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  1. When you are harvesting cats and pigs, you're harvesting from Tier 1 nodes. When you're harvesting ore, you're punching T4 and T5 nodes. The higher the level of the node, the more the damage to your tool...
  2. Let's try this again Boars, cats, and NPCs seem to be very extremely CPU intensive. As such, they had to remove them from the PVP worlds. There aren't any more NPC camps. There aren't any more cats. Boar spawn is reduced to one per node and the frequency SUCKS. These changes HAD to be made because PVP requires a responsive system. In a perfect world, this could be fixed quickly. Until then, we need a good source for large amounts of leather. In turn, this means placing decent numbers of boards and cats on PVE worlds.
  3. In the days of my mispent youth, I watched a very silly film called "The Kentucky Fried Movie" One famous scene from said movie was "Zinc Oxide and You": Why do I bring this up? Because you built a world without leather... And in turn, this means no armor. And no confessor books. And pretty soon, no nothing
  4. Assume for the moment, that I am adding metal rings to full suit of scale armor. I want to maximize my resistance to physical damage. 4 pieces of armor X 3 sets of layers per armor = 12 armor layers Option 1: Make 12 sets of layers with generic "physical" resistance. Option 2: Make 4 sets of layers with crushing resist, 4 sets with piercing resist, and 4 with slashing resist Which is better?
  5. So, I know that sanctuary isn't supposed to have high quality materials, but We desperately need "real" leather The PVP world is still too slow to deploy decent numbers of pathers Sanctuary is deathly boring Why not put some T5 mobs on Sanctuary?
  6. Its so cute the way that you think that people care about your opinion...
  7. *** Are We going to Chat? *** I can't help you without a dialog!
  8. Oh... can't actually address arguments related to the topic and try to change the focus to a few irrelevant and ultimately inaccurate claims about the person themselves? Like go ahead, share my opinions on power curves and how me think those should be?
  9. What makes you think I am resort to the most petty straw mans?
  10. Silly question: Why do folks bother to interact with VikingNail? I know that he has very strong opinions I know that he posts an awful lot However, VikingNail has zero real world experience playing this game... Who on this thread has EVERY seen VikingNail on a PVP server? Who on this thread has ever been killed by VikingNail? Personally, I think that it's some kind of weird bot that is trying to pass a Turing test... (If I am right, kudo's to the developers. There are still a few obvious glitches, but its a damn site better than most of the Twitterbots out there...)
  11. From my perspective, one of the most interesting questions about Crowfall is how the economy will evolve. In particular, how prices get set. Here’s a few quick thoughts from a (recovering) economist. Why will Trade Happen? Crowfall is designed such that individual players will have unique skills. From my perspective, the three skill categories that will be most important in promoting trade are Crafting / gathering time – Skilled harvesters have more penetration. In turn, this will allow them to collect significant greater quantities of material in a given amount of time than unskilled harvesters. (Improving penetration means that you can clear more nodes per hour. Being able to clear a node with a single stamina bar significantly improves beneficial harvest results). In a similar vein, skilled crafters can make more stuff per hour Crafting / gathering quality - The more skilled you are as a harvester, the more greens/blues/purples that you collect. The more skilled you are as a crafter the better your final results. Thuggery – When Crowfall goes live, spirit banks disappear. And, in turn, the protection rackets emerge. In my own guild, we already have informal policies that players shouldn’t “waste” high quality materials by doing their own crafting. When we’re making our best weapons and the like, you’ll see one crafter making component X, a second making component Y, and third doing final assembly. How will prices get set? I expect that the prices for various goods will (ultimately) be determined by supply and demand. Looking at the demand side - all other things being equal - raw materials that are required for lots of recipes should command higher prices than raw materials that don’t get used for much. Consider metal prices. Right now, I expect that the demand for iron, gold, silver, and tin feels like it is higher than that for copper. (Iron and tin are required for crafting plate and mail armor. Gold and silver are used for the most desirable tools. Copper gets used for some weapons, but not in the same quantities). As such, I would expect that iron would be significantly more expensive than copper). If we look at the supply side, the primary issues impacting pricing will be How long it takes to gather materials / craft items How common various resource nodes are The relative drop rates of various qualities of ore. Let’s look at a simple applied example: Yesterday, I spent about two hours gathering materials in the gold /slate corner. Over the course of two hours, I was able to collect 33 purple ore 200 blue ore 275 green ore An excessive amount of white ore (Please note: the two hours also included the time required for me to craft a bunch of green tools). If blue ore and purple ore were equally valuable, I’d expect that they would trade at about 9 Green = 6 Blue = 1 Purple. Let’s assume that I were to choose to craft tools instead of gathering raw materials. Over the course of 6 hours, I can normally craft something on the order of 36 Blue quality runetools. What does this imply for the price that I am charging for my tools… The opportunity cost for me to forgo gathering and, instead craft one of my fine tools is approximately: (9 Greens, 6 Blue Ore, and 1 Purple). And this should be the minimum price that I am willing to charge for a blue. (I can craft greens quicker. They’ll be a bit cheaper. Purples take longer. They are going to be more expensive). Right now, the game loop is still broken. I am doing my own harvesting and using these materials to craft tools to sell. In a perfect world, there would be enough dedicated harvesters such that I would be doing nothing but crafting, they would be doing nothing but gathering, and trade would make us both better off… At the moment, I’m not sure whether the harvesters are enjoying enough of a benefit to be willing to specialize in this manner. (its possible that the need to specialize in individual types of resource nodes combined with the friction associated in trading is blocking this dynamic from fully emerging)
  12. Here's an alternative... Invest your training time in the combat skills try and buy high end gathering equipment from Narsille's House of Tools!
  13. The first bank of Narsille will be opening soon... Current plans: Trading between item qualities Selling Purples for 7.5 Blues 11 Greens Buying Purples for 4.5 Blues 7 Greens Selling Blues for 4 Greens Buying Blues for 1.5 Greens Discounts available for bulk deals. Want to buy white ore in bulk? No reasonable offer refused? Want me to buy your whites and greys? Good luck with that!
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of intermediate strategy (spend three points at a time or some such) that work's better. I might try to play around with this next weekend... One other important question: How "good" a tool do you need? Right now, my primary goal is avoiding anything with less than 20 penetration. (This allows me to cut through a node with a single stamina bar and means that beneficial harvest procs well) As such, I am reasonably happy with green tools with pips allocated one at a time...
  15. Over the weekend I spend a bunch of time working on Monte Carlo models to determine what the typical tool that I craft looks like for various material qualities. The primary reason for all this was to try to determine what type of prices that I would charge when I open "Narsille's House of Tools". 1. I wanted to determine what the difference in quality is between the tools that I craft and the tools that someone who is untrained would make. 2. I wanted to be able to understand the distribution in crafting quality. My plan is to demand "Payment in kind", by which I mean that you pay for a tool with the same set of raw materials that I use to make said tool. In order to craft a tool, I need to spend 4 ore, three stone, and one parchment. I plan to offer the following payment schemes You can give me double the raw materials of a give quality level. I will craft two tools. You will get the better of the two. You can specify a quality level. The better the quality level, the higher the cost. High quality tools will cost more than 2X mats cost Low quality tools will cost less than 2X mats cost