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  1. Reading Urahara's posts is like listening to my kid sister when she was going through a really bad breakup. You know the kind where the relationship is clearly over, but she had so much time and energy tied up into things that she couldn't help bitching and moaning for three times longer than the boyfriend d'jour was around. Of course, she eventually turned 17 and learned better...
  2. Any chance that we could have access to the crafting recipes 24x7 (I don't need the actual crafting, but it would be nice to have a online reference with all the various combines) For example, you just commented that there are a bunch of new stoneworking recipes... There's no way to look at any of this for another three days.
  3. How many people were you fighting against?
  4. I don't think that its going to work like that...
  5. I'd feel like a custard idiot.. If I spent six month's doing my best to excel at something and then got revealed as utterly and completely incompetent, I would probably find something else to do with my time. With this said and done, better to discover this after sixth months than after three years... Oh wait, are you suggesting that the Crowfall developers should string people along and hide the fact that they are incompetent as to squeeze more blood out of the stone?
  6. But the gathering game isn't broken... It's broken for you because you don't have the support structure necessary to play the game effectively. The reason that you get mocked and called crybabies is because you have your own vision of what the game is supposed to be that seems actively contrary to that of the developers and the player base. And instead of adjusting your play style or adapting to reality, you keep winding yourself up tighter and tighter.
  7. BTW, I would like to thanks KrakkenSmacken and Srathor for the very impressive achievement of getting members of Winterblades and Sugoi to agree on something..
  8. Once again, the core problem here is that you seem to want to play a group oriented game as a solo player. Bit of background here: My primary interest in Crowfall is to be a dedicated crafter That's why I joined a guild This way I have people to craft for and I have my own band of thugs to keep me safe Crowfall consciously markets itself as the bastard child of Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, and Eve... And here you are bitching and moaning that someone might come along and ruin your enjoyment by ganking you... Get a clue or leave. Either way, stop the crying. It got old a long time ago.
  9. FWIW, I am firmly in the "arrows as exhaustible resource" camp Historically, archers went into battle with somewhere between a dozen and four dozen arrows. (On the low end, the Manchu quiver was only designed to hold a maximum of a dozen arrows) There are certainly examples of battles in which archers had (essentially) unlimited supplies of arrows. Carrhae is a protypical examples. People talk about these examples to this day because this required enormous amounts of organizational skill the outcomes were so ridiculous From my perspective, I strongly prefer a more "realistic" world in which Arrows do an "unbalanced" amount of damage (better than confessors can throw out) There are strict limits on the number of arrows that one has available reloading required a visit to a "pack pig" or some such
  10. You're not just a nobody, you're an unguilded nobody playing in an environment in which strong guilds are pretty much required. I find it kinda telling that the folks complaining that there is too much interdependence seem to be playing solo... (Sorry, but all the srathorbucks in the world isn't nearly as useful has having a maxed out blacksmith who owes you some favors)
  11. As I recall, Sugoi had three Legios (Riku, SirGeorge, and Baswick) I think that Winterblades had three as well.
  12. Nothing that you describe is specific to failure in crafting. Any system that has variance in crafting results is subject to the precise same set of problem. You just gave me a whole bunch of purple mats to make an epic sword. How do you know that I'm not going to keep the super high quality sword that i just made and give you some piece of crap that I had sitting in my inventory for just such an occasion? If this turns out to be a real problem then folks will either 1. Live stream their crafting 2. Sell finished goods
  13. Comment the first: I recommend taking a look at the following thread which discusses using Monte Carlo simulations to predict the expected quality of your rolls Comment the second: While individual parameters may change, perhaps even entire blocks of code, I would be very surprised if the methodologies to explore the design space don't carry over...
  14. That perfect pick that you hope to make means nothing more than a lucky dice roll plus a bunch of passive training. Where is the accomplishment in that? Practical knowledge about how the crafting system works... That has true value today and in the years ahead...