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  1. You are wrong about that. One point you arent getting straight is that you are thinking that Crowfall would be a digital place for Nerds showing of how powerful they are. Crowfall isnt just a simple combat game, and thats all there is to the game. And the faction or guild with the most and strongest players is which will be the most powerful and will always win. Thats not how the game design is intended to be or will be like. To remind you, Crowfall is a mix of an MMORPG and a strategy game. A good strategy game usually has multiple win conditions, just like Crowfall is intending to have. So it wont just be whoever got the most and strongest players will win, but it will be whoever plays the smartest way will win. Crowfall isnt intended to be just a combat game, and your combat skills will alone determine if you win or lose, there are intended to be multiple facettes to the gameplay and possibilities of victory. Therefor a good variety of different POI must be available, as well as others things, including maybe bigger and smaller NPC factions, which also could be controlled by players theirselves directly or indirectly, and by this enriching the gameplay experience very much. Honestly, and people are calling me wrong and I would try or intend to change the game vision of Crowfall. You lots are. Just because I am saying things you dont want to hear, I am the pure embodyment of evil... Here is another thing. Like I mentioned above, I am not stating wrong things or would be lying or intending to harm somebody, neither am I intending to change the game design. Its just that i am stating things which arent too comfortable for you to hear, so you of course label me as ill minded and intentioned. I am very well aware of all this and I am also very well aware of game development and the game vision/design for Crowfall. And I am just knowing all to well that if they struggle now already with implementing the simple basics for the game concept, they wont ever reach there where Crowfall was intended to be. Its not that you would have an endless amount of time and resources. Thats also why they are constantly asking for more and more money. But its just a simple fact that If things dont proceed too well and big problems arise with already basic game development, the games never will be able to reach very far during their entire life cycle. You only jsut have this amount of time and resources to make your game concept to become true/reality, and if you dont within a certain time frame, you most probaly never will. Crowdfunding isnt some magical exeception to the rule. Where you have an endless amount of time and resources and ambition. They all will decrease over time at some point. And its your responsibility to get your game vision done within this timeframe, especially if you claim by yourself that much to want to do this. If you have the luxury to dont have to worry about money even more so. I am very much supporting... I dont even want to respond to this. Boundless for certain isnt any garbage, its a very very good game, with lots of potential, and shaping up very very promising. Conan Exiles is just another cash grab survival game, which will be in early access forever until it gets shut down finally. Its amazing that these survial game cash grabs are still working, but I guess thats due to the fact that palyers really want more freedom of gameplay and influence than they have in current MMORPGs. Its because the MMORPGs are so restictive gameplay wise in freedom and influence of players, that the survival genre arised and received such an interest. There are also artefacts and relics intended to be, together with some other gameplay enrichment things. Its not just all about resources.
  2. https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/16177-rend/
  3. People were making fun of the new game Rend, which was announced recently. That they have only a 20-30 player cap per faction during their early access, in a 3 faction game, which is game design wise somewhat similar to Crowfall. So I am expecting Crowfall to beef up their player capacity soon I guess, because 50 is much less than 90, and both games are in early access. Well, but they also made fun of Chronicles of Elyria, because their devs were asking for more money than 1,8 million, and called them scam, while Crowfall is having 11 million and is still saying that they arent having enough money to make the game. All while Crowfall is much much easier to make than CoE. Guess you shouldnt listen too all kinds of people talking...
  4. GW 2 WvW got NPC factions as well, and its not a PvE mode, its the open world PvP mode.
  5. Prove no, this is ridiculous, nobody can. But development time of Trove was fairly fast and good, shouldnt have been 3 whole years. And money shouldnt have been more than 10 million. The will soons, will be released soon, in comparison to Crowfall their development shows very good progress. Divergence Online was developed by 2 people or so, and would be much more successful if it had the support and attention Crowfall got.
  6. Also what do you think will full release of Crowfall be? 2019? They are taking far too much time for basic game development, which shouldnt be a problem at all, especially not for industry veterans. Crowfall is really a very basic game.
  7. Trove yes. Divergence Online did. Boundless will soon. As well as: Sky Saga Shards Online Gloria Victis Life is Feudal
  8. Boundless Divergence Online Gloria Victis Trove SkySaga Life is Feudal Pantheon Project Gorgon Shards Online The Repopulation Tree of Life Adventurequest 3D Land of Britain El Somni Quas Wild Terra The Imperial Realm::Miranda - The One Man MMO Project http://massivelyop.com/2016/09/24/massively-ops-guide-to-the-best-upcoming-indie-mmorpgs-part-one/ I am not a non player first and I dont ask for PvE second. Seriously, you people, dont lay words into peoples mouth, which they never spoke.
  9. Considering the size of Crowfall, which is just a simple PvP MMO, without PvE or a story or anything, and not having its own engine even, ah well, you people got no sense of what you are talking about. This is such a basic game, this is basic game development, nothing more, nothing ambitous like Star Citizen or anything, really just the basic stuff of game development. Its very much doable in 3 years without any worries about money.
  10. Not being able to even just soft launch a game the size of Crowfall after over 3 years of development, while having a budget of 11 million $, is actually what you would call really bad development work. You know, there are a bunch of indie MMO games out there, who would be so glad to receive the attention and support Crowfall is getting. They got much lower budgets, and actually are getting much more done than Crowfall.
  11. Didnt they say Crowfall will have thousands of players on a server? Thats only because of Alpha or is that also the intended game design now, like combat was, before they had to change it, because it was unbearable. Whats more the thing with this, amazon game servers or unity engine?
  12. Combat improved after they started to listen to feedback after half a year and they took over half year to improve it. So combat isnt so terrible anymore, but the game development didnt succeed any meaningful way.
  13. Of course you arent a white knight... Release was Dec 2016, Open Beta was Dec 2016, Something close to the final game was Dec 2016, mini campaign worlds dont even get mentioned anymore. They dont even care to spend just a sentence about all this. What are you talking about? You realize that not much of their vision have been realized yet, do you? And if they dont get something done soon finally, they never will. They really make a bad development job, so much is clear. Or are you debating about that? I guess you are still trusting them and believe them that they will soft launch this year.' Really, get real, dreamer.
  14. I honestly doubt that they will ever get there though, with such bad performance they are showing off.
  15. For example, in the future we could create modules that… - Change the Siege rules (We’ve hinted at this already, with the announcement of the BaneCircle stretch goal!) - Add a new type of caravan -- like aerial transportation (Picture WoW-style gryphon rides, only with mounts that can be knocked out of the sky with projectiles!) - Add a “divine summoning” system, where a team can perform a complicated ritual to summon one of the Gods to wreak havoc on a Campaign world …these systems could be added as supplemental Modules, overriding or augmenting the existing game rules in unique and crazy ways. http://crowfall.com/en/faq/campaign-modules/