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  1. Yea it is pretty crazy how many people work in the games industry that don't actually play games. Glad to see that ACE has some ex turbo-nerds like Blair on their team who have actually played games and been good at them.
  2. I'd rather have this as news than anything about the EK.
  3. In order for the crafting and harvesting playstyles to be viable and VALUABLE gear quality, vessel quality, discipline quality etc. will have to offer significant stat increases. If they only end up being 10% or something then you complete eliminate the need for the industry side of the game. ACE has said in the past that a player with the best gear and MLG god tier skills will lose to 2-3 noobs in crap gear. This is a perfectly acceptable power curve in my opinion. I'm hesitant about stat increases from skill trees but I trust ACE on this one. I'm sure certain skill nodes will get nerfed if they offer too much power. If the stats these trees provide are completely insignificant then you eliminate a lot of player choice. I'm in a 3 way dilemma on which way I want to go with my skills on launch which is a good problem to have. This game is not a MOBA or a competitive game where everything is fair. In my opinion a lot of Crowfall is going to come down to industry rather than hotkey vs. hotkey skills. Being good at Crowfall is going to be about putting yourself in a position where you have an unfair advantage over your opponent.
  4. I don't think this is that big of a deal to be honest. Maybe they could make it to where you just have to press F once to start the harvest channel or something (although I don't think this is necessary). However I don't think any sort of mini game will make harvesting any more fun in the long run. If anything a silly mini game would get tedious over time with how much harvesting we're going to be doing in this game.
  5. These are really solid changes. I'm sure we'll see the shortcomings of some of them as we play. I like the dodge changes because it didn't feel like dodge was super valuable for a lot of the archetypes. I like a lot of the class changes as well. I would specify but I pretty much like everything I see here. Also good job putting the damage bonus back on the Myrmidon. I was loudly complaining about that being way too cool of a mechanic to remove. Glad to see it getting tuned rather than gutted. Good stuff!
  6. If you're looking for a pretty good laptop I'd recommend Sager. Gaming on a desktop is far superior but I was in a similar situation 5-6 years ago where I had to have a laptop. They're not really traditional laptops more like portable folding desktops. The one I got literally weighed like 25 pounds, was really ugly, and was loud as hell but damn did it play games really well. Not sure if they're still reputable or not but I'd give them a look. http://www.sagernotebook.com
  7. Looking forward to being able to have some sterile testing environments via personal EKs to test out mechanics in safety. I'd love it if you guys had some sort of target dummy that you could put in an EK (I'd buy one!) All in all I still don't really care about the EK's but I'm excited to see that major features of the game are starting to come together now. Hopefully you guys will actually be able to hit your summer soft launch date like you said you would. Bring on the campaign worlds!
  8. As long as my crow can wear shorts in the winter then we're cool.
  9. The more I read about it the less interested I am. Unfortunately it seems that Crowfall is the only new MMO that has the vision that I want for a game. If Crowfall doesn't deliver then I will be a pretty sad puppy because there are no other MMOs even on my radar. Here's a pretty good article on Rend: http://www.pcgamer.com/rend-survival-game-preview/
  10. Whatever they end up doing they absolutely need to bring back the damage bonus for damage taken. That was one of the coolest mechanics in the game and added a lot of depth to the archetype. It was just awesome being able to play the exact opposite way you're used to playing and intentionally trying to take as much damage as possible. It was absolutely disgusting what they did to the Berserk mechanic. Sure it needed some tuning but just adding a flat damage bonus is incredibly lazy. I instantly lost interest in the Myrmidon after that change.
  11. Hopefully the launch of the EK tech leads to some buildings and POIs being implemented into campaigns. I can't say I'm super excited about EKs but it seems like a lot of the tech will cross over into the campaign worlds. Other than that...EKs...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. As everyone else has said I hope you guys have some POIs and objectives before 24/7 testing. I'm very curious to see how far the game progresses between now and 24/7 testing. Are you guys still on target for soft launch this summer?
  13. Hopefully they eventually let us move the notification window. Having it pop up right in front of your actionbar is pretty terrible.
  14. FML...Looks like those dickbags at Intel are going to get my money again for having higher clock speeds over Ryzen. I feel like such a tool for getting a 10% upgrade from my 4790k but I need to have a whole new rig. The 7700k can hit 5GHz pretty easy though apparently.