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  1. That was pretty awesome dude! I really liked the editing and how it wasn't too over the top. Lots of clean transitions that make sense too. Seriously...good stuff! Feel free to use any of my Crowfall footage in future videos (if you feel they're worthy )
  2. Is this going to be applicable to the actual PvP campaign worlds any time soon or is this just more EK stuff? Eternal.....zzzzzz......Kingdoms.....
  3. This isn't normal fluff...this is advanced fluff.
  4. That's kind of exciting. Maybe this means we'll be getting some big updates before then. Surely ACE wouldn't want to show Crowfall off at a trade show without there being some sort of serious game loop.
  5. Right now the game isn't much of a game. There's no objectives, points of interests, building (on PvP servers), or win conditions. The game is basically craft gear and wander around trying to find people to gank at this point. Hopefully we'll start seeing more of the actual "gamey" features come online here in a few months.
  6. I'm just happy it's not an Eternal Kingdom update.
  7. Please god. Do not implement anything remotely close to the downed state from Guild Wars 2. That mechanic ruined PvP for me in that game. How stupid is it that you have more health on your back than you do standing up lol.
  8. Having a competitive mode would be an absolute disaster for a game like this. Especially if it was done via small scale and small timeline battlegrounds. The skills in Crowfall are going to be balanced around usefulness throughout an entire campaign. Not a 25 minute battleground. The entire premise of the game's crafting system, building relationships with other players, alliances, and basically everything would be undermined by a "competitive system". The only sort of competitive system I could see is having the guilds that win campaigns face off against other guilds that win campaigns in a NCAA style bracket system. Even that will have some complications but wouldn't undermine the game.
  9. I like the idea of harvesting zoom. It nerfs the power of stealth solo harvesters. Without being vulnerable while harvesting then people could very easily solo harvest with a stealth character and the only real threat would be someone else sneaking up on them from very far away with another stealth character. People running around solo harvesting on stealth characters is bad for the game. Safe harvesting should be a group activity. However you'll still be able to solo harvest...just at a bigger risk.
  10. Glad to see you guys are keeping the party sizes small.
  11. More like Shake 'n Bake
  12. Planning on playing with a steering wheel and gas pedal so I can drive noobs into the wall like The Intimidator would.
  13. As long as leather armor remains valuable then this is a non issue. The market will adjust accordingly if the leather supply is less.