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  1. Don't worry, you haven't seen the real politics yet.
  2. 4 million copies sold.
  3. I think it's fair to say some people are treating crowfall tests like a game and are currently trying quite hard to win. Heck there was even a person asking for some sort of reward for winning a test campaign.
  4. And like I've said before, the most ridiculous thing about it all is that crowfall already has other world bands for softer pvp, there is no reason to make even the most inner bands soft when they can already cater to that crowd with other bands. It's like some people like apples, some people like oranges, the supermarket can offer both, but the people that like apples are demanding that the oranges be turned into apples as well.
  5. I prefer what actually happened personally. But you can enjoy your fantasy.
  6. I think it is the most interesting one to play because it is trying to manipulate both enemy factions at once inherently.
  7. There should be no real rewards until the game is launched.
  8. The hardcore survival games are closer to crowfall imo (well they were closer to the initial sell of crowfall) they aren't really close to mobas considering they are focused on building cities and structures to defend and amass gear and tech to conquer the entire world. Sure based on scale they are not mmorpg, but actually technically some might be considered mmos at this point, with the ability to have over a hundred players playing concurrently in the same persistent world. Their major difference is the RPG aspect where survival games generally don't have the same level of character progress and development, but I don't think that is really the selling point of either of these games. These games are supposed to be about social player driven politics and the ability to build stuff and destroy other people's stuff.
  9. Holding a key to cap is very common in competitive settings and provides a wide array of tactical dynamics to attackers and defenders.
  10. They are drifting away from full FF towards group immunity. They are drifting away from precision attacks, they are drifting away from full loot. If that isn't softening then what is? They are taking down the skill-ceiling and making everything less challenging. Well like I said, we have entire booming genres based on the desire for hardcore pvp and building (survival genre) so if they build it people will come. The problem currently is that they are listening too much to the complaints of a certain group of players so what they end up building is heading towards being too soft.
  11. Looking forward to it, sounds like a lot is being added.
  12. We didn't depend on r30s, we carried them, then we left, then they lost. Weird how that works? If it makes you feel better I don't remember you, but I do remember there were so many people that were afraid to play on scorn. You are on a long list. Honestly it's hilarious when people that claimed they played beta act like they don't remember my guild. It just tells me they weren't aware of what was going on at the top of the food chain.