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  1. We offer refunds under very limited circumstances that are outlined in our Terms and Conditions. You may also contact if you have additional questions.
  2. Seems this thread has served its original purpose and keeps getting bumped with off-topic banter. Gonna close it now to protect people from themselves. =)
  3. I'm going to do many of you and myself a favor and close this thread. It didn't start off well to begin with, derailed several times and enticed some actionable comments. You don't have to agree with each other, but you do have to be civil on these forums and follow the rules. In parting, I'll also remind everyone that the Spirit Banks you know now will not always be this way. More on those changes will be revealed in future updates.
  4. An adjustment to cell sizes gives parcels better customization FULL STORY
  5. The Crow Circle as described is merely the first step. a sort of "velvet rope" approach. The reason for restricting it like this for now is to keep things small and manageable until we find our groove. And by "we", I mean me mostly and it's important that I make good on my promises, so I want to be careful not to promise things I can't deliver. Your comments in this thread will help me drill down to the things that matter the most to you, then I can start plotting a chart to get us there. This includes adding non-streamer video makers and lowering the audience size requirements (e.g. if there are only three people who meet the current requirements, I'll adjust them fairly quickly). Regarding icons, I'll tell you straight-up that whatever icons are in the press kit now are thanks to Scree's tenacity. He has contacted me at regular intervals to ask for them. (Kind of reminded me of Andy asking for library stuff in "Shawshank". ) It finally worked out that Billy was able to take the time to gather up some of them and get them into a transferable state for us. Jackal, our latest addition to the team, named the files in a more user-friendly way, but being new may not have understood what he was seeing as well as you guys know that material. If any of you want to take the time and effort to send a list of what the names are and what they should be, I'll ask Jack to make those changes. Meanwhile, I'll see what I can do about getting transparent versions. (It all comes down to Billy's and Lars' workloads.) Our future plan ("our" in this case includes our EU publishing partner Travian) is to put together a fan/web kit that is specifically geared toward providing the assets that our community members need and want, which are generally very different from what a member of the press would want. As we get closer to the point where we are actively working on it, I'll definitely seek out your input for what you'd like to see included in it. This is a good time to point out that when we say we value your feedback, we mean it. The Crow Circle is a direct result of seeing that we need to do more to help everyone who's working so hard to create content for the community (but to do it in a non-invasive way). The same can be said of the new "Crowfall Q&A Live!" series that we started this week. Reading the comments during and after the "Pre-Alpha 5 Live!" stream showed that we need to make some adjustments in future episodes of that series. Here's the plan I came up with: ACE Q&A monthly videos: The purpose of these is to take the most prominent questions from the ACE Development Partners forum and present those in the video. There are no restrictions on topics; members of that forum can ask about anything they choose and we answer what we can. Since the monthly Q&A was a pledge reward, we will continue to participate in that forum and make these videos because we must honor our promises. Pre-Alpha 5 Live!: These will be streamed on the second Tuesday of every month. We know now that it's better to hit the "big ticket" items in the patch notes rather than trying to cover everything from top to bottom. The purpose of this series is to explain the "what's" and "why's" of changes to the game. That means that any Q&A segment of those streams will be limited to topics directly related to the items mentioned in the patch notes. Crowfall Q&A Live!: These are a little less structured, but we feel like limiting it to one to three topics really helped to keep the stream from going all over the place. From the comments I've seen so far, it looks like the majority of participants felt like it was worthwhile. You can help me make sure that future episodes continue to be valuable to you by letting me know what topics you'd like us to cover. (Based on a conversation with Srathor yesterday, I've already asked that we cover "Gathering and Crafting" in July or August; can't promise anything yet, but I'm hopeful.) This post is longer than I intended it to be, so I'm going to stop here. I'll check in later to see if there's more stuff I need to address.
  6. The Crow Circle is a new project that lets us better support our streamers. FULL STORY
  7. It isn't a surprise for people who read the weekly newsletter.
  8. Join us on Twitch today for a live Q&A with Todd and Blair to discuss recent Race and Class changes. FULL STORY
  9. It's a known issue and something we're going to correct. Thanks for making sure we knew about it, though!
  10. My apologies for not seeing this earlier. I've asked @Jlane to investigate.
  11. This forum section is for web-related issues only. For game-related issues, please post in the corresponding feedback/bug reports thread or email
  12. Backers who have these rewards on their accounts will be receiving an email from us soon (if they haven't already). Here's an excerpt so you can see what the process entails and what the guidelines are for the names. Name a Location: expected to be used for an area, region, place or a natural feature (mountain, mesa, spire, pond, lake, pass, stream, swamp, plain, mountains, forest, etc.) Name a Fallen Monarch: expected to be used geographically and for strongholds Name a Fallen Hero: expected to be used geographically and for points of interest When choosing the three names, please follow these guidelines: You may have one dash, apostrophe, accent, exclamation and two spaces in the name Alpha/numeric 32 maximum characters Keep it thematic and in accordance with our Terms and Conditions ( Also avoid obvious copyright infringements, such as other fantasy IP's.
  13. I’ve been watching this thread from the sidelines without interference because I think it’s important to watch and listen before jumping into these types of discussions. Now that we’re up to 5 pages, it’s time to respond. We want, and actively solicit for, constructive criticism. It helps us make the game better most efficiently, or alternatively shows where we need to communicate our direction more clearly. Constructive criticism means that you point out not only the problem but also a more on-target approach (while not adding extra emotion in the process. Peppering feedback with unconstructive comments detracts from the main point you're trying to make. Help us know what's important to you by sticking to the facts and communicating clearly. The forums rules are applicable across the board for community members and developers alike. While we deeply appreciate everyone who has backed the project or invested in the company, those things do not entitle you to be abusive to anyone on the forum. Personal attacks are actionable. Period. Insults and derogatory comments about the development team, or our partners, will not be tolerated and will lead to suspension (or banning) of your account. A few more points: Regarding our news updates, we tried cutting back to one day per week and the community let us know they didn’t like it. Updates may not please everyone every time, and that’s okay. The purpose is to show forward progress, and I think we do a good job of accomplishing that without interfering too badly with the team’s work on the game itself. We never used Unreal Engine (as was claimed in this thread). It's always been Unity. Not sure where that information came from, so I’d appreciate a link so we can correct it. If you have ideas of what you want to see and hear from us, but you’re concerned that your requests are being overlooked on the forum, you can email, which is a direct line to me. I can’t promise that I can make your every wish come true, but I can promise that I’ll try.
  14. Reminder: Feedback threads are for feedback. Please refrain from additional, non-constructive commentary.
  15. IIRC, you guys have created a new Discord channel for your merry band of New Eden refugees. This is the perfect place to promote that.