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  1. well looks like 5.3 quivers!
  2. well looks like my little break is over with. Time to go ham on the weekends again
  3. Good read. I would like a little more meat to it, like how NPCs effect the server load
  4. To bad if this is fake, I loved killing PL in EvE. I was hopping to do the same here.
  5. I would like to see all the skills we can currently train work before we talk about skill wipe unless this would fix things.
  6. well so much for going to play FF14 if this is coming soon. I think a full wipe would be killer "bad". Specially with us still in the Pre-Alpha/Alpha area of the game. They have not fully given us the tools to be able to do everything in the game. Specially with recipes for crafted items. Now once we moved to Beta of the game then heck yea.
  7. There a reason why Archtype/Class skill training mainly have stats signed to them and most discipline have all the skills and passive. This would cut almost any reason for a refund in training.
  8. Jumping is kind of off. Not only if you hit space twice you dont land on the ground all the way before your second jump. Also when jumping forward its like you it a Invisible Wall and slide down it.
  9. The Plan is the be able for owners of the EK to turn on PvP. Its currently not in game at this time but will be on down the road. They even talked about playing with the idea of being able to destroy building if you so choice to turn it on.
  10. hmm well that is the only fix I know of unless we get a patch that could fix it. however maybe faster to e-mail support@artcraftent.com
  11. Have you completely delete all the folders and downloaded the new client that was released last week ?
  12. If your having Launcher issues you can just go around it. go to your crowfall folder. then go to CFTest Folder Inside will be Crowfallclient with the crowfall icon. Just uses that and you will avoid the Launcher.
  13. EKs parcel moving on top of another parcel. Woodwalls in EKs all they wanted to do is connect in one directions Arrow damage very little damage different from a grey, white, green “would like to see a bit more damage from them.” Lag (I think severs need to come down like in the Old MMO days a 6am. Seem servers run better once it resets)
  14. For me I try to load my EK I just back out to the my Kingdom select screen then it does a quick refresh and click my EK and i'm in. Nothing a little Refresh cant solve.
  15. Well they Increase the amount of Arrows. Just cost a lot more then it should for 250 arrows and they seem to be weaker also.