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  1. My fondest memories of Coolwaters were arguing with him on the forums and fighting him in game. Though we often disagreed, Coolwaters was always respectful to people who argued in good faith- a sign of good character. My condolences to Winterblades and his other friends and family. I'm glad to have known him. I'm drinking fine scotch tonight in his memory.
  2. They seemed to be suggesting that certain races would get a lot of stats up front, simply for choosing that particular race, while others would need to spend time skilling up in their racial skill tree. I want to know what the benefit would be of choosing a race which requires a higher time investment.
  3. During the last Crow-a-thon, @thomasblairand Mark Halash revealed that some races were getting a lot of bonus stats up front, while others would get the same "budget" of stat increases through the skill tree. For example, a Half-Giant currently gets +60 to both Strength and Constitution while a Minotaur gets +30 to Dexterity. What was the rationale behind time gating certain races stat bonuses but not others?
  4. Check out my Ranger PvP video from 5.2 with @scipio!
  5. It feels really awkward to charge up a shot, bring the crosshair over the target, and then have the shot miss because it wasn't originally on target when you left-clicked.
  6. I'd like a capturing guild to be able to choose what type of higher quality resource they'd like to produce at that PoI until the next vulnerability window. If my guild captures a Lumber Mill, we can set it to produce Oak instead of the Spruce it had been producing before. We could then slot harvester NPCs to increase the yield/quality level of the resources, or slot guards like you had mentioned. Only the capturing guild would be able to access the production inventory, and potential bandits would have to wait for the owners to begin transporting the goods before trying to steal them.
  7. I've always wanted PoI's which needed to be captured by a guild, but it seems as though the Devs want them to be simple resource spawners on a timer. Drop by with a pack animal, take the resources, drive back to base.
  8. Great fight! It was definitely a challenge staying alive against so many opponents.
  9. I really liked the "guard" mechanic in Dragon Age Inquisition. Shield users could generate a barrier from blocking incoming damage. It was a great way to give players sustain in a low healing environment.
  10. You just can't seem to cogently explain why you don't like the suggestion no matter how hard you try.
  11. According to your train of logic, 9 Classes doing things one way and 1 class doing things another way isn't cookie cutter, but 10 classes doing something one way is. Yeah, ok bud. But Templars, Myrmidons and tank built Champions should be able to chase around kiters? Doesn't make any sense. I'm just trying to bring the Knight in line with every other class on sprinting, and make sure that the Blocking Damage Bonus gets utilized regularly. Right now the damage bonus is incredibly unwieldy and hardly usable without speccing into it with Shield Fighter.
  12. You're saying that Knights need to have one resource pool for all activities because "the Knight is a brute who expends physical energy to get the job done". Well the Templar, Champion, Myrmidon and Legionnaire (for now) are also very physical classes, but they don't have to operate under the same rules. So this "appeal to realism" you seem to be going with only applies to one class? You're not thinking this through very carefully or fairly. HAHAHAHAHAHA! It's literally every class doing harvesting/sprinting one way with only one class doing it another (subpar) way! What are you even talking about with this cookie cutter nonsense? As for sprinting after someone in full plate, we have the sprint efficiency stat to simulate the difficulty of that action.
  13. There are several other "physical prowess" classes which use a separate resource bars for sprinting and harvesting. This is just a bad argument. I'm not so concerned with stamina regeneration rates as much as I am with the shared resource pool and the duration of the blocking damage buff.
  14. Yeah, all of this is fairly spot on. Part of it is that the Knight has simple and outdated mechanics because it was the first archetype to be developed.
  15. Keeps, choke points, pre-arranged fixed objectives and vulnerable/low-health players.