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  1. This is a great point, hopefully your other guildmates have come to understand this as well.
  2. Not all archetypes are intended to have 3 promotion choices. It doesn't change much but I just want to make sure misinformation isn't spread. Also imo ACE seems to be slowly shifting away from promotions and more into disciplines.
  3. There will be a wipe right before the game launches, everything before that is just testing and impermanent.
  4. What's also unfortunate is that they are informed pretty openly about what to expect, and they still freak out at ACE. It's not only that some may not understand the nature of testing, it's that they refuse to accept that they don't understand it.
  5. Trust me, if you are in the majority when it comes to gaming opinions you usually aren't very good. If everyone could see the intricacies of gaming as well as the top 1% can then there sure wouldn't be so many bad players.
  6. Split screen should be top and bottom like this: If you are just getting used to video editing tools by experimenting it is all good, but so far some of the split screen implementations have been pretty poor.
  7. Extra extra mmorpg development has delays!
  8. No form of CC should ever last more than 2-3 seconds, and DR/immunity should be aggressive to where you quickly become immune to people spamming CC. Ideally this ends up being balanced in a way where CC is at its most powerful when you are outnumbered by 2-3x somewhere in there, after that CC should become redundant on an individual player. This is a good goal to strive for because it makes being outnumbered a disadvantage while eventually making it so that those numbers can't always just spam CC and have it stick to you the entire time, they actually have to outplay you through other elements of combat. You never want hard cc to be so prevalent and effective that a zerg ball can just roll up and overlap everything and faceroll their keyboard and still be able to lock players down from 100 to 0.
  9. Pot meets kettle.
  10. As they give us more and more features it becomes easier for some to project how everything is going to fit together. I think a lot of your concerns may be based on not seeing where it is all headed based on playing an early state of testing. Though I do think some of your criticisms may be accidentally correct but not for the right reasons. Crowfall could definitely use some revamps in some areas conceptually.
  12. I personally believe that focus target features de-emphasize situational awareness so I hope they don't implement it.
  13. Tab-targeting should not happen in crowfall, and I doubt it will.
  14. The game is currently in pre-alpha.
  15. This game isn't designed to be balanced, there will be hard counters, there will be certain situations where your character absolutely is the wrong tool for the job and sucks.