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  1. If starting training time was not too long I would love to see a skill reset with each new campaign world. But have each campaign finished give a time boost modifier to the crow. So the next campaign skills train slightly faster. Not a long term increase in power but helps move things along and new players still get the same strength as the campaigns are ending. Hell apply that to the general skills with the faster training and the long term AT training stays the same and persists through the life of the game. Gathering and crafting should be minutes and hours in the basic trees. Not hours and days. Basic skills should be learned and past in a day or two tops. Specialized skills in a week or two tops. And campaign worlds done and dusted in 3 months or so. Otherwise you are going to have 1-2 campaigns with the world rush and new world smell then as people have more skills trained you completely lose the fresh world rush as veterans have the skills they need and everyone else is just fodder. Let the old grizzled vets have the AT skills trained but start fresh with the generals, and the generals trained at a MUCH higher rate. That seems to be a good short term and long term system. That covers the not fun aspects of gathering and makes the choice much more valid. What yall think?
  2. I don't like the giving starting skill points idea because then why not just change the numbers. Basic skill ups should be minutes and hours. And give a base of like 33% of what the potions used to give you. 33% more should come from gear at the top end. Then the last bit is player skill. Give the node a facing, give the sound when hitting the nodes a sound, a dull sound for poor facing hit. A better ringing sound for a decent Side facing hit, and a nice ringing dink dink dink sound for a smack in the sweet spot back hit. Have this effect the amount of crit as a way to do player based skill. No stupid golf swing minigame, but instead something for people who are paying attention. (A toggle for f would help too, you can't chat while gathering with the hold f mechanic and lag causes many many startstops which are frustrating as well.) Basic gathering armor would help as well, made with dust/basic mats and it crumbles fairly easy. like after 24 hours use or something. Determine what the average amount of mats is expected. And tailor it to that gradient. Starting out low skill low luck rolls. 1-2 chunks. Mid level mid luck 4-5 chunks High level high luck 12-15 chunks. Then apply that across the ranks of nodes. and skill levels. With full potions running 3 weeks ago and a +45 pick gathering on a rank 6 node felt pretty damn good. Of course with full potions running it was like I was a max skilled gatherer using a decent pick vrs a middle rank node. So it should feel that good. Doing any gathering unskilled is just bad. And now that I am starting to get skills in it. I can see it will still be horrible for weeks and months to come.
  3. Taking 2 months to train up alchemy to get the skills that will take two months to get by training up gathering is kinda foolish. (Of course they could make the alchemy better, but if they do then why train up gathering.) The issues with gathering more so than crafting are not too hard to see or figure out. 1. Gathering is the most risk of anything in the game. 2. Gathering unskilled is not fun at all, and and an actual waste of time, yet it is required for everything else in the game. 3. Gathering is too specialised, but the recent changes made it a bit better, sure it is still batpoorly made socks insane, but better. 4. Training gathering will take too long to become fun, it feels punishing, but required. (Remember, first you get basic, then excavating, Harvesting or Vessels, with more sub-skills under that.) 5. There is no player skill to add to the equation and holding F and covering the screen with the node alone is mind numbing. Well for fixes/help lets see. 1. Bring friends, guards to help, pack animals to carry things, all this adds to logistics and timetables, and since they can just bring more killers as well helps little. 2. How can you get skill to be viable at getting the mats. Bring friends all trained in different things. One in ore, one in stone, one in trees, one in bodies, and one in critters. With 2 months training in each of those things you are only 20% better than an unskilled mouthbreather, With the best gear available you might be 25% better. But you won't have the best gear for 2 months because you need gear to get the mats to make the gear. So you have to have 5 gatherers else you are passing up mats on the hoof so to speak, that or you only get what you are trained in, and feel like crap for not being able to help out on the other nodes. So 5 gatherers plus guards, and possible pack pigs and other things. That makes a huge target, with specialised snowflakes that need protection. Who are all bored and angry. Great time that sounds like. 3. You made the skill trees slightly better. Go you, it is not going to help when people quit early on before they get their amazing 5% chance to get a rock, so now they get 2 rocks.. Ooooo double the power man! 4. Combat is supposed to be 33% gear, 33% training, and 33% player skill. With a variable thrown in of AT matchups and numbers as well. Gathering is 90% training. 5% Tool, 5% gear and if you don't have all of it you get Gene Wilder Willy Wonkaed, (As in YOU GET NOTHING!!!) Or maybe a rock. Wooo a grey rock. None of my friends have a rock this big. 5. Hold F. Follow coords to new node. If attacked try not to poorly made socks yourself and hope the guards have not be pulled away by a limping supermodel in a torn dress. We need basic gear, to fill the gap of skills, we need some method of improving chances based on player interaction, we need picks that last more than 12 minutes of potion induced frenzied gathering while looking around crazily yet not turning our head. You realised combat was not fun, so you did your best to fix it, gathering needs that same gimlet eye. Crafting does too but just a wee bit, mainly the FAILED you GET NOTHING bug/feature.
  4. Zombie camps with a bunch of zombies waiting around taking up processor cycles is a nono as well. Those suckers don't much like light. Despawn with a burrow animation if not aggroed in 2 minutes. Respawn with player interaction with a loot chest, sometimes have loot, sometimes spawn 1-5 zombies spawn with animation crawling up out of ground. Or when people move around inside the camp. Spawn random number depending on how many people are in the radius. For the boars if you have working paths. Some spawn looking for food. (path to nearest watering hole wait 2 minutes path back. despawn with animation pushing into the thicket. Some spawn looking for fun. Spawn nearby and travel to neighbor thicket. Spawn female. F ing animation. Path back to proper thicket despawn. Having mobs just wander around is an mmo idea to make the world feel more populated. These are supposed to be dying worlds. Stuff doesn't hang around milling about when zombies walk the earth.
  5. Another idea, Place a bear spawner on a cliff face. Interact with the spawner. Get a message that the bear is not in, come back later, or check near the watering hole. Spawn bear at watering hole. Or get a message look behind you. Hi Mr bear Oh god not the face! Or get a different message and a small family of mama bear and her three cubs appears, then daddy bear show up once she dies. No pathing needed, spawn a few different encounters. Have it make lots of noise overland to interest pvpers nearby. Hell if the pathing is being an issue Have spawns of a dead body appear on the ground instead of a tree after it is harvested. Vary stuff up a little bit. After the dead boar body is skinned have a couple hungercats show up aggroed to the skinner. He just took their lunch. Much much easier than trying to get ai to track through a variable world. If a cave gets interacted with too many times in a certain time period then you can just send back the message this cave is empty, the smell of people has driven off the creatures. (respawn timer of say 10 minutes, to force others to go elsewhere) hell give a perception check to see tracks to another spawner that spawns nearby because this one is now empty. (Like say another PoI the watering hole, or another poi the giant bear cave mark 2 electric boogaloo.)
  6. No if the beasts are causing that many problems, then go back to the leather in chests ideas. Or go to a interact with spawner element idea. F the spawner (Poke the lair with a stick) and a wild boar appears to defend its lair. No real pathing needed. Aggro on the F er. Monsters just wondering with no rhyme nor reason is an artifact of trying to make a game world seem more real. But ended up being camps of spawns doing nothing. We had better AI with Everquest years back.
  7. Made a Long Sword with a Green Hunger shard. Didn't seem to do anything. <shrug>
  8. Hmmm what weapons?
  9. They tried something. It didn't work like they wanted. So they tried something new. That is working better. Along the way they had a billion other things they are working on as well. Some of them are working well. Some are not. Seems like it is going okay. Sure I wish it was faster and they had a finished product ready to go. But they don't. Efficiency is not perfect, it is doing something with little waste.
  10. Servers are up. Just a couple now
  11. I just leave the empty potions bottles lying around. The gankers are sure to trip on them and alert me. Also harvest as a druid or Lego, then you can heal up and run away. Make sure to waste the gankers time as much as possible as payback for the cheap ambush attacks.
  12. I had 5 pips the last 2 tests then I skilled up and ruined it. Dropped back to 4 pips monday night. I guess it was golf score day or something. With potions running. Stupid potions! Almost through to the runecrafting node, then I can start on that or more ore node training. Or both. If I switch them fast enough the server might melt and give me an extra point or two. Like High frequency trading! Hmm. That might work. I ripped off a tag from my water bottle and flipped it over and wrote 10 minute duration you no longer suck at what you are doing potion! I drank if before I started typing, but I don't think it is working right. Must be a bug. Crap 10 minutes is up. I suck again. And I am sloshing now for my 10th trip to the toilet. Stupid kidneys.
  13. I'll keep trying with the Srathorbucks. I did give out 3 weapons last Monday, but that was just general stupidity on my part. (couple whites and a green) I do have a 20 stack of all the potions in the bank, so I am sitting pretty there. I just hate the fact that I need them, and the 10 minute duration combined with the pvp killing ground I am on when harvesting is a lot of stress on my weak ass heart. Feels like I am walking a highwire while on a timelimit, and yes I know I am taking it too seriously but I can't help it if I am paranoid, I KNOW they are out to get me. (and my PRESCIOUS! Ore that is Gold Gold. Like Texas tea!) I am training up exploration but I also need good picks to get the ore. So I am also training that up, or at least doing one or the other. Or swapping them sometimes. Sometimes within the hour. Up stupid skills UP. Go FASTER!!! Get me a potion, stat!! Sorry had a relapse. After the first 72 hours the slag shakes are supposed to go away. The bastard druid lied to me. Mutters hypochondriac under her breath, gripe! The stupid servers have to come up, I am buying games again on Steam. Why lord why!
  14. I have the knowledge, but no have the 4.6, I would be a sad panda, but I am not a panda. I miss the sweet slaggy taste of 10 minute potions. Stupid potions.. Nooo potions I am sorry I love you!.. Not the wire hangers mommy, don't give me the hose again. I'll drink the potions. I'm sorry!
  15. Yep it wants 4.6 and I have no 4.6. I am now sad.