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  1. I'm sorry I have to break that promise -- and this is a good reminder to me to be careful about making promises.
  2. When the session has ended, please use this forum to share your feedback about the playtest including any bugs or anomalies you may have encountered.
  3. Miri had never felt fear... until now. FULL STORY
  4. IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ! Some players may experience broken states when they first drop into a campaign world. If you end up stuck or at a white screen after selecting your Faction, please LOGOUT and RESTART YOUR CLIENT to resolve the issue. If restarting the client does not fix the problem, please leave us a post in the Playtest Bugs section of the forums or send an email to Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 4.6 Welcome to Big World! The first phase of Eternal Kingdoms technology and world object placement is coming online! Please be on the lookout for any new problems as we just upgraded to Unity 5.5.2. See web update for the details: Builder World is open to Pre-Alpha 1 & 2 and Alpha 1 & 2. Building Tool: Fixed the footprint check on the server for building placement. A bug was causing the slope check to fail on the server when it shouldn't. Localized UI for building placement. Now buildings cannot be placed on top of players. Movement in BP mode now follows the terrain so that you can't clip into mountains or hills. Buildings will no longer have grass/etc clipping through the floor. The "Press G to Loot" prompt for placeable buildings will no longer appear for a targeted building if you are standing on top of it. Fixed bug that was allowing socketed sockets to be visible or socketed sockets to not be set as invisible. Fixed bug where placing a building would cause your character to execute a left mouse button attack. Fixed issue where parcel boundary indicators would not turn red if you were trying to place a building in a parcel that had no tokens of the correct type left. Eternal Kingdoms (Coming Soon) General: Fixed an issue where disconnecting while loading may not transition back to the lobby. Fix for power tray icons not showing on login to a world. Fix for drag swapping items in Spirit Bank. Should be able to split items in Spirit Bank. Crafting: New subcategory for Siege Warfare recipes under the Woodworking section of recipe book. Changed crafting and harvesting potion durations from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Skills: Reworked Animal Harvesting skill line in the Harvesting tree to be more generic. (this should complete the conversion of the harvesting/excavation skill trees) Moved Big Cat harvesting skills to animal familiarity tree. COMING SOON: Enforcing limits on both client and server for number of skills training at once. Limits are: 1 generic skill. 1 archetype skill, unless you have a VIP entitlement, in which case the limit goes to 3. Archetypes: Archetype passives have had their status icons updated. Trailblazer movement speed can now be modified by stat increases. Knight Shield Bash - Can now critical hit. Shield Bash - now causes -2 Dodge on target hit instead of modifying the cost of Dodge on target hit. Duelist Duelist should be rendering correctly again. Pistol Shot - Fixed a bug that affected Rapid Fire cooldown. Druid Forest Whispers - New archetype passive which can be loaded out. (press K to open powers UI) Legionnaire Strength of the Legion - New archetype passive which can be loaded out. (press K to open powers UI) Legionnaire - Equestrian now Grants a Reduction to Dodge Regen Tick Rate. (no more infinite dodge) Templar Faith - New archetype passive which can be loaded out. (press K to open powers UI) FX/UI: Tweaks to the display of Dodge Pips on the Right Click Power button. New UI elements are being added to the skill trees, they are non functional at this time. (don’t be alarmed) The character paperdoll sheet has seen a large rework to account for the dynamic adding and removing of equipment slots coming with the discipline system. Ensure all previous functionality still works. Known Issues: Durability in crafted items is not properly carrying up the crafting chain. Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple. Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server. Blocking and walking backwards with good framerate does not allow the player to move at all. The camera behaves a little wonky going in and out of combat.
  5. Builderworld and PVP world snap tests today start at 11:30 am Central. Please use this thread for your feedback and bug reports.
  6. The "Bob Ross" of ArtCraft is waiting for your questions and comments FULL STORY
  7. Super love this idea and we're looking forward to seeing the videos. One little problem though--should be easy to address: In order for us to be able to promote the video, you'll need to use either music from the official Crowfall soundtrack (which is allowed in accordance with our Fair Use Policy) or something else that's not locked down with a copyright.
  8. This is a general warning for those making personal attacks and derailing the topic. It needs to stop now or I'll start handing out warning points. Here are the Rules of Conduct in case you need a refresher.
  9. Friendly reminder that we have some rules around here about treating each other with respect even when there is a difference of opinions. Please stay on topic and leave the personal attacks out of the discussion.
  10. Looking back at what we've accomplished on this two-year anniversary of our Kickstarter campaign FULL STORY
  11. The Unity update this week may mean no playtesting this weekend. Stay tuned for more information as it's available. FULL STORY
  12. We'll take questions from the livestream's chat channel during the event. They are going to be placing at least one building and some walls.
  13. Closed per OP's request
  14. Closed by OP's request
  15. Watch Crowfall Live! on Tues, March 21, for a Builderworld demo FULL STORY