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  1. This is the greatest update in the history of Tuesday.
  2. The Poisoner discipline passive "Poisoned Weapons" doesn't seem to be making my primary attacks poison damage. This may be a visual bug but the damage text is not purple for any of my abilities. EDIT: Apparently all dots have purple damage text and I'm an idiot. However the wording on the "Poisoned Weapons" passive is a bit weird compared to the other disciplines. What are "Primary Attacks"? Is that every attack in the base kit or just left clicks? Most disciplines that modify the left click use the term "basic" and says something like "applys blah blah effect on last basic".
  3. If you see me standing still doing nothing that is due to a cast bar bug with the Bard where it disappears. If it looks like I'm doing nothing I'm likely channeling a song and the cast bar disappeared. Fun event! Performance was much better than I was expecting.
  4. The Caldera event was pretty fun and played a lot better than I was expecting. In this video I'm playing a full Bard Confessor with a Focus Orb. The main thing I was focusing on was keeping my song buffs up and looking for big Novas and knockdowns. If you see me standing still doing nothing that is due to a cast bar bug with the Bard where it disappears. If it looks like I'm doing nothing I'm likely channeling a song and the cast bar disappeared.
  5. Whoever that Bard was in your group was incredibly skilled and handsome IRL. He had excellent song uptime and provided beautiful in game sounds effects for everyone to listen to.
  6. I think for the most part this is a non issue. We can just look to the real world for an example. There's tons of people who inherit fortunes and the the vast majority of the time the families end up right back where they should be extremely quickly. Then you look at the wealthy successful people and find out 80% of them are first generation rich and are successful due to their own merits. The free market will work itself out and Crowfall is going to be the free market on steroids. Crowfall is a game where you can kill trust fund babies and take their resources. If undeserving players have resources they shouldn't have then it's not going to take long for balance to be restored to the force.
  7. You are most definitely in the minority with that opinion. All of the most powerful minor disciplines in a lot of people's eyes take up passive or ability slots. Here's some really powerful examples. Mortal Sin Careless Whisper Uniform/Matching Armor Armor of Faith Overwhelming Odds Sturdy (got nerfed but still good imo)
  8. None of the minors that give stats or equips take up passive slots.
  9. The Crowfall forums have seemed turned into Tumblr where the problematic people complain about issues that don't effect 99.9% of the rest of the functioning members of society.
  10. As always I look forward to not seeing any of these forum warriors in game. Because you know....none of them actually play the game.
  11. This is a top tier thread. I'm here before Jamesgoblin. Include me in the screen cap.
  12. I actually really like this idea and it would give Scouts some combat utility besides being the guy that runs around and tries to avoid people as much as possible. Imagine sending your Scout ahead and being able to tell what another player was wearing, what their resistances were, and what their disciplines were. That would be incredibly valuable information to have before going into a fight. Maybe it'd be OP but I side on the devs attitude of risking something being OP for the sake of having a cool mechanic. If it was OP they could just put a hefty cooldown on the "Inspect" ability.
  13. Is this the news drop for today?
  14. The "Maximum Required Resources" information is really useful. Especially for weapons or anything that has a lot of sub components. I've definitely felt like a huge dummy realizing 3/4 of the way through crafting a weapon that I didn't have enough mats.
  15. Heh. They put a Wildstar character in there. Only 1 though it seems.