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  1. I came across some big bug that needed me to relog in order to fix it. 1. I planted the Banewood Tree and Golden Apple to start a siege but did not move from the spot. As a result the tree spawned ontop of me and I could not move out of it. After a minute my character started to fly in the air (getting higher each second). Relogging got this problem fixed but it would be nice to have a warning message such as "move away from the platform!" XD 2. When both myself and my wife were approaching an enemy keep that was abandoned and empty, with no players at all around, we both got instantly killed. Even though we were a fair distance from the keep. I saw the damage which was shown as "12,000".
  2. Hey Stumpstuff. As for the skills it was the Templar/Confessor and Assassin trees - it was in the middle of the tree (followed the middle path) - I cannot remember the names, but I will post again once I write them down. My wife has a theory which is (since the last time we logged on was before the wipe) were the skills just boosted to what we learned before? Can you confirm this? Many thanks Connal123
  3. So this was very entertaining. I am planning on playing an Assassin, so I decided "why not train the tree for it!" and I noticed that the first skill in the tree is not "Assassin Proficiency" but rather "Assassin Mastery" and there is also an "Assassin Mastery" at the end of the tree. Thought to bring that up. Also, I went to bed with three class skills training and when I woke up the skills had completed to 5 pips (from 0) and also completed another two skills which I had not asked them to do. Is this meant to happen to boost us through our classes or not? Strangely, the same did not happen with my exploration skill (exploration basics) which I was also training.
  4. When I downloaded it said 5.2.7 - is this correct as in the starting post it said 5.2.6 - just want to make sure. P.s. it is the live version I downloaded
  5. - Forum/Profile Name: Connal123 - Preferred "Crow" Name. Tayeko, Lady Tayeko. - Guild Affiliation Who is paying the most? - If you will or will not be actively participating in Campaign Worlds & PVP: Treasure? You just said my lucky word! - General Alignment Balance, happily serving Kronus but occassionally working for Maleki. She is an assassin and her loyalty lasts for as long as the payment comes in!
  6. Sorry for not posting for a long time guys Just wanted to say it is late but I am still around ))
  7. Tayeko looks at Coin and instantly chuckles "Coin, she is our friend...No shooting her feet...OR my husbands feet! I happen to like these two. They are both nice people...Now if she acts like the traitor, by all means, shoot...But not a MOMENT sooner." Tayeko sighed and took another drink.
  8. "I am glad you are enjoying your time here, tell me...Just what do you plan to do here?" she looked into the ladies eyes.
  9. "Yes, come sit with us! I am sure my king here would love some more company! He is the company sort of person. Myself? Well, I guess I like the company as well." Tayeko had a smile on her lips, a rare kind of smile. The kind of smile that had not been seen on her lips for a long time...The kind that was trusting. She turned to the waitress and nodded. "Another glass for me, the King and our new friend. Whatever she wants in terms of drink, she can have." Tayeko looked at the new girl, she seemed nice enough.
  10. "Hmm, indeed we may have some nice company...Let's see if she wants to talk." Tayeko turned around and smiled at the new lady. "My dear, want to sit with us? I don't bite..." Tayeko smiled as she looked to the Waitress and ordered herself another drink for herself, the new lady and Kieran. the advisor may have defected and might not be coming back, who knows...But that is the past and this is the present. It is time to take matters into my own hands and it is time to make Hellspires what it was made to be...A place for champions, a place for war...
  11. "You honestly think I haven't been doing this? No, I have been sensing this for a while and do you want to know why I haven't tried to stop you? It is because I enjoy a good fight. Come on Kaeari! As an assassin you and I both enjoy the heat of the battle, it is what keeps us going! But I have an offer to make you...I am allowing you, this once, to join Hellspires again and we can turn on the man that has allowed you to attack me...We can be rid of his weakness, once and for all...Do ye accept?" Tayeko grinned, she raised one blade in front of Kaeari, it wasn't an attack, so much as an offer...Would her sister, a person she has chosen to accept as a dear friend, really betray her so easily? (Kaeari! Good to see your back!)
  12. (( Also thinking of making a Skype group for us Roleplayers. not sure what you all think about it - just to keep in touch more actively - anyone game for it? ))
  13. Tayeko sat on a sofa on the bar, her Fae wings spread far. Her purple hair flowing down her back. Her daggers at her hip. After the betrayal of Kaeari...She had joined them again but things were still edgy. She smiled as she took a sip from her non-alcoholic drink. It still tasted like something from heaven. Or at least it did in her eyes. "Kaeari? Kieran? Who do I have as company...Anyone would do right about now, I just want company..." Tayeko called out. It got so lonely. She didn't want to fight now. she just wanted to have time to get to know people. She liked the drinking and sometimes the people you got to know were amazing!
  14. Tayeko pushed Kaeari back with her hands, her blades in hand she swinged and missed at Kaeari, this lasted several times before she attempted another attack that was a feign attack, the real attack was coming from above, where her second blade was swinging down to Kaeari's right shoulder. "You dare to think you can make my own people betray their friends? You think that this is acceptable?! Kaeari, what the hell has gotten into you!" A part of Tayeko was scared and ashamed that she hadn't foreseen this but another part was thrilled. Thrilled to see a new challenge, a new fight, a worthy fight!
  15. Tayeko grins as she lunges at the Fire Elemental, slicing it in half with the help of her Demonic blood and also of some telekenetic magics that she knew. Tayeko was the Queen of Hellspires, she would not be defeated by anyone, not in her realm, not even if it was someone she considered a sister! "Think carefully, Kaeari...You are about to go down a path that will lead to your death. But if you wish to cross blades, then you will have that wish...But we do this in Hellspires fashion...This will be an honourable fight. If you wish to fight me, you will agree to an honourable fight. Just between me and you, no one else..." Tayeko grinned, pointing her daggers at Kaeari. The Duel of the Fates...Had Begun. (( PUN INTENDED! ))