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  1. This is a short clip of Fortnite Gathering.
  2. This wouldn't suck. It would play crowfall really well. Decent enough price and you could tweak it for price or quality.
  3. We will have to see what comes of this. The idea is good, the implementation will determine it's worth to me as a gatherer. It does open up certain things, but the underlying mindset is still to have the gatherers as weak loot pigs. Not useful in fights at all and with certain very vulnerable and exploitable weaknesses. Yet they have to go where the biggest risks are. This makes for very stressful and not enjoyable gameplay. It also has the previous weakness of only one skilled person is truly useful. With the most damage applying the only useful stats that affect the nodes loot chances, other helpers are just a go faster, their skills trained and gear worn mean nothing. We will see what happens I suppose.
  4. There are two universes right now. Completely separate installs. Live is the long term more stable servers. Test is the more oftenly patched servers. Of course right now that is the opposite. But growing pains happen. Right now the action is on the live universe. But it is kinda slow because the next big patch is coming.
  5. We are also at the tail end of a build. Nothing is going to survive once 5.3 is started. All gear gone, all training gone. Archtypes gone. The king is dead. Long live the new king! So not much reason to try and make a new sword of awesomeness when it is going to be very temporary.
  6. If you have played Fortnite they have a system where you have to have the cursor on the nodes as well. But with a skill training it puts a bullseye on the graphic on the node, hit the bullseye and you get double damage and it moves. That speeds things up considerably. Funny thing is, that it is also fun. It is also on the left mouse button and fast and easy to do. Each node takes 3-5 seconds. In black desert online you could get buffs and gear to the point where it took about 2 seconds to work the node. In Crowfall 10 hits is the minimum. But here you can have others help. The issue with others helping is that many many times they can screw up the gathering. Yes it is a matter of training the other players in how to assist, and I have done so, but the system itself is very clunky and not fun. It is also very easy to ruin any trained gatherers yield with a couple of chuckleheads. I have some of the best ore gathering gear in the game right now. Made by my hand and countless hours of UDL protecting me while gathering ore. I have made I think about 3-4 tries at each peice to get the stats I wanted. There is still some headroom there with amazing rolls on every single piece and I can still go purple in quality so there is some headroom there. I am not at mastery yet in ore gathering because of the insane requirements in the gathering tree time wise. But I likely have more time in it than anyone else in the game bar Tark. I also do not think anyone in the game has spent as much pure time gathering ore as I have. Maybe Anhrez, but he is insane. If they added a skill node that would paint a crit box on the node for you to target, that would add to the crit chance like to the value that the test potions added. If they fixed the beneficial harvest amount learned by the skill tree to be more than .025 while the potion gives 50%. If they added more than 10% to an individual lines crit chance before the final node in the specialization tree. When the potion gives uhh. 35% I think (Guessing from memory) If they added another 4% crit amount into the skill trees to replace the 4 the potions give you. If they lowered the armor on mothernodes to say like 25 instead of whatever insane number it is now and increased it so final destruction rolls were on every 25% of the mothernode. If they added retention of the highest gathering stats per node instead of whoever does the most damage gets their stats used, for group gathering then there would be a vast improvement on the gathering in Crowfall. It is a group activity that really does not get better with group play. We cannot gear to make it better with group play. Only 1 persons stats matter. While holding F is a chore on it's own it is also being locked into only looking at the node with no variation that is the issue. We can't type to friends, we can't look around and keep watch, and it is at least 10 hits (20 seconds it seems) where we have to stare at the node. Give us something to do for that chunk of time which if done well improves the yield. With group play, make the individual matter. Otherwise they are just being used to speed things up, but they can screw that up easy. And for gods sakes. Give us more durability on the picks. not carrying up the durability for 9+ months means you just do not care about it. Yes I understand you need an engineers time to fix it. But much like the arrows issue, we have to carry multiple tools for a game session so getting dry looted of them SUCKS. Same thing with the potions timers, that you raised to 12 minutes. Make them 30 minutes or adjust the skill tree so we do not need them at all. (Hint we drink the potions at the start of play. Don't make the skill potion equivalent in the final node after 5 years of training.)
  7. Got 4 people together to try motherloads again. They are broken completely. I had on my stat screen +65 mining, Anhrez had +63, Milo had +60 and KingRat had +58. We had the leadership buff from Ralin_ironwolf. We went after the rank 5 gold node at the mine POI. Our combined powers only got it to slightly past 75% before it depopped. We are also trained in the motherload skills in the excavation tree. Something done be broke man. We have an older video with Anhrez, myself and a third fella from months of training ago vrs a rank 5 easily doing 5-8 of the motherloads. Something done broke. Not that anyone will notice, they are never used.
  8. I love gathering in other games. I also love crafting. I like building and making poorly made socks. Always have. Crowfalls gathering right now is functional. But it is not fun. The building of gear towards the goal of being a good gatherer is functional as well but overly dependent on a single stat with no other stats being useful at anything other than a lark. The skill raising and the choices and time it requires to be a good gatherer is abysmal. The entire system is using the crutches of the Laborer disc and the Test potions. They are the ONLY reason the system is even functional at all. And the laborer disc is simply one of the potions rolled into solid form. They are working on the gathering system right now. I sure hope they let some of the people who will be banging on the systems in game for hopefully years into that process.
  9. The southwest to center of the map fort, keeps eating itself. Myself, Venark, and Kirchoff built up that fort and just a bit after we almost got finished it started exploding on it's own, and then reformed the stage 1 hippos after a bit of time. Very odd. I think it is infested with nargles.
  10. Something will end up getting used. Dust seems the logical choice due to the need for a common item to automate vendors. How much dust will be the question. And will it hold value? That why I use Srathorbucks! Even if the econ tanks they can still be used to wipe! So the value never goes to zero!
  11. Getting that disgruntled off when I am a heart patient, no it is not worth it to me. I know it is a limited time thing that servers will be this dead, and that I could have gone to the rank 9's out in the corners. I didn't.
  12. I only harvest solo about 3% of the time. Most of the time I have someone watching my back or at least nearby looking for fights. Most of the time I can get away with the loot too. Only some of the time do I get caught. Even then if it is 1 person most of the time I can either fight them off if they are noob or at least get away. Of that whopping 3% of the time when I am harvesting solo. I would say I have gotten away with no loot loss 30% of the time. I have probably lost about 3 potion cycles (12 minute timers) I really do not harvest much solo since joining UDL they have been good to me. I only went out solo because I was bored and not really awake yet. Ahh well. Anthrage was also nice about it. And played masterfully to get me cold. I just hate the fact that when I wanted a good 30 minutes of gathering I was not able to do it. It took me a bit of time to make the tools and the potions and import the gear and get everything ready, and I got started and had scouted the area and got to whacking and 5 minutes in Bam, time ruined. Then everything I tried was sewn up neatly and I got killed. Like I said originally I have been killed in this game hundreds of times, hell I have been ganked easily a 100 times. Sometimes I rage, sometimes I laugh it off. It all depends on the mood and how much work I put into it, vrs how much reward. This time I did everything right except the fact that I should never go out alone. I should have just crafted till others got on. Next time I will do that instead. Because the game has made it not worth playing as a gatherer solo. Grats the pvpers and designers have won. Hooray!
  13. There is always that danger. For everyone. But the risk of loss is much much more for a gatherer, than a wolf. The gatherer starts with loot. Like potions. Have to have them. and they are on a 12 minute timer. Like Tools. With really weak durability you have to have multiples. So they are open to loot. There there is the vulnerability aspect. A gatherer specs for gathering, not combat. Disadvantage 1. A gatherer gears for gathering, not combat. Disadvantage 2 A gatherer has to disc for gathering, not combat. Disadvantage 3 A gather is making much more noise, it brings combat. Disadvantage 4 A gatherer is focused on the nodes by design. Disadvantage 5. A gatherer is forced out of combat to gather. Disadvantage 6. A gatherer has a minimum number of hits no matter how good the gear. At least 20 seconds per node of no movement and making lots of noise with no looking around. Disadvantage 7. Getting the point? They are doing a gathering revamp. I want to know what they are thinking. Because my past experience of version 1 is not a good one.
  14. I tried to get away. Had C charged. He outplayed me. I couldn't C with the long term dot on me. But I had a window and took it. Warped away. He got me still So I stopped moving and destroyed what I could. Remember. I am gather/crafter specced. With gatherer gear on. And laborer, with escape passives. Fighting would have been spitting into the wind.
  15. Anthrage just ganked me on Live 5.2.7. I have been ganked many many times before. This one feels special though. I was on my rat. Why? because the rat is the best at getting away. With the loot I have spent much time preparing to gather. With the loot I have spent much boring time actually gathering. Please note the word boring. Gathering in Crowfall is a chore. It could be used as punishment. Add on top of that the chance that at any second you could be killed does not make the chore any better, it does not make the activity of holding F and exposing you in a pvp game any more fun. What is the first rule in any pvp game. Do not stand still. Bleh I don't feel like typing up all this poorly made socks. None of it matters. None of it will make a damn bit of difference. Gathering in Crowfall is not fun. When I do it, I feel like my time is being deliberately wasted. I feel weak, and exposed. I feel like I am wasting the guards that I have to have around me time as well. I feel like I am fighting the game, and the other players are just the tools of the devs to punish people who dare to gather. I do not like this feeling.