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  1. Considering the robust functionality EKs will serve, even as storage points, it will be a diversion many people will spend days of their gaming time messing around with. And while the land jig-saw won't translate into the campaign worlds, I'm pretty sure the buildings and the like will for player cities and what not. So good to know all is working well. You wouldn't want your eventual city to have some unknown bug that just let people glitch in and camp you unfairly because enough testing was done--would you
  2. Looked at Assassin reveal and was like "well RIP Druid". Kind of knew that Assassin would catch my attention just as they have since way back in Shadowbane. But... haven't we all already "bought the game" with our back pledges lol. I was convinced way back when I first pledged this game's wind was blowing the way I like; a return to FFA PvP and risk and rewards. Building your character, politicking, and ability to be true mercs again. Now I just know what my main will be to accomplish this.
  3. Not really possible if the Assassin will be low on defense because of their ability to stealth. Would mean nighttime would be the only time you weren't a easily seen, low-defense victim. I rather they just make robust anti-stealth mechanics that people have to invest in. Bounty Hunter/Track to show who is near you. Reveal to see through the stealth (but not just reveal target until you damage them) AoE - To knock out of stealth Bigger Health/Def so that a stealther opening on you even 1v1 could mean death to the lower def stealther. Honestly games like WoW made people lazy. The PvP was an after-thought. Rogue could stun lock too easy. Having someone stealth open on you was bad because people had atrocious reaction time. Pure pvp games like Shadowbane trained you not to be atrocious at reactions. Comparatively, when I first started playing WoW from Shadowbane, I played where I was constantly moving my camera view to see what was around me. If a rogue opened on me, I would immediately react. When PvP is an after-thought you don't play with this kind of play-style or learned reaction to fights.
  4. All of those points except for the pips can be accounted for nearly ass rogue classes prior to WoW. Even shadowbane had. 1. Stealth - Fade/Invisibility 2. Stealth bar - UI QoL thing, which games back then didn't have really. 3. Poisons - Were in shadowbane from weapon proc spell, to different types of ambushes, to steal breath 4. Ambush/Backstab - Backstab "Sneak Attack!" You must be using Sneak to activate this power requires Sneak Power ( 1 ) This and others required stealth so is technically the Ambush mechanic of being in stealth. 5. Kidney Shot - Is simply a stun, which Shadowbane and others had. Built into Shadowbolt and Shadow Touch. Even names are traditional prior to wow except maybe kidney shot. But even then the concept of the excruciating pain of being attacked in the kidney locking people up has been around far longer than wow in dungeons and dragons and fantasy alike.
  5. It wasn't an issue in Shadowbane. Scouts could track and remove stealth. A good chunk of the classes had the ability to track stealthers. The only stealther that was "omg get out of here with your stuff" was the thief who could steal without engaging in a fight. Having the power to stealth wasn't an IWIN and while it was very nice getting around, it wasn't full proof. Seems like this game will have even more anti-stealth options. I doubt those numbers you pull out your ass for who will play stealther will be anywhere near that. Just too many other powerful ATs and there is also the eventuality that you one character will be able to slip into the vessel of another class. For solo play, sure. For group play I imagine everyone will have a secondary option to slip into that is up to par at least.
  6. I don't much care if they use one hit box or not. If its a backstab that's fine, never heard of an assassin/rogue without one. If its a system you need to stay behind player to maximize your damage outside of opener then I'll feel the same as you. Which kind of pretty much translates to how I will feel about whole concept of different parts hit. Don't much care for having to play a metagame of what to hit to maximize damage. Rather just have to be sure the ability hits the box and call it a day. Head shots and the like have no place in an MMO. That's first person shooter type play. If i can get instagibbed because a weak spot I won't much care for the PvP.
  7. A unity capsule uses center, radius, height and direction. Editing radius and height values can roughly account for parts hit. For backstab anything 90 - 270 accounts for behind. Therefor backstab. For hitting arms could be anything from 70 - 110 and 250 - 290 would be hitting arms. If height works the same way could account for head/legs. Until they decide to scrap it the developers technically have the entirety of the game's life worth of development time to work on the problem.
  8. How does the system determine what is the back side of a hit box for backstabs? How does the system know to generate a projectile from a hand to arch out to target rather than the projectile generating at the head and flying out? How does a system know the bottom part of hit box (the feet) didn't make it over and obstacle when jumping so that you are unable to jump on or over said obstacle? Hit boxes have dimensions. To expound. When siege a wall does the projectile snap to the center of the closest piece? Does it damage only the piece that most of the projectile hits or does it damage all pieces the projectile hits?
  9. Separate hit boxes aren't the only way this can be accomplished.
  10. Are they just figuring out how to account for rear hit box or are they now just getting to needing them system in place? There's a difference. Do they need separate hit boxes to account for different areas? Or can 1 hit box, a box being a dimension of of L x W x H account for different areas? If 1 hit box can determine if you are hitting said hit box from the back and not the front. Then same code can be used to determine that hitting said hit box at the top could translate into the head and hitting said hit box from the side can translate into hitting the arm. It's rough, but mechanically would make sense. Considering games have been able to determine a backstab vs a frontal hit for as long as I've been playing video games, I find it hard to believe "they are just figuring it out" and not a case of "they have just got around to implementing it". It's not a pre-alpha dismissal. I'm well aware how things can never change from one moment to the next. BUT, right now there are tons of systems not in place. So making posts to argue about how it makes no sense at this time is pointless. That would be like me going, mass crafting makes no sense. We have no warehouses so what's the point of all this talk of being able to mass produce... Now we know that warehouses are a phase 3 release of the crafting system and right now we are only on phase 1. Now if it was alpha or beta, we can be like woah. Hey where is this system that was being talked about. But that would be stupid because we know things are still being built. Am I saying it will definitely be in? Maybe powers that hit everything right now will use the totality of your armor to determine and it's only things like where an arrow hits, or precision projectile that will take into effect specific pieces. This isn't necessarily. bad.
  11. I know. Was merely filling in the missing stuff.
  12. Actually MOST of what I mentioned was "vanilla" content. Only vampires and nephilim came later. And besides why are you adding a qualifier where there were none? Its not Shadowbane but it's a spiritual successor. And I'm pretty sure this was started from swine thinking wings on a roguish class made no sense. Which Aracoix alone shows concept predating demon hunter meta.
  13. It's a good show.
  14. Should everything in the game need a disclaimer like that? Are people so void of analytical thinking they can't do simple deductive reasoning? P1: Armor is calculated separately based on where it is. P2: This is an aim based game with a little reticule that let's you point at a spot and cast/attack at that spot. C1: This will allow targeting specific spots. C2: If said technology is not yet in the game, they have plans to implement said technology to make use of this It's pre-alpha. Systems are still being made and their are many examples of unfinished systems put out in phases so they are actually usable in a testing fashion so players can get in now and, ya know, do something.
  15. 1. It doesn't matter. There will be either the situation where better armor is identifiable by how it looks, or it's not. In the other scenario you don't have a choice. That person would just be better protected. In the fast paced style of combat I doubt that players will have much time to just focus specific parts anyway without accidentally hitting another or just pointing an firing at the guy to just hit them. This would translate more as a bonus. Oh, look, you hit someone in the face and it did massive damage compared to hitting him in the chest. Maybe I should try and hit him in the face more. If it was too easy to tell what the weak part is, it wouldn't make sense. Why bother ensuring easy to hit parts are more protected if they game would just easily point out to avoid hitting those parts to do more damage. Sorry, bit this isn't an argument against individual body parts determining damage. If you can pay enough attention in combat to aim at a specific part, then you should be golden on noticing that hitting certain parts will do more damage or not. 2. Then at the very least, hitting a susceptible part would be like a crit without critting. All sudden bigger damage happens and you feel good. Should it matter if it was a crit versus hitting a more susceptible body part? Crit versus penetration? 3. Still not an argument against. This argument is basically if I can't do as much damage as i want, why bother to fight? Well why bother to play. This is a very slippery slope idea that you SHOULD be able to do well against anyone in any situation. That's not the case. 4. You'd be screwed anyway. Again, not an argument against. You're saying this player is a counter to confessor and that has nothing to do with 1 slot of armor being better against fire. You're supposing that helmet will make that person nearly immune to fire, so that their chest can make them nearly immune to slashing, and their arm nearly immune to piercing. Let's be real and stop pretending that any one piece of armor would do that. In any game, at this point they would say run, build a counter or bring friends. That's certainly the style of play that shadowbane brought. Build a counter. Your argument would make more sense with a non point specific targeting where all those pieces together would actually add up to decent resistance against a particular damage type. Where it's rather ludicrous to believe that 1 piece alone would provide that much protection. 5. You are missing something. That the game is still pre-alpha and evolving. That many systems are not in the game. Certainly one of which is a more robust system in determining on hit locations. I never understand posts like this trashing a system as if the system is complete already when it's been stated over and over that system are constantly evolving as new tech is made and that many systems are only in place right now so that you have something to use to actually test the game. Perfect example being that basic armor is giving MUCH more protection than it will live so they can easily tweak it to test numbers.