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  1. Starbucks Pink Drink. Tastes like the pink starbucks and loaded with caffeine.
  2. I feel like you are totally putting on your blinders and ignoring readily available information. As someone who is starting "conversations" in the forums I would expect you to be a bit more savvy on the information put out. I am cursorily following the information put out until they finally release the Assassin for play and even I have seen in video mentioned several times what Viking is trying to explain to you and that you are ignoring. Furthermore Viking is correct in what is said about what goes into the game development. Artcraft and MANY other developers have gone into this conversation over and over as this type of concern is always there for the playerbase. You create a false dichotomy fallacy by saying either a or true or b is true. Where a and b could but be true, or neither true, or throw in other variables. One thing that IS known, is that different teams work on different things and are multitasked such that the WHOLE team is NEVER all working on the same thing. Even if each sub of the team eventually touches on that aspect one or several times. The biggest clue... that you just ignore and pass off, and which has been talked about, is like was mentioned, the resources and ability to put out a class has become such that not only are they confident they will put out the intended classes, but now you have racial combinations for all of the classes. This is not something that developers on a time crunch, with the need to cut corners do. It just doesn't happen. So may you should read those books you suggest to Viking a bit more and understand what it is you are reading, and maybe take some time to learn how data analysis works so you can take all these multi-source pieces of information and analyze them to the correct conclusion that others are coming to.
  3. No. There is no need to cut corners and some of us are pretty set in our desire to main a class at launch.
  4. Isn't looting from stealth a bit OP? I mean, I know it's not total stealth (assuming none get put in later even as a short "escape" CD) but I feel like that's something that should bring players out into the open. Even if it's a you can start the interaction FROM stealth but stealth will break sometime during the channel.
  5. This is what i mean by some indicator. For most peopl. In Shadowbane it was just knowing that a thief was on track. Might not be able to see stealth or know where but at least you knew something could be up. He'll some people couldn't track and relied on friends to tell them, otherwise the moment some good dropped they would immediately recall so not to be potential target. Anything more than 'someone hanging suspcipusly around you' because in general you weren't suspicious of guildies (unless thief class then don't come near me at all).
  6. It's not too easy to take guess work out a game, particularly when a spy in guild you'd normally trust could take advantage by indiscrimantly robbing everyone blind. Whether the clue is simply that person has the capability to steal (whether he will or not is something you hazard) or a visual animatuon to person attempting to steal giving you a chance to react. Particularly in the hands of stealthers. But saying that, your suggestion is a completely valid and Ultima-esque way to handle it. As trapped bags is how yoi dealt with thieves the best in that game.
  7. There's needs be something a little more discerning than "this guy been near me". There should be absolutely no guess work in that there is someone near who can steal from you. Just like there are counters to stealth, at the very least there needs be a "uh oh, thief near, let me take some kind of action". Shouldn't have to go "sorry don't help on this node cuz if you stand too close to me 'friend's im gonna kill you for suspicion of thieving.
  8. In Shadowbane only Thieves could steal from you in the first place. Tracking made it a simple deal for most people to know when a thief was about and take measures to not have valuables on them if no way to reveal. A far cry different then a discipline where you have no idea who the heck a thief is. Not the same at all.
  9. There HAS to be some way for the player to be able to tell who is able to pickpocket from them. There HAS to be. No two ways around it. Thief as a class is shadowbane were shunned by strangers and guildies alike. But at least people could look and go "oh, that guy is a thief, don't let them get near to pickpocket me." I have killed guild mates in Shadowbane for being a thief and getting too close to me while swapping things from inventory to bank and vice versa. The amount of paranoia this will generate if not able to easily identify if there is danger lurking will be no bueno.
  10. Considering the robust functionality EKs will serve, even as storage points, it will be a diversion many people will spend days of their gaming time messing around with. And while the land jig-saw won't translate into the campaign worlds, I'm pretty sure the buildings and the like will for player cities and what not. So good to know all is working well. You wouldn't want your eventual city to have some unknown bug that just let people glitch in and camp you unfairly because enough testing was done--would you
  11. Looked at Assassin reveal and was like "well RIP Druid". Kind of knew that Assassin would catch my attention just as they have since way back in Shadowbane. But... haven't we all already "bought the game" with our back pledges lol. I was convinced way back when I first pledged this game's wind was blowing the way I like; a return to FFA PvP and risk and rewards. Building your character, politicking, and ability to be true mercs again. Now I just know what my main will be to accomplish this.
  12. Not really possible if the Assassin will be low on defense because of their ability to stealth. Would mean nighttime would be the only time you weren't a easily seen, low-defense victim. I rather they just make robust anti-stealth mechanics that people have to invest in. Bounty Hunter/Track to show who is near you. Reveal to see through the stealth (but not just reveal target until you damage them) AoE - To knock out of stealth Bigger Health/Def so that a stealther opening on you even 1v1 could mean death to the lower def stealther. Honestly games like WoW made people lazy. The PvP was an after-thought. Rogue could stun lock too easy. Having someone stealth open on you was bad because people had atrocious reaction time. Pure pvp games like Shadowbane trained you not to be atrocious at reactions. Comparatively, when I first started playing WoW from Shadowbane, I played where I was constantly moving my camera view to see what was around me. If a rogue opened on me, I would immediately react. When PvP is an after-thought you don't play with this kind of play-style or learned reaction to fights.
  13. All of those points except for the pips can be accounted for nearly ass rogue classes prior to WoW. Even shadowbane had. 1. Stealth - Fade/Invisibility 2. Stealth bar - UI QoL thing, which games back then didn't have really. 3. Poisons - Were in shadowbane from weapon proc spell, to different types of ambushes, to steal breath 4. Ambush/Backstab - Backstab "Sneak Attack!" You must be using Sneak to activate this power requires Sneak Power ( 1 ) This and others required stealth so is technically the Ambush mechanic of being in stealth. 5. Kidney Shot - Is simply a stun, which Shadowbane and others had. Built into Shadowbolt and Shadow Touch. Even names are traditional prior to wow except maybe kidney shot. But even then the concept of the excruciating pain of being attacked in the kidney locking people up has been around far longer than wow in dungeons and dragons and fantasy alike.
  14. It wasn't an issue in Shadowbane. Scouts could track and remove stealth. A good chunk of the classes had the ability to track stealthers. The only stealther that was "omg get out of here with your stuff" was the thief who could steal without engaging in a fight. Having the power to stealth wasn't an IWIN and while it was very nice getting around, it wasn't full proof. Seems like this game will have even more anti-stealth options. I doubt those numbers you pull out your ass for who will play stealther will be anywhere near that. Just too many other powerful ATs and there is also the eventuality that you one character will be able to slip into the vessel of another class. For solo play, sure. For group play I imagine everyone will have a secondary option to slip into that is up to par at least.
  15. I don't much care if they use one hit box or not. If its a backstab that's fine, never heard of an assassin/rogue without one. If its a system you need to stay behind player to maximize your damage outside of opener then I'll feel the same as you. Which kind of pretty much translates to how I will feel about whole concept of different parts hit. Don't much care for having to play a metagame of what to hit to maximize damage. Rather just have to be sure the ability hits the box and call it a day. Head shots and the like have no place in an MMO. That's first person shooter type play. If i can get instagibbed because a weak spot I won't much care for the PvP.