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  1. Ahahahahahaaaaahahahahahaahaaa <gasps> Hahahahahahahaahahahaahahaaaa! I love it. I wish it would launch a giant blue bolt of doom at any attacks while in a temple, that crisps the attacker. Leaving his body there to loot. Anger not the gods, spirit for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
  2. Again why not set up the skill tree so it is viable day 1. No you won't get a mint worth of purples right away, I am not asking for that. Make some of the basics more useful, trained fast, like 3 hours fast for the starting ones and give some base bonuses in those early nodes. If they are going 100% passive then they have to be nimble at the start. You have to hook the fish before you pull it into the boat.
  3. I start with a -0.238 I hit combine, I now have a +0.488 I do experiments and get crappy rolls I now have a +0.452 Somewhere the math is wonky.
  4. Or they could make the tree better. You know like gosh. 3rd node in basics Plentiful Harvest Knotwood. Change that to Wood. Same for stone and ore. Then on the base node for Gathering, excavating, and skinning another plentiful harvest point. So without true specialist training you would be at pip3 in the different types. Same as the passive. Have the passive add 1 to anyone's skill. Gather and non, So non trained would have pip2 and if they did a bit of training in the basic gathering could get pip3. Individual training in all the types is also a joke. I am great at mining iron but poorly made socks at mining copper.
  5. When the difference is a 2 minute wait for a cooldown or practically zero node loot, yes most combat trained will slot one of the passives if they feel like gathering. Shouldn't the skill trees themselves make the first year of the game functional, not a re skinned hack gathering passive potion replacement. It is just going to mask the problems the passive skill system tree for gathering has. Just like the potions do. Fix the problem, don't spackle over it with a bunch of crap.
  6. Also crafting a weapon is broken right now. The final combine swaps the negative good bonus for a positive bad bonus. And if that makes sense to you then you have been around blairmath too long.
  7. Do yall know how long it would take to get plentiful harvest to three pips in the gathering tree for actual gatherers? In just one subset of one type of ore? Let alone all 5. It is a band aid fix that gives everything to non gatherers and while it does give it to gatherers too it is a mockery of the time gatherers have to spend in their chosen role. Of course having a disc give 150 attack power or more is the same way when you can spend a week or more getting like 15 attack power. The numbers make no sense. The timings make no sense
  8. Why is it not okay for a guilds time and effort, but ganking a gatherer is "just pvp". Burning your hard worked city when you are not ready is also "just pvp" and you should learn to git good. Or get some friends. Or maybe the game is not for you. (All bs I have heard a billion times now.)
  9. I can't stay logged in with chrome unless I am on an incognito instance and even that is wobbly. Any ideas?
  10. Yeah Warrior priest with AE pulses off damage. More damage more healing for those close to you. That would be the smash face one. Or another path, the zen monk style, leather clad, standing back calling down the fire and light, staff in hand then someone gets too close and the stick becomes a whirling oaken shaft of pain and defense. And finally the country priest, wise, calm, and willing to get dirty and get what is needed, done. Harm his flock and you will see the chainmail of the old faith come out to play, strength of stone bedrock, of faith in something greater than he, and a will to stop the sinner and unbeliever in their tracks. Yay Clerics! Heal me!
  11. Would be nice. I would love to move to a monster spawner node for some stuff. Take the boar spawning thicket, hold F and a boar pops aggro to you and attacks. But it might be 1 or more or a giant boar of doom. The rat idea is great though for EK's
  12. It is in game. It does nothing!
  13. Wipes for this weekend? Skills + EK + Bank?
  14. Hey Tark will have a few for sale I am sure. I mean he is starting with 55 of em. According to him. I do expect one of them to be named Srathorwasright though, he did lose a bet after all.
  15. The Purebloods. All the other humans are just muggleborn. Hell the confessor screams Malfoy to me.