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  1. I still don't think we've been given and adequate answer to a very basic question: What do the players who stay in the EKs have to offer the players who fought in the Campaigns in exchange for their hard earned resources? As it stands, I don't think they have anything to offer at all. When a round of Campaigns end, the combatants may end going to some hub in order to trade between each other for the resources they're missing, but that hub will likely be built and maintained by someone who fought in those campaigns. Sitting around in your EK waiting for weeks and months for a campaign to end, only to look for handouts from campaigners doesn't seem like a viable way to play the game.
  2. Look man, I tried helping you to see how wrong you were. We (multiple people in this thread) tried showing you all the information which should have answered your questions. You chose to ignore or disregard that information, which is ultimately superior to what you had when you made this thread (a few minutes of very rough gameplay). I wish you luck in whatever game you end up in though!
  3. So your critique WAS only about cosmetics after all. Got it! All archetypes can wear all armor types. I was just describing the differences in cosmetic themes between the different archetype concepts. Looks like you're just a special snowflake who's too caught up in the way your character looks. What makes you think runes will work the same way they did in Shadowbane? You need to do a little bit more research about the game than none at all. This whole thread is you whining to the community for attention, hoping the rest of us bear the cost of educating you. Go read an FAQ. You can make a Two-handed Knight who doesn't wear armor. The levels of build customization in Crowfall will likely meet or exceed that of Shadowbane. Once again, you're wrong.
  4. What do you mean by "core of the game"? Do you mean they are the core of the character customization and advancement feature of the game? Archetypes are three things: 1. An aesthetic archetype/idea which includes gear skins and animation sets. This includes the racial, cultural and professional background of the archetype, which is meant to be unique. A Druid isn't meant to wear fine silks or a suit of metal plates, just the same way a Knight isn't meant to be a Berserker in a loincloth. The aesthetic idea of the archetype isn't likely to change much from its original concept. 2. A set of skills. Skills are meant to slowly increase the player's effectiveness and power over time as an alternative to level based progression. Skills have always been about power, not about character specialization. 3. An initial set of powers and equipment types. The archetypes' initial abilities and weapon types were meant to be "stock" configurations you'd get if you just started. All of the character customization in the game will come through crafting promotion class vessels (which may come loaded with new abilities compared to basic vessels) and by slotting discipline runes into a vessel. Discipline runes can add new passives, weapons types and active abilities. You don't like playing as a basic knight? Take some disciplines which grant Bow abilities and play as a tanky, weapon swapping archer/melee hybrid. The possibilities for customization implied in the discipline system are really quite extensive- even by SB standards. In conclusion, you're wrong. Hope that helps.
  5. Why do you think that game will be this way at launch? Have your read about the promotion classes, disciplines and creation runes? It seems like you logged into Pre-Alpha Testing and falsely concluded that the unfinished features you experienced were representative of the finished product.
  6. The ping is awful on the Eastern Servers for West coast players. It's to the point where I can't read my opponent because he's rubberbanding around. I know maybe 10-15 people who would be testing but they can't stand the performance/ping issues. The Knight Chainpull still rubberbands the target back and forth on a flat plane. Maybe it'd be prudent to disable the target's movement input until after the pull ends? Could it just be server issue?
  7. We need to know how the claiming system works. Can anyone just come along and dump resources on the spawner? What are the pre-requisites? If there is some way of claiming a central building so you can start re-building (ala Darkfall), will everyone in your faction be able to participate in the process or will it be just the people authorized by the claimant? I'm curious about the broader impact of the permissions system as it relates to buildings and strongholds.
  8. We've been playing as chaos on the faction server. We usually stick to the western server as much as possible.
  9. Absolutely, come by our discord and we'll show you the ropes!
  10. I knew something was up when I nearly one-shotted a Champion on my Knight. Just my two cents, but the Champion Whirling pain felt much more effective and worth using that at almost any other point in the last year BECAUSE of the double tap. I'd recommend leaving that one in.
  11. We're active in the tests and getting great fights! Join us in discord!
  12. I'd also like to see an updated immunity system. Just remember that you have your retaliate and your ultimate (long CDs) which can both break you out of CC. Further, some combat skills will reduce the effectiveness of CC applied to you.
  13. The way I understand it, Armor Class is the top of the mitigation stat pyramid to where increasing your Armor Class increases ALL of the underlying mitigation types.
  14. It almost looks like the characters are dancing to the music. Great video!
  15. That's just the thing. A day one noob is going to have to choose what type of gameplay he wants to specialize in. He's also going to need to make social relationships with other players in his faction to provide him with what he needs, just as he provides those players with the skills they don't have. If he chooses to go "full combat", he's going to be the guy protecting the harvesters as they caravan around from node to node. He can't harvest like they can, but they can't fight like he can. Likewise, both the harvesters and warriors may not have the exploration skills and abilities of someone who focused on being a full time scout or animal trainer. With all of these roles being potentially necessary for a successful harvesting operation, each participant can expect a share of the haul, regardless of whether they were actually doing the harvesting. Then, there's the crafters who are eagerly waiting back in at the base for someone to come to them with a crafting request. Specialization is fine so long as you're connected socially with people who can compliment your skill set. No man is an island in Crowfall.