, I'm a fan of more ticks so will adjust accordingly.