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  1. Yea man....as dumb as it might sound it's sometimes easy to forget that you play with real people in online games. Unfortunately things like this happening are a pretty harsh reminder of that fact.
  2. I'm pretty sure VR Crowfall is so far on the bottom of the priority list that it's literally falling through the world. Like they would probably work on improving the textures underneath the ground for the rare occasion you fall through the world before VR.
  3. I would really love the ability to be able to turn off this red screen effect.
  4. I edited the 2 August Q&A segments together into a single video highlighting the info segments I thought were especially important. People seem to enjoy these supercut versions of the streams so I'll keep making them.
  5. They've got to be careful with this and not give Non-VIP too much buffer time. This will be very difficult/impossible to retroactively take away without people completely losing their minds. The thing with giving Non-VIP a big buffer zone of 24 hours or greater means that dedicated crafters/harvesters will be undermined by the ease of how manageable doing those tasks will be on an alt account. Logging in once every 24 hours and queuing up skills on all my crafters is not that hard to manage. However if they make the grace period 8 hours to where the time changes day to day then managing it is considerably more difficult. Another thing they could do is give Non-VIP something like 72 hours of buffer time per month to use as they need. That way people could use their buffer as they need it and won't feel bad if they can't check back in for a day or two. It's much more dynamic. Obviously VIP members would have no cap on buffer time.
  6. They've said they've got a solution to the nearest target thing. Just engineering time is the bottleneck as always. Even with all of those things changed the combat still isn't precise enough for full friendly fire and never was to begin with.
  7. That's a pretty extreme example I believe I remember them saying on a livestream that they made the hitboxes intentionally huge on purpose for the time being.
  8. Full friendly fire in this game just isn't going to work with the combat and ability design. However I think there's a very good chance we'll see friendly fire happen to anyone not inside your 5 man group. We've seen this play out on the non-faction based servers in the past and it seems to be very playable. The combat just isn't precise enough to have full friendly fire but I absolutely think it could be used to spread groups out and stop/nerf the power of large death ball groups.
  9. Hymn of Restoration's tooltip is very inaccurate and is only granting 24 in combat regen. I could have sworn it used to be more but maybe it never was accurate? Either way I feel like this skill needs to be changed to a very low percentage based heal. It seems like the concept of the ability is to have a very weak group HoT effect but having it be a base value is very problematic long term when it comes to scaling.
  10. RMT will exist in Crowfall but it will be done way more infrequently and have little to no negative effects on the game. Bill might sell Joe 5 swords for $5 under the table. However I really don't think we're going to have to worry about big companies coming in and trying to make a buck off Crowfall. There's just too many complexities with no real safe zones and everything being so player interdependent. Also with how impermanent everything is in Crowfall it's not going to be very attractive to buy gold in the first place because unlike most MMOs the vast majority of your assets will turn to dust eventually. In the highly unlikely event that Crowfall actually does have some third party RMT the game and community will self correct far better than a theme park game. Players will figure out the bot patterns and kill them systematically. With Crowfall being a PvP game it'll mean that players who get undeserved and ill-gotten gains won't be hanging on to them long.
  11. ah yes...of course!
  12. Troubadour song toggle reapplications put you in combat. This is super annoying and isn't consistent with the Bard counterpart. Lambent of Sadness effects need to be doubled or maybe even tripled for that ability to be worthwhile considering it's melee range, has a slow tick rate, takes a power slot, and a major discipline. It doesn't even cancel out passives in it's current state. I would also like to see you guys hack fix the Myrmidon paired weapons. If doing this is some gargantuan task then obviously don't waste your time but man it would be nice to be able to play the Myrmidon outside of basic weapons. Not the greatest feedback in terms of "show stopper" bugs but most everything else was addressed earlier in the thread.
  13. It took a while but I finally edited down the 12 hour livestream into a supercut version. This edit mainly focuses on the informational segments of the stream while still leaving in a few of the funny moments. This edit is still pretty long but there was A LOT of really good information in this stream!
  14. Some funny moments I found while editing down the Crowfall 12 hour marathon livestream. The supercut version of that should be out soon barring any technical difficulties. "What's a GILF?"