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  1. According to the TLDR the devs were given a pass until now. I would like to know when this pass was given because I feel like they have been consistently criticized about balance during the entire development of the game. I also feel like the TLDR in the OP is almost demanding certain things of the devs. I think this is not good because while 5.3 is going to be a very big patch, it is not the final patch before launch. There is still a lot of game to be made, including a lot of things that would impact balance. For example, not all of the race/class combinations will be in for the start of 5.3. I think players should always make suggestions, but if ever there is a time to make demands, it would be after the game is launched, not during development. The game will still be missing a lot of features that change the way combat is played out. I feel like the OP is imagining 5.3 to be more of a game-like experience instead of a testing experience.
  2. I hope they shrink the twix bar so that most abilities require decent aim to land. I also hope they add full FF to this game for the dregs.
  3. There is no reason for shady RMT third party businesses to not sell VIP for real money once they figure out a way to farm whatever is required to trade for it in game. The only way ACE can stop this is by putting a limit on VIP tokens about how often they can be traded. I believe if their true intent is only to allow someone to acquire VIP through in-game activities then the tokens should have a 1 time trade limit. Directly from the person who paid real money in the cash shop to the person who needs the VIP time for themselves.
  4. The resources are becoming less limited. Maybe you missed that. EKs used to be dependent on CWs. That's not always the case anymore. And while I doubt CWs will completely die out or anything, they are going to create a situation where their PvP population which is already split up in different types of bands, also gets split into the hardcore arena crowd that sits in EKs and doesn't really care about CWs. This is going to ultimately delegitimize a lot of the CW because these players will always be the best and they will start to make CW community feel lesser. Generally, especially as a niche game you want to avoid splitting your population too much anyway, because even if you have 100k players, if they are all spread across 100 different servers the ghost town sensation starts to take over and when people feel a game is dying, whether it's just their server or the entire service, they start to quit as well. Albion is actually facing this issue right now because while they still have pretty populated pockets within the game, the overall world has parts that are starting to dry out and get neglected, and players experience this and the game becomes less fun to them and they quit too. The risk you take with expecting emergent behavior from your players to carry a game is that if you fail to predict certain behaviors that will start making players quit, it may snowball before you can fix it.
  5. CF has already been softened for risk averse players in many ways, and EKs are already heading towards becoming more than they ever should have been. It feels like certain design principles are just being blurred and smudged. CF won't have AO's power curve but even if it did it wouldn't be like AO because ACE has so many more options.
  6. Yea, that should tell you something about who is playing chess and who is playing checkers.
  7. You are playing checkers
  8. He says while thinking that majority perception is accurate to reality.
  9. No, it's literally chess vs checkers, I am sorry you don't see it. This is very silly logic. Most of the time the majority do not understand chess, they are playing checkers.
  10. Oh there is sooooo much more than that.
  11. Squashing them in all things. I can see why someone playing checkers might choose to believe such a narrative, but you are simply in way over your head.
  12. Great job, the races are all shaping up (or down) nicely.
  13. Does this mean you guys aren't protecting the tree very well?
  14. I think you don't understand what is going on at all. Lol. It's funny seeing you still confused about it though.
  15. I don't know that that's a pretty big ask but perhaps. Currently I am squashing winterblades though. Their obsession with me has gone from in-game and camping facerip to try and draw me out to coming to the unmoderated discord and trying to spoil leaked game of thrones episodes only to have me spoil finales for them. They just can't seem to do anything right!