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  1. We're starting to assemble our staff and establish our member base for Crowfall! If you're interested in a organized Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore community, apply today! Feel free to PM me, message me in our discord server or apply via the website.
  2. Now is the time to reserve your spot in a awesome community for Crowfall! Looking for both Hardcore and SemiHC gamers to add to our ranks! No matter your playstyle or availability, we have a spot for you! Join us in Discord for more details!
  3. Feel free to jump into our discord and chat with us about our guild! Look forward to speaking with you all!
  4. Pain Train is in need of more Hardcore & SemiHC PvP players for our guild! If you're in search of a mature, fun and healthy environment, come and check us out! Looking to do it big with both PvP and Eternal Kingdoms! If you'll be gaming more on the Eternal Kingdom side, we have a spot for you as well! PM or visit our website at
  5. Looking for more Hardcore and Semi-Hardcore gamers! Join us in Discord for more info!!
  6. Join PTX in this weekend's test! Having a blast so far!
  7. Likewise @Voices! I'm looking forward to this weekends test as well! I finally have a weekend off and I plan on taking full advantage of this Crowfall test!
  8. Pain Train is looking for more like-minded individuals to team up with us in this awesome title! Come and Alpha/Beta test with us! Feel that you have what it takes to lead? Stop into our Discord or TeamSpeak 3 server and chat with a member of leadership!
  9. Can't wait to get this going @Voices!!
  10. @cyjax I did not. I've had a few people ask me as well.
  11. Awesome! You and Fenix should drop into our TS sometime! I work a ton as well, so I know the feeling!
  12. Likewise! It's been too long! How are you these days? How's things going?
  13. If you're looking for a fun community with a chill environment, come and check us out! Feel free to hop into our TeamSpeak and chat with any member of leadership. We're interested in speaking to like-minded individuals who are looking to enjoy all that Crowfall has to offer. We are looking for gamers with all types of playstyles and time commitments! PM me!
  14. While we wait for CF, feel free to join us in other games! Visit