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  1. 5.2 Servers are not letting me log in. I bet Max did something bad.
  2. And Todd was out of the country and so was Gordon.
  3. It is all being wiped soon enough. All those glorious pixels.. Poof. Gone. And after that they will come for your skill training.. Poof. fed to the hunger of the great Tyrant in the clouds. Oh No.
  4. Blue go to User\name\My Documents\Art+Craft\ and delete the folder there. Then rerun the patcher.
  5. Got a bug where all buttons and jump were disabled after death. Also had a bug where it moved me upon death but before hold F for release So I had to wait the 6 minutes then move out of range and get warped back to res. This happened multiple times.
  6. It doesn't make any sense. It is an outlier kinda like the druids essence. You can make gear that regens in combat resource, but wait it doesn't for knight, or for druid. It like many things in this game is thrown in and together on a whim, then defended like it is a sacred cow.
  7. I just want the new server.
  8. Basic arrows stack right now in 5.1 to 500 But they are made like 25 at a time. It is horrible. Advanced arrows stack to 250 and are made 250 at a time. It is a dumb mechanic. But whatever.
  9. Blair is lost in the forest and is denying the trees that are around him. Dude needs a vacation. Then can can make a bunch of good changes while he is gone and not fighting on his hills.
  10. This is a game where you can do everything. You are just going to suck at most/all of it. For a long, long time. Or jump through hoops to get fake skill like discs and gear to push you into the maybe, kinda, not suck at it, sorta range. Take mining for instance. If you need to get small minerals out of big minerals. Yet you have not trained a thing. You have a choice or three. Train. This will take months to get good at it. Find a friend who has the skill and help them. - This is a damn good route to take. Get the Laborer Disc, make a bunch of potions, get armor made to give you more crit and crit amount. Get the best pick you can find with crit on it. - This is the route the stubborn will take. Then complain that they can't do it all. While they are almost as good as a gatherer. (Well until the gatherer does the same)
  11. 1st bug. We have patch notes with no patch.
  12. I use mine as a meeting point. We have skirmishes most nights, duels and theorycrafting abound. Trading happens. We have newbs coming in and getting a decent introduction to most classes. We have had some very fun fights in open fields. and in city locations, In the hills of the land, as well as the forests. We have fun. While the test is down. That, in itself, has been amazing.
  13. Yay more stuff to muck with! Patch today?
  14. Few numbers for you. White tools cap out at +33.ish Power Greens +45.ish Blues +69.ish Purples +94.ish (Not Made an Orange) These are the highest capped numbers with all pips amazing on a single roll / Double/half split rolls.
  15. Next month the format should be changed. This was practically useless for the first 35 minutes or so. Just like the last one. The 4 week delay also does not help because it makes them not even know what they are talking about. I know everything is a work in progress but a lot of it looks like amature hour.