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  1. Processor being used at nearly 100% not sure if it's "as intended" before the update i never seen it going so far
  2. I'm so one of the lucky one to have one of your art Great video and presentation of yours, loved it.
  3. Great stuff, as working on IT too, i can imagine how stressfull it could become when upgrading stuff, even more at your level ! Hope everything will go well on your side team and will enjoy breaking the new stuff on the next round
  4. Big announcement : Oberon make his return
  5. En fait tu ne recrée pas ton personnage, tu intègre un nouveau corps ou tu peux récupérer ton corps. Je présume que tu t'es retrouvé en corbeau? Quand c'est le cas tu as deux choix actuellement : Soit tu récupère ton corps : quand tu es en corbeau tu choisis la grande statue au milieu Soit tu prends un nouveau corps : tu choisis une des statues d'une archetype Voilà, j'espère que cela pourra t'aider pour la prochaine fois
  6. Hâte de pouvoir tester ça, ce weekend maybe
  7. Lot of tears for such pixels Ace disrespectful? I never seen any team committed to their game as Ace and even more Tyrant, who's there since the grey box environment, who stayed with us on chat, responding to questions and such. He was even up early for EU ! And as @Vectious and @SirGeorge, it's sad that Ace needed to make such a topic for things who are supposed to happen on testing, the only thing Ace owe us is the final game and it's not even there yet, they are only building the bases. What will happen when they will wipe skills servers? will you cry a river too?
  8. I have the feeling this "exploit" turn out to be really I remember numbers of bugs occured in HD when whe have killed people with them, are those people called us "exploiter"? And those bugs gived us damn great advantages in combat, and still i haven't found someone in those tests who called us exploiters. Remember the bump bug? Grapple knight bug? Anyway, great video, it looks really nice and give great view for the future of Crowfall. Oh and hype for the new music !
  9. Ok @Tinnis that's not fair to make me laugh that hard at my job, my colleagues are now asking why i'm laughing so hard Anyway, hope to have soon access to it
  10. Champion is broken since they removed strength of the mountain from it. The rage generation is so broken you get detroyed before you can use any power, it remember me the time the Legio got the same issue with rage until they corrected it
  11. People call it exploit when it's a bug and why Blazzen reported it on video for purpose. Damn, people are aware it's pre-alpha or? Those things need to take place to get fixed.
  12. Not sure how to get that news, i'm quite skeptical I hope there will be more to "do" in the 24/7 server that, well, crafting/harvesting. It's not really my cup of tea and i really hope to see POI/Siege and stuff like that to motivate conflicts to be taken place into the server. Can't wait to test EK and get the disciplines in (i think, like in SB, they will be great POI)
  13. Those memories of Shadowbane, running in the land at specific times to get the right NPC poping and get the kill, hoping to get it before another group ran into it. And when you had it, quickly recalling before a Thief come and steal you or a group kill your carrier Damn, can't wait to see it ingame, since some of those major will be tied to Thralls, i'm quite sure those Thralls are gonna be massively POI of themselves And for balance, i'll wait until all the archetype/disciplines/promotions class are in to even bother about it.
  14. 2 years ! Glad to be there, still remember those good old memories Great job Ace !
  15. Great news, it start to come together !!! Now we only have hope and faith for the lag and it will be bad ass