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  1. I'd also like to see an updated immunity system. Just remember that you have your retaliate and your ultimate (long CDs) which can both break you out of CC. Further, some combat skills will reduce the effectiveness of CC applied to you.
  2. The way I understand it, Armor Class is the top of the mitigation stat pyramid to where increasing your Armor Class increases ALL of the underlying mitigation types.
  3. It almost looks like the characters are dancing to the music. Great video!
  4. That's just the thing. A day one noob is going to have to choose what type of gameplay he wants to specialize in. He's also going to need to make social relationships with other players in his faction to provide him with what he needs, just as he provides those players with the skills they don't have. If he chooses to go "full combat", he's going to be the guy protecting the harvesters as they caravan around from node to node. He can't harvest like they can, but they can't fight like he can. Likewise, both the harvesters and warriors may not have the exploration skills and abilities of someone who focused on being a full time scout or animal trainer. With all of these roles being potentially necessary for a successful harvesting operation, each participant can expect a share of the haul, regardless of whether they were actually doing the harvesting. Then, there's the crafters who are eagerly waiting back in at the base for someone to come to them with a crafting request. Specialization is fine so long as you're connected socially with people who can compliment your skill set. No man is an island in Crowfall.
  5. That's not what I mean. The whole of the EK game loop requires an influx of materials from the finished Campaigns and an outflux of goods into new Campaigns. Campaigns will likely last anywhere from 1-3 months, which is a long time to be waiting for good to enter or leave the EK's. It'll be a feast/fast type of cycle at best.
  6. Right, but the week before a new campaign launches is a very narrow window in which to do some commerce. The way the import/export system is currently conceptualized, it seems like there are going to be some very bored crafter/traders sitting in the EK's, waiting for the Campaigners to return with their resources.
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself (with a Russian accent).
  8. You know where it could work? Faction campaigns. When you're guaranteed to have a third of the campaign population as friendlies, but not necessarily guildies, it makes sense to start up a market for a number of reasons. 1. You can trust that a city controlled by your faction is a relatively safe place and that everyone capable of shopping there won't be able to attack you. (It'd be a great place for the enemy to attack, however.) 2. You don't have a personal relationship with everyone in your faction, but it still benefits you to make sure they get equipment. A "market" allows you and others to supply your faction mates while making sure you don't get taken advantage of. 3. In addition to having a third of the campaign as potential customers, you have just as many potential defenders when the enemy decides to lay siege. The real question about this scenario is how will building/city/asset ownership be managed and apportioned in faction worlds. We've heard from ACE that they had planned to have pre-placed "ruins" we could repair. Does that mean that building will belong to the entire faction, or will it belong to the player/guild which repaired it? If it's owned by the entire faction, who has the right to slow crafting stations and thralls?
  9. The dregs campaigns likely won't have many of the individual player merchants/traders you seem to be referring to. Guilds, not individuals, will be the basic political, military and economic actors in a Crowfall campaign. Within the guild itself you'll have something which resembles a wartime command economy. All resources collected by the guild are delivered to the guild's crafters, who then turn out all the finished products needed for the war effort. Any trade taking place will largely be done between guilds who are on friendly or neutral terms with one another, and only to obtain resources to which they don't have ready access. These trades would probably be negotiated between guild leadership, though some very self-interested players may decide to do a few "personal" trades in secret. The only possibility for an emerging, player driven marketplace in a campaign world is for someone to create a physical marketplace town. It could be a front for some power player guild looking to offload some of it's excess gear or resources for cash (whatever "cash" ends up being), or it could be an independent agent looking to play the mercantile game. In the former case, it'd be only a matter of time before the owning guild's identity is revealed and the marketplace becomes a war target. In fact, if it is a suspected front guild, attacking it would likely bring out the actual owners to defend it. In the latter case, a neutral guild looking to set up a legitimate market town would need non-aggression pacts from the major powers in the campaign. They could swing this on the basis that they are providing a valuable and impartial service to the whole campaign and pledge to remain completely neutral to the campaign's conclusion. Such a town could be arranged as a series of shops for rent. Players negotiate with the town's owner to rent a space for cash (or whatever), slot a vendor thrall, and then load up their wares. The only problem being that the city would have to be open to potential buyers, meaning it's also open to potential thieves and murderers. Adding some guards who can be instructed to attack hostile guilds and players may help.
  10. Just make it automatic. The "active" part of harvesting can be looking for enemies rolling up on you.
  11. If you wanted to pump up Intelligence you would train up the Intelligence line in the Vessel skill tree, then craft a vessel with a focus on intelligence. You'd get the base intelligence of the vessel (determined by vessel quality) the increased intelligence from the crafting components, and the bonus intelligence from your passive skill training.
  12. I'm very pleased to see the Discipline system open up alternate weapon options. Weapon locked archetypes was one of my biggest concerns about the game. Melee frostweaver inc! (I hope).
  13. Agreed, it's the new meta. It feels like guild wars 2 AoE combat now.
  14. I'm really enjoying the game, but the biggest problem I've run into is the god awful lag. Lag spikes and teleporting mobs make this game almost unplayable.
  15. Scale down the health and damage numbers to what they were in the early Hunger Dome. There really isn't any argument for this other than personal preference, and that's my personal preference. Remove the RNG element from crafting success/failure. I understand that you want a resource sink, but resource collection is just too much work only to be punished by a bad dice roll. It's the sort of annoying, frustrating thing which causes people to log out in disgust when the previous hour's work goes down the drain. The resource sink function is already being provided by: Durability loss (especially if same-quality mats are required for repairs), item loss (campaign specific), and by the vast variety of potential build options and their required stat loadouts. This week I may need gear with +crushing damage, but next week I may be fighting a guild which uses a lot of confessors and +fire resist may be called for. We're not gearing up a single character for a WoW-style endgame experience, we're creating a stable of different vessels/armor/weapon load-outs for the battle at hand.