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  1. They need to test their features for launch, this is one of them, players without vip were never entitled to multiple training anyway, so they shouldn't be surprised at any time if they lose the ability.
  2. I mean trying to compare it to a game that has failed and had completely different development circumstances is all well and good, but ACE stuck with a combat system that was easily identifiable as ineffective very early on. They ultimately stuck with something that doesn't work, for a long period, which is inefficient. ESPECIALLY in a game that doesn't have a giant budget. This wasn't a nail in the coffin, but it was extremely inefficient. Yes the game has come a long way, they have overhauled combat, and people are optimistic about the future, but that STILL doesn't make what they did efficient in regards to combat. Just imagine where the game might be, if they had been able to identify the problems with their combat more quickly.
  3. People that make it personal like you are never really objective or correct, sorry.
  4. You can email the support email and change your username/displayname/ingamename (they are all the same at least for now, this may change in the future)
  5. They've also stated that they need to be able to move away from things that aren't working quickly, and they were unable to do that in regards to combat.
  6. Yes and sorry to say, they wasted a lot of time on the old combat. It's not the end of the world, but that is what happened.
  7. None of these concepts are anything mindblowing, they just stuck with a stinker combat system too long, that's inefficient. They've course corrected, but it was still done more slowly than it should've been. That doesn't mean the game is doomed, it just means they weren't efficient.
  8. They spent more time than they expected on combat, I believe they were inefficient in deciding that it needed to be overhauled. They have done a lot of changes, but I do not think they got around to those changes as quick as they could have.
  9. I don't think they were efficient with combat and the server side controller stuff.
  10. I'd say based on traditional game testing that the game is in alpha tbh. But it doesn't really matter what they label it, all I know is it seems like they are getting more efficient at assembling the systems.
  11. This commonly occurs when they update the game but haven't gotten everything synced up yet. It will be resolved eventually but as there is no scheduled test this weekend I wouldn't expect anything too quickly.
  12. Crowfall needs aggressive DR and once you hit an immunity it needs to last for more than a few seconds. CC should be something that needs to be timed very well and at very critical moments. Not something spammed constantly hroughout a small scale fight.
  13. Game could definitely use more DRs.
  14. I spent enough time in the past protecting the best gear. YOLO go out with the best and let your skills save your gear or lose it.
  15. Simply put the best pvpers will dominate the dregs. Because servers will have caps zerging will only get you so far, throw in a degree of friendly fire and whatever resource logistics they are going to have for big armies, and it's not going to be as easy for zergs as it might have been in other games. And that's the way it should be, in an FFA band the most ruthless and skilled killers should dominate. Now if some guilds that aren't as skilled can find incentive to get those players to work for them, they've played the social aspect of the game, and that's fine too.