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  1. I think that folks are confusing fixed costs and variable costs. Consider the classic case where I need to get up at 3:00 AM in order to start training a new node. The fixed cost for this act is setting the alarm and getting up at 3:00 AM The variable cost is the number of skills / characters that I need to click on. This takes what? A minute to switch between characters? As long as I am smart and keep my alts well synchronized with one another, the variable cost of having 10 or so alts is going to be completely insignificant. This type of system isn't going to have any real impact on alt proliferation. Here's why I like the concept of VIP's getting big training pools I'm going to be on vacation in China for three weeks starting on October 4th Which, of course, means that 5.3 will ship on October 6th I'd prefer not to be complete screwed out of three weeks of training when I get back That is something valuable enough for me to pay for
  2. I understand that this was my own fault, but there is NO damn reason that a fessor rezzing at a fezzor statue wants to delete all their stuff. Please hard code a warning or some such because I'd like to be PVPing right now rather than spending a couple hours harvesting
  3. And what do I do with them? I am guessing that its either a material for construction or, alternatively, something that can be broken down into stone or some such however its not clear how to proceed
  4. Memory isn't getting freed when I close the game. Just shut down Crowfall, went over to play Total War Warhammer and Warhammer was bitching about lack of memory for the graphics drivers... Had to reboot to free stuff up
  5. Hell, why limit this to leather... "Long pig" beats apples any day of the week...
  6. So, what are we supposed to do with our stuff now that the weekend comes to an end? If we Spirit Bank it, we burn through all out imports / exports. If we keep it equipped, we risk server resets....
  7. Well.. We know that item 3 isn't in the game yet. I'm guessing that this feature has not been completely implemented and that some classes are further along than others.
  8. My understanding is This is a feature You can't skip training the last two pips for all nodes There is supposed to be a visual cue wrt which nodes you can skip over
  9. I expect that it is intended to be a cross between a Tolkien-esque Ent and a Giant...
  10. I expect that the 12 hour stream on Tuesday is going to spend a bunch of time promotion the launch of the CWs as well as the race / class splits. I have a few questions that I hope might be covered. Given that the CWs are in the "really soon" category, it would seem that these sorts of broad questions have been worked out. 1. About that skills wipe... I understand that the race / class split and rworking the skills trees necessitates a skills wipe. However, its unclear whether folks will get and kind of credit for the training time that they have already accumulated. I am fairly indifferent about the answer, with perhaps, a slight preference that training time does not carry over. However, I see plenty of good arguments on each side. Regardless, I would really like to understand what's what. 2. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my What's the deal with leather? Are we finally going to see high tier leather drop from critters? If so, what critters will be supported? 3. What are the campaign world rules with respect to import?
  11. If you aren't wearing armor, getting hit by an arrow is going to be rather upsetting. Insta-kill or near insta-kill is a distinct possibility Theres a lot of other places where you could get shot that would cause you to have a real bad day With this said and done, the over-whelming majority of places that you will get hit won't prove immediately fatal and would allow you to get healed. (I've had to track down gut shot deer. They can travel an annoying distance) If someone is wearing full plate - worse yet is carrying a shield - the odds that a single shoot kills you or even knocks you out of combat is really slim. In his book "The Longbow" Mike Loades has some compelling discussion regarding the arms race between bows and armor. Even during the heyday of English archery the primary way that archers inconvenienced attackers was via kinetic impact - not piercing damage. Yes, some folks would get unlucky and take a shot through the visor on in a %+@!$#?&*^ in their armor, but for the most back the archers served to break up massed formations and charges allowing the accompanying infantry to do the real killing.
  12. Personally, I'd prefer a system in which arrows hit harder, but you were much more restricted with respect to the number that you could carry. Back in the weird old days, folks didn't carry unlimited numbers of arrows with them. Going into battle, a Manchu archer would typically carry a dozen or so) The Turks and the Mongols would carry closer to 50. English longbow men would carry 48-60. There are battles such as Carrhae that are talked to to this day because one side was sufficiently sophisticated with respect to their logistics that they could provide their archers with wagon trains worth of arrows. I'd like to see that sort of planning have a role in Crowfall.
  13. Here's a relatively simple idea that might prove effective in discouraging the behaviors that folks seem to be worrying about: What if the cost of importing resources into a CW were multiplied by some scalar. (For simplicity, assume that the cost was doubled) 50% of the resources get imported into the CW The other 50% of the resources are used as a bet that your team wins the event When the CW event goes live, the sum of all the bets are used to establish a parimutuel betting pool. At the end of the event, resources get assigned to the winning team. Importing large amounts of resources will (presumably) help your chances at winning At the same time, this will also expose you to risks from the parallel betting market Here's a practical example Suppose that Players in the Balance faction want to import 500 resources Players in the Chaos faction want to import 300 resources Players in the Law faction want to import 200 resources This means that Balance contributes 1000. 500 get imported and 500 go into the betting pool Chaos contributed 600. 300 get imported and 300 go into the betting pool Law contributes 400. 200 get imported and 200 go into the betting pool If Balance wins, they get 1000 resources from the bet, plus whatever they export. (2:1 payoff) If Chaos wins, they also get 1000 resources from the bet. 3.333:1 payoff If Law wins, they get a 5:1 payoff. Simply put, the more resources that your faction ends up importing, the worse your odds from the bet if you win. If Ace wants to bleed off resources they can impose a rake. <In theory this might create a weird dynamic in which the best way to import resources for Chaos would be to use a Law sock puppet>