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  1. I'm too worried about the impact in performance, because actually it's quite the dark point about the game. Hope it will not be too much.
  2. Ok, new tester, discover things etc... but what the hell? You ask for deleting a class because you don't like them in general in MMOS? Come one this is some crazy laughable things to read. And by the way the Ranger gonna be reworked with stalker so more arrows and more logs please!
  3. Nice video makkon, it's sad to see where the Myrm is in now considered where he was before. As Blazzen pointed out, the timer of berserker need a serious up (12 sec seems good) because actually it's quite useless and the lack of ressource remember me the old Champion/Legionnaire problems
  4. Good read, and so much memories with Hellcats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfjMtbXNgm8
  5. Disciplines Shield glare from master of shield doesn't blind video here Frighten from destroyer don't do damage and don't seem to apply any debuff video here
  6. @Nyazoi Un bon rétablissement à toi, j'espère que ce n'est rien de bien méchant. @Centaurus Bienvenue à toi, merci de prêter main forte, ça fait plaisir de voir une équipe franco aussi dédiée à sa communauté (même si celle-ci n'est pas encore ultra active )
  7. I see it like this (as Thomas pointed out) : actually it's only PCM (that you choose to up in your experiment when crafting) because, yeah you want to cut down those mana/stamina/rage/fury cost to be able to sustain more your dps/health/whatever. So ,in fact, templars/duellist are not impacted because they use pips (as assassin probably too) But then they will add others experiment like, attack speed/damage and maybe others like dunno, bleed damage/poison damage/electricity etc... And then i think PCM will make it look more like a choice in crafting your weapon more than a punition as actually. Will i choose to craft PCM on my double daggers to be able to use more often my powers because i have a powers build? or will i boost my attack speed instead because i have a basic attack build? Actually it's biased but at term i think it will make more sense (or not i dunno) In fact eventually, pips users are gonna be less advantaged because they will not be able to use PCM with a powers build since it's not impacting Pips, dunno.
  8. Problem with others maps than BB : performance, the fps drop is so crazy in Corruption
  9. Yeah ranger have a lot of counterbalance to the output damage of the bow LMB (as @Tinnis pointed them) and the only CC (since trap is kinda buggy at least last time i used it) is the Suppress (who is easily avoidable with the root animation compared to the KD of Confessor wide range) I just hope that the bows disciplines will be charged ones too to counterbalance, i must say i'm quite intrigued to see it (hope soon maybe this weekend?)
  10. I hope it's a relic, because if you take a look to the Dual Axes from Myrmidon, they can be used for Assassin too (don't have checked for the dual maces) Not sure if they have talked about skills tree rework on stream, could be a good question for the next 12 hours stream. I presume they will, since they gonna have to merge rangers/stalkers + legio/cleric ones.
  11. Yeah thinking the same, and if you look at those range extender +30 with those 3 runes. At least conf can't take them i'm intrigued to know too if those basics attacks are gonna be charged ones too
  12. I feel the ranger melee has been sacrified for the sake of Stalker. I'll have to erase my 60% train ranger for a starter Assassin now Anyway i agree with most of this thread, there is clearly something wrong with the build now and i'm quite afraid of seeing coming the stalker + ranger mix and the frostweaver And this. I miss the old days of Shadowbane where you had the double time immunity of a CC after being target of one. The actual immunity is kinda broken (how many time in a fight yet you found someone stun/knockdown immune before they are dead? and i'm afraid of the assassin stun lock Blair talked about...) and to counter it you need to take at least one major disciplines? sound dull.
  13. Nice idea for the UI revamp they are working on
  14. Feedback : It should be indicated the weapons needed for some disciplines, like Knife Grinder who need bladed weapon to use their powers, because actually is quite useless to take it as a duellist for example, since the powers are not working with pistols/rapier.
  15. General Massive drop of FPS on some parcels (going from 100+ to 40+) position where it occurs on Corruption EU 3269.3,3.3,2116.0 Grid H9HDLDM6 Looking at the hill on a duellist in burrow mode 3171.2,25.9,2241.0 Grid H9HDD7P4 Looking at the N on a duellist in burrow mode It seems to be on every parcels that the fps drop so bad i even droped to 28 fps at 3260.5,8.2,2531.9 Grid H9GDBCMD on a duellist in burrow mode Burrow mode or not doesn't impact the fps drop Chat bug : still chat bugging impossible to send message, you have to click on the second TAB titled me and then back you can send in chat again Spirit bank transfer : when transfering basic weapon from my inventory to spirit bank, she disappeared. Was on Corruption EU on a duellist in burrow mode