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  1. I submitted a name and it was rejected I think Narsille'); DROP TABLE Names;-- is a perfectly reasonable name and I am disappointed at ACE for their lack of vision
  2. So, I was running around grabbing leather from chests on my legio and had to jump off the wall... It struck me that falling damage should be proportional to the weight of the toon... Centuaurs and half giants should be taking significantly more damage from a fall Rats shouldn't be taking much at all
  3. I was playing on Chaos On occasion you get unlucky with a random draw. I'm not too worked up about it. From my perspective, the change that I would have liked to see would be to use a pair of large guilds to be the nucleus of the two teams, then use the host (Caldera) to even out the sides...
  4. Let me just point out that the team assignments were handled in a very fair way. They marched down a list of players in alphabetical order and assigned one to order one to chaos one to order one to chaos If this produced unfair teams then the blame goes to player name choice. It did feel like Chaos lost a few more players after the first couple fights, however, new recruits got steered towards Chaos and this evened things back out... Given the informal nature of the event, I think that the organizers made good choice...
  5. Erotic roleplaying ...
  6. Say what?
  7. First and foremost, the Crowfall economic system seems to be focusing on specialization, comparative advantage, and trade. You want to make sure that your the best miner that you possible can rather than a third rate runecrafter / second rate miner. Second: +10% crit chance and +2 to critical harvest is huge.
  8. Those +80 to mining picks you are making are meaningly vanity pieces. I doubt that they will exist in the game proper. Simply put, you are sacrificing too much in the way of materials and other stats in order to maximize a meaningless statistic. Because you aren't doing your assembly with all blue materials, you're leaving stats on the floor. The initial runestone that you make is all white, so you're losing out on a big chunk of durability Your crit chance will be .25% lowever because you lose out on the all blue bonus Your final assembly will loss out on bonuses to durability and mining for the same reason If I am doing my math right (always dangerous in the AM) The average cost to create an initial blueprint for the best possible pick using all blues will be something on the order of 4 blue logs 40 blue gold 40 blue silver 60 blue stone In contrast, the cost to create a blue prints for the best possible pick using bootstrapping will average 80 blue logs 800 white gold 800 white silver 630 white stone Once you've created your blueprints, the cost for the bootstrapped item will be a lot cheaper. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to use the bootstrapped gear is going to depend on the relationship between the difference in the quality of the statistics versus the length of a production run from a factory.
  9. I have been giving some thought to the whole subject of "banks" and would like to make a couple suggestions that might improve on the typical MMOG implementation. For reasons various and sundry I had to purchase a safe for the office. It turns out, when you purchase a safe, no one is ever willing to promise you "perfect" security. Rather, they list a set of tools along with the amount of time they would expect someone to require to break into the safe with that set of equipment. For example, you might have a safe that is rated at 8 hours with basic physical tools (grinders, a jackhammer, drills, etc), but only rated at 3 hours against (plasma torches, burning rods, etc). It occurred to me that this might be an interesting feature to extend into the game. What if all "banks" in Crowfall had a similar security model? Imagine a world in which your bank was protected with the electronic equivalent of a combination lock. The more money that you spend on your vault, the "better" your lock, which, in this case, means the more digits in your combination. Anyone who is able to gain access is able to take guesses at your bank combination. However, unless they get really lucky, they're going to require an awful lot of guesses to pick the lock. (For example, on average you'd need to guess 500 different combinations to crack a three digit lock). Of course, if you make the mistake of trusting the wrong sort of individual with the key's to your castle... Which takes us to the subject of thieves... Thieves can invest in tools. Tools work by decreasing the number of digits that someone needs to guess. A simple set of tools might mean that you need to guess one less digit. A really expensive set of tools (potentially a very encumbering set of tools) might decrease the number by four... I think that this sort of system might enable some very interesting game play. Imagine folks trying the equivalent of a bank robbery. Come in with guns blazing Kill the guards Protect the thief whilst he works his way through a 100 different combinations Grab what you can and make a break for it Thoughts?
  10. I believe that the word "Greenskin" would be more appropriate... (The original post feels very much warhammeresque)
  11. As I recall, disciplines are linked to vessels rather than accounts. So, I could have one vessel specializing in fiery gold bars and another in hilts and ... Even so, I do like the idea. One possible implementation would be to have a discipline in specialized crafting. You slot whatever type of widget you want to specialize in as a component in making the discipline. Not sure what the buff should be. Perhaps an extra experimentation points. (A unique buff would be cool, but I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement this)
  12. I was just doing some harvesting on Corruption. Did the number of nodes for a large stone cluster get decreased from 5 to 4? If so, why? If not, there's something wrong
  13. That was my interpretation as well. However, it could be wishful thinking on my part. (Life is easier with the same mean, but lower sigma)
  14. I am guessing that the are doing rolling one and then multiplying the outcome by the Crit Amount rather than rolling once for each level of crit amount
  15. Short term, alt accounts provide ACE with $$$ during the pre-launch. Their incentives might change once the game launches