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  1. So think of it like the increase chance of failing your experimentation and wasting the points you are using with a chance of getting a critical fail with experimentation. As of right now risk bonus is broken. So its not reading or calculating the right percentage to fail when you do experimentation. It suppose to be the more experimentation points you test in the item at once, the higher stat bonus your suppose to get on success. However the higher risk of getting a fail or worst a critical fail which will waste the pip spots or lose the stats you have already put into the experimentation. In most items at this time its best to go 1 for 1 for pips as you have a higher chance of getting more amazing success pushing your bonuses over the numbers you would of gotten if you took the risk with more pips at once and had gotten an amazing success.
  2. Was sure that was the hole point of this whole topic was to focus on for testing so it leading into your question B make Sense A. Nope still crafting and having a good time doing it. It would be nice when they do fix the bug on failures. Always figured that failures where base on incorrect percentage of success display which is why I just always just put it as a bug. I guess I have been very lucky when crafting. B. Yes it should be part of the game. I have said why I think it should be in game for the most part with my 1st post on this topic. However I do feel that it adds a need to Continue Training a skill, once its working correctly and reward players who are taking the months in the training in that skill to become better. To me the risk of seen what my percentage percentage to fail give me Excitement when I only have a 50/50 shot of being successful or that the skill I took months to learn lower my fail rate and Increase my success rate to combine. It also forces a player to decide do they risk the materials they have to do it themselves or do they seek out a guild member or players with a better skill to make said item for them. This for one creates a need to interact with players and not allow players to just do things themselves. Which I see is a big issues with current MMO's It also forces players to participate in the open world market which keeps the economy flowing and does not make a crafting go stale once someone hit a point they can just craft what they need for their archetypes and easily just back away avoiding mastering the skill tree.
  3. If your nit picking your inforamtion on old out dated videos then your going to need to look up one of the Interviews or Articles that Thomas Blair or J Todd did where they talked about having crafters set up more like a Tier system. Base on this weekends test alone then the video you link we are not suppose to really have anything above white and maybe greens. which mean the only type of people who should mess with Higher grade mats are players with Higher skills to avoid failures on crafting. Also becasue you dont want to waste high grade mats on someone with low Experimentation Points. This will keep your normal joe shmoe from trying to risk the mats and take it to a higher skill crafter. This in Theory creates a Tier system for crafters in guilds to allow lower skill crafter work with lower grade mats and saves your more skilled crafter for bigger more important mats/Blue Prints. unless they like to take the Risk.
  4. This patch should be nicked named the Band Aid pull. From skills costing more time to take to train even in the lower level skills and the lost of Experimental Points even with crafting Potions. I LOVE IT! However would of liked a bigger heads up and I would of change what I was training sooner then get stick in a middle of a skill training when you switched over. Rangers Range: Third arrow still time to time goes right through players Bombs don't do much for damage the best skills for Rangers is still the LMB for over all damage Need animation time for 6 to be quicker to compare with other classes. Could do with out the sound it makes also as it sometimes can be heard from far away. "unless Intended for baiting players" Melee: Dash then Slicing Tendon, the fact it stop the ranger from moving to uses it need to be fix and giving mobility for it. Disengage sitll has issues switching to range tray or moving over objects. Harvesting 1. Need better source of leather to craft armor and other items with. 2. Blood was a pain to get with a better chance to get green leather then blood. 3. When using a tool with a 35+ to a type of Harvesting I was getting more blue and purples. When using a tool with a 25+ to a type of Harvesting I was getting more blues then greens And thing less I was getting mostly whites with some greens from time to time. That is with Training in some of these skills. I have been seeing that Just having a better general Harvesting skills is better to have then Plus to a bonces stats like Critical Harvest. Crafting Would be nice to have more stuff to craft to be able to completely finishes recipes with all mats. "forgot to add you need to look at success or fail rate that we get when crafting. I had a item that had a 100% to craft and it failed. I don't mind if you just change it to 99% because when I see 100% I think no away it can fail. Unless i'm trying to do experimentation on it." Observations Servers You added animals back into servers and they made it hard to play most of the weekend. Building World It was fun to play with the walls and stuff! it seem to be hard on the server on day 2 and three with everyone building right next to each other. it was the plan to do that to see how it would tax the server so I hope you are able to get good data and better understand how its going to effect everyone once it goes live.
  5. No, there is no assumption their is just experience and knowledge of years of playing MMO's and sandbox games with "real" working Economies.
  6. See for someone like myself who sells what he makes 25% loss of anything I may as well delete it because no one is going to want anything with less stats then what is Avg. I feel what your saying more or less effect the self sufficient players who only crafts for themselves to get by without going to a market. Many don't take the time to get all the crafting skills needed to decrees the failure chance and go right for what they need. To me that hurts the players who take the time to fully train in these skills who fun is cratering and selling what they make to support their group/team/faction ETC.
  7. 1st off do you not remember the take bug that happen not the long ago and what made it happen. So yes changing something so small can have a BIG effect when it comes to coding. I see what you where trying to go with that study and the fact I had a lot of Psychology classes in collage. I have had to read the work of Skinner. To me I believe your bring your own personal feeling to this and also hyper focus on the Individual crafter not in the idea of the system as a hole. There are going to be people who can make things better then anyone else. As someone who has been playing on three account and at different levels of training I can tell you that this system is not bad and is enjoyable. The fail rate is not that high what so ever which in turn makes any form of failing start to be a moot point. Yes if your a casual crafter or a crafter who will craft once in a while then yes your going to run into more failures then someone like myself who crafters over 40 to 100 items a day. I feel that is how it should be to reward people who are taking the time to train crafting then something else like combat or harvesting. On top of that how many people here have really tried out crafting seals to do a better over all job of crafting? I have not even taking into account them and/or using a crafter of a higher skill level. Im more worried as a crafter that the take bug is going to show up again more then any failures while crafting. I love this system when im able to finishes a crafted item with great stats full knowing all the risk that is taken crafting a weapon or armor for myself and others. That is the Risk and Reward that I know ACE is trying to go for. That is why I also feel that it would be a bad idea to remove Failures from Pre-alpha. On a final note: If you where to remove it now and we get new players to come in a play with the system without it, when it comes time to add it back to the game the new players that did not have it in already are going to be angry that they added it at all.
  8. To remove the ability to have failures your removing a important data to collect which is the percent to fail rate or success rate base on Training levels. All it takes is for them change a few things and Boom bad things happen with the failure system. Then it takes them a month or so to dive into the coding to try to figure out what went wrong. More so because of the fact that a lot of the systems they have in game are the building blocks of other parts to the game itself.
  9. Well i'm starting to feel basic crafting is playing a bigger role in the over all crafting then just something you need to do to unlock skills. I read these forums and hear in chat about all these failures to craft from players and very rarely do I get a failure. Im almost 90% done with Basic Crafting and I can craft just about anything with out running into Failures. Im more likly to get a failure on potions to start crafting then when I get going after that. This is also failures in experimentation unless i'm working with Legendary Mat
  10. Well they have come out and said they will not be doing this. The reason for it was simple. If they fall behind due to unseen issues they don't want to tell us that they cant put it out this month and disappoint the player base. You can tell how they promote things on the website if something should be out very soon by the lack of promotion that they due after spending a week or two on promoting it. I would not be Surprise they do this and put something new in front of us as a way to avoid us from hitting the forums asking where is this or that. Right now they seem to be focus on making sure the severs are running better which mean to me they are planning on dropping a lot of new stuff for us to play with real soon, however they cant give us anything else till this is mostly fix as things like Animals and NPCs bog down servers that they are on.
  11. with the rangers melee skill 1 having an over 30 sec cool down its really should not be counted. It might have the 4 second run speed boost however sometimes it drops off before the full 4 seconds and/or if you hit sprint or a attack you will lose it.
  12. anhrezcf​ try getting the skills it does help a lot more for Slag then the potions do. I was testing it out all weekend.
  13. Crafting- Same as before Durability stats added to lower Materials dose not add to the total durability of the item Plate Armor useless to craft when basic is much better. Would Like to know if you have a cap on weapons status as was crafting most of the weekend and weapons were not able to get pass a max damage range. Tools Tools with the same Quality and Gathering Numbers do not last the same amount of time when used on the same level Resource. Ranger I’m glad I could knock the dust off her and really get to player her and feel great Here are some issues with her still Damage not showing up on players after I hit them with an ability. Still would like a bigger hit boxes as I can’t tell if im player CS with the ranger or Castle Wolfenstein when it comes to hitting players -Forest Step to Tendon Slice-Needs to be looked at badly I feel that whole Mechanic is still stuck in the day of root motion. Specially with Tendon Slice you stop to do the attack. -Stakes could use some love as a better CC or defense for rangers. -RMB: Would like to get two rolls out of a hole stamina bar and/or a better way of closing the gap or run away on players. Range attracts Still have issues hitting players on a different level then myself. Banking Transferring items to and from sprit bank sometime glitches and after two minutes I could not use the item it still showed the little red X on the corner and if it was in the sprit bank it now stuck in the sprit bank and if it was in my Inventory and you logged it was gone. Even if you tried to kill yourself the items were still not showing up for someone else to loot.
  14. All currency is just something giving a value and uses as a medium in a trade. As of right now your right It as no real value to it. However, it’s good to start thinking that it does as we already know they it will be used to power factory’s And the dev has talked about maybe using it as the currency to pay taxes and other things. Also, what else are you going to do with it. May as well make it as a currency. @SirGeorge not bad rates. As a lot of stuff is handled in- Alliances I would be glad to help you out with stuff if you P.M on the forums as I think this would be fun till we get Vendors.
  15. Sorry to say this but your Forgetting your Dust Tax Dont be trying to already undercut The Merchants guild by removing Dust Tax "taking food from the mouths of our children" This will also keep players uses to pay for taxes down the road as things like Factory's will cost dust to power them as of right now. Grey material/additives 1 Dust Per Transaction White material/additives 2 Dust Per Transaction Green material/additives 3 Dust Per Transaction Blue material/additives 4 Dust Per Transaction Purple material/additives 5 Dust Per Transaction Orange Material/additives 7 Dust Per Transaction Grey Armor: 10 Dust Per Set White Armor - 10 Dust Per Set Green Armor - 10 Dust Per Set Blue Armor - 15 Dust Per Set Purple Armor- 20 Dust Per Set Orange Armor- 30 Dust Per Set Grey Weapons: 5 Archetypes set Per Transaction White Weapons 5 Archetypes set Per Transaction Green Weapons 10 Archetypes set Per Transaction Blue Weapons 10 Archetypes set Per Transaction Purple Weapons 20 Archetypes set Per Transaction Orange Weapons 35 Archetypes set Per Transaction This sounds fun and we will be down for this! P.S Chodie does pay for stuff he does not realize it when buying from me