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  1. The challenges the Art team has with Centaurs has been a running joke since the beginning. These poses attest to that. They are not final designs. While everyone is entitled to an opinion and welcome to share those opinions here, posts/threads need to be constructive. This thread got off to a bad start so I'm going to shut it down.
  2. You might find the Community Creations FAQ useful as well.
  3. Friendly reminder: The Guild Recruiting forums are for guild recruiting and information purposes. The special rules for this forum are posted HERE. Posting off-topic content may result in a warning.
  4. Please don't create duplicate threads.
  5. Let's spend the day together! FULL STORY
  6. July's Q&A Live gives viewers a first look at race and class changes now being tested internally FULL STORY
  7. Reggae crows can stay
  8. As first announced in my last "Pannderings" article and mentioned in our recent newsletters, we're planning to do another 12-hour "Crow-a-Thon on July 25th (next Tuesday). Community members are invited to submit advertisements for their guilds, websites and stream/video channels and we'll slip those in between segments. The Community Creations FAQ has information about the guidelines for submissions. A few things to bear in mind as you're putting your promo together: It must be in the spirit of Crowfall, meaning that even if you aren't using our images and music, it still needs to follow the central themes of Crowfall: fantasy MMO, swords and magic, castles and kingdoms. Sci-fi and ska wouldn't be a good fit. You may use, but aren't limited to, assets from our media kit in accordance with our Fair Use Policy. Any third party assets you use must be Open Source. Please do not use material that's copyrighted. Send submissions to Affiliate/referral links are not permitted. If you have questions that aren't answered in the FAQ, I'm happy to answer them in this thread or you can email me directly at
  9. The monthly stream returns with designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash discussing 'big ticket' changes to the game FULL STORY
  10. Pip, pip, hurrah for Skill system changes! FULL STORY
  11. Strongholds were designed with guilds in mind FULL STORY
  12. In this month’s ACE Q&A video, Blair and Halash speak directly to a number of revisions the team is currently working on in addition to the work being done to get the “Tug of War” campaign underway. FULL STORY
  13. Friendly reminders: Stay on topic Accusing someone of trolling is the same as trolling I'd like to leave this thread open because it's obviously a subject lots of people enjoy talking about, but there are a few folks who need to reel it in. Don't be "that guy" who's the reason we can't have nice things.
  14. A preview of the big changes to character creation FULL STORY
  15. Will you be among the first Crows to conquer a campaign? FULL STORY